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Walle powerpoint

  1. 1. Industrialization and PollutionProject By: Brittany Hendrickson, Blanca Fornos,Ryann Jack
  2. 2. Wall-E was created by Disney Pixar and was release in 2008. Wall-E is heartwarming film abouta robot that was left on earth with nothing but its decaying remains and a cockroach that that hekept as his pet after it was determined that earth was no longer livable for humans. Due to itsinability to sustain human life, the humans set off on a 700 yearlong voyage to live in aspaceship in outer space. In this film Wall-E finds love with a futuristic robot and together theyhelp the humans fight a battle against evil robots in order for them to finally return home to theplanet earth and create more livable circumstances.In the beginning of the film we see how the earth is left filled with trash, and Wall-E has the taskof cleaning it up little by little. Each day Wall-E sets out on his routine and wakes up,compressing all the trash into cubes. Then every night high winds arise which brings more trashto come to the area. Later in the film Eve is brought to earth. Eve is a robot sent from the spacestation in which humans have temporarily been living in. She was sent to find any form of plantlike species, which indicates that earth has become once again suitable for them to live. OnceEve found a plant she was locked up into a hibernation mode until she was picked up andreturned to space. When this happened, Wall-E became frightened and took care of Eve untilthe very end. Wall-E had no idea what was going on, but he knew that he loved Eve andwouldn’t dare leave her side. Wall-E follows Eve into the space ship and embarks on a journey.In the end Wall-E and Eve go through a big battle against evil robots who do not wish for thehumans to return to earth and become heroes after defeating them. Wall-E temporarily loses hismemory as he is crushed and broken. Once Eve restores Wall-E and kisses him, he regains hismemory and they both live happily ever after.
  3. 3. The main objective and underlying idea that Wall-E tells itsviewers, is that “if we don’t change the way we live, we’ll allget really fat and destroy the world. There are some major Majorthemes shown in the movie that support this theory.Environmental Waste-The movie Wall-E sets a huge critique Themeson the human population and waste management. Thefuturistic animation shows how the world could possibly beif we do not manage our waste systems and be resourceful.Wall-E is left to make the earth livable again for the humansagain, showing the severity of waste accumulation.Technology- The human kind is sent to live their lives on aspace ship until the earth is replenished. The technologicaladvances shown, exhibit the disconnect from the real world.The humans travel by personal air shuttles, which in turnmakes the future view of humans obese and inactive, whichis what would logically happen if humans were under thecircumstances.Christianity- Wall-E and Eve take on the names for morepurpose than its viewers may think. The director of Wall-E(Stanton) wanted the movie to portray similar story line tothe Old Testament. For example, the story of Noah’s ark issimilar to Eve being the dove that goes back to earth toknow when it is time to come back (Moring, 2008).
  4. 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9s7afoYI-MThis short video clip of the movie Wall-E really highlights one of themajor themes, and that is industrialization. As seen in the clip, thecompany BuyNLarge rules and has taken over the human mind. Asportrayed in the movie, Technology is shown as a reason forcomplete disconnect from reality. In this video clip one of thehumans states after she got off of her cellular device, “ I didn’t knowwe had a pool”. This line signifies how out of touch with realityhumans are and will continue to be in our future. Even though thiswas not Stantons direct intentions, he gave the audience manythings to ponder about considering human lifestyle. The obesity inthe humans show what would happen if we were to go into space.We would lose our bone mass and in turn, become obese and lazy.There are many things that show human lifestyle changes in thisvideo clip and are essential in realizing and analyzing the majorthemes.
  5. 5. Character s
  6. 6. Meet Wall-EIn the Disney Pixar film Wall-E, Wall-E in theprotagonist. Wall-E is a robot that is left on Earthafter the humans have left the planet due tounlivable living conditions. Wall-E (WasteAllocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a robotthat not only collects items that are of value tohim, he also takes the waste that has beenaccumulating on the planet and crushes it intolarge cubes of waste. In the film, after years ofbeing alone on Earth Wall-E embarks on amission to protect Eve, in which he also ends uphelping the humans fight against the bad robotswhom wish for the humans to never return toEarth. Although Wall-E looks like a dirty beatendown robot, he has a lot more strength in himthen what meets the eye. Wall-E is a very bravelittle robot, who was willing to risk his life toprotect Eve, as well as help the humans in theirjourney to return home to planet Earth. There is alot more to Wall-E then just being a robot whorecycles trash, and he is indeed a hero in thisfilm.
  7. 7. Eve, whose name stands for Extraterrestrial EveVegetation Evaluator, is a high tech robot whosemission was to come to Earth to find any sign ofphotosynthesis that would indicate that Earth hasonce again become suitable for humans to returnhome. At first we see that Eve means strictly businessand had no intentions of becoming close to Wall-E. Inthe film we see that although Eve wants to besuccessful on her mission, and not becomedistracted, Wall-E eventually makes her warm up tohim. Once Eve finds a plant she is put into ahibernation mode until her time comes to return tospace with the evidence that Earth is safe once again.While she is in hibernation mode Wall-E takes careof her, and follows her to space which is where theyboth embark on an unexpected mission. Wall-E andEve together have to fight against Auto the antagonistof the film, who does not want the humans to returnhome. Although Eve is a high-tech robot, and Wall-Eis an older not so fancy robot, they both cometogether on this quest and work together to fightagainst evil in which they are both success in. Thereis no doubt that they both make a great team.
  8. 8. AutoAuto is the antagonist of the film, whois actually the autopilot of the spacestation as well. In the film Auto takesadvantage of his authority of being theautopilot of the space station to keepthe humans from returning home. In thefilm we see that Auto tries to keep thecaptain from finding out that Evereturned successfully with aplant, indicating that it was safe toreturn home. In the film, we see thatAuto is the captain’s assistant, but inorder to stop them from returning homehe disobeys the captain and begins totry to take full control over the spacestation.
  9. 9. Captain B. McCreaCaptain B. McCrea in the film is notnecessarily a main character, but in the filmwe see that at first from being stuck on thespace station for so many years, he hasbecome lazy and use to Auto assisting himin everything he does on the space station.Once the Captain realizes what is going onhe begins to take action because he wants toreturn home to Earth, and live the way thatthey are meant to. In order to do so he doeswhat many people on the space station havenot done in years which is to literally standup, and turn off the autopilot(Auto), andbegin to take charge as captain once again.Once he was able to turn off Auto, he takescontrol of the ship and returns everyonehome in which he is very excited about.
  10. 10. Related Films
  11. 11. Plastic Island• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc6LvdsyJ4U &feature=fvwp• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en4XzfR0FE 8
  12. 12. Plastic Island ContinuedIn the film Wall- E there is a much larger picture to be seen then just a cute child animated Disneyfilm. The message that we can see in Wall-E is that industrialization and pollution is highlyaffecting our planet. In these two additional video clips The Great Plastic Trash Island, and Planet100: The Pacific Trash Vortex Explained we learn more about how manufactured plastics areaffecting our planet. In these clips we learn that we use two million plastic drink bottles every fiveminutes in the United States every day. Isla San Roque has a lot of plastic bottles with bottle capsthat are made with harmful chemicals that cause them to sink in water. After watching these clipswe learn how harmful plastic is for our planet because it is becoming accumulated in certain partsof our planet, and harming the animals that live in those areas. Such as fish and goose, and severalother animals that are living and consuming the water. In Wall-E we see that there is a lot of wastethat is left and accumulated on Earth, and if we don’t begin to take action about our waste we couldpotentially be making our planet no longer suitable for us to live on. According to an article byClair Le Guem Lytle in 2008 our world wide estimate of plastic consumption was 260 million tons.We often don’t realize that one bottle of water that we purchase can cause so much damage to ourplanet, but the reality is that we as consumers are purchasing beverages in plastic bottles everydaythat don’t always get recycled. We also often don’t take even a moment to realize that one litteredbottle is actually contributing to a much larger problem.
  13. 13. Food Waste• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwGHlUAj07 8• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20eSorVHuik
  14. 14. Food Waste ContinuedFood waste is another huge issue that is affecting our planet. According to these video clips, thereason why food waste is such a huge issue is because not only is food being wasted that couldbe given to those who are in need of it, but also because when we waste food and it rots itreleases a green house gas called Methane. The reason why the release of this gas is such ahuge issue is because it is twenty one times more harmful than carbon dioxide, whichcontributes to the issue of global warming. According to Face the Facts USA in 2010 inAmerica we wasted 33.79 million tons of food. All of which contributed to harming our planet.In Wall-E we see that Earth was no longer suitable for humans to live on, and it could all bebecause of these reasons. We as humans are constantly using and taking far more then what weneed to survive. If we took initiative to stop wasting so much food we would not only savemoney, but it would also help benefit our planet. In the Wall-E film they do not state the exactreason that Earth was damaged and basically collapsed, but it is easy to see the results in reallife what the possibilities could have been. If we were to try and reduce this problem, we wouldsave money that goes into having to dispose the food, as well water that is used, and we wouldmost importantly reduce the amount of Methane that is being released, and increasing the causeof global warming.
  15. 15. Introduction to Film/TextThe Disney Pixar animated film Wall-E was released in 2008 and easily wasable to warm the hearts of many. In the film we see that Wall-E has been leftalone, with no one by his side except for his pet cockroach, on Earth after thehumans evacuated the planet when it became no longer suitable for them to liveon. In the beginning we see that Wall-E is a solar powered robot, which allowsus to see why he can still function without needing any special maintenance.Everyday Wall-E wakes up and collects the trash that has been left behind byhumans and crushes it into cubes, and collects items that he find interesting.Wall-E seemed to be living a daily routine until one day Eve is brought to Earthto find any sign of photosynthesis that would indicate that Earth is safe onceagain. Eve and Wall-E end up having to fight against evil robots whom wish forthe humans not to return home. This film does not only provide its audience withentertainment it also provides us with a much larger message, thatindustrialization and pollution is highly affecting our planet.
  16. 16. Technical Aspects of AnimationWall-E is a computer-animated science-fiction romantic comedy. The ideato create Wall-E was inspired after the success of Pixars FindingNemo, Pixar felt that after creating an entirety of an underwater world thecreating a story set in space would be nothing. It was however the mostcomplex film Pixar created since Monsters Inc. On average a Pixar filmhas about 75,000 story boards, while Wall-E on the other hand had125,000.A fun fact about the creation of the character Eve during Animation: Pixarasked Apple iPod designer Jonathan Ive to inspect the character. Pixarwanted her to be on the high end of the technology spectrum, and whobetter to ask than Apple.Animators watched a lot of black and white silent films during theanimation process to study the way that all sorts of emotions could bedisplayed without sound. This helped to create characters that could beeasily understand regardless of their lack of verbal communication skills. Itdefinitely worked, because the story was able to flow endlessly without anyissues.
  17. 17. FilmingThere were a lot of interesting shots and stylistic spectrums in the filmingof Wall-E. From the dynamic way the animators created a flow to thesimple aspects of fading and changing focus. One of the more interestingaspects of filming Wall-E was the directors desire for a lightingscheme. During the first third of the movie, the lighting is romantic,overexposed, almost ethereal. Then the second act, the part primarily inspace and on the ship is cold and sterile feeling. Very uninviting. Buttowards the end of the film, when Wall-E and Eves love is bringing a riseback to Humanity, things change and the light returns to its originalethereal state.To make the story seem more realistic, Pixar wanted to create a feeling ofan old Science Fiction movie filmed using 70mm film with flares and barreldistortion. There was a lot of focus put on creating this atmospherethrough camera angles and advanced animation. They chose to use a lotof angles on the virtual set that would be used during a live-action filmshoot to help create this illusion.Whilst inside the Axiom spaceship, virtual camera angles were kept veryclose to the movement of the subject to mimic the feel of asteadicam. This helped viewers to feel apart of the ride as the characterszoomed through the ship.
  18. 18. Cultural AspectsWall-E was created with an idea of showing what our world may be like severalyears down the road. The purpose of the film was to create a sense of urgency toclean up our act and try find a better way to go about living our daily lives so as notto live in a future full of unending waste. This is a huge cultural aspect of the filmbecause it plays off the way that Americans especially live so frivolously without anyreal cause for taking care of our planets future.The other huge cultural aspect of this film that stood out, was the way that thehumans were depicted once aboard the Axiom spaceship. Everything was only abutton away and the world they lived in was built purely out of convenience. No onehad to work for what they had and the could literally glide through life without liftinga finger. This illustrated to me the growing issues with obesity and laziness due tothe rise of technology that we see everyday.Finally a cultural aspect that was brought about in this film is the so-called "fear ofthe machine". With our steady use of technology there will always be speculationabout the computers one day speaking for themselves, and I think that this film dida good job of illustrating this, especially through the protagonist character Auto. Itgives us, the viewers, something to think about and reflect on as we continue to relyon technology for more and more aspects of our life.
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