Building Social Proficiency Across The Organization


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I presented these quick slides at Dreamforce 2012 #DF12

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Building Social Proficiency Across The Organization

  1. 1. Building Social Proficiency AcrossThe Organization Michael Brito, SVP, Edelman Digital @Britopian
  2. 2. Before We Talk About How, Let’s Address The Why?• Employee Advocacy: Employees are trusted; they can help feed the content engine• Employee Collaboration: Innovation, Process improvement and an increase in productivity• Partner Collaboration: Bringing products to market faster through social collaboration• Social Marketing Excellence: Sharing best practices w/ other marketing teams, geographies; governance/compliance
  3. 3. 5 Steps To Building Social Media Proficiency1. Have a Vision2. Establish A Center of Excellence3. Create Actionable Curriculum4. Build Workflows, Processes and Content That Enables5. Start Thinking Like A Media Company
  4. 4. HAVE A VISION•Aligned with business goals•Supported by executive management•Make it realistic
  5. 5. Establish A Social Business Center of Excellence EVALUATE ESTABLISH OPERATIONALIZE THE SOCIAL ECOSYSTEM A CENTRALIZED TEAM THE SOCIAL BUSINESS CENTER OF EXCELLENCE LISTEN PLAN ENGAGE• Conversation and • Identify the right teams, •Identify social listening and •Create plan for employee •Launch programs, events and sentiment analysis stakeholders and employees social CRM software training campaigns• Surveys, polls and • Establish roles, responsibilities •Establish a social media •Process and collaboration •Manage internal collaboration stakeholder interviews and frameworks, processes listening center design and communication projects• Data mining from • Achieve buy-in from senior •Determine internal & external •Crisis coms and customers •Expand teams and channels internal communities leadership topics support escalation tree globally• Intelligence gathering • Establish a measurement framework * Examples of Organizational Structures From Altimeter Decentralized Centralized Hub and Spoke Multiple Holistic
  6. 6. How The Center Of Excellence Integrates Knowledge Sharing / Best Practices / Training Campaigns & Initiatives Marketing & Organizational Readiness Measurement Framework & Reporting Human Resources Campaign & Employee Comms Reporting Training General Community Social Integration Customer Management Support Policies Community Technology Management Product Insights Marketing Paid, Owned and Content Plan Earned Media PR and Corporate Best Practice Communications Sharing Customer Support STRATEGY PLANNING EXECUTION MEASUREMENT Social Business Center of Excellence
  7. 7. Create Actionable Curriculum For Employees Create a comprehensive social media training curriculum that enables employees to engage based on various levels of participation. Proficiency Activity Engagement Behaviors Level CONTENT Advanced Videos, Photos, Blogs Record, upload video; live streaming, Google Hangouts, upload and tag images, write CREATOR and publish blog contentHIGH LOW Micro Blogging, CONVERSATIONALIST Share Skype related news, announcements within micro blogging, create influencer Intermediate commenting, general lists, engage in general conversation PARTICIPATION LEVELS conversation Subscribe to Google Alerts, monitor Twitter and company blog, follow the Listen, practice, follow LISTENER Basic ad optimize Skype brand on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to RSS feeds, optimize LinkedIn profile
  8. 8. Enable Teams Be Smarter When Integrating Social MediaCreate social media curriculum for functionalteams that enables stronger social alignment,more relevant marketing and deepercommunity engagement, which leads tostronger customer relationships. CONTENT COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT •Creating content that matters and •Using community management to turn drives mass engagement friends, fans and followers into brand •Optimizing frequency of posting using advocates real time analytics and insights •Using to real time data to identify influencers and advocates •Creating content for search •Preparing for crisis communications and •How to integrate social into paid and managing customer support issues earned media initiatives •Building trust by building relationships •How to be conversational when creating content
  9. 9. Build Workflows for Content Creation, Approvals,Distribution AUTOMATED MANUAL Sends to Editor for Review Team Brainstorms Contributor Scheduled Posted to Content Ideas Writes Content for Publish Social Channel In Review/ In Revision 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 In Review/ In Revision Content Approved Content Manually Migrated to Social Content Not Channel Approved
  10. 10. Assign Roles; Establish Global Content Calendar Administrator Create accounts Create calendars Editors (SMCs) Approve content Assign content Curate, aggregate, publish Contributors Create content
  11. 11. PHASEStart Thinking Like A Media Company 3 Find passionate employees that are social media savvy and who like to collaborate with other team members Empower and enable social media champions, contributors and community managers to aggregate, curate and create content that is relevant to the brand voice, not necessarily about the product or features 11 2012 © Skype. Commercially confidential.
  12. 12. Start Thinking Like A Media CompanyEnlist social media champions that we will be responsible for creating, curating and aggregating social mediacontent and publishing to specific ‘branded’ social media channels. CONTRIBUTORS SOCIAL MEDIA CHAMPIONS (EDITORS) 12 2012 © Skype. Commercially confidential.
  13. 13. Duplicate Model For Regional MarketsThe Center of Excellence should enable and provide direction to regional champions; but content (& communitymanagement) must be created/managed from the country or region. CONTRIBUTORS SOCIAL MEDIA CHAMPIONS (REGIONAL EDITORS) 13 2012 © Skype. Commercially confidential.
  14. 14. Thank you!Michael BritoSVP, Social Business PlanningEdelman Digital – San 14 2012 © Skype. Commercially confidential.