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National Board for Technical and Vocational Education
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  • 1. Libyan Interim GovernmentMinistry of Higher Education & Scientific Research National Board for Technical & Vocational Education
  • 2. Technical & Vocational Education (TVE) plays a key role inemployability and supplying the labour market with skilledand qualified labour force.  Libya’s NBTVE was established by Prime ministerial Decreeno 519 for the purpose of developing and enhancing thequality of education services provided through applyinginternational standards to enable it to truly participate inthe country’s development.
  • 3. Libyan TVE Colleges & Institutions• Total number of TVE’s in Libya is 488, divided into:• 16 Technical Colleges• 91 Higher Technical Institutes• 381 Intermediate Vocational Institutes.• 40 Women Training Centres
  • 4. Total number of students exceeds 150000  70442 students in Intermediate Vocational Institutes.  66457 students in Higher Technical Institutes.  13192 students in Technical Colleges.
  • 5. Qualifications offered Minimum entryType of qualification Length of study Remarks requirementsTraining CERTIFICATE 2 – 12 weeks No requirements Job seekersVocational Diploma 1 year Secondary certificate Re-qualifying pathIntermediate Vocational Basic School 3 yearsDiploma (IVD) certificate Secondary certificateHigher National Diploma years 3 or IVD Secondary certificateTechnical Bachelor Degree years 4 or IVD Technical BachelorTechnical Master Degree years 2-3 Degree OR EQUIVELANT
  • 6. Advantages of Libyan TVE• TVE institutions are located in all major cities and towns across the country.• Ability to accept almost 200000 students.• Wide range of technical & Vocational specialities.• All institutions are under one umbrella.
  • 7. Disadvantages of Libyan TVE• Social perception to TVE.• Lack of coordination between different educational entities.• Lack of coordination between TVE and labour market.• Absence of an economic road map for all sectors and regions in the country. Lack of coordination with employment providers to identify skills required.• Lack of financial resources allocated for TVE.• Lack of coordination to allow TVE students to complete their further studies.• Weakness of private sector participation in TVE.
  • 8. National Strategy for TVE• Vision- To create a human database equipped with skills required to assist in the development programmes in the country.• Mission- Qualify, train and prepare human capital to enable them to participate in the sustainable economic and social development, and make a true impact towards a better future for all.
  • 9. Requirements for Development• Engagement with employers and organisations within the Libyan labour market.• Partnership with international TVE colleges and institutions.• Provide, encourage and promote TVE enrollement .• Quality assurance at all Libyan TVE institutions and colleges.• Encourage and motivate teaching and training staff at Libyan TVE’s to enhance the quality of programmes offered.• Provide all necessary equipments and materials to enable TVE institutions and colleges to participate positively in supplying the labour market with skilled labour force.
  • 10. Libyas NBTVE staff Scholarship & Training Programmes 2013 -2017Scholarships grantedType of Visa stage UK Share UK % TotalScholarshipPh.D. 95 41 43% 421Master 405 200 49% 863DegreeExpected new scholarships & TrainingPh.D. 524Master 1800DegreeTraining 1000 66.6% 1500
  • 11. Budget for NBTVE staff 2013 -2017 Scholarship & Training (£)Programme Overall annual Total Budget Annual UK share Total Budget Budget (average 4 ½ years) for the UK (average 4 ½ years)Ph.D. 23,497,674.00 105, 739,533.00 2,288,372.00 10,297,674.00Master 48,167,441.00 216,753,484.00 11,162,790.00 50,232,555.00Training 48,837,209.00 32,558,139.00 48,837,209.00 32,558,139.00(up to 1 y) One year One yearTotal 120,502,324.00 371,330,226.00 46,009,301.00 93,088,368.00