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  1. 1. 2012 1 30 –2 3 / NPO ETIC Volans (London, UK)
  2. 2. NPO ETIC.---1 30 ● Introductory session: providing an overview of social innovation in business Volans ● John Elkington, Executive Chairman of Volans Sir John Boyd, Chairman of Asia House & former British ambassador to Japan (1992 – 1996) 2
  3. 3. ● Social Innovation in Business: Japan-UK Dialogue Sir John Boyd, Chairman of Asia House & former British ambassador to Japan (1992 – 1996) John Elkington, Executive Chairman of Volans ● Redefining Capitalism John Elkington, Executive Chairman of Volans Gavin Neath, Senior VP of Sustainability, Unilever1 31 ● PWC PAVILION PricewaterhouseCooper’s ● Role of Business in the Social Innovation Ecosystem (I) 1 Nick Temple, Director of Business for Social Enterprise UK ● Brigade Restaurant Brigade Restaurant Simon Boyle, Chairman of the Beyond Food Foundation & Chef Founder of Brigade, and Freshlife team ● Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Alastair Wilson, Chief Executive of School for Social Entrepreneurs and a mentor/mentee in the program ● Measuring Social Impact Mark Graham, PwC Director of the Centre for Social Impact19:00-20:30 ● 3
  4. 4. 2 1 ● Building a Global Social Innovation Strategy Paul Ellingstad, Global Health Director, Hewlett Packard Office of Global Social Innovation ● Introduction to Impact Investing and the Role of Business Amy Stillman, Director of Communications & Development for the Impetus Trust ● Impact Investing going Mainstream Graham Hodgkin, Special Adviser to Deutsche Bank ● Social Innovation Lab – Digital Inclusion for the Masses - Debbie Forster, Interim CEO at the Centre for Digital Inclusion (CDI) – Apps for Good Volans team2 2 ● Corporate Social Intrapreneurship and the Role of Business Schools Professor David Grayson, Director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield University School of Management ● Talent Immersion for Social Impact 4
  5. 5. Tom Rippin, Founder & CEO of On Purpose ● Developing Mutual Partnerships with Social Organisations Lily Lapenna, Founder and Managing Director of MyBnk ● The Future of Business – How Businesses can Prepare for the Complexities Ahead - Elspeth Finch, Director at Atkins2 3 Consolidating Insights and Learnings / Next Steps Volans team 5
  6. 6. 7.1 30VOLANSwww.volans.comVolansVolans is a future-focused think-tank and consultancy, working at the intersection of theentrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation and sustainability movements. We work globally todevelop and scale innovative solutions to financial, social and environmental challenges.In 2008, Volans launched its landmark report, The Phoenix Economy: 50 Pioneers in the Business ofSocial Innovation. The report explores the new markets, technologies and business models that areemerging from the ashes of the old economic order. More recently, a follow-up report, The FutureQuotient: 50 Stars in Seriously Long-Term Innovation, was launched. This report highlights the need fororganisations and businesses to think and act long-term, and suggests ways that they can begin to doso.ASIA HOUSEwww.asiahouse.orgAsia HouseAsia House is a dynamic focal point for people to meet and exchange ideas, a ‘must visit’ centre for allwho have an interest in developing their contacts and understanding of business and of diplomatic andcultural interaction between Asia and Britain.Founded in London in 1996 and incorporated in 1999, Asia House is the leading pan-Asian organisationin Britain. A non-profit, non-political organisation, its geographical remit ranges from Iran in the west toJapan in the east and from the central Asian republics in the north to Indonesia in the south.Asia House aims to: • promote appreciation and understanding of Asian countries, their arts, religions and economies, and to foster closer communication between the peoples of Asia and Europe • establish a centre for educational, corporate or cultural programmes • offer these facilities to all organisations with an interest in or connection with Asia, including diplomatic missions, companies, arts organisations, societies and associations, and trade, economic, scientific and technological bodies • establish a strong relationship with the resident Asian communities and engage their knowledge and skill. 6
  7. 7. UNILEVERwww.unilever.co.ukhttp://www.unilever.com/images/nm_pp-agm-2011-speech_tcm13-264578.pdf* Unilever Paul Polman 2011 5Unilever 2010 Sustainable LivingPlan / 20202020 10 100Sustainable Living Plan http://www.unilever.co.jp/aboutus/mediacentre/news/ulsp.aspxUnilever is the world’s third largest FMCG company. Currently led by Paul Polman as CEO, Unileverlaunched its Sustainable Living Plan in Autumn 2010 which has set itself three audacious targets by2020: 1) to cut the environmental impact of Unilever’s products in half; 2) to source sustainably all itsagricultural supplies; and 3) to improve the health and wellbeing of a billion people worldwide, whiledoubling sales revenue.Unilever came top of the new FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy 350 Index, launched in June 2010, with anoverall score of 76.7%. Also in 2010, Unilever was included in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP)Leadership Index for the sixth consecutive year. The index recognises the top 10% of companies in theFTSE 350 based on the level and quality of their climate change disclosure.1 31PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS (PWC)www.pwc.co.uk/firestation.pwc.co.uk/firestation.pwc.co.uk/centre-for-social-impact.htmlPricewaterhouseCoopers PWC Centre for SocialImpactPricewaterhouseCoopers is a global professional services firm headquartered in London, UnitedKingdom.PwC recently opened The Fire Station on Tooley Street, a dis-used fire station next to PwC’s newoffices at London Bridge, which has since been regenerated to house a unique and complementarygroup of socially oriented organisations and social enterprises. 7
  8. 8. One of the core benefits available to these social organisations is access to training, knowledge andmentors at PwC. In addition, The Fire Station is also home to PwC’s own Centre for Social Impact, whichaims to support social entrepreneurs by sharing best practice and advising them on ways to improvetheir effectiveness.Representatives from PwC will discuss the drivers and factors that facilitated the company’s involvementwith social enterprises, and guide you through the social organisations situated within The Fire Station,including Social Enterprise UK and the School for Social Entrepreneurs.BRIGADEwww.thebrigade.co.uk/The ground and first floors of the Fire Station are home to Brigade, a social enterprise bistro and bar,private dining rooms, and cook school. It is managed by De Vere Venues and supported by the BeyondFood Foundation’s ‘Freshlife’ training and Apprenticeship scheme.This unique venture aims to give work experience, catering skills and the opportunity to gainqualifications to people who are at risk of, or have experienced, homelessness - all under the watchfuleye of Simon Boyle, chef founder of the Beyond Food Foundation.BEYOND FOOD FOUNDATIONwww.beyondfoodfoundation.org.uk/The Beyond Food Foundation Freshlife Brigade BrigadeThe Beyond Food Foundation uses food as a catalyst to work with more than 500 people a year througha six week programme called ‘Freshlife’. Up to 150 Freshlife participants get the chance to gain workexperience and attend workshops at Brigade, where they also work in the busy ‘live’ kitchen andexperience the fine dining that Brigade offers. Up to 28 people each year will gain an apprenticeshipthrough Brigade. Our volunteer mentors are working with the apprentices on a one-to-one basis, helpingthem prepare for employment and working on areas such as confidence building, money managementand CV writing.SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSwww.sse.org.uk/index.phpThe School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) exists to provide training and opportunities to enable peopleto use their creative and entrepreneurial abilities more fully for social benefit. SSE supports individuals to 8
  9. 9. set up new charities, social enterprises and social businesses across the UK.The SSE runs practical learning programmes aimed at helping develop the individual entrepreneur andtheir organisation simultaneously: our approach, and belief, is that social change is people-powered, andthat the most valuable assets and resources we have are human ones.Each programme combines specific elements designed to provide an intensive, complete package ofsupport that meets the needs of social entrepreneurs. This person-centred approach has beenindependently proven to create sustainable, thriving organisations that provide significant, lasting socialand economic impact.The school was founded in 1997 by Michael Young (Lord Young of Dartington), a social innovator who’dpreviously launched the Consumers Association, the Open University and around 40 otherorganisations.Following successful Millennium Awards programmes around the UK, the SSE expanded outside itsbase in Bethnal Green, London, and the network of SSEs around the UK continues to grow. Over 500SSE Fellows have completed programmes around the country.SOCIAL ENTERPRISE UKwww.socialenterprise.org.uk/Social Enterprise UKSocial Enterprise UK is the national body for social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses that arechanging the world, and when they profit, society profits. Together with our members we are the voice forsocial enterprise in the UK.Our members are local grass-roots organisations and multi-million pound businesses that operateinternationally. What unites them is their commitment to changing the world through business. We doresearch, provide information and tools, share knowledge, build networks, raise awareness andcampaign to create a business environment where social enterprises can thrive.Social Enterprise UK sits on a number of influential national taskforces and steering groups, and is amember of the Social Enterprise World Forum.2 1DEUTSCHE BANKwww.db.com/unitedkingdom/ £10m Impact InvestmentFundDeutsche Bank recently launched its £10m Impact Investment Fund – a discrete, ring-fenced fund toprovide finance to social enterprises in the UK that generate both a meaningful social impact andfinancial return. The Fund will also allow Deutsche Bank employees to work in conjunction with funds togive financial advice to entrepreneurs.Hear about how this Fund was conceived, and why investment banks like Deutsche Bank increasinglysee social investment as a worthy and promising asset class. 9
  10. 10. HEWLETT PACKARD (HP)HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. We explore howtechnology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, andrealize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. We apply new thinking and ideas to create moresimple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customerslive and work.We provide infrastructure and business offerings that span from handheld devices to some of the worldsmost powerful supercomputer installations. We offer consumers a wide range of products and servicesfrom digital photography to digital entertainment and from computing to home printing. Thiscomprehensive portfolio helps us match the right products, services and solutions to our customersspecific needs.HP Global Social Innovation StrategyHP VolansOur commitment to Social Innovation and education stretches back more than six decades. HP focuseson programs and organizations that help educators build skills and use technology to enhance lessonsand re-imagine their approach to teaching. We help educators combine excellent instruction with theunique capabilities of technology to transform the learning experience.HP awards grants of cash, HP technology and other resources to primary and secondary public schools,colleges, and universities. Evidence shows that the effective use of technology, combined withexemplary teaching, can positively impact student academic outcomes, and create a more engaging,personalized and collaborative learning environment. Since 2000, HP has provided more than $250million in funding, equipment and training to support education, including $60 million for our HPTechnology for Teaching programs. Part of our emphasis on education is cultivating tomorrow’sentrepreneurs. HP works with organizations to help young people acquire the IT skills and knowledgerequired to succeed in the workforce, launch new businesses and help their local communities prosper.CENTRE FOR DIGITAL INCLUSION – APPS FOR GOODappsforgood.orgApps for Good 2010 4 16−25 Dell, Facebook, Thomson Reuters 10
  11. 11. Apps for Good is the award-winning programme by CDI Europe where young people learn to createmobile and online apps that tackle problems in their communities for social good. Piloted in SouthLondon in April 2010, the programme now reaches unemployed young people aged 16-25 years acrossthe UK, igniting a passion in them for technology and social enterprise, and increasing theirentrepreneurial skills and confidence.Technology companies such as Facebook, Dell and Thomson Reuters have since partnered with Appsfor Good to achieve win-win outcomes.IMPETUS TRUSTwww.impetus.org.uk/about-venture-philanthropyImpetusImpetus has pioneered one of the most effective models of charity support in the UK (winning ‘topgrantmaker’ in the 2008 Charity Awards). The Impetus approach to venture philanthropy involvesproviding a distinctive combination of strategic funding and expertise to enable charities to scale uprapidly and effectively.The need • Charities with ambitious plans need long-term core funding, along with stronger organisational capacity and business expertise, to maximise their effectiveness and their effect on people’s lives. • Donors, looking for how to get the ‘biggest bang for their buck’, want to be sure that their money is going to the right charities and achieves the maximum social impact. • Society needs a mechanism to transfer business skills into the voluntary sector in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness –reaching more disadvantaged people, faster and with greater impact.What we doImpetus supports the development of the whole organisation, not just a specific project or activity. Weonly back innovative and ambitious organisations fighting economic disadvantage, whoseleadership can make the most of the strategic investment and value-added support that we offer.How we do it • Unrestricted strategic funding in the form of grants • Very hands-on support to third sector organisations from Impetus investment team members. This support spans the entire investment period. • Specialist support for capacity building from a pool of 150 carefully vetted experts who volunteer their skills and experience.Our model allows us to leverage donors’ money for much greater impact, which is very appealing to ourgrowing donor base. For every £1 we raise, we have been able to leverage an additional £4 in co-investment and the value of pro bono expertise.2 2MYBNKmybnk.orgMyBnk (FSA 11
  12. 12. MyBnk is an award-winning social enterprise building young peoples knowledge, skills and confidenceto manage their money effectively and make enterprising choices throughout their lives.We have developed a holistic and engaging approach to finance and enterprise education by puttingyoung people at the heart of all we do. MyBnk have created the first ever independent FSA approvedbanking scheme run by young people for young people, providing an accessible place to save regularlyand interest free loans to set up enterprises. This is accompanied by high-energy learning programmeson topics such as saving & budgeting, university finance, and taking an enterprise idea from inception toreality.Lily Lapenna, the Founder and CEO of MyBnk, was elected an Ashoka fellow in 2010 and a YoungGlobal Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2011.ATKINSwww.atkinsglobal.comAtkins Futures TeamAtkins is one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultancies. Named Consultancy of theYear in the Chartered institute of Building Services Engineers Low Carbon Performance Awards 2010,and several other accolades, Atkins believes that:“The greatest challenge is not keeping pace with the current low carbon thinking, but predicting what iscoming next. For Atkins, it’s not just a moral decision but one that is business critical.”Hear from members of Atkins’ new Futures Team which is harnessing skills across the company tounderstand challenges presented by climate change and resource scarcity, and design resilient businessinitiatives that can positively influence people’s environments, habits and behaviours to mitigate thesechallenges.CRANFIELD UNIVERSITYCranfield School of Management David GraysonCranfield School of Management is one of the UK’s leading graduate business schools.Hear from Professor David Grayson CBE, Professor of Corporate Responsibility and Director of theDoughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, as he discusses the role of businesses in social innovation,and emerging themes including social corporate intrapreneurship and the implications of an ageingdemography.Prior to joining Cranfield, Professor Grayson has led a successful career as a social entrepreneur andcampaigner for responsible business, the inclusion of disabled persons and small businessdevelopment. 12
  13. 13. ON PURPOSEwww.onpurpose.uk.comOn PurposeOn Purpose is a unique programme that combines paid work experience in cutting-edge, purpose-drivenorganisations with world class training and unparalleled networks.We organise six-month, paid placements in some of the most respected purpose-driven enterprises,including the Young Foundation, Comic Relief and O2, providing real-life experience of large, small,established and start-up enterprises; corporations, not-for-profits and charities; all with a commonpurpose of operating for good.We also believe that tomorrow’s leaders are entitled to world-class training. This is why On Purposeworks with current and former professionals from prestigious organisations across all sectors to providesuch training. We are proud that many exciting organisations are involved in delivering our our trainingprogramme.2 3FIFTEENwww.fifteen.net/Fifteen Jamie Oliver 2002 18 24Fifteen is a restaurant group that uses the magic of food to give unemployed young people a chance tohave a better future. The group is made up of three restaurants: the flagship Fifteen London establishedin 2002, Fifteen Amsterdam in December 2004 and Fifteen Cornwall in May 2006.What we doFifteen was founded by Jamie Oliver in 2002. His vision was to create a professionally run kitchen,serving beautiful Italian food, alongside a pioneering Apprentice Programme. At the heart of the businessis a desire to enable young people to believe in themselves, to show them their past can be left behindand persuade them the future is theirs to create. Every year, each restaurant recruits unemployed andunder-qualified young people, aged between 18 and 24, from the local area and trains them to becomequalified chefs through a unique Apprentice Programme. They are taught to love and respect food andits provenance - taking in everything from traditional bakery and butchery, to the finest pastry skills. Aspart of their course, apprentices also study professional cookery at college, get hands-on training in theFifteen restaurant, learn about food provenance on sourcing trips and do work experience at some toprestaurants. Apprentices graduate after 12 months of extensive training and start their journey ofbecoming the next generation of professional chefs.Fifteen is named after the first group of 15 apprentices who embarked on the course in London in 2002.Since then, more than 220 young people have graduated across all the restaurants, with some of themnow running their own restaurants, starring on TV or working in top-class kitchens from London to NewYork to Sydney. More than 90 per cent of apprentices stay in the business, and the programme is stillgrowing.Fifteen London is committed to sourcing seasonal, high quality ingredients from the best suppliers 13
  14. 14. throughout the UK and Italy. The profits from each restaurant are reinvested into the relevant charity setup for that area. Fifteen Londons activities are implemented by the Jamie Oliver Foundation. 14