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An overview of SABMiller's values, brands, geographic operating regions and business performance.

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About SABMiller

  1. 1. About SABMiller
  2. 2. 200+ beer brandsBuilding locally, winning globally, 70,000+delighting consumers people 02
  3. 3. Building locally, winning globally,delighting consumers 75+ countries SABMiller subsidiaries SABMiller joint ventures and associates 03
  4. 4. Our vision • To be the most admired company in the global beer industry Our mission • To own and nurture local and international brands that are the first choice of the consumerOur strategic direction 04
  5. 5. Our values • Our people are our enduring advantage • Accountability is clear and personal • We work and win in teams • We understand and respect our customers and consumers • Our reputation is indivisibleOur strategic direction 05
  6. 6. • Creating a balanced and attractive global spread of businesses • Developing strong, relevant brand portfolios that win in the local market • Constantly raising the profitability of local businesses, sustainably • Leveraging our skills and global scaleOur strategic priorities 06
  7. 7. Group revenue1 (US$m) EBITA2 (US$m) Lager sales volumes 3 (million hl) 1 Group revenue includes the attributable share of associates’ and joint ventures’ revenue. 2 EBITA is defined as operating profit before exceptional items and amortisation of intangible assets (excluding software) and includes the group’s share of associates’ and joint ventures’ operating profit, on a similar basis. 3 As defined in the definitions section on page 180 of the Annual Report 2012. Source: SABMiller Annual Report 2012• Another year of strong financial results• Consistently growing revenues, profits and sales volumesFinancial performance to 31 March 2012 07
  8. 8. Shareholder value• Annualised 5-year total shareholder return (TSR) has been 19%• Outperforming the FTSE 100 and our peer group (which achieved 1.9% and 7.5% respectively) over the same period 08
  9. 9. Beer is an inherently local business:• We respect and nurture the history and heritage of local brands, focusing on local businesses with tailored brand portfolios• Premium brands which cross a national border account for 7.5%4 of the world’s beer consumption, 4.8%4 in emerging marketsThe most local of the global brewers4 Source: Canadean 09
  10. 10. Our brewing expertiseAt the heart of our business is a passion for producing quality beersWe are also innovators, creating:• affordable brands made from locally-grown ingredients• craft beers for the aficionado• local premium brands for consumers aspiring to affordable luxury 10
  11. 11. Market-leading brands• Winning market by market with strong, relevant brand portfolios tailored to local consumer segments, drinking occasions and levels of disposable income• 93% of our lager volume comes from markets in which we have No.1 or No.2 national market share positions: • Snow – No.1 beer brand in China. It has grown from a regional brand into the largest brand by volume, not just in China, but in the world • Coors Light – With its innovative ‘super cold’ indicator label, new packaging and advertising, Coors Light has become the No.2 brand in the USA 11
  12. 12. Global Our four global brands have their own distinctPremium provenance and characteristics comprising: • the Italian style and craftsmanship Local of Peroni Nastro AzzurroPremium • the world’s original pilsener beer, the Czech-brewed Pilsner UrquellMainstream • the North European, non-conformist, iconic GrolschAffordable/ • the embodiment of American urban cool,Economy Miller Genuine Draft Global premium brands 12
  13. 13. Global Premium Local premium brands Local Local premium brands are growing strongly and widen the choice for consumersPremium looking for affordable luxury: • Seasonal derivatives of Cusqueña in • Castle Lite, the new low calorie optionMainstream Peru and Club Colombia in Colombia have for consumers in South Africa, has underpinned double-digit volume growth experienced very strong growthAffordable/Economy • Maluti Premium Lager was recently • Kozel 11 has performed strongly in reinvigorated to counter new premium the Czech Republic, particularly in competition in Lesotho and now has the on-premise channel as a result a premium market share of over 70% of outlet expansion 13
  14. 14. Mainstream brands Mainstream brands are at the core of our brand portfolios and the main contributors to volume sales: Global Premium • In 2011 sales volumes by CR Snow in China passed 100 million hectolitres Local • Previously a regional brand, Poker is now Premium a market leader across Colombia and one of the most profitable brands in Bavaria’sMainstream portfolio • Castle Lager’s sponsorship of South Africa’sAffordable/ 2010 FIFA World Cup team, and a moreEconomy recent campaign, ‘It all comes together with a Castle’, have driven double-digit growth 14
  15. 15. Affordable and economy brands cater to the aspirations of our lower Global Premium income consumers: • Eagle – Brewed from barley malt and Ugandas finest home-grown Epuripur Local sorghum, which is specifically cultivated for Eagle Lager and Eagle Extra Premium • Impala – The worlds first commercial-scale cassava-based beer, brewed using 70% cassava sourced from smallholder farmers in MozambiqueMainstream • In Latin America we introduced Águilita and Pilsener in smaller, lower cost 225ml bottles and Poker, Águilita and Águilita Light in larger 750ml bottlesAffordable/ designed for sharing Economy Affordable/Economy brands 15
  16. 16. Low/non-alcohol and soft drink portfolios • Although we are first and foremost a beer business, we also brew low and non-alcoholic beers • We are also growing opportunities in adjacent non- alcoholic categories such as malt, water and other soft drinks • We bottle soft drinks for The Coca-Cola Company in El Salvador, Honduras, and 20 5 of our African markets, and for Pepsico International in Panama 5 In alliance with Castel in 14 of these markets 16
  17. 17. Building our global footprint Expanding from our roots in Africa, we’ve built leading positions in all regions of the world in both emerging and developed markets Primary listing on the Creation of SABMiller Ukraine, SABMiller forms London Stock Exchange following the purchase of Southern Sudan, strategic alliance Miller Brewing Company Acquisition of Royal Grolsch N.V., with Anadolu Efes El Salvador, Creation of MillerCoors JV Honduras, Pacific Beverages JV in USA and Puerto Rico Argentina Strategic alliance with with Coca-Cola Amatil Acquisition of Foster’s Castel Group in Africa formed in Australia Group Australia South Acquisition of remaining India Italy America shares in Poland Global growth 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20121895 2011 2000 17
  18. 18. Strongly positioned in the right marketsWe operate in both mature and emerging markets, exposing us to a rangeof profitable and high-growth countriesMature markets: above-average profit pools – our focus is on enhancingvalue and improving marginsEmerging markets: above-average growth potential• 76% of group EBITA is from developing and emerging economies• Highest beer volume growth is forecast to come from developing and emerging markets, driven by the growth of ‘middle class’ consumers 18
  19. 19. Sustainable developmentSustainable development is integral to the waywe do business• Beer is a local business – typically brewed, sold and consumed in the same community• Our success is linked to the well-being of the communities in which we operate• We work with partners globally and locally to tackle the sustainable development challenges we jointly face• Our framework ‘Ten Priorities. One Future’ informs how we focus our efforts and prioritise our resources 19
  20. 20. Inclusive growth• We seek to generate inclusive growth by building value chains that drive economic growth and stimulate social development while using scarce natural resources efficiently• In this way, we can generate long-term returns for our business while creating wealth for the communities and protecting the environments within which we operate• In 2012 we invested US$4.7 million in programmes to support entrepreneurs around the world, awarding grants to over 100 businesses and providing training to more than 1000 entrepreneurs 20
  21. 21. The water-food-energy nexusBy 2050 demand for resources is set to increasesignificantly as the global population grows to nine billionand becomes more prosperousSince 2008, when we set ourselves the stretching targetsto become 25% more water-efficient by 2015 and 50%more carbon-efficient by 2020, we’ve reduced our water • Water Futures partnership – protectingconsumption by 13% and our carbon emissions by 17% watersheds in eight of our marketsOn its own, resource-efficiency across our own • Farming Better Futures – optimising land, yieldsoperations is not enough to safeguard the water, crops and living standards for 32,500 smallholderand energy we need to brew beer. We also work across farmers across Africa, India and Latin Americaour supply chains and with the communities in which we • Reduce carbon emissions and waste associatedoperate to explore sustainable solutions that work locally with our packaging 21
  22. 22. Combating alcohol abuseEach day our beers are enjoyedby millions of consumers. Thereis, however, a small minority ofconsumers who do not drinkresponsibly and who pose a riskto themselves, their families andtheir communitiesWe are committed to marketingresponsibly, providing accurate Retailer training Incentives to travel Agents encourage Centres to tackleand balanced information, and take Respect 21 – North America home safely friends to register drunk driving Youth education – Poland a safe driver Alcohol Evidence Centres –action to discourage irresponsible Nominated Driver Scheme – South Africause of alcohol Equador 22
  23. 23. SABMiller plcRegistered officeSABMiller HouseChurch Street West, Woking,Surrey GU21 6HSUnited KingdomT: +44 1483 26 4000SABMiller plcHead officeOne Stanhope GateLondon W1K 1AFUnited Kingdom ContactsMedia enquiriesT: +44 20 7659 0100media.relations@sabmiller.comInvestor relationsT: +44 20 7659 0100invester.relations@sabmiller.comSustainable developmentT: +44 1483 26 4134 If you would like any further information about SABMiller,sustainable.development@sabmiller.com please visit our website at www.sabmiller.com 23