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Jose A. Briones Tweets Archive 3-29-2009 to 2-19-2013
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Jose A. Briones Tweets Archive 3-29-2009 to 2-19-2013

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My Tweets Archive 3/2009 to 2/2013

My Tweets Archive 3/2009 to 2/2013

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  • 1. timestamp text2013-02-19 02:36:24 +0000 How do you request it? @Brainzooming2013-02-19 02:00:04 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 @changemakers My Preso: Frugal #Innovation: Low-Tech, Simple Designs That2013-02-19 01:38:18 +0000 Around The World http://t.co/4PdEfB1L #socentchat Improve Lives @NextBillion @Ashoka My Preso: Frugal #Innovation: Low-Tech, Simple Designs2013-02-19 01:30:02 +0000Lives Around The World http://t.co/4PdEfB1L #TEDx That Improve2013-02-19 01:25:11 +0000 The Age of Bernanke | bernanke, big, banks http://t.co/41TlT4Bs The Laffer Curve KO?s the IRS: What is the revenue-maximizing tax rate?2013-02-18 23:50:24 +0000 http://t.co/k02S8ryx Why Facebook And Twitter Are Not Most Innovative Companies This Year2013-02-18 23:10:34 +0000 http://t.co/JpGnGQPJ @wadhwa @Sulliview However this is an alt view from @HBRexchange that2013-02-18 21:11:04 +0000 as important as tech specs http://t.co/dVb0CF5H usability is just Fresh Stats On Social Networks: Pinterest Catches Up With Twitter, Digital Divide2013-02-18 21:06:22 | http://t.co/MusQnhiL Shrinks +0000 Innovation vs. Invention: The Real Problem with the Tesla Model S2013-02-18 20:27:18 +0000 http://t.co/hkFLbTep #innovation2013-02-18 19:25:41 +0000 Connect to Human Networks To Find Breakout Opportunities http://t.co/xAszpxUo2013-02-18 19:03:02 +0000 Companies 2013 | Fast Company http://t.co/oIc6WTZ1 Most Innovative2013-02-18 16:57:10 +0000 @AnirbanGhosh_ Thanks for the interest! RT @AnirbanGhosh_: Great work, low cost design solutions: Low Tech, Simple2013-02-18 16:57:00 +0000 Designs That Improve Lives Around the World by @Brioneja http ... The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-18 16:44:11 +0000 today via @Jabaldaia @DonPeppers2013-02-18 15:27:57 +0000 for the posting! @saulkza Thanks RT @saulkza: Loosechange today: Cheap technology to raise living standards2013-02-18 15:26:31 +0000 http://t.co/S2kXM1O92013-02-18 15:05:44 +0000 Of App Design http://t.co/jGrLbsON The Evolution Watson Is Now Commercially Available, Set To Help Doctors Treat Cancer |2013-02-18 13:35:48 +0000 http://t.co/4u3F1hNP Singularity Hub Social Media disrupts established paradigms & bypasses the gatekeepers to be2013-02-18 05:29:44 +0000 for change http://t.co/W2WXet2c @PATHtweets a positive force2013-02-18 04:29:45 +0000 Rescue Discs http://t.co/dh4XBjV2 Five Best System @300House I mention the $300 House project in this presentation about Frugal2013-02-18 02:20:22 +0000 Innovation http://t.co/4PdEfB1L #300House @FastCoExist @UnTecho Mencione a su excelente organizacion en esta presentacion de2013-02-18 02:04:16 +0000 #Inovacion Frugal http://t.co/4PdEfB1L @anaeojeda @sandytroncoso @HELPS_ I mention the Onil Stove in this presentation about Frugal #Innovation2013-02-18 02:00:11 +0000 http://t.co/4PdEfB1L #jugaad #design #openinnovation
  • 2. 2013-02-17 18:35:30 +0000 US Manufacturing: Another Look at the Skills Shortage http://t.co/qDUotdeV2013-02-17 18:08:26 +0000Patent Law Rests in a Farmers Hands http://t.co/7zEqoFXj The Future of2013-02-17 16:44:12 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-02-17 15:53:51 +0000 @NewCommGlobal @georgemcg3 Thanks for the RT! RT @NewCommGlobal: RT @georgemcg3: Beyond Stage Gate - A New Approach for2013-02-17 15:53:36 +0000 #Innovation Management by @ixchat on @slideshare http://t.co/c ... My New Preso: Frugal #Innovation: Low-Tech, Simple Designs That Improve Lives2013-02-17 15:32:06 +0000 Around The World http://t.co/4PdEfB1L #SocEnt #TED #TEDx #smm Disaster at Xichang: An eyewitness speaks publicly for the first time about history?s2013-02-17 15:05:31 +0000 worst launch accident http://t.co/a3G9Jmb6 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2013-02-17 12:41:52 +0000 @DrewCM @lincolnmurphy @sourcePOV The Speed of Language: Ever wondered why some languages sound like theyre2013-02-17 01:25:16 much faster than others? http://t.co/eiOmkeV2 spoken +0000 My preso on Frugal #Innovation made the "Hot on Facebook" section of2013-02-17 01:15:17 +0000 Slideshares home page. Thanks! http://t.co/z7O0TlNb #prodmgmt New Preso: Frugal #Innovation: Low-Tech, Simple Designs That Improve Lives2013-02-17 00:25:11 +0000 Around The World http://t.co/4GF6lPdg #TED #Innochat #Jugaad Top 10 Most Viewed ProductCamp Austin SlideShare Presentations2013-02-16 22:15:22 +0000 http://t.co/CJG1qEHd #pcatx #pca10 My Preso on Frugal #Innovation just made the "Hot on LinkedIn" section of2013-02-16 21:50:21 +0000 Slideshare. Thanks for your interest! http://t.co/lHffZAsQ #pcatx @rcauvin My Voice of the Customer article is consistent with your interviewing2013-02-16 20:38:31 +0000w a twist http://t.co/TzgV0kDC #pcatx #prodmgmt approach but My New Preso: Frugal #Innovation: Low-Tech, Simple Designs That Improve Lives2013-02-16 20:08:24 +0000 Around The World http://t.co/cehfjFWd #pca10 #PCATX #prodmgmt Must View for #ProdMgmt: Jeff Chapin - Design As a Tool for Better Conversations |2013-02-16 17:55:24 +0000 YouTube http://t.co/9Tg7VRSd #pcatx #pca10 TEDxChange -2013-02-16 16:44:10 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation ProductCamp Austin about to get started #PCATX #PCA10 (@ AT&T Executive2013-02-16 14:58:09 +0000 Conference Center) [pic]: http://t.co/9nsrgvxg Education and Don?t Be a Stranger: Social media keeps old friends close, but the Web used to be2013-02-16 14:45:55 +0000 for strangers http://t.co/NtdMH7vg Innovation Excellence | Startup DNA: the formula behind successful startups in2013-02-15 22:55:30Valley. http://t.co/rrffohEK Silicon +00002013-02-15 19:45:44 +0000 Ways Humans Continue to Evolve http://t.co/qq64feW3 The Surprising Classroom Technology Faces Skeptics At Research Universities -2013-02-15 18:40:56 +0000 http://t.co/oMPjBxCO
  • 3. 2013-02-15 17:35:37 +0000 Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2013 I Hate http://t.co/ASjeBZqV The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-15 16:44:13 +0000 today via @DonPeppers Disruptive #Innovation At Play: Every 10 yrs a cataclysm kills off most phone2013-02-15 15:35:44-+0000 brands The next one is almost here http://t.co/0CWTigWv2013-02-15 14:50:45 Big-Data Bottleneck http://t.co/d6enZslJ Solving +0000 See you @ #PCATX! My session: Frugal Innovation: Simple Design Solutions To Raise2013-02-15 00:32:13 +0000 World Living Standards http://t.co/ITXcZjDA #PCA10 #jugaad Facebook Is Done Giving Its Precious Social Graph To Competitors2013-02-14 22:31:08 +0000 http://t.co/Kkagl0lA #smm2013-02-14 21:50:38 +0000 Good luck getting hospital cost info http://t.co/WLzpKRUI Need surgery?2013-02-14 19:35:44 +0000Books To Read This Year http://t.co/O5tpZOSR 5 Technology Is Anybody in There? Searching for Consciousness in an Injured Brain2013-02-14 19:02:10 +0000 http://t.co/e33hWRTW2013-02-14 18:50:35 internet devices will outnumber humans this year http://t.co/H47vzEyd Mobile +00002013-02-14 17:16:13 +0000 on Value, Not Piling Up Platforms http://t.co/9KFoMOdi Brands: Focus The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-14 16:44:11 +0000 today via @PaulSloane Pertino Offers A Cloud-Based Network, No Hardware Required2013-02-14 16:16:07 +0000 http://t.co/aSmPpEvl2013-02-14 14:40:43 +0000 Genetically engineered virus kills liver cancer http://t.co/Jbv9ja8G Unique peptide has therapeutic potential against cancers, neurological disorders,2013-02-14 14:25:36 +0000 diseases http://t.co/EAMeOvyB and infectious RT @dscofield: Get Ready for the New Era of Global #Manufacturing2013-02-13 22:29:49 +0000 http://t.co/i9evhgX4 in @harvardbiz c @thogus @rpplusm @kippworks2013-02-13 21:46:00 +0000 Apple Faces Competition http://t.co/5RNiAQjn Nanocoatings for Waterproofing Mobile Devices Continue to Make a Splash2013-02-13 21:10:44 +0000 Spectrum http://t.co/DaTkaLUj2013-02-13 20:50:53 +0000 Has the Stage and the Crowd Is Going Wild http://t.co/mFOt6XyI Upstart Eric Ries2013-02-13 20:31:23 +0000 A warning to college profs from a high school teacher http://t.co/66lNsOMe2013-02-13 20:16:04 +0000 of Energy http://t.co/v2WyWqf4 The New Politics Domestic surveillance drone bans are sweeping the US http://t.co/uPH7iyaS2013-02-13 17:55:32 +0000 #privacy The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-13 16:44:10 +0000 today via @DonPeppers @timkastelle2013-02-13 16:25:34 +0000 BlackBerry, Nokia: Recovering or collapsing? By the numbers http://t.co/ke57ZQb22013-02-13 04:14:04 +0000 That Will Change Your Life http://t.co/O5BslPRT 9 Business Books2013-02-12 23:25:34Forecast Fail. From Argentina to Russia ? http://t.co/NBCznTHw Classic +00002013-02-12 22:40:40 +0000 the Industrial Revolution http://t.co/4dkj3ufs Ralph Raico on
  • 4. 2013-02-12 22:05:39 +0000 Enterprise Startups To Bet A Career On http://t.co/lM5bcdLV2013-02-12 21:18:17 +0000 Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight http://t.co/fT4KNrGY2013-02-12 20:06:00 +0000 New Saudi Arabia? http://t.co/KwiyYFUP Australia: The2013-02-12 19:05:57 +0000 How #SocialMedia is hurting the #ArabSpring. http://t.co/eAMxSKbv How Samsung Went From A Dried Fish Exporter To One Of The Top Names In Tech2013-02-12 19:05:57 +0000 http://t.co/RNtSFZ2G The Cities Winning The Battle For The Fastest Growing High-Wage Sector In The U.S.2013-02-12 17:40:59 +0000 | http://t.co/la7HJa6C2013-02-12 17:25:49 Apple and Samsung, frenemies for life http://t.co/jyRWpuX2 Insight: +0000 RT @PCAustin: #PCA10 session:"Frugal Innovation: How Simple Design Solutions2013-02-12 16:49:32 +0000 Standards Around the World"- Requirements ... Can Raise Living2013-02-12 16:44:12 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-02-12 16:10:58 +0000 Eight sectors primed for explosive start-up growth in 2013 http://t.co/56FSuKZB Liquipel Announces 2.0 Watersafe Nanocoating For Waterproofing Devices2013-02-12 16:05:59 +0000 http://t.co/BrVccpkD2013-02-12 16:02:14 +0000 U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap http://t.co/yJcV6aVO Confronting the Why Is Barnes and Noble Getting Out of the Bookstore Business?2013-02-12 15:10:56 +0000 http://t.co/8HPCy1el RT @QMI_Solutions: No. 1 Top #innovation articles for 2012 - Beyond Stage Gate2013-02-12 14:19:08 +0000 #ausbiz @ixchat - http://t.co/hpL1lK1Y #manufacturing2013-02-12 02:00:01 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002013-02-12 00:40:20 +0000 New Saudi Arabia? http://t.co/na2j3UsN #energy Australia: The2013-02-11 22:40:42 +0000 What To Do About The Rise Of The Robots? - Forbes http://t.co/HIx9zBRS Innovation Excellence | True Innovators -10 Insights That Define Them2013-02-11 21:25:28 +0000 http://t.co/eiFyImx5 Scientists Find New Strategy Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs2013-02-11 17:20:45 +0000 http://t.co/q5qzzDWX2013-02-11 16:44:10 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-02-11 16:31:24 +0000matters and data-ism doesn?t http://t.co/Y2I1nEWw Why big data2013-02-11 01:27:43 +0000Thanks for the interest! @PRachielles RT @PRachielles: An interesting article on #DisruptiveInnovation being the next2013-02-11 01:27:27 +0000 "thing". http://t.co/tZI6MlzP Which iPhone app may get you into Stanford? The one you make2013-02-10 22:51:51 +0000 http://t.co/hoLDu7yI Curing chemophobia: Don?t buy the alternative medicine in ?The Boy With a Thorn2013-02-10 21:20:38 +0000- http://t.co/53VVfBFw in His Joints.? Enterprise Information Workers Favor Microsoft Tablets and Apple Phones2013-02-10 20:05:53 +0000 http://t.co/GOCsmgsl
  • 5. 2013-02-10 17:55:30Boeings 787 Dreamliner Such A Piece Of Crap? http://t.co/FMTLJYCs Why Is +00002013-02-10 16:44:13 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Google Wants Self-Driving Car Tech Available Within Five Years2013-02-10 16:02:25 +0000 http://t.co/2MCtLz5G2013-02-10 14:25:29 +0000 Someone Should Invent http://t.co/mFskMhRa 10 Great Ideas The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2013-02-10 12:41:51 +0000 @Renee_Hopkins @bill_fischer @swbarber63 @BriReagan Yes. This is my blog post on the subject2013-02-10 00:45:53 +0000 http://t.co/LDSF1apH2013-02-09 21:50:34 +0000 Scientists Discover Children?s Cells Living in Mothers? Brains http://t.co/3bDQRJ2D2013-02-09 21:36:23 +0000 does the Future of Work look like? http://t.co/CfC9YZyS RT @PSFK: What Egyptian spring could be European storm - http://t.co/stZbwc3A2013-02-09 17:28:25 +0000 http://t.co/bh4Qxh8A via @rcwhalen2013-02-09 16:44:12 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-02-09 16:10:36 +0000 The Math Behind the #Financial Meltdown http://t.co/0K5AXF7V #crisis Too Fast To Fail: Is High-Speed Trading the Next Wall Street Disaster?2013-02-09 15:45:36 +0000 http://t.co/SURfXX62 My New Blog Post: Social Media WAS invented in the 1980s http://t.co/Tb4geIAX2013-02-09 15:31:49 +0000#smm #socialmedia Will robots steal your job? If youre highly educated, you should still be afraid2013-02-09 14:35:41 +0000 http://t.co/Y4PyeevY @swbarber63 @BriReagan Social Media WAS invented in the 80s: Usenet,2013-02-09 14:21:57 +0000Prodigy were the first successful #socialmedia platforms Compuserve,2013-02-09 02:48:20 +0000 Where is the event going to be at? @VoiceAndExit2013-02-08 22:55:27787 Dreamliner: The impact of safety concerns http://t.co/pspjvNaR Boeing +0000 Disruption guru Christensen: Why Apple, Tesla, VCs, academia may die2013-02-08 21:55:29 +0000 http://t.co/mIC4DDIn Top 5 Forum Plugins for #WordPress http://t.co/qVSOgmWw #community2013-02-08 21:46:41 +0000 #BulletinBoard2013-02-08 20:15:50 +0000 University as We Know It http://t.co/5RIiCfgh The End of the2013-02-08 19:01:55 +0000 drug drives #cancer cells to suicide http://t.co/WMLPyI8i Small-molecule2013-02-08 17:20:41 stop the robots from taking all our jobs http://t.co/UCKqYYl6 How to +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-08 16:44:12 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager This Story About A Startup CEO Who Got Canned Months After Turning Down $1002013-02-08 15:40:54 Will Make Your Stomach Turn http://t.co/2xSLvFqQ Million +0000 Video - Why Clothes Might Not Be Made in #China Much Longer2013-02-08 15:35:39 +0000 http://t.co/yzJ6dDwB E-Mails Imply #JPMorgan Knew Some Mortgage Deals Were Bad2013-02-07 21:57:29 +0000 http://t.co/rt3KUMEC #financial #crisis #fraud
  • 6. Groundbreaking new encryption app set to revolutionize #privacy & freak out2013-02-07 20:35:37 +0000 the feds. Governments wont be happy http://t.co/8D3PxRYf2013-02-07 20:25:39 +0000 not to build a Minimum Viable Product http://t.co/OThySQzW Three reasons2013-02-07 18:43:52 +0000 NYT: Robot Makers Spread Global Gospel http://t.co/x2LuHOib The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-07 16:44:11 +0000 today via @lindegaard2013-02-07 16:10:41 +0000 is a GM food breakthrough finally here? http://t.co/5TQbiZaP After 30 years,2013-02-07 04:25:07 +0000 reading of @StevenbjJohnson http://t.co/dQ1dZNii Another close2013-02-07 03:25:59 +0000 and the anthropologists http://t.co/danO2R3U Jared Diamond2013-02-07 03:04:12 +0000 @TheViaNetwork @ShareThis Thanks for the interest! RT @TheViaNetwork: Article is a bit old but a good read: Beyond Stage Gate ?2013-02-07 03:03:59 +0000 Repeating Disruptive Innovation http://t.co/Ug1hW2pS via @ ...2013-02-06 19:02:15 +0000 A Billion On Innovation And Investment http://t.co/U26p3zVd Samsung Bets2013-02-06 18:10:55 +0000 Will Simulate the Human Brain http://t.co/zsobeqpT Supercomputer The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-06 16:44:12 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr Health and Medicine at the Inflection Point--Todays Perspective from Ray Kurzweil -2013-02-06 16:35:36 +0000 http://t.co/FJeSs1W3 #singularity Brazil: The #SocialMedia Capital of the Universe http://t.co/05qPi1H2 #Brasil2013-02-06 15:20:40 +0000 #smm2013-02-06 00:07:50 +0000 @YoungTrep The only word you need to know: oDesk @EntMagazine Online Copywriting that Converts ? 5 Lessons from 250 A/B Tests2013-02-05 21:55:42 +0000 http://t.co/Xv4x8YhL2013-02-05 21:31:08Dumbest Risks People Take With Their Smartphones http://t.co/k7iPdDBz The 10 +00002013-02-05 21:25:37 +0000 and the beauty of low margins http://t.co/0205Hd02 Amazon, Apple, The man behind Google Maps and the Facebook search engine on the pleasure of2013-02-05 21:20:42 +0000 way http://t.co/uQyzA7KQ not knowing his 6 Reasons a Great Game Developer Just Went Bankrupt http://t.co/wXMwh3Cm2013-02-05 17:25:38 +0000 #prodmgmt #prodmktg The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-05 16:44:11 +0000 today via @jorgebarba How Oreos brilliant blackout tweet won the Super Bowl http://t.co/5jkQSPkB2013-02-05 13:50:24 +0000 #smm 425 officials & players suspected of fixing 380 football matches,2013-02-05 03:05:56 +0000 #ChampionsLeague games, #WorldCup qualifiers http://t.co/Day1E4h6 #soccer Google and #Brazil celebrate #Carnival 2013 with YouTube live feed2013-02-05 02:53:15 +0000 http://t.co/VgRVV2BJ #Brasil #Carnaval #Rio2013-02-05 01:59:57 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000
  • 7. They say that time is money. What they don?t say is that money may be running2013-02-05 00:20:52 +0000 out of time http://t.co/93WqalqL #inflation #financial Brazilians take special glee in Super Bowl electrical outage http://t.co/GZH7bDuT2013-02-05 00:03:32 +0000 #worldcup #worldcup20132013-02-04 22:15:16 +0000 Google, Microsoft, Amazon Clash in Cloud Services http://t.co/9ExYTCQd Nanotechnology Didn?t Shrink and Disappear; In Fact, It?s Everywhere2013-02-04 21:25:30 +0000 http://t.co/D8uTgVkX2013-02-04 17:59:06 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @focus2grow RT @focus2grow: Beyond Stage Gate - A New Approach for Innovation2013-02-04 17:58:53 +0000http://t.co/RMWh0k3y Management The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-04 16:44:13 +0000 today via @timkastelle2013-02-04 14:25:20 +0000Is Special and Apple Is Not?In 1 Paragraph http://t.co/XG2J6ef0 Why Amazon2013-02-04 13:45:45 +0000 illusion of stasis | http://t.co/x0Kq1N4k Innovation: The2013-02-03 22:20:31 +0000 Diaspora http://t.co/UGggsNfg The BlackBerry Trade in the balance: Tough times ahead for #Chinas exports http://t.co/hoyTbFj82013-02-03 21:49:50 +0000 http://t.co/GEDTIm9U The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed #WallStreet http://t.co/QdWk1z1l2013-02-03 21:25:25 +0000 #financial #crisis In #Mexico, Tech Is Used To Help Combat Narco Violence, Insecurity2013-02-03 17:05:34 +0000 http://t.co/WzVrfhGF #drugwar The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-02-03 16:44:12 +0000 today via @PaulSloane2013-02-03 15:55:51 +0000 MySpace Squandered the Only Thing It Had Left http://t.co/5629RkMN #smm2013-02-03 12:41:52 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2013-02-03 04:40:02de Villiers, the Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much http://t.co/IZYZ8eec G?rard +00002013-02-03 03:03:52 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @georgemcg3 RT @georgemcg3: Beyond Stage Gate - A New Approach for Innovation2013-02-03 03:03:36 +0000by @ixchat on @slideshare http://t.co/lTLC7Ejk Management2013-02-02 22:10:21 +0000 What is??Growth Hacking? really? http://t.co/tSyutC9I Eight Retailers That Will Close the Most Stores http://t.co/Y7buiPut via2013-02-02 20:08:01 +0000 @YahooFinance2013-02-02 19:19:31 +0000 Tools Help Me Solve Personal Dilemmas http://t.co/T59YIKEF How Innovation2013-02-02 17:40:27 +0000 innovation in modern marketing http://t.co/BysOwkcg 3 epicenters of2013-02-02 17:12:40 +0000 The 7 Future Wonders of the World http://t.co/kJQUq19v via @T_financialist2013-02-02 16:44:11 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Police Across U.S. Quietly Turning to Cameras That Track All Vehicles Movements:2013-02-02 16:30:46http://t.co/qReEES8X via @FutureTenseNow Survey +0000
  • 8. No, Seriously, Just Disable Java in Your Browser Right Now http://t.co/BhaxMG6u2013-02-02 07:01:06 +0000 via @FutureTenseNow IBM Security Tool Can Flag ?Disgruntled Employees? - The CIO Report - WSJ2013-02-02 06:25:30 +0000 http://t.co/2vloQQqU via @WSJ2013-02-02 01:35:18 +0000 Schneier on Security: Power and the Internet http://t.co/uWwB8czR Diamandis: World?s greatest challenges are opportunities for innovation through2013-02-01 22:45:38 +0000 http://t.co/cSl4SCES collaboration? Mark Cuban?s Awesome Justification For Endowing A Chair To ?Eliminate Stupid2013-02-01 19:15:37 +0000 Patents? | http://t.co/YnLmclVV2013-02-01 16:44:13 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Your Social Networking Credit Score: ?Big data? can help determine who really2013-02-01 16:25:34 +0000 But there are dangers. http://t.co/gbshh07o deserves a loan.2013-02-01 15:45:52 +0000 Innovation pessimism: Has the ideas machine broken down? http://t.co/77Cpy0qQ2013-02-01 13:40:44 operating systems: Atavistic androids http://t.co/7oRDKIq4 Mobile +00002013-02-01 13:29:47 on the way to Houston Texas http://t.co/lnWKXtDN Sunrise +00002013-01-31 20:40:58 +0000 Techno-pessimism: When will the good times return? http://t.co/gs8iYkYI IBMs Warmth-Activated Gel Can Break Up Tough Bacterial Biofilms And Kill2013-01-31 20:05:59 +0000 Superbugs http://t.co/2FYxKrjl How Facebooks Graph Search Will Dethrone Google Search - Ad Age Mobile2013-01-31 18:44:57 +0000 http://t.co/2JyV7SLK "Growth Hacker" is just a fancy buzzword for an experienced Product Manager with2013-01-31 18:17:39 +0000 a technical background #prodmgmt #prodmktg Fracturing, stimulation advances fuel production boom, next-gen innovations focus2013-01-31 17:40:32 +0000overall, IP rates http://t.co/ZV1f5IQm on increasing How To Know You?ve Hit First Traction In SaaS. The Moment When You?ve Got A2013-01-31 17:35:54 +0000 http://t.co/N934tkyt Real Company.2013-01-31 17:10:37 +0000 Why the Facebook and Apple empires are bound to fall http://t.co/3o6dsJkw The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-31 16:44:11 +0000 today via @DonPeppers How Newegg crushed the ?shopping cart? patent and saved online retail2013-01-31 15:26:05 +0000 http://t.co/iKMe2WiI2013-01-31 13:46:05 +0000 RIM BlackBerry Z10 to iPhone, Others http://t.co/FjaWRIBu Compare New2013-01-31 13:40:51 +0000 Lithium batteries: An innovation too far? http://t.co/eTHChrdx @RichMironov @StephanieTilton @jefflash @siriusdecisions I discuss this approach2013-01-31 04:36:42 +0000 the Customer post http://t.co/ouUVhnCY in this Voice of Googles Plan to Snatch Shopping from Amazon Is Working http://t.co/pjmYC39o2013-01-30 21:35:35 +0000 #seo #sem How the "Shopping Cart" Patent Almost Ruined Online Shopping?And How Newegg2013-01-30 19:55:25http://t.co/59xhhBc2 Beat It +00002013-01-30 19:40:42 +0000 Growth: The great innovation debate http://t.co/yqvKwU0h
  • 9. Apple?s Town Hall meeting: Tim Cook talks Android, China, earnings, retail, more2013-01-30 16:46:13 +0000 http://t.co/JX53yRXS The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-30 16:44:12 +0000 today via @Jabaldaia2013-01-30 15:55:27 +0000 How To Conduct A Web #Usability Analysis http://t.co/JCGo0k4R Visual Map On2013-01-30 15:35:44 +0000 Social Media Overcrowding Is LinkedIns Opportunity http://t.co/3j8nDZFv RT @IXchat: Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012 - http://t.co/B9Sancub - Is your2013-01-30 15:24:47 the list? - #innovation #mktg #mgmt #success #t ... fave on +0000 Solar power cheaper than coal: One company says it?s cracked the code | Grist2013-01-30 14:40:48 +0000 http://t.co/BP55ZDmq2013-01-29 23:20:32 +0000 Own the Platform http://t.co/Nicadsxs #marketing Why You Must2013-01-29 22:10:57 +0000 Have Teleportation? http://t.co/PAJTZwIz Why Dont We2013-01-29 20:02:10 +0000 Can Lawyers Stay in the Drivers Seat? http://t.co/ymlBaBQ52013-01-29 17:25:41 +0000 Graphene: Faster, stronger, bendier http://t.co/cDH9jVrv2013-01-29 16:44:12 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Jack Andraka: The 15-Year-Old Kid Who Changed the Course of Medicine2013-01-29 16:35:36 +0000 http://t.co/QmJJZRW22013-01-29 16:07:08 +0000 Federal Subsidies Create Glut Of College Grads http://t.co/pNR8wAZU Study casts doubt on idea that spending more per student leads to better2013-01-29 16:05:55 +0000 educational outcomes http://t.co/GY8zfcOG2013-01-29 15:16:42 +0000 Search Optimization: Small Business Tips http://t.co/1i5H1suF Facebook Graph Fuel Fix ? Halliburton?s race to the shale includes Frac of the Future2013-01-29 13:05:47 +0000 http://t.co/1xqsSy5E Prosecuting the financial crisis: Just who should we be blaming anyway? | The2013-01-29 04:37:37 +0000 Economist http://t.co/MppD1ZY82013-01-29 03:32:55 +0000 flipped learning class model - http://t.co/N4KHXNrX Teachers flip for2013-01-29 02:00:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 ?Stop Connecting? or why the British Empire was so efficient http://t.co/SEdXjRDF2013-01-28 23:15:34 +0000 #MBA This Explains Everything: 192 Thinkers Each Select the Most Elegant Explanation of2013-01-28 23:07:04 +0000 Works http://t.co/FWu2Tzba How the World2013-01-28 17:31:31 +0000 to Remake Wi-Fi? - http://t.co/lGQ76cqH Is Google Trying The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-28 16:44:34 +0000 today via @wimrampen2013-01-28 15:25:25 +0000in the World of Social Innovation? http://t.co/aT3LpFJ1 Whats Next2013-01-28 14:37:06 +0000 Fraud Is The Biggest Bubble In History | The Big Picture http://t.co/PlO0IlTq This is my recent blog post on successful #SocialMedia #Marketing. Let me know2013-01-27 22:40:59 +0000 http://t.co/XNZ1o2XY #smm #sem what you think2013-01-27 21:10:29 +0000 Samsung Confirms Plan to Begin Inching Away From Android http://t.co/z8ags8YQ
  • 10. The Great Rebalancing: Trade, Conflict, and the Perilous Road Ahead for the World2013-01-27 20:02:53 +0000 Economy. http://t.co/cUQXv2uV The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-27 16:44:34 +0000 today via @lindegaard The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2013-01-27 12:42:16 +0000 @Aurorium @DesignThinkers2013-01-26 17:55:15 +0000 Stumbles Were Purely Financial http://t.co/LA7qbckt Some of Dells The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-26 16:44:36 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager2013-01-26 16:20:25 +0000 corporate hire http://t.co/XqCNqsOq #future #futurist Soothsayers for Facebooks Graph Search tool causes increasing #privacy concerns2013-01-26 15:04:39 +0000 http://t.co/VcwtHzlu2013-01-26 06:10:56 +0000 Why Do Investors Ignore IT Due Diligence? http://t.co/EiLhQUeI Why the iOS-Android feud is so intense: It is about core philosophy more than2013-01-26 04:33:07 +0000 products http://t.co/wiyLchgL IBM vastly improves delivery of nanomeds that kill bacteria where antibiotics fail2013-01-25 21:02:08 +0000 http://t.co/FiY9O5at Superpower Denied? Why Chinas Rise May Have Already Peaked2013-01-25 20:50:21 +0000 http://t.co/kfijpPLg2013-01-25 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation NYPD to deploy new, portable high-tech devices that can scan people walking down2013-01-25 15:35:27 +0000concealed weapons http://t.co/BjIxbaPh the street for Prosecutors in Louisiana: Dangerous chat - The limits of free internet speech2013-01-24 23:15:38 +0000 http://t.co/3ZhKwlrE2013-01-24 20:05:29 Segmentation Is Soured By Milkshake Marketing http://t.co/rAw8kzjv Market +00002013-01-24 17:20:42 +0000 Here Comes 21st-Century Doping. http://t.co/F1sSYszL So Long, Lance.2013-01-24 17:19:00 +0000 Boeings 787 Dreamliner and the Decline of #Innovation http://t.co/hQp0s5fV The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-24 16:44:35 +0000 today via @DonPeppers2013-01-24 16:20:32 +0000 4 Ps - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/QXk42WIo Rethinking the2013-01-24 15:50:27And The Unstoppable Rise Of The Share Economy http://t.co/zoHwBD3N Airbnb +00002013-01-24 13:45:36 +0000Next Energy Superpower? http://t.co/XdOM9pAG America: The The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-23 16:44:33 +0000 today via @wimrampen Brian Chesky: Design-Thinking Is the Future | http://t.co/CRAkmFqQ2013-01-23 15:20:38 +0000 http://t.co/9FFwWLkJ2013-01-23 14:50:31 +0000 Why I Might Ditch My IPhone for an Android http://t.co/h2BSzUhC2013-01-23 14:05:31 +0000 are living the capitalists dilemma http://t.co/xF0YB7Ax Christensen: We Nassim Taleb Talks Antifragile, Libertarianism, and Capitalisms Genius for Failure2013-01-22 20:55:22 +0000 http://t.co/BBo2p2HH
  • 11. Designers in the tech sector should be respected as much as engineers2013-01-22 17:35:28 +0000 http://t.co/qWe4usMB2013-01-22 17:15:44 +0000 Q&A: Value-driven BPM in Innovation http://t.co/cQRM853j The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-22 16:44:34 +0000 today via @DonPeppers Google CEO Says Facebook Is Doing a Really Bad Job With Its Products2013-01-22 15:31:02 +0000 http://t.co/perLkQTD2013-01-22 04:11:32 +0000 This Is Not a Scene From Blade Runner http://t.co/ejUNPbpW #China #Smog2013-01-22 02:00:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002013-01-21 23:12:23 +0000 ? What I?ve Seen So Far is Fantastic http://t.co/tXWxv0BC #RIM BlackBerry 102013-01-21 20:20:28 Declares War on the Password http://t.co/TXtzAVjx Google +0000 Your Biggest Genetic Secrets Can Now Be Hacked, Stolen, and Used for Target2013-01-21 18:40:25 +0000 Marketing http://t.co/ygOjNffR From news to workflow tools: Three modern publishers reinventing B2B media2013-01-21 14:20:25 +0000 http://t.co/KDkpRuoq Tony Fadell on the unique nature of Apples design process http://t.co/hqKZxkUG2013-01-21 05:53:42 +0000 via @networkworld Im at Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center for 30th Annual Black Music Concert2013-01-21 03:20:50 TX) w/ 5 others http://t.co/vGrbrhkJ (Dallas, +00002013-01-20 21:30:52 infographing legendary investor Tim Drapers advice http://t.co/e3AZIXl6 We are +00002013-01-20 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Google Gains From Creating Apps for the Opposition - http://t.co/gAiixxia2013-01-20 16:20:30 +0000 http://t.co/vVLjXidH2013-01-20 14:54:43 +0000 - Points and Figures | Points and Figures http://t.co/TvgSR6Ja The Debt Crisis2013-01-20 12:42:15 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2013-01-19 23:01:03 we had a planet instead of a Moon? http://t.co/psJ5RtY8 What if +00002013-01-19 21:18:16 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @QMI_Solutions RT @QMI_Solutions: No. 1 Top #innovation articles for 2012 - Beyond Stage Gate2013-01-19 21:18:02 +0000 #ausbiz #manufacturing @ixchat - http://t.co/jKOuxlWh2013-01-19 21:13:05 +0000 Calculator Predicts Your Life Span http://t.co/UeeGvdrk The Living to 100 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-19 16:44:32 +0000 today via @PaulSloane2013-01-19 16:20:21 +0000You Should Consider Downloading http://t.co/FqOyoFO9 7 Music Apps2013-01-19 14:45:35 +0000 bendable phone screen http://t.co/1wc1BjY8 Samsung shows2013-01-19 14:20:20businesses to use social collaboration tools in 2013 http://t.co/Gp7kRteZ 75% of +00002013-01-19 04:28:33 +0000 Oil Producer This Year http://t.co/tFjNBQke via @sharethis US Could Be Top Facebook Graph Search: Advertising giant waiting to be awoken2013-01-18 22:01:25 +0000 http://t.co/v5zaEnuO
  • 12. 2013-01-18 20:40:25 +0000 New Videogame Gold Rush http://t.co/flkbRFvy Welcome to the2013-01-18 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation The Nightmare That Keeps Microsoft Awake... Android On The Desktop -2013-01-18 16:35:30 +0000 http://t.co/1CMJeDhh Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation - Rosabeth Moss Kanter - Harvard Business2013-01-18 16:10:33 http://t.co/S2EKaznT Review +0000 The Market Wants Apple to Unveil a Time Machine - Dan Pallotta - Harvard2013-01-18 13:25:21 +0000 http://t.co/IxlaORWs Business Review RT @Powell_J: In case you have time to read 100 articles ....here are the best on the topic of "innovation"!!2013-01-18 01:46:37 +0000 http://t.co/g5nblu542013-01-17 21:45:56 +0000 The Machine That Will Help End TB | MIT Technology Review http://t.co/j2jf0sX1 IPhone 5: From record-breaking launch to Wall Streets whipping boy2013-01-17 21:30:55 +0000 http://t.co/oC50gWYq Meet Red October: The Global Cyber-Espionage Ring That Spent 5 Years in the2013-01-17 19:55:22 +0000 Shadows http://t.co/E9ZtB9XF2013-01-17 17:50:44 +0000of the future http://t.co/WCqzl525 Commodities The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-17 16:44:34 +0000 today via @jorgebarba If you can?t get into a top-five MBA program, don?t even bother - Quartz2013-01-17 14:01:39 +0000 http://t.co/vXbVCn1f2013-01-17 04:03:08 +0000 1820s best decade for British innovation via @Telegraph http://t.co/bnvmG4Rg2013-01-17 02:05:53 +0000 @avin_narasimhan Only some of them? @charleskriel @arnalus They are not obviously stupid, but actually typical SOP for2013-01-17 02:03:07 +0000in most of todays large corporations Sr. Managers @HarvardBiz @RosabethKanter Unfortunately the financialization of the economy2013-01-17 02:01:11 +0000 made these rules SOP for Sr. Managers in most corporations The Internet of Things Has Arrived ? And So Have Massive Security Issues2013-01-16 20:25:24 +0000 http://t.co/afVDDX7s2013-01-16 16:55:40 +0000 2013 Will Be The Year You Quit Your Job http://t.co/OL1Fq4r4 10 Reasons Why2013-01-16 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-01-16 16:25:23 +0000 The Third Industrial Revolution Has Only Just Begun http://t.co/9Sf5GwHB Facebooks Bold, Compelling and Scary Engine of Discovery: The Inside Story of2013-01-16 14:20:33 +0000 http://t.co/tFrHFpFR #sem #seo Graph Search2013-01-16 05:46:51 +0000 @Lrasquilha Great interview!2013-01-16 05:40:35 +0000 @carlos_salazar_ Thanks for the interest! RT @carlos_salazar_: Innovation Excellence | Beyond Stage Gate ? Repeating2013-01-16 05:40:22 +0000 Disruptive Innovation http://t.co/kWM8yZNh2013-01-16 00:40:14 +0000 America?s Banks? http://t.co/Zsn4JRV4 #financial #crisis What?s Inside
  • 13. Tech firms pitching smartphones as the ?remote for your life?2013-01-15 20:50:20 +0000 http://t.co/UsNVIOQ9 Answering the Unanswerable: Wacky Job Interview Questions2013-01-15 20:16:00 +0000 http://t.co/Myc9WFjy2013-01-15 20:10:28 +0000 Email Marketing Service Provider? http://t.co/Gp2fbpWU Whos The Best Jay Starkman: E-Filing and the Explosion in Tax-Return Fraud - http://t.co/iILeExrP2013-01-15 19:16:43 +0000 http://t.co/osNFFSDM The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-15 16:44:35 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr @ariegoldshlager Better Than Human: Why Robots Will ? And Must ? Take Our Jobs2013-01-15 15:25:17 +0000 http://t.co/qiBE5zz4 Larry Page ignored Steve Jobs?s deathbed advice, and Google is doing great -2013-01-15 15:20:20 +0000 http://t.co/7HOtHxQT2013-01-15 02:00:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002013-01-14 22:20:21 +0000 11-Month Low on Reports of IPhone Cutbacks http://t.co/laFjdyiA Apple Drops to2013-01-14 22:15:28 +0000 America, the Saudi Arabia of tomorrow http://t.co/DyEqG4Hq2013-01-14 20:25:17 +0000 revolution already over? http://t.co/nsIw7Vln Is the computer US government advises computer users to disable Java software |2013-01-14 19:46:21 +0000 http://t.co/7e8cLhTK Workflow Is The New Plastics. Open EMRs Should Show, Not Tell.2013-01-14 17:35:14 +0000 http://t.co/PLfJdyrz The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-14 16:44:37 +0000 today via @timkastelle @DonPeppers2013-01-14 16:25:18 +0000driving up food prices http://t.co/Y3L33pC5 #energy Ethanol scam Samsung: How the Korean firm got to be the biggest tech company in the world.2013-01-14 16:01:21 +0000 http://t.co/7R2yqXTj2013-01-14 15:45:29 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @MikeWodke2013-01-14 15:45:19 +0000 RT @MikeWodke: Disruptive innovation? Why not? http://t.co/5OvGHyBA My preso Value in Use Analysis for New Product Introductions has received over2013-01-14 13:50:23views! Thanks for the interest! http://t.co/slNw1VQ6 10,000 +00002013-01-14 02:22:45 +0000 #1 Networking Tip - YouTube http://t.co/JmJCHA79 Scott Ginsbergs Big Banks and Derivatives: Why Another #Financial #Crisis Is Inevitable2013-01-13 23:34:18 +0000 http://t.co/yHyTFwUS by @stevedenning What Van Goghs Famous Self-Portrait Looks Like as a Photograph2013-01-13 21:20:27 +0000 http://t.co/w7Fmlt8z Secrets and Lies of the Bailout: One Brokers Story http://t.co/JWxFcJLm #financial2013-01-13 20:05:20 +0000 #crisis2013-01-13 18:40:21 media tools to kickstart your business http://t.co/RmB6tjkL 5 social +00002013-01-13 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2013-01-13 12:42:11 +0000 @AtTask
  • 14. 2013-01-12 23:16:26 +0000 Busting a Cyberstalker: How Carla Franklin Fought Back http://t.co/SGMlrAKO2013-01-12 21:58:05 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @adamekonline RT @adamekonline: Beyond Stage Gate ? Repeating #Disruptive #Innovation2013-01-12 21:57:52 +0000 http://t.co/XgN3SIUe RT @NCreativityN: From Innovation Excellence "Top 100 Innovation Articles of2013-01-12 21:56:55 +0000 2012" http://t.co/qerEqnjG2013-01-12 20:01:12Has An Airplane Problem, Not a PR Problem http://t.co/We2nQLJE Boeing +0000 Samsungs Bendable Phone Could Break Apples Innovation Hegemony -2013-01-12 18:50:16 +0000 http://t.co/9NN4Wehh The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-12 16:44:34 +0000 today via @timkastelle2013-01-12 14:05:45 +0000 Outrageous Interview Questions http://t.co/oQDTnRzG 25 of the Most2013-01-11 23:15:43 +0000 The Most Innovative Companies 2012 http://t.co/FOZ9SIW52013-01-11 23:05:33 and Lies of the Bailout http://t.co/FlpFBzIB #financial #crisis Secrets +00002013-01-11 20:50:27 +0000 Gets Behind Wireless Charging for Real http://t.co/g1OMCDyp The Tech World2013-01-11 20:25:30 +0000 Italy: Big government meets big data http://t.co/gggftZc5 Tax evasion in2013-01-11 19:09:44 +0000 @dropbox_support Your webpage seems to be down2013-01-11 18:56:06 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @drkenhudson RT @NPDStrategy: Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012 http://t.co/ymx16mJh2013-01-11 18:54:41 +0000 #innovation #top100 # articles #latam #innofacturing 65? #lean ... Holiday PC sales slide for first time in 5 years - Technology on http://t.co/iAAikOxh2013-01-11 18:10:06 +0000 http://t.co/Da5Da36S2013-01-11 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-01-11 16:31:00 +0000 10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013 | ClickZ http://t.co/XLmPFlAq2013-01-10 21:55:25 +0000 It Simple, Stupid | TechCrunch http://t.co/EVPgSqh8 Startups: Keep The Next Entrepreneurial Innovation Revolution @wadhwa | Reboot Partners2013-01-10 20:35:22 +0000 http://t.co/zkuB7gtJ Shale Gas Will Fuel a U.S. Manufacturing Boom | MIT Technology Review2013-01-10 18:40:15 +0000 http://t.co/kXHyYqZ4 RT @IXchat: Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012 - http://t.co/B9Sancub - Is your2013-01-10 16:47:47 the list? - #innovation #mktg #mgmt #success #s ... fave on +00002013-01-10 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation RT @drkenhudson: Beyond Stage Gate ? Repeating Disruptive Innovation2013-01-10 08:32:10 +0000 http://t.co/S5VbwPj7 via @sharethis Teaching IBMs Watson the meaning of OMG http://t.co/J6cJxaUt via2013-01-10 03:21:01 +0000 @FortuneMagazine RT @innovate: Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012 - http://t.co/jBtOP5m4 - Is your2013-01-10 02:54:32 the list? - #innovation #mktg #mgmt #sm #succ ... fave on +0000
  • 15. Making innovation structures work: McKinsey Global Survey - McKinsey Quarterly -2013-01-09 22:50:24 +0000 Strategy - Innovation http://t.co/M1OLRL9y2013-01-09 21:35:22 +0000 Beginning of the end for #SharePoint? http://t.co/MiwH0RtA Will 2013 be the2013-01-09 19:15:31Tech Terms to Know in 2013 http://t.co/ONv44MnG The 10 +0000 Taking antioxidants such as vitamin E do not reduce the risk of cancer but may2013-01-09 17:24:25 +0000 it http://t.co/WCHiyY8Z actually increase2013-01-09 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Five innovation predictions for 2013 - The Washington Post http://t.co/VtsaE25T by2013-01-09 16:31:13 +0000 @wadhwa US Patent Office seeks public input on software patents future2013-01-09 15:40:34 +0000 http://t.co/FqRbXW8v Why We Have a Right to Consumer Genetics | MIT Technology Review2013-01-09 02:25:14 +0000 http://t.co/UO8nWrnt Stem Cell Research: Cells Grown By Japanese Researchers #Kills Cancer2013-01-08 22:05:26 +0000 http://t.co/HY0nhtDy In Fields and Markets, Guatemalans Feel Squeeze of #Biofuel Demand -2013-01-08 17:41:18 +0000 http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/F4C26ogF #energy #renewable2013-01-08 16:55:23 to Monetize a User-Based Business Model http://t.co/OEPffN51 6 Ways +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-08 16:44:35 +0000 today via @Jabaldaia Net-connected Gadgets Outnumber People in the U.S. - 24/7 Wall St.2013-01-08 16:01:28 +0000 http://t.co/8vt4aAal2013-01-08 15:20:15 +0000 year of the Android game systems http://t.co/P1a8w4K1 2013 will be the2013-01-08 06:46:44 +0000 is over for Apple http://t.co/rO1EAmNg Smooth sailing2013-01-08 06:23:18 +0000 Technology, Time and Space http://t.co/hBBNp3xP Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2013-01-08 02:00:19 +0000 today via @Brioneja Microsofts aching Windows 8 hangover | The Industry Standard - InfoWorld2013-01-08 00:05:12 +0000 http://t.co/UbN3dcNi B2B SaaS Product Management Needs Behavioral Expertise | Rich Mironovs2013-01-07 19:55:37 +0000 http://t.co/RuAIF3Fu Product Bytes2013-01-07 19:01:24 +0000 Sell Off Underperforming Businesses http://t.co/Sh0AULer HP Says It May2013-01-07 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation RT @RowanGibson: McKinsey Innovation Report ? what stands out -2013-01-06 21:32:57 +0000 http://t.co/JmLIb2ZG - Paul Hobcraft - #innovation #strategy #mgmt #lea ... Forecasting the Future: Ray Kurzweil, Nate Silver, and?the Market? | Singularity2013-01-06 20:03:30 +0000 Hub http://t.co/iVsgFY6y Job Applicants Cultural Fit Can Trump Qualifications - Businessweek2013-01-06 19:24:27 +0000 http://t.co/0kWbQ02V2013-01-06 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-01-06 14:15:46 +0000 The Unquestioned Wealth And Destruction Of Tech Executives http://t.co/N2clofto
  • 16. 2013-01-06 12:42:17 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y In 2012 the Web was dominated by online education, shifting social networks, and2013-01-05 22:05:54 +0000 march toward mobile http://t.co/HBnfzwHs the continued Year in Apps: The Biggest Hits, Misses and Absolute Fails of 20122013-01-05 20:50:50 +0000 http://t.co/QbmCHiKf The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2013-01-05 16:44:34 +0000 today via @lindegaard @DonPeppers2013-01-05 14:15:22 +0000 A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity http://t.co/EdXaprSc The iPhone Was2013-01-04 23:20:41 +0000 Top 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic for 2013 http://t.co/NJTv9MTn Ray Kurzweils Imagining The Future: Ray Kurzweil Has ?Unlimited Resources? For AI, Language2013-01-04 20:27:48 +0000 Research At Google http://t.co/87kH0DL32013-01-04 16:44:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-01-04 16:32:15 +0000 for 2013 | Blog | design mind http://t.co/bbL30mAB 20 Tech Trends2013-01-04 16:11:49 +0000 Top 7 Tech Predictions for 2013 http://t.co/fh9e000i The Future Is Now: What We Imagined for 2013 ? 10 Years Ago2013-01-03 21:46:17 +0000 http://t.co/pNMNnLS7 Milky Way portrait: Night sky photo with a shooting star and lightning flash.2013-01-03 21:14:23 +0000 http://t.co/cr8uokI9 New web app uses Google Street View to show exactly where Instagram pictures2013-01-03 21:07:05 +0000 were taken | http://t.co/pcaYptba Forget Your To-Do List: The 3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Needs | http://t.co/LrbloZkA2013-01-03 18:46:03 +0000 http://t.co/SLQswU0g2013-01-03 17:50:19 Is Attacking Apple Inside Out http://t.co/AMjfAACZ Google +00002013-01-03 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Crowdsourcing ideas: Solutions in search of a problem | The Economist2013-01-03 15:21:00 +0000 http://t.co/JxejvBMJ2013-01-03 13:16:02 +0000TV May Not Be Worth It http://t.co/FQqmAe56 The Future of The Axe and the Dove: Managing Across Brands at Unilever - A case study summary2013-01-02 18:31:34 +0000 http://t.co/4W2qZvg52013-01-02 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation PlaceRaider: The Military Smartphone Malware Designed to Steal Your Life | MIT2013-01-02 12:35:23 +0000 Technology Review http://t.co/TXCNj7Ol2013-01-01 20:45:36 Taleb: my rules for life http://t.co/TlO0qe4d Nassim +0000 Ray Kurzweils Top 5 Reasons to Be Optimistic for 2013 | Think Tank | Big Think2013-01-01 20:15:30 +0000 http://t.co/myOIikzo2013-01-01 19:40:20 +0000 the best year ever ? The Spectator http://t.co/JQjLnjM1 Why 2012 was2013-01-01 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2013-01-01 02:00:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 Four Innovation Trends to Watch in 2013 - Michael Schrage - Harvard Business2012-12-31 23:50:12 http://t.co/p0n3n5b4 Review +0000 Why 2012 was the best year ever: Never in the history of the world has there been2012-12-31 20:50:18 +0000 less hunger, disease & more prosperity...
  • 17. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-31 16:44:34 +0000 today via @DonPeppers The biggest 2012 changes on the Web were online education, social networks2012-12-31 16:25:29the increasing use of smartphones & tablets... & +0000 Saudis Sweat Bullets As Energy Revolution Changes the Rules | Via Meadia2012-12-31 14:02:37 +0000 http://t.co/U9cxkGy3 The Extraordinary Moments of 2012 That Brought Us Together2012-12-31 09:16:45 +0000 http://t.co/F52nbgdu2012-12-30 20:23:55 +0000 How corporations kill creativity http://t.co/1uHioj75 ?The Tinkerers?: Five big tech stories to watch for in 2013 | Tech Culture - CNET News2012-12-30 19:45:30 +0000 http://t.co/4A8DCWqs Im at Praia de Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) w/ 88 others [pic]:2012-12-30 19:19:43 +0000 http://t.co/g1eLKTH92012-12-30 18:35:36 +0000 Buildings http://t.co/1UFwi2y5 #design Worlds Ugliest2012-12-30 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2012-12-30 12:42:15 +0000 @mkapor The Brazilian Decade: This stylish, self-confident nation of 197 million will shape2012-12-30 11:36:10 +0000 in 2013 and beyond http://t.co/FoYavTzD Latin America2012-12-29 16:44:37 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Austrian School of economic thought gaining influence as nations tackle debt2012-12-29 15:38:06 +0000 http://t.co/DuytlTc7 Im at Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) w/ 2 others [pic]:2012-12-29 03:02:15 +0000 http://t.co/kBWOAIlh2012-12-28 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-28 15:10:23 +0000 27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012 http://t.co/chUg3GDo Gartner Reveals Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users for 2013 and2012-12-28 14:50:52 +0000 Beyond http://t.co/E8MVxqgG2012-12-28 03:30:30 +0000Played With Fusion | Popular Science http://t.co/Ju2XPaUS The Boy Who In Russia, Innovation Happens on Both Sides of the Smartphone | MIT Technology2012-12-27 20:45:22 http://t.co/TH4OuOQF Review +00002012-12-27 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-27 13:29:53 +0000 Just Beam to Work http://t.co/IVpvAo8O Why Commute? The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-26 16:44:33 +0000 today via @PaulSloane @DonPeppers2012-12-26 12:12:49 +0000 Learning new lessons | The Economist http://t.co/HtOTDkv3 Free education:2012-12-25 22:44:05 +0000 Sao Conrado Sunset http://t.co/GlPU8R7M2012-12-25 16:44:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Harvests and farmland: The decline in the growth in yields of some of the world?s2012-12-25 15:31:13 +0000 staple crops. http://t.co/TWvvw0xl2012-12-25 15:30:21 +0000 realized it made a horrible mistake http://t.co/3WphT3p4 #sms Facebook just
  • 18. Once Proudly Web Only, Shopping Sites Hang Out Real Shingles2012-12-25 15:20:45 +0000 http://t.co/rcyAjcO4 The Extraordinary Moments of 2012 That Brought Us Together2012-12-25 15:00:10 +0000 http://t.co/a3xHQDCN2012-12-25 13:55:56 +0000 the best year ever http://t.co/U3e8spql Why 2012 was2012-12-25 02:00:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002012-12-24 20:15:55 +0000 obesity to gut bacteria http://t.co/Oi13yTzm #health Scientists link The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-24 16:44:33 +0000 today via @Jabaldaia All the World?s a Game, and Business Is a Player http://t.co/wcmsNUMo2012-12-24 14:10:19 +0000 #gamification Its Time to End the War on Salt: Scientific American http://t.co/ccSvkNcK via2012-12-23 23:29:04 +0000 @sciam2012-12-23 23:01:59 +0000upends the toy market http://t.co/VvWABJcU via @Salon Personal tech Why does Jaron Lanier hate the idea of ?the wisdom of the crowd??2012-12-23 21:56:59 +0000 http://t.co/evfPcNyp via @SmithsonianMag2012-12-23 21:49:49 +0000 Banks Still Rule Derivatives Trade: http://t.co/yi5rbY44 Post-Meltdown,2012-12-23 21:23:48 +0000 Exceptional Article: Is the Cure for Cancer Inside You? http://t.co/Z1xE4DY5 Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow2012-12-23 20:54:48 +0000 http://t.co/sk1tUN3d via @HuffPostTech2012-12-23 20:53:22 +0000 600 VCs And CEOs Made These Predictions For 2013 http://t.co/rOFxCey0 via @sai Dear Friends, I hope you and your families have a wonderful and memorable2012-12-23 19:54:02 week! Merry Christmas to all! holiday +00002012-12-23 19:50:38 +0000 Drugs Aim to Make Several Types of Cancer Self-Destruct http://t.co/GJ47W4ug2012-12-23 19:35:35 +0000 Bubble Is Very, Very Real http://t.co/DwVhmS1D The Higher Ed Hands On With #Facebook Nearby, A New Local Biz Discovery Feature That2012-12-23 17:20:30 +0000 & Foursquare http://t.co/xDa0tCbq Challenges Yelp2012-12-23 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-23 15:30:55 starts watching what you do off the Internet too ? RT http://t.co/g3E5yIvr Google +0000 Corruption in #Brazil: A healthier menu | The Economist http://t.co/eoQuEhgb2012-12-23 14:42:52 +0000 #Brasil How Googles Penguin Update Will Change Publishing, for the Better - Ad Age2012-12-23 14:40:26 http://t.co/xtGLNqRY Mobile +0000 Energy Conservation and the Puzzle of the Bodys Healing Rate | MIT Technology2012-12-23 14:05:32 http://t.co/zNnThxtN Review +0000 Those sexy Samsungs: Why iPhones are no longer cool in China ? Quartz2012-12-23 13:54:49 +0000 http://t.co/pgJDjxVJ Im at Praia de S?o Conrado (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) w/ 2 others [pic]:2012-12-23 13:21:12 +0000 http://t.co/FxYkfpTi
  • 19. The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2012-12-23 12:42:17 +0000 @SmartStorming @solarfund @unmarketing2012-12-22 21:05:27 +0000 The Most Disruptive Companies In 2012 http://t.co/PaajpNq72012-12-22 19:44:12 +0000 Im at Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) w/ 11 others [pic]: http://t.co/ylxEihJQ2012-12-22 19:38:48 +0000 Sao Conrado Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil http://t.co/zAtY9t3f The contextual and exponential future of Facebook by @Scobleizer2012-12-22 17:20:30 +0000 http://t.co/MHlyqvtV The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-22 16:44:35 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager2012-12-22 15:15:00 +0000 Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) w/ 18 others http://t.co/WQOVB9z5 Im at Praia de2012-12-22 14:40:23 +0000 Why Valves Steam Box PC-Console Will Be A Game Changer http://t.co/btAzvqiK2012-12-22 03:35:15 +0000 Collapse of French Pensions | Via Meadia http://t.co/JJSFQ8dR Sacre Bleu! The2012-12-21 23:45:52 +0000 Two types of artificial muscle from nanotechnology http://t.co/7DXL0o402012-12-21 20:05:45 Your Website Can Replace Focus Groups http://t.co/tUl6v1Iq 4 Ways +0000 Key Apple patent used against Samsung under fire | Apple - CNET News2012-12-21 19:45:55 +0000 http://t.co/GBZH0gkN2012-12-21 18:21:01 +0000 2012 Zeitgeist, You Wont Learn Much. Why? http://t.co/OBARcBYv With Googles2012-12-21 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Apple Reaches Highest-Ever U.S. Smartphone Sales Share At 53.3%; Android2012-12-21 13:40:12 +0000 Europe http://t.co/xcSA1ypZ Consolidates In2012-12-20 19:30:58 +0000 In Brazil, an iPhone that isnt an iPhone (its Android) http://t.co/ILYWEm1S2012-12-20 19:02:42 +0000 Does it pay to know your type? http://t.co/sUV3epJs Myers-Briggs: The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-20 16:44:35 +0000 today via @jorgebarba @wimrampen2012-12-20 16:02:09 +0000 schools are great (by doing what we don?t) http://t.co/rPSYbeoz Why Finland?s Iodine Deficiency - An Old Epidemic Is Back | Psychology Today2012-12-19 22:23:34 +0000 http://t.co/rQPpORJp2012-12-19 21:40:52 +0000 The Math Behind the Meltdown http://t.co/sPdDCptV #financial #crisis 5 Mentors Every Entrepreneur Should Have | http://t.co/LrbloZkA2012-12-19 21:36:02 +0000 http://t.co/vJK23M1X2012-12-19 21:10:54 +0000 3D printing bigger than internet http://t.co/o6rsgIw4 By 2018, computers will have all 5 senses - Feel it before you buy it on your phone2012-12-19 20:25:43 +0000 http://t.co/JVbynaE42012-12-19 19:35:47 +0000 Creepy Surveillance Tactics http://t.co/L09cyKer #privacy 5 Unbelievably2012-12-19 17:21:36 +0000 for Humanity - The Accelerators - WSJ http://t.co/58j735xv One Giant Leap
  • 20. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-19 16:44:35 +0000 today via @lindegaard2012-12-19 16:02:30 +0000 secretly shape the way we behave http://t.co/NJ4w7t2F How algorithms2012-12-19 15:46:01 +0000 Everest, in two billion pixels http://t.co/0IGatV86 PHOTO: Mount2012-12-19 15:25:51 +0000 The ?cool or creepy? test for innovators - Ideas@Innovations http://t.co/CB2uCXtA2012-12-19 14:50:55 +0000 100 Uses of Social Media Engagement http://t.co/zT2VxQpV #smm Im at American Airlines Center for Philadelphia 76ers vs Dallas Mavericks (Dallas,2012-12-19 02:03:53116 others [pic]: http://t.co/cFlyHRf7 TX) w/ +00002012-12-19 00:20:33 +0000 12 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur http://t.co/isHL1Kaw2012-12-18 22:46:11 +0000 University as We Know It http://t.co/kyKtt0NR The End of the TED Blog | The power of design-based education: A Q&A with #TED author2012-12-18 22:35:58 +0000 http://t.co/JHT8OjV1 Emily Pilloton2012-12-18 20:51:08 +0000 spy on their owners http://t.co/PVrUMqn5 Smart TVs can2012-12-18 18:11:13 +0000 Company Culture At Apple - Business Insider http://t.co/BCvDIOhh Tim Cook And2012-12-18 17:31:54 +0000 but the Future Is Bright http://t.co/CON0mf3q No Flying Cars, The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-18 16:44:34 +0000 today via @jorgebarba Programmer creates 800,000 books algorithmically, starts selling them on Amazon |2012-12-18 16:41:36 +0000 ExtremeTech http://t.co/gv4ZdSeP Catching Up On Readings: Cloud Computing Roundup @Sramana2012-12-18 13:55:47 +0000 http://t.co/Q5OVdcSS2012-12-18 02:00:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 Trendspotting with Robert Scoble: Why Innovation is About to Get Really2012-12-17 21:16:23 +0000 Interesting - http://t.co/7JGC0XW32012-12-17 21:03:16 +0000 The Worm Turns Through Apple http://t.co/AcBpq0xY For Microsoft,2012-12-17 17:16:54 +0000 Mobile http://t.co/4Oz1p0X0 The Future Of The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-17 16:44:36 +0000 today via @timkastelle @DonPeppers2012-12-17 16:36:27 +0000 Gaming Industry http://t.co/vQZn6jVU Rebooting the Dell Has A New Platform As A Service That Actually Makes Sense2012-12-17 15:07:11 +0000 http://t.co/Ah8WFAdl RT @WIMAccelerator: Create an #app to change the world & have it judged by2012-12-17 01:16:54 +0000 @wadhwa http://t.co/l0OwVMXc #mobiletech2012-12-16 23:31:12 +0000Products: What to Hoard Now http://t.co/V4BPHr2K Disappearing The man who saved Polands economy, on Americas mistakes and the better way2012-12-16 22:20:30 from a #financial #crisis http://t.co/IRPn3FSG to heal +00002012-12-16 21:20:42 +0000 Why Google Maps Is Better Than Apple Maps http://t.co/blpwPZLm @IXchat Nominate top 40 #innovation bloggers @lindegaard @DonPeppers2012-12-16 18:03:48 +0000 @bluelobsternets @Paul4innovating @IXchat Nominate top 40 #innovation bloggers @PaulSloane @jorgebarba2012-12-16 18:01:41 +0000 @Jabaldaia @wimrampen @ariegoldshlager @ralph_ohr @timkastelle
  • 21. Thanks! RT @bluelobsternets @IXchat Nominate @Jabaldaia @jorgebarba2012-12-16 17:58:06 +0000@lindegaard @Paul4innovating @PaulSloane @Brioneja @timkastelle Thanks! RT @Paul4innovating @IXchat I nominate @ovoinnovation @InnovationFixer @jorgebarba @Jabaldaia @Brioneja @lindegaard2012-12-16 17:54:44 +0000 @thehealthmaven Thanks! RT @Jabaldaia @IXchat Top 40 Inno Bloggers 2012 @jorgebarba @nilofer2012-12-16 17:53:35 +0000 @lindegaard @Brioneja @thehealthmaven @dscofield @PaulSloane2012-12-16 17:49:30 +0000 Legal, Corporations Will Act Selfishly http://t.co/yuPx3l2z As Long As Its2012-12-16 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Microsoft Battles Google by Hiring Political Brawler Mark Penn2012-12-16 16:31:26 +0000 http://t.co/HohjxuZO Is the new boom in domestic natural gas production an economic bonanza or2012-12-16 16:05:58 +0000 disaster? http://t.co/8O7KVqBE environmental2012-12-16 15:40:45 +0000 The Lonely Island of Google Plus http://t.co/9c52orKJ #smm Does China own the future ? or does the U.S.? - The Washington Post2012-12-16 15:10:39 +0000 http://t.co/aQJATChX2012-12-16 13:40:32 +0000 Noticed As A 16 Year Old http://t.co/FYWy5nCV Tech Trends I?ve The Unfortunate Story of Poweball Lottery Winner Jack Whittaker2012-12-16 13:20:30 +0000 http://t.co/HNywdL3Z The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y ? Top stories today via2012-12-16 12:42:16 +0000 @jfconnex2012-12-15 22:20:59 +0000 Science Of Persuasion - YouTube http://t.co/vqvWJvb32012-12-15 20:06:06 Get Better At Predicting the #Future http://t.co/DBpmvg7A How to +0000 11 amazing devices that could only have been invented in Africa .2012-12-15 19:25:39 +0000 http://t.co/zZpIQn8x Is Apple starting to move manufacturing back to the US to get away from its2012-12-15 18:26:01 +0000http://t.co/qEguqjxn competitors?2012-12-15 18:02:45 +0000 The Web We Lost http://t.co/0jaubGyQ2012-12-15 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-15 16:05:37Innovations Improving the Travel Experience http://t.co/v6yQkcb2 5 Tech +0000 Ray Kurzweil (the ?Singularity? guy) joins Google | Ars Technica2012-12-15 15:35:47 +0000 http://t.co/wMpQFYWS The USA Probably passed Saudi Arabia as the Number 1 Total Oil liquids Producing2012-12-15 14:24:21 +0000 1st week of Dec 2012 http://t.co/mFFYQthK Country in the2012-12-15 00:05:19 +0000 Mashable Announces the 2012 Innovation Index Winners http://t.co/LuZujRtr Entrepreneurial Software Developers and the App Economy | http://t.co/7v6PSJtH2012-12-14 21:55:45 +0000 http://t.co/RfQ6uYfA2012-12-14 20:55:35 +0000 For the Next 110 Years http://t.co/39KrPoIy 110 Predictions2012-12-14 20:01:46 +0000 Your next assistant may be an app http://t.co/S0arIH85
  • 22. Android Won. Windows Lost. The Battle of the Century is Decided. MSFT relegated2012-12-14 16:46:16 smaller PC corner http://t.co/J8dpqnA1 to ever +00002012-12-14 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-14 13:05:32 vs. #Apple #Maps: Total Domination http://t.co/8zAUlq5q Google +0000 Im at Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center for Natividad Nati Cano (Dallas, TX)2012-12-14 01:34:52 +0000 w/ 3 others http://t.co/TbmRFQYh Arbitrarily complex 3D DNA nanostructures built from DNA bricks2012-12-13 21:20:44 +0000 http://t.co/RupQcZux Facebook, Google, Zynga Ask Courts To Reject Patents On Abstract Ideas That2012-12-13 20:25:43Tech Innovation http://t.co/OLyTuzOA Plague +00002012-12-13 17:35:46 +0000 Software Vendors Are Still Denying Reality http://t.co/G6GN7JdX SaaS: Enterprise How to Anticipate a Burning Platform - Scott Anthony - Harvard Business Review2012-12-13 17:16:12 +0000 http://t.co/D4OldFo2 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-13 16:44:35 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager @PaulSloane2012-12-13 16:05:49 +0000 The Top 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012 http://t.co/ouUNHIKr Soon Your Phone Will Be Able To Figure Out How Youre Feeling Based on Your2012-12-13 15:40:45 +0000 Voice http://t.co/SezgsOOj Goldman Sachs: Windows true market share is just 20%. Desktops are over, tablets2012-12-13 15:23:33 +0000 are in http://t.co/IJAfOGPK and Smart TVs2012-12-13 14:46:03 +0000 Apple?s Big Manufacturing Boom to the U.S.?200 Jobs http://t.co/ZCJ9xTjq The Feds Contradiction - Easier money hasnt led to more growth, so we need still2012-12-13 14:06:50 +0000http://t.co/Li2lObBF easier money2012-12-12 22:45:44 +0000 CEOs and uncertainty: Stop whining and deal with it. http://t.co/kDeHqoQf2012-12-12 22:13:05 +0000 Never Die, Try Augmented Reality http://t.co/VtWmZn7e If You Want to A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked. The Story Behind Cornings Vision. - YouTube2012-12-12 19:10:56 +0000 http://t.co/19rRYzsL Foxconn Plans American Expansion as Clients Seek Made in U.S.A.2012-12-12 17:35:59 +0000 http://t.co/SDoilh4M2012-12-12 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Gamification: How Siemens got 23,000 engineers to learn about its brand2012-12-12 15:55:30 +0000 http://t.co/25MeSdvk Is the U.S. Government Really A Spy Machine? | MIT Technology Review2012-12-12 14:46:05 +0000 http://t.co/QbU8nQbS Innovation Excellence | Positioning Strategy: From 1969 to 20122012-12-12 05:02:29 +0000 http://t.co/XsqAZNYO via @wibiya Inside the Risky Bets of Central Banks - http://t.co/iILeExrP http://t.co/gXyGL1yU2012-12-12 03:40:59 +0000 #financial #crisis My patent on a new additive for cementing applications was officially granted last2012-12-12 00:41:14 +0000 week by the patent office http://t.co/d73Xtx2b
  • 23. Smartphones as seismometers intrigue Berkeley researchers http://t.co/vnLgxvPL2012-12-11 23:50:26 +0000 #crowdsourcing Apple and Google to team up to acquire Kodak?s patents with $500M bid2012-12-11 22:40:37 +0000 http://t.co/dkA3Tsro2012-12-11 22:20:54 +0000 A U.S. Apple factory may be robot city http://t.co/Mclt3UCX One future of Apple?s US manufacturing, as suggested by the fantasy assembly line2012-12-11 21:05:43 +0000 at NeXT in the 1980s http://t.co/UbWRdsYy Steve Jobs built Study Predicts Future for U.S. as No. 2 Economy, but Energy Independent -2012-12-11 21:02:05 +0000 http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/FoozeRLI2012-12-11 20:31:54 +0000 Gamification Can Work ? Just Don?t Hire A Game Designer | http://t.co/cz4AlS0S2012-12-11 19:41:05 +0000 Look Inside a Futuristic Nanotech Lab http://t.co/52zglPuY2012-12-11 17:06:10 +0000 a Made in U.S.A. Bug - http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/IdCboFBn Why Apple Got2012-12-11 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation We are entering a new phase of technology and Microsoft will be at the center of it2012-12-11 15:51:01 +0000 http://t.co/vulJhu1M2012-12-11 03:20:47 +0000 Colleges Accountable? http://t.co/aI55XWSa Who Will Hold Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2012-12-11 02:00:19 +0000 today via @Brioneja2012-12-10 17:35:23 +0000 Transforming the Entertainment Industry http://t.co/zJJpizBd 5 Innovations Companies today are increasingly tying peoples real-life identities to their online2012-12-10 17:31:01 +0000 http://t.co/8kjIDtFv #SMM #sem browsing habits Air Force Stumbles Over Software Modernization Project - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-12-10 16:53:36 +0000 http://t.co/do79mFmZ2012-12-10 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-10 16:31:14 +0000 How Apple Really Lost Its Lead In The 80s http://t.co/bV9izxc52012-12-10 15:26:17 +0000 Technology giants at war: Another game of thrones http://t.co/Z6cYgxMx Three out of four smartphones sold now use Googles Android2012-12-10 13:15:35 +0000 http://t.co/PEd7iAyO Europe clings to scorched-earth ideology as depression deepens2012-12-10 02:15:55 +0000 http://t.co/rheEFEAY #Euro #financial #crisis 268-Megapixel Camera Captures its First Stunning Photo of Space2012-12-10 01:30:44 +0000 http://t.co/e4wA5kWq2012-12-09 23:36:01 +0000 Came To Run Google http://t.co/xCyMDBfu How Larry Page2012-12-09 22:50:39 +0000 Q: What?s Wrong With Quora? http://t.co/j4nkbIi8 U.S. Patent Office Preliminary Determination Finds That The ?Steve Jobs?2012-12-09 20:16:23 +0000 Multitouch #Patent Is Invalid http://t.co/hoMPPSWH #apple #iPhone2012-12-09 18:25:39 +0000 A Defense of Social Media : The New Yorker http://t.co/UDCJPqAQ Google stops offering Google Apps for free to focus on providing a paid-for2012-12-09 17:35:51 +0000 experience http://t.co/NLOEdkxk
  • 24. 2012-12-09 17:20:52apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears http://t.co/gVvtDlRH Mayan +00002012-12-09 16:44:35 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-09 12:42:15 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2012-12-08 21:33:09 +0000 citizens for biological gut check http://t.co/oEi8JRaZ Two projects tap2012-12-08 18:52:55 +0000 I have had at least 2 thumbdrives crash @DavidWLocke The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-08 16:44:34 +0000 today via @wimrampen2012-12-08 16:15:53 +0000 are an endangered species http://t.co/ZGnXud5I Why disc drives China is now heading toward Japan-style economic paralysis if it doesnt change2012-12-08 16:02:26- +0000 course http://t.co/duZBjk792012-12-08 14:54:46 +0000 Your Calling - http://t.co/1SQRcFg0 20 Ways to Find2012-12-08 03:19:50 +0000 Quail Eggs at Hypnotic Sushi http://t.co/5T3xIVA52012-12-07 19:28:07 +0000 A World of Persistent Inflation http://t.co/v3KCpEJv2012-12-07 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-07 15:25:27 +0000 8 rewrites the rules of PC gaming | PCWorld http://t.co/WuwdxSAc How Windows2012-12-07 03:15:19 +0000 Another 20% on Panic Selling: Analyst http://t.co/RUsBediI Apple May Fall About to give presentation on @SPOTSSystems at #RICEIT2012 (@ McNair Hall, Rice2012-12-06 19:15:40 +0000 University) http://t.co/VadbErlX Apple manufacturing: Macs will be made in USA, Tim Cook says in interview.2012-12-06 17:32:14 +0000 http://t.co/OZb41uTh2012-12-06 17:08:12 +0000 glitters with Earths night lights http://t.co/kWC8YkQK Black Marble The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-06 16:44:35 +0000 today via @jorgebarba2012-12-06 16:25:25 +0000 In The Face For Microsoft ... - Business Insider http://t.co/JWJFsnVv The Latest Slap Looking forward to talk about @SPOTSSystems at @Ricealliance IT & Web2012-12-06 15:30:18 +0000 #riceit2012 Venture Forum Just 25 Developers Grabbed 50% Of App Revenues On U.S. App Store, Google Play2012-12-05 19:01:46 +0000 Last Month; Earning $60M Between Them http://t.co/ttUcsHVE Jeff Bezos attended 60 investor meetings to raise $1m from 22 people, just to get2012-12-05 18:45:33 +0000 http://t.co/CU0ufzrX Amazon started Groupon and Living Social hit the skids. Why did we ever think this was going to2012-12-05 17:40:18 +0000 work? http://t.co/TKqFgLbP2012-12-05 16:44:37 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-05 16:05:32 +0000 Nightmare Is Coming True http://t.co/7aJZ2wWd Steve Ballmers2012-12-05 13:43:13 +0000 Boom - http://t.co/L1GHQYHO The Insourcing Traction ? How Successful Startups First Got Users [infographic]2012-12-04 21:25:22 +0000 http://t.co/kkGWaDLg2012-12-04 20:15:33Angell?s Mistaken View of Pharmaceutical Innovation http://t.co/u12ikVlK Marcia +0000
  • 25. 2012-12-04 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-04 02:00:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002012-12-03 23:06:16 +0000 Achieving Optimal SG&A Spend for US Companies http://t.co/rBS4ifYB2012-12-03 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance, all info stored, no2012-12-03 15:11:01the post http://t.co/FddsY8vq #privacy matter +00002012-12-03 14:46:03 +0000 How Google Plans to Find the UnGoogleable http://t.co/ikZxmHLt Latin Growth Tune Plays in Two Speeds: Latin America is becoming a tale of two2012-12-03 13:22:42 +0000 economies, http://t.co/CPT8GbhG U.S. set for #fracking bonanza, says historian Ferguson http://t.co/Kpn08C3N2012-12-03 00:46:05 +0000 #energy This video maps Kurzweils 6 Epochs of evolution showing the progression in the2012-12-02 21:10:32 +0000 processes information http://t.co/F4KY83or way the universe2012-12-02 20:06:39 +0000 Amazons Robotic Future: A Work in Progress http://t.co/ycfz0zdr via @BW2012-12-02 19:50:47 +0000 From a Former Gang Member http://t.co/P1mTVSLG via @BW Business Lessons2012-12-02 19:14:50 +0000 the year 2012 - Full Focus http://t.co/K5qvV0EM Best photos of Gamblers Take Note: The Odds in a Coin Flip Arent Quite 50/502012-12-02 19:07:47 +0000 http://t.co/i8liDZOS via @SmithsonianMag2012-12-02 19:00:08 +0000 Surprisingly, touchscreen laptops dont suck http://t.co/OX4R8uAt via @verge2012-12-02 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-12-02 15:15:22 toys to buy for the holidays http://t.co/Q22wLafv 12 tech +00002012-12-02 12:42:14 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2012-12-02 00:25:10 +0000 Changed http://t.co/EBvLYAjI A VC: What Has2012-12-02 00:00:47 +0000 Jet Sunset http://t.co/gFGFSx5q Scanadu hopes its tricorder-like device and a smartphone will help people track2012-12-01 22:35:12 +0000 diagnose problems http://t.co/xnFDkg5G their health and Im at Aeropuerto Internacional Cd De Mexico Terminal 1 w/ 5 others2012-12-01 20:17:00 +0000 http://t.co/n06y8HoV2012-12-01 19:05:21 +0000 The Top 5 Gadget Innovations of 2012 http://t.co/2q50kEkI The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-12-01 16:44:36 +0000 today via @DonPeppers Assange to RT: Entire nations intercepted online, key turned to totalitarian rule2012-12-01 11:52:29 +0000 http://t.co/slGUU8kZ @TEDxSMU @sharoninaustin Sorry I will not be able to attend. I am traveling back2012-12-01 06:56:19 +0000 from Mexico & wont make it. Have a great event! #TEDxSMU Inside An Amazon Warehouse a system known as chaotic storage is significantly2012-11-30 22:56:51 +0000than conventional systems. http://t.co/JH1yFsA8 more flexible
  • 26. Paradigm shift offers a new look at the beginning of time | News | R&D2012-11-30 21:10:34 +0000 Magazine http://t.co/7Sed5l5A Financial Crisis Films: Inside Job, Margin Call & 3 Other Great Films About2012-11-30 19:43:14 +0000http://t.co/8oQ7q60O The Economy2012-11-30 19:05:29 +0000 market: $241 billion in 2020 | ZDNet http://t.co/no5mSMNt Cloud computing Police Can Access Your Email Without A Warrant If Its 180 Days Old2012-11-30 17:03:44 +0000 http://t.co/S6wzpfSq #privacy2012-11-30 16:46:01 +0000 The new maker rules http://t.co/V9XQyaXb Manufacturing:2012-11-30 16:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation The Great Oil Fallacy: The increasing un-importance of of imported oil2012-11-29 21:03:10 +0000 http://t.co/afCVKrpx #energy2012-11-29 17:45:47 +0000 research could lead to immortality http://t.co/Yzgfzrdt Latest stem cell The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-29 16:44:32 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr [Infographic] History of Nintendo?s Growth ? Big Design Events2012-11-29 16:40:27 +0000 http://t.co/C0sEewNE Hope you can join us for @SPOTSSystems presentation @RiceAlliance 10th Annual2012-11-29 15:20:55 +0000 Venture Forum http://t.co/ix9TfR3F #RiceAlliance IT & Web2012-11-29 14:35:32 Just Google Glasses That Will Make Us All Cyborgs http://t.co/SnojgybW Its Not +0000 SPOTS Tracking Systems Will Present at the 10th Annual Rice Alliance I.T. and Web2012-11-28 20:55:29 +0000 http://t.co/ix9TfR3F Venture Forum Salman Khan, Founder of the Khan Academy | MIT Technology Review2012-11-28 20:50:26 +0000 http://t.co/GwjLUJnM2012-11-28 20:45:28 +0000 age of the freelancer http://t.co/BDKztIYD Welcome to the2012-11-28 19:32:09new possibilities to make decisions http://t.co/tRXhRYbJ via @jabaldaia Create +00002012-11-28 19:25:18 Is Dead. Long Live College! | http://t.co/4ho7erUL http://t.co/vnExfF0k College +00002012-11-28 17:42:07 Report - 20 Forecasts for 2013-2025 http://t.co/RbsJdIwb Special +00002012-11-28 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Salesforce to predict the future with the power of Prior Knowledge | VentureBeat2012-11-28 15:01:45 +0000 http://t.co/DeJ2Zjb2 After years of underachievement and rising violence, Mexico is at last beginning to2012-11-28 06:34:00its potential http://t.co/CC0aNu3j realise +00002012-11-28 06:12:48 +0000 Great Cost/Benefit Analysis of Picking Up a Penny http://t.co/9vty8ppu2012-11-28 03:18:01 +0000 Trove of Cellphone Logs http://t.co/4V7jDdA8 NYC Is Amassing2012-11-27 20:20:27 +0000 Sats Will Offer Low-Cost Access to Space http://t.co/9lwhQony Mass-Produced The #Dallas Museum of Art will Be Free to the Public, Beginning in January2012-11-27 18:33:51 +0000 http://t.co/fc23kSMC #DFW2012-11-27 16:44:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation
  • 27. Scientists say deep learning is the future of Silicon Valley tech2012-11-27 15:02:40 +0000 http://t.co/ne7yPaPp Government Crushes Innovative Online Prediction Market http://t.co/a7JTHQ8Q2012-11-27 14:55:34 +0000 #intrade2012-11-27 14:35:21 +0000 Is Real, and Its in Stony Brook, NY http://t.co/OEXpGb13 The Holodeck How Wall Streets Food Commodities Contribute to World Hunger2012-11-27 14:35:21 +0000 http://t.co/ZmAGLgSj2012-11-27 02:00:21 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 @thijs @EdoCH w Amazon having $129 specials on Kindle Fire & capacitance2012-11-26 18:49:28Android tablets for $85 Apples share will continue to fall screen +0000 @thijs @EdoCH Apples share of tablet shipments dropped to 50% in 3Q20122012-11-26 18:44:44 +0000 http://t.co/IJvwFSjV2012-11-26 16:55:18Is Bluffing And It Will Be Their Downfall - TechCrunch http://t.co/ygkuhdy1 Netflix +00002012-11-26 16:44:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation U.S. set for #fracking bonanza, says historian Ferguson http://t.co/Y4pLcRGZ2012-11-26 13:46:29 +0000 #energy2012-11-26 13:45:28 Way, and How It Completely Screwed HP http://t.co/mFse59Kq The HP +0000 Jeff Connaughtons "The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins" A Book Review -2012-11-26 01:48:32http://t.co/dkHSQ2ex Forbes +00002012-11-26 00:42:47-+0000 Sunset Irapuato, Mexico http://t.co/UyYTwD5Y2012-11-25 20:26:18 +0000 Cerro del Piloncillo, Guanajuato, Mexico http://t.co/cdRsBz8n The ?Pretty Girl? Paradox: A fast friend heuristic to determine who to marry, hire,2012-11-25 17:25:15 +0000 in http://t.co/IDYSLDmV or even invest2012-11-25 16:44:37 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation @thijs @EdoCH that is correct, but w $80 android tablets already in the market it is2012-11-25 16:30:00 +0000 a similar trend will occur w tablets inevitable that2012-11-25 16:01:58 +0000 The Future is Now http://t.co/V1FQZcWX Ray Kurzweil ? Mexico and the United States: The rise of Mexico | The Economist2012-11-25 15:41:51 +0000 http://t.co/FNrXSEII2012-11-25 15:25:15 +0000 Hewlett-Packard Comeback http://t.co/3ukdyB8C Dont Bet on a2012-11-25 14:40:20 +0000 For First Responders, EVs Present New Hazards http://t.co/4a0AZtjO2012-11-25 12:42:13 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2012-11-25 05:33:34 +0000 This Trend Is Very Worrisome For Apple http://t.co/s1qv1IKT via @sai Big Data: Before You Start Restricting It, Be Aware of All the Opportunities2012-11-25 05:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/Lsp64cIQ Analysis: Investors make $100 billion bet on Chinas drive up value chain2012-11-25 05:12:18 +0000 http://t.co/NSNYdTOo via @reuters Natural gas trading to become more like coal, not oil http://t.co/3F5664OT via2012-11-25 05:09:44 +0000 @reuters2012-11-25 01:07:40 +0000 is wave of the future http://t.co/BaRqR9D7 Gesture control Mexicos economy: Se?ores, start your engines | The Economist2012-11-24 23:24:56 +0000 http://t.co/OFRJKQbx
  • 28. Matt Ridley on How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil | Mind & Matter -2012-11-24 23:22:34 +0000 http://t.co/iILeExrP http://t.co/yswPeKjA via @WSJ2012-11-24 23:13:25 +0000 They may stick around but in a much reduced presence @DavidWLocke2012-11-24 23:11:41 +0000 @GVictal Desafortunadamente solo estare en Guanajuato y Queretaro.2012-11-24 22:54:18 +0000Promise in Deep-Learning Programs http://t.co/iTG3MquN Scientists See The Top 5 Cyber Security Threats That Could Affect Your Life2012-11-24 21:40:14 +0000 http://t.co/HWCUCkRu2012-11-24 20:05:14 +0000 Blog, 8 Great Social Media Listening Tools http://t.co/jQ4mGFwd The Ambassador2012-11-24 16:44:37 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-24 16:10:21 +0000 Security Breaches in History http://t.co/jaGjiuuC Top Information First strike: how techs superpowers could start an ecosystem war2012-11-24 15:20:19 +0000 http://t.co/PmFMYtae2012-11-24 14:40:14 +0000 Keep Calm And Carry On http://t.co/UiGSLxeO How To Actually2012-11-24 12:18:43 +0000 front of your nose http://t.co/8GC7PDQn via @smh A minds eye in Two Analysts Just Went To Kansas City To Check Out Google Fiber?And They Were2012-11-24 12:03:48 +0000 Blown Away http://t.co/ijpMwsZf via @sai Evolv and The Wharton School use ?big data? to predict when you will quit your job2012-11-24 05:15:19 +0000 VentureBeat http://t.co/oMpF5Y4T2012-11-23 17:55:21 +0000 Sam Walton: The tale of the tape http://t.co/EWY2a1tY Steve Jobs vs. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-23 16:44:35 +0000 today via @jorgebarba Drag And Drop Interface Lets Anyone Be A Computer Programmer2012-11-23 16:02:09 +0000 http://t.co/NHq7roNo2012-11-23 15:35:23 +0000 App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living http://t.co/pzGiytEE As Boom Lures Twinkies: A Defense. The real story is union vs. union at the snack maker.2012-11-23 14:10:43 +0000 http://t.co/j6Na4RML2012-11-23 04:40:43 +0000 natural formations http://t.co/zu5nz100 #travel #photography Extraordinary I know the Amazon behemoth helps destroy the book culture I care about. But then2012-11-23 04:40:11 +0000 and its awesome http://t.co/wBVWGht7 I got a Kindle -- About to board flight to Mexico (@ Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)2012-11-23 03:02:56 +0000http://t.co/ivplDooP w/ 10 others) 24 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools | Social Media Examiner2012-11-22 21:01:45 +0000 http://t.co/jKPpriTB Ray Kurzweil: Are you still you if your brain is enhanced with neural implants?2012-11-22 20:30:49 +0000 http://t.co/sFO8YQwQ The ?Rubik?s Cube of Complexity? ? Managing IT in an Interdependent World2012-11-22 17:35:35 +0000 http://t.co/SchrahDo Video - Samsung Plans to Mass-Produce Flexible Smartphone Screens -2012-11-22 17:20:27 +0000 http://t.co/iILeExrP http://t.co/5fgq7QQ3 Fighting Hackers: Everything Youve Been Told About Passwords Is Wrong2012-11-22 17:02:09 +0000 http://t.co/U1GdlHlp
  • 29. 2012-11-22 16:31:38 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-22 15:50:16 +0000 The voice we might never have heard http://t.co/rtqCwlpX #autism #asd2012-11-22 14:40:29 +0000 Why rich countries can?t have $20 tablets?yet - http://t.co/KVIUhMXj2012-11-22 14:01:46 +0000 10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist http://t.co/eWvNK73u Steve Jobs, the $60 Light Bulb, and the Future of Technology -2012-11-22 13:55:20 +0000 http://t.co/mzEH7Kf32012-11-22 00:25:11 +0000 chief wants you to know about HP?s cloud http://t.co/acCXG8Vs What HP?s cloud How a $20 tablet from India could blindside PC makers, educate billions and2012-11-21 22:40:17 +0000 transform computing as we know it - http://t.co/Sa6d93Kv2012-11-21 22:30:57 +0000 #marketing benefits of #socialmedia http://t.co/BwO0a2RI #smm InfoGraphic: The Netflix CEO Says Amazon Losing $1 Billion/Year on Streaming Video2012-11-21 20:20:22 +0000 http://t.co/qW01GXh3 The Future of the Book Business: The entire book industry may eventually become2012-11-21 20:01:51 of an infotainment giant http://t.co/pM1kmHEv an arm +00002012-11-21 18:18:24 +0000 Im at SPOTS Tracking Systems (Dallas, TX) http://t.co/tnf0HdrH Synthetic biology hopes to automate programs used to engineer organisms to2012-11-21 17:15:43 +0000 drugs & cleaner fuel http://t.co/ZbphCPOf produce better2012-11-21 16:31:41 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Overblown Hype About Facebook Ads Versus TV Does Social Media No Favors2012-11-21 16:25:25 +0000 http://t.co/XuCqhVtA 3D printed biorobot will enter your gut to track and destroy toxins2012-11-21 16:05:21 +0000 http://t.co/YJKzFrve How surprises make you stronger: Long periods of stability allow risks to2012-11-21 15:35:25 +0000 there is a major disaster http://t.co/kauh6CtG accumulate until2012-11-21 02:55:05 +0000 Mess Is Making Everyone Sorry http://t.co/lKD4wzSv HPs Financial Here?s How Spotify Scales Up And Stays Agile: It Runs ?Squads? Like Lean Startups2012-11-20 22:35:16 +0000 | http://t.co/n2nzPrQO New Breakthroughs Will Allow Paralyzed People To Use Their Thoughts To Move2012-11-20 22:30:39 +0000Limbs http://t.co/5ZolNVha Their Robotic2012-11-20 22:20:24 +0000 Bringing Scrum Beyond IT http://t.co/vagRzMSS Scrum Ripples: Seths Blog: Freedom in a digital world. Questions that were not asking2012-11-20 21:25:20 +0000 http://t.co/4ZG3J1jc Wax-filled nanotech yarn behaves like powerful, super-strong muscle2012-11-20 19:15:47 +0000 http://t.co/k5jVkgFz Another Case Study for the Mismanaged Companies Pantheon: Sharp Electronics2012-11-20 17:35:27 +0000 http://t.co/dN4nw1dl The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-20 16:31:42 +0000 today via @wimrampen @ralph_ohr @tsharon Tomer, at which stage does the startup need to be? We are on Version2012-11-20 03:13:42 +0000 2.0 Beta
  • 30. Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2012-11-20 01:47:27 +0000 today via @Brioneja Daniel Burrus: 20 Game-Changing Technology Trends That Will Create Both2012-11-19 20:55:34 +0000 Opportunity http://t.co/LZkuquNq Disruption and Software Startup Fighting Open The Web For Children with Dyslexia and Visual2012-11-19 19:20:29 +0000 Impairment http://t.co/KxAOQFx42012-11-19 16:31:44 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Cant Protect Us Anymore2012-11-19 16:25:48 +0000 http://t.co/s8JYfHyE2012-11-19 13:20:20 +0000 Emulate US Shale Success http://t.co/6joWV8no China Looks to2012-11-19 05:02:37 +0000 Its $100 Million Foul-Up http://t.co/1YVDN1kx Cisco Explains2012-11-19 04:22:29Picchu: The world?s highest resolution image released http://t.co/I6lLYMFD Machu +0000 Rio de Janeiros emerging tech ecosystem mapped by #Rio investment agency2012-11-19 04:07:21 +0000 http://t.co/7wD48BkS #Brazil #Brasil I just used @simplymeasured to analyze my Twitter followers in Excel.2012-11-19 02:12:59 +0000 http://t.co/lX3dyj1h Romney campaign got its IT from Best Buy, Staples, and friends | Ars Technica2012-11-18 22:14:49 +0000 http://t.co/4EeFTmTZ Our brain can do unconscious mathematics - life - 13 November 2012 - New2012-11-18 20:54:02 +0000 Scientist http://t.co/WVLixpOt2012-11-18 20:25:17 +0000 of Black Friday? http://t.co/byDvNKeM Is This the Death How a dream team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter, & Google built the2012-11-18 17:40:05 +0000 drove Obamas reelection http://t.co/qjAJjZcG software that2012-11-18 17:20:26 +0000 You Google wrong?lessons from a class on Power Searching http://t.co/cZclVCzf2012-11-18 16:31:47 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-18 15:25:08 +0000 Nanotechnology Is Changing The World http://t.co/SCdhfKnV 7 Amazing Ways Oracles Secret Sauce: Why Exadata Is Rocking the Tech Industry -2012-11-18 14:05:11 +0000 http://t.co/DGa0GoJG2012-11-18 12:29:25 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2012-11-18 00:47:32 +0000 today via @Brioneja2012-11-17 22:55:21 +0000 hush-hush banking crisis - http://t.co/ndj3lDEf Inside Vietnam?s2012-11-17 21:10:26 +0000 10 Ways to Convert More Customers (with Psychology) http://t.co/UmMlwnOZ2012-11-17 20:35:15 +0000 Voice Search for #iPhone Test http://t.co/w20xJRZ0 #Siri vs. #Google2012-11-17 20:25:09 heading for a food crisis across much of the globe? http://t.co/C2Q2u8UB Are we +00002012-11-17 19:35:24 +0000 Popular Mini Tablet Eye Tracking Study http://t.co/aVTS0Ocz iPad Mini Most Something Someday Will Kill Facebook, But We?re Not There Yet2012-11-17 17:45:33 +0000 http://t.co/Z8t9rIvo
  • 31. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-17 16:31:49 +0000 today via @DonPeppers2012-11-17 15:45:45 +0000 Just bought it. Thanks! @unmarketing RT @unmarketing: For some reason Amazon has priced my new book at $3. Before2012-11-17 15:45:27 +0000 ALL THE THINGS!!! http://t.co/GLmGmOTn they fix it, BUY2012-11-17 15:10:19 +0000 Price of Paying Attention | The Big Picture http://t.co/K47t1UcE Q&A: The They Cracked This 250 Year-Old Code, And Found a Secret Society Inside | Danger2012-11-17 07:06:58 +0000 Room | http://t.co/1YfBmErG http://t.co/rYxDB3in John McAfee, Steve Jobs, and the willingness to distort reality2012-11-17 07:03:59 +0000 http://t.co/PYmoezn9 via @upstartbusiness2012-11-17 00:47:34 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 France and the #euro: The time-bomb at the heart of Europe | The Economist2012-11-17 00:29:45 +0000 http://t.co/Rw8eZJf8 Fire breaks out at Ashland Chemicals Valvoline plant in Garland |2012-11-16 22:38:05 +0000 http://t.co/avMpQYjh #Dallas - #FortWorth http://t.co/pYn7kdpX #DFW Facebook Is Quietly Ramping Up A Product That Kills Us, Says Yahoo Source -2012-11-16 22:21:41 +0000 http://t.co/DruKxUEI Business Insider RT @brainpicker: These 10 life lessons are some of the best advice youll ever2012-11-16 21:45:34 http://t.co/fv1UAHVX receive +00002012-11-16 19:42:56 +0000 Failed: Hedge Funds vs. Unions http://t.co/Y8kgMaKa How #Hostess2012-11-16 16:31:50 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-16 15:55:13 +0000 the future workforce http://t.co/6yUj2ReZ by @Wadhwa Ray Kurzweil on Defining A Growth Hacker: Growth Is Not A Marketing Strategy | TechCrunch2012-11-16 15:25:15 +0000 http://t.co/7kHUr1mJ2012-11-16 00:47:40 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 When Google Wants To Buy Your Startup, It Sends You An Email That Looks Like2012-11-15 23:45:21 +0000 This http://t.co/21Pprifn2012-11-15 19:20:25 +0000 YouTube http://t.co/IgNNrWT3 At the Salvation Army Doing The Most Good Annual Luncheon (@ Hilton Anatole2012-11-15 17:54:20 +0000 w/ 5 others) http://t.co/pBMfE6qL2012-11-15 17:40:28 +0000 Blow the Energy Boom http://t.co/Ga6Lv5px How We Could2012-11-15 17:15:30 +0000 The world in 2060: The OECDs forecasts | The Economist http://t.co/C3oqLghb2012-11-15 16:31:54 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-15 13:25:14 +0000 in My Bedroom | MIT Technology Review http://t.co/iBlmO3ie Doing Biotech As the PC era wanes, Dell & HP will fade from view. Tablets, smartphones, and2012-11-14 17:50:32 +0000 #bigdata will drive Apple, Google, & EMC http://t.co/K3uo2rKl Vegetative man tells doctors ?I?m not in pain? via MRI communication2012-11-14 17:15:43 +0000 http://t.co/ZbM7sqJj2012-11-14 00:47:43 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000
  • 32. Compound in grapes, red wine could be key to fighting prostate cancer2012-11-13 22:50:17 +0000 http://t.co/SMtzgSGv2012-11-13 21:50:14 +0000souped up human race http://t.co/wQiHJGqW Concern over2012-11-13 19:46:03 +0000 Oil report suggests an earthquake in global politics http://t.co/pRtCRfxh2012-11-13 16:32:01 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation The Promise and the Perplexity of the New Social Construct http://t.co/d1HQMeDK2012-11-13 15:40:28 +0000 via @KareAnderson Sinofskys Out At #Microsoft Because He Wanted Steve Ballmers Job2012-11-13 14:15:37 +0000 http://t.co/cgs9meU3 #MSFT @AndreeaHirica Too little, too late? #BlackBerry 10 gets security thumbs-up from2012-11-13 05:03:17 +0000 Uncle Sam http://t.co/kIXWzAen #RIM @AndreeaHirica RIM is an expert in security and encryption. Should make a2012-11-13 05:02:41 +0000 business of it. US to be world?s top energy producer - http://t.co/stZbwc3A2012-11-13 02:27:34 +0000 http://t.co/O2ACU87M Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2012-11-13 00:47:46 +0000 today via @Brioneja How Playing Hard Ball Achieves Competitive Advantage & Attract More2012-11-12 22:20:31 +0000 Customers http://t.co/7GVworF3 10th Annual IT and Web Venture Forum - Presenting Companies : @RiceAlliance for2012-11-12 21:10:27 +0000 Technology & Entrepreneurship http://t.co/WY8OJ9JG Ray Kurzweil on Using Exponential Thinking to Predict the Future2012-11-12 19:25:19 +0000 http://t.co/Agg9oqYP2012-11-12 17:50:26 Devise Passwords That Drive Hackers Away http://t.co/jIJBzARD How to +00002012-11-12 16:35:22 +0000 Business Intelligence & Collaboration: The Perfect Pair http://t.co/dBpEwBG4 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-12 16:32:03 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr2012-11-12 15:35:23 +0000New Source Of Cheap Labor: The United States http://t.co/NoVPxtzI Foxconn Sees What Does Googles New #SEO #SEM #SMM Patent Mean for You?2012-11-12 14:25:15 +0000 http://t.co/0sPy5EQW #privacy2012-11-12 13:35:25 +0000 HTC settled their patent litigation http://t.co/1gDZaRTz Why Apple and2012-11-12 00:47:48 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 Apple?s Falling Stock Has Analysts Questioning the Company?s Dominance2012-11-11 22:20:12 +0000 http://t.co/y0ZWEYSQ What Vulnerability Looks Like to Psychopaths, Monks and the Rest of Us2012-11-11 21:01:12 +0000 http://t.co/L0sWoP8m by @KareAnderson2012-11-11 20:45:20 +0000 8 Beautiful Waterfalls NOT Named Niagara http://t.co/zz92pSST Drive to These Inside Team Romney?s whale of an IT meltdown: Orca, the campaigns "killer" app,2012-11-11 20:25:09 +0000 pays the price http://t.co/Gi0mDYjO skips beta and
  • 33. 2012-11-11 17:36:01 +0000 #Clemson Football: Why Tigers Deserve a #BCS Berth http://t.co/M4JRg1NL #NCAA Instagram Launches Web Profiles, Looking Much Like Facebook Timeline2012-11-11 16:45:34 +0000 http://t.co/HCQ5PA2L The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-11 16:32:02 +0000 today via @DonPeppers2012-11-11 16:19:30 +0000 IBM Outlaws Siri, Worried She Has Loose Lips http://t.co/QghbLuDM2012-11-11 12:29:47 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/sPJ0B19Y2012-11-11 00:47:49 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002012-11-10 19:41:48 +0000 mean early releases like Apple Maps? @wadhwa you2012-11-10 17:20:22 +0000 The Island of Lost Apple Products http://t.co/WIivMFDa Mary Meeker Gives Mid-Year Internet Trends Report: Android Adoption Ramping2012-11-10 17:20:20 +0000 Up 6X Faster Than iPhone http://t.co/NX7XjxBP The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 ? Top stories2012-11-10 16:32:05 +0000 today via @jorgebarba Just when you thought the #Euro crisis was subsiding? http://t.co/mFacKZ4k2012-11-10 16:20:39 +0000 #financial #Europe2012-11-10 15:55:17may lower risk of cancer death http://t.co/rr9cIjT1 Statins +00002012-11-10 15:30:45 patent insanity infects Silicon Valley http://t.co/eArz6iC4 Apples +00002012-11-10 04:32:37 +0000 My new Instagram profile http://t.co/SUj6ku1k2012-11-10 02:45:30 to get an MBA but dont be an MBA http://t.co/OAShteWT Its fine +0000 Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 ? Top stories2012-11-10 00:47:52 +0000 today via @Brioneja2012-11-09 23:20:37 +0000 First gene therapy to go on sale in Europe in 2013 http://t.co/8mZiXcdd2012-11-09 22:31:29 +0000 And The Future Of U.S. Global Power http://t.co/ckyV1U5K Space Warfare Training U.S. Workers for Nanotech Revolution Is No Small Thing2012-11-09 20:25:17 +0000 http://t.co/jdskc03V Pentagon plans to buy iPhones, Androids in threat to BlackBerry?s market share2012-11-09 18:20:26 +0000 http://t.co/Khizwhe5 Megaupload Case Has Far-Reaching Implications for Cloud-Data Ownership Rights2012-11-09 17:25:24 +0000 http://t.co/poquo7Sc2012-11-09 16:50:24 +0000 iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD http://t.co/gqNVvLKb2012-11-09 16:32:08 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation More complex circuits for synthetic biology lead toward engineered cells2012-11-09 15:25:18 +0000 http://t.co/oHN7b0xU2012-11-09 15:20:27 +0000Generation Manifesto [Infographic] http://t.co/G1jljHo3 The B2B Lead At the @TeXchangeDFW Members Showcase (@ Communities Foundation of Texas2012-11-09 01:17:59 +0000 w/ 2 others) http://t.co/jG1IQoQB2012-11-09 00:47:55 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +00002012-11-08 22:30:55 +0000Technology Trends to Watch http://t.co/TqahfWSn CEA Unveils 52012-11-08 20:31:07 +0000 Leadership Practices to Stop Today http://t.co/dc0TQTwJ
  • 34. Stephen Hawking: "Humans Have Entered a New Stage of Evolution"2012-11-08 20:05:26 +0000 http://t.co/bHZGTOa12012-11-08 19:45:57 +0000 Laser Tweezers Controlled with Kinect http://t.co/sPvm2tdM Physicists Build Apple Ordered to Pay $368 Million in Patent Case Brought by VirnetX2012-11-08 18:20:30 +0000 http://t.co/PrVTdK6t RIM: Pacific Crest Says BB10 DOA; Too Late For Asset Sales http://t.co/z5ofChhx2012-11-08 18:07:23 +0000 #innochat @JohnWLewis All of them became incremental innovators, vulnerable to2012-11-08 18:00:13 +0000 be classic textbook case #innochat disruption. Will @AndreeaHirica I think they should have leveraged their hardware and launch an2012-11-08 17:58:31 +0000 long time ago. Now is too late #innochat Android line a @AndreeaHirica If they are smart they will become an enterprise2012-11-08 17:56:31 +0000 software/network company but will be much smaller #innochat @AndreeaHirica Sorry I missed this discussion. I think RIM will survive but as a2012-11-08 17:55:26 +0000 different company, not as smartphone producer #innochat2012-11-08 17:20:29 +0000 #Mexico: An Emerging Manufacturing Superpower http://t.co/VaF0W6yw2012-11-08 16:32:11 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation Samsung Galaxy SIII Beats #iPhone 4S To Be Top-Selling Smartphone Globally In Q3;2012-11-08 15:06:05 5 To Be Top In Q4 http://t.co/Qyp2EdF4 iPhone +00002012-11-08 00:47:57 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 A Manifesto For Free Radicals: Less Paperwork, Less Waiting, More Action2012-11-07 21:20:22 +0000 http://t.co/1dydPz0r Construction of Worlds Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant Reaches Halfway2012-11-07 21:16:54CleanTechnica http://t.co/DHFTVDH0 Mark - +00002012-11-07 21:10:26 +0000 The non-developer?s guide to hiring software developers http://t.co/bOKXyrv02012-11-07 19:47:34 +0000a Meetup with Digital Dallas http://t.co/BUL8OBrz Im attending2012-11-07 17:50:21 +0000 Why an Airline That Travelers Love Is Failing http://t.co/ShdEcOD7 Virgin America:2012-11-07 16:32:13 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation2012-11-07 16:05:35 +0000 changing how we do big data ? Data http://t.co/O4PPJXBq 5 trends that are2012-11-07 14:40:33 +0000 On The Future Of The Human Interface http://t.co/7QDnPtsH 5 Perspectives2012-11-07 00:48:00 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/1mJyuJj8 Eye On +0000 Hope you can join us for @Spotssystems product demo at @TeXchangeDFW2012-11-06 23:36:59 +0000 Member Showcase Nov. 8 http://t.co/om2fVaqE2012-11-06 22:55:20 +0000 about better TV http://t.co/f4ezYxCD You can forget2012-11-06 21:46:00 +0000 Design for Behavior Change? http://t.co/a4Azuk6u How Might We US Government: You Dont Own Your Cloud Data So We Can Access It At Any Time -2012-11-06 18:55:17 +0000 http://t.co/8j0SNv6p2012-11-06 16:32:15 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/V88JO4e6 The Innovation
  • 35. 2012-11-06 16:25:25 +0000 the Edges in 1925 - 3M http://t.co/rtSBqBBS Innovation on2012-11-06 16:20:33 +0000 Now Street Legal http://t.co/gsQfotFp DNA Hacking Is SAP Has An Outrageous Plan To Be Bigger In Mobile Than Apple2012-11-06 16:05:24 +0000 http://t.co/YeEKih7Z For a true picture of the US #economy, ride the train from NYC to Washington and2012-11-06 14:50:26 +0000 take a good, hard look out the window http://t.co/JnFvdTRH2012-11-06 14:35:25 +0000 The Skirmish That Could Threaten Google News http://t.co/dCK8xgAX2012-11-06 00:48:05 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 A Canceled BP Plant Calls into Question Cellulosic Ethanol Economics | MIT2012-11-05 21:10:51 +0000 Technology Review http://t.co/t02CvPxe #energy #renewable2012-11-05 20:55:21 +0000 Strategies Fail http://t.co/Md5agRV3 Why Most Social2012-11-05 20:01:07 iPad mini pricing: Did it miss the tablet death blow? http://t.co/5tlPhvfk Apples +00002012-11-05 16:32:19 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-11-05 06:11:42 of the In-Between http://t.co/AyJJONhq Empire +00002012-11-05 00:48:04 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-11-05 00:31:58 +0000 Fort Worth Simphony Orchestra at Bass Hall http://t.co/BKOKVHlF Behind the scenes on developing #iPad apps for speech therapy by @GeekSLP2012-11-04 23:15:30 +0000 http://t.co/NswgOeCx2012-11-04 22:50:31of Social Media on Productivity ? Big Design Events http://t.co/RBjFihUJ Impact +0000 RT @timkastelle: Good series: What Are The Most Popular #Innovation Tools? Here2012-11-04 22:29:19 +0000 From Our Recent Survey http://t.co/sPolN4gJ Are The Results Superstorm #Sandy: Interactive satellite photo images of the NJ coast before &2012-11-04 22:20:52 +0000 after the damage http://t.co/4VlwKjFr2012-11-04 20:40:41 +0000 favorite drink say about your politics? http://t.co/qH0HE0e3 What does your2012-11-04 19:45:04 +000014.94 mi run with @RunKeeper http://t.co/u2RxkjPI #RunKeeper Just posted a Fear, fatigue and heroics: rare images that reveal incredible story behind space race2012-11-04 18:54:14 +0000 http://t.co/tEtnDyNk2012-11-04 18:22:15 +0000 #Marathon Lessons http://t.co/ZHmkYvbj Four Valuable2012-11-04 16:32:23 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation the Foresight Institute ? The potentially world-changing research that no one2012-11-04 15:01:04about http://t.co/PnMuXgHA knows +00002012-11-04 12:30:09 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-11-04 00:48:08 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 At FW Symphony Cirque Musica Show (@ Bass Performance Hall)2012-11-04 00:46:35 +0000 http://t.co/MF9cA5do2012-11-03 16:32:24 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong - Atlantic Mobile2012-11-03 13:31:03 +0000 http://t.co/YfVHGhOe2012-11-03 00:48:12 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000
  • 36. "@lindegaard: P&G names top 7 Connect + Develop Open Innovation partners:2012-11-02 22:23:37 +0000 http://t.co/THG2DQ9F"2012-11-02 21:35:21 +0000Cloud and SaaS: Forecasts and Prospects http://t.co/4VCnL7SM The Future of Twitter Drives The Most Traffic, Facebook The Most Revenue, Says Study2012-11-02 21:01:50 +0000 http://t.co/hjHfUzTT #smm The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-11-02 16:32:28 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-11-02 15:10:37 +0000 Self-Healing Concrete and Other 21st-Century Miracles http://t.co/NYSjtS322012-11-02 13:45:40 +0000 The Crisis in Higher Education | MIT Technology Review http://t.co/L5KGpYnK2012-11-02 13:35:34Breakthroughs Meet Market Realities - http://t.co/o7BHgJLS Cancer +00002012-11-02 03:07:45 +0000new China? http://t.co/JmAzVvl0 Is Mexico the2012-11-02 01:08:57 Want More Emails? http://t.co/FjElSkWN Do You +00002012-11-02 00:48:13 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-11-01 20:05:24 +0000 Global Energy Company Rankings http://t.co/tZqXvFeK Platts Top 2502012-11-01 16:32:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-11-01 15:56:29 Lucas Just Saved Star Wars by Firing George Lucas http://t.co/r8Z1X0mH George +00002012-11-01 15:31:17 +0000 Scored A Huge Win In The Cloud http://t.co/PcryJYf6 Microsoft Just2012-11-01 00:48:15 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Of Mammon and muppets: An insider?s take on Goldman Sachs strikes a nerve2012-10-31 22:41:50 +0000 http://t.co/exfkQV1Y @SPOTSSystems will be exhibiting at the 2012 @TeXchangeDFW Member2012-10-31 21:26:17 +0000 8 http://t.co/7hx1dr3u #TeXchange #TeXchangeDFW #DFW Showcase Nov.2012-10-31 20:01:57 +0000Software Eats Private Equity http://t.co/D9nNOpAs VC Evolution:2012-10-31 16:32:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation 10th Annual IT and Web Venture Forum : Rice Alliance for Technology and2012-10-31 15:50:37 +0000 Entrepreneurship - Rice University http://t.co/HAgQOMu82012-10-31 15:31:13 +0000 How to Build a Network of Value - http://t.co/OkO4pyrg Chris Brogan on Thanks to advances in tech & productivity the costs of manufactured goods2012-10-31 14:50:34 +0000 declined year after year http://t.co/0BSbwm1C has consistently Tech Cocktail10 Startup Life Pitfalls to Avoid; Young Entrepreneurs Weigh In2012-10-31 14:35:35 +0000 http://t.co/hUvW58Cq Most ed-tech startups suck! Here?s where they?re going wrong2012-10-31 13:20:36 +0000 http://t.co/Pg7nkXxz2012-10-31 00:48:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-30 22:30:54 +0000 Six new molecules can carry genes http://t.co/ooQxKaw1 Move over DNA:2012-10-30 21:55:28 +0000 through transformational innovation http://t.co/GnLG7pma 4 keys to growth
  • 37. User Experience is Not Just Design, It?s the Key to Innovation and Growth - Brian2012-10-30 20:42:01 +0000 Solis http://t.co/OrcFXmIu2012-10-30 20:31:35 +0000 I Banned All Internal E-Mails at My Company for a Week - http://t.co/QcP8XR2H The primary cause of difference between brains of these 3-yr-old children is the2012-10-30 20:02:32 +0000 treated by their mothers http://t.co/qrxAHbyX way they were The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-30 16:32:36 +0000 @jorgebarba via @Jabaldaia Apple Executive Ousted - Refused to Sign Maps Apology - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-10-30 15:31:45 +0000 http://t.co/HqQSSf3i How to Figure Out Your Saas Competitors? Revenues in About 70 Seconds2012-10-30 14:56:22 +0000 http://t.co/yX2QIWhN2012-10-30 02:36:19 +0000 Ground Zero, New York http://t.co/ljxYo9UU #NYC #Sandy Sea water floods Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-10-30 00:48:22 +0000 today via @Brioneja A new theory may explain the cold fusion experiment from 2 decades ago reigniting2012-10-29 20:28:16 +0000 #energy breakthrough http://t.co/fLae8MRT hopes of a clean Michael S. Malone: English majors are exactly the people Im looking for2012-10-29 20:26:53 +0000 http://t.co/MwvGosuN 200 yrs of innovation since the industrial age have produced rising living standards2012-10-29 19:36:11 +0000 w no rising unemployment http://t.co/voZ9JJt82012-10-29 16:32:37 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Germany is producing so much energy from its windmills that it risks creating a grid2012-10-29 03:58:08 +0000 collapse http://t.co/0biU9KBg2012-10-29 03:26:27 +0000 Junk Bonds Grow More Popular and Turn Even Riskier http://t.co/ldS6GTkE2012-10-29 00:48:21 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Double or Nothing: In the last 20 yrs #WallStreet has moved away from an2012-10-28 23:36:04 +0000 model to a gambling-led model http://t.co/5BvD0hPj investment-led2012-10-28 20:40:42 Write a High-Quality eBook in 30 Days | Copyblogger http://t.co/Z8ojEACu How to +00002012-10-28 18:55:57 +0000 Amazon and Apple rule the roost in publishing http://t.co/8i3dELBq Michael S. Malone: English majors are exactly the people Im looking for2012-10-28 18:51:03 +0000 http://t.co/V5MGm1WH The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-28 16:32:41 +0000 via @ralph_ohr2012-10-28 15:28:30 +0000at NYLO Hotel South Dallas http://t.co/r1QzqZhF Rooftop Pool2012-10-28 13:34:01 +0000 My Linkedin Connections Visualized via inmaps http://t.co/zunghjEa2012-10-28 12:30:20 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-10-28 00:48:25 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-28 00:22:59 +0000 The Plot to Destroy Americas Beer http://t.co/7JFVhUXZ via @BW2012-10-27 19:21:45 +0000 When China Sneezes. http://t.co/YdWeJgkm
  • 38. 2012-10-27 16:41:13 +0000 Company develops eye-control software for phones, tablets http://t.co/6tJk4W0Q Finished the half marathon in 2 hrs and 36 min. Still cannot break the 2.30 mark.2012-10-27 16:36:52next time Maybe +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-27 16:32:43 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager2012-10-27 11:59:33 +0000 Im at Half Marathon Start Line http://t.co/EJopYzk02012-10-27 03:13:25 Hardware Makers Are Hurting Windows 8 http://t.co/02pcRwt2 5 Ways +0000 See Dane Run: Allstate 13.1 Half #Marathon #Dallas Preview http://t.co/104xaTvp2012-10-27 02:27:56 +0000 ##DFW #131marathon Allstate #Dallas 13.1 Half #Marathon makes mountain out of Ross Avenue hill2012-10-27 02:25:37 +0000 http://t.co/NaUGoXuv #131marathon #DFW2012-10-27 00:48:31 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Airbnb, Coursera, and Uber: The Rise of the Disruption Economy2012-10-26 21:25:42 +0000 http://t.co/EVO6cFgg2012-10-26 21:25:40 +0000 Young Entrepreneurs Make http://t.co/oWodPM8M Mistakes That2012-10-26 20:26:03 +0000 Personal 3-D Printer Sales Jump 35,000% Since 2007 http://t.co/C1XvVgh52012-10-26 18:40:40 +0000 13 Things HR Wont Tell You http://t.co/mEEirEjq2012-10-26 16:32:47 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Hacking the President?s DNA - The U.S. government is surreptitiously collecting the2012-10-26 15:31:08 world leaders http://t.co/CvocrUAM DNA of +0000 Sales Lessons from the NFL: How to Scout Your Next Sales Rep Like a Top NFL2012-10-26 14:50:42 +0000 Prospect http://t.co/sJ7YvqcQ2012-10-26 04:17:05 +0000 What Your Doctor Isnt Telling You About Your DNA | http://t.co/ByjJlpy82012-10-26 00:49:13 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 At the Latino Leaders Magazine Maestro Awards (@ Hyatt Regency Dallas w/ 42012-10-26 00:28:33 http://t.co/dsX9l8B9 others) +0000 Michael S. Malone: How to Avoid a Bonfire of the Humanities - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-10-25 20:09:54 +0000 http://t.co/yUTnooY22012-10-25 19:26:09 +0000 Can You Compete with Baxter? Yes, Says Vivek Wadhwa http://t.co/QZH7R91i Picking up the packet and number for the half marathon race (@ Lukes Locker)2012-10-25 17:58:43 +0000 http://t.co/qv5iRi3A2012-10-25 16:56:06 +0000 Empire Under Siege, Makes Its Next Moves http://t.co/OEKRk1zz Microsoft, An2012-10-25 16:33:29 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-10-25 03:26:16 +0000 calling loan fraud brazen http://t.co/tmy5epUt U.S. sues BofA, How Human Beings Almost Vanished From Earth In 70,000 B.C.2012-10-25 03:09:39 +0000 http://t.co/TTDaIfE22012-10-25 00:49:16 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Federal Prosecutors Sue Bank of America Over Mortgage Program -2012-10-25 00:28:56 +0000 http://t.co/gkbJnTfB2012-10-24 20:47:39 +0000 Super-Cheap Health Tests - Technology Review http://t.co/OlVVTGJG
  • 39. 2012-10-24 19:38:50 +0000Happy Birthday! @jorgebarba The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-24 16:33:34 +0000 @DonPeppers via @PaulSloane2012-10-24 16:16:49 +0000 is Going out of Business...Gradually - http://t.co/Kbn6U4SI Why Best Buy Email Is The New Pony Express--And Its Time To Put It Down | Fast Company2012-10-24 15:35:46 +0000 http://t.co/uDilP1uY In the High-Tech Patent Wars, an Inventors Lament - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-10-24 15:01:40 +0000 http://t.co/F65ieN322012-10-24 13:31:14 +0000 Become Worlds Top Oil Producer http://t.co/mHXFkgy3 U.S. May Soon2012-10-24 02:07:33TX http://t.co/nXUHv9r7 Dallas, +00002012-10-24 00:49:17 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-23 20:20:50 +0000 If TV Goes the Way of Music and Newspapers? http://t.co/XmiGi411 What Happens The economic logic behind tech and talent acquisitions - Chris Dixon2012-10-23 19:32:03 +0000 http://t.co/6WrEiUsJ 8 posts worth reading about #ECM in the #Cloud - Digital Landfill2012-10-23 18:17:22 +0000 http://t.co/xxKme4n5 Academic Journal Accepts Nonsense Paper Written By Random Generator2012-10-23 18:01:25 +0000 http://t.co/dwSkoDwF2012-10-23 17:05:54 +0000 Potential Legal Disaster Waiting To Happen - http://t.co/k8VzElpH Crowdfunding: The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-23 16:33:36 +0000 @Jabaldaia via @jorgebarba Sustainable Innovation: The Ethanol Stove - http://t.co/EoS9GnUm2012-10-23 16:01:37 +0000 http://t.co/2mu7rNMW2012-10-23 00:52:17 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-22 16:36:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Ryan Holmes in Fast Company ? Why Email is a Productivity Killer ? and its days are2012-10-22 15:35:42 +0000 numbered http://t.co/zxCB6pLn But How Do You Really Feel? Someday the Computer May Know2012-10-22 15:01:30 +0000 http://t.co/RkAzgekv2012-10-22 12:36:21 +0000 Heres Why Google Could Disappear in Five Years http://t.co/hA92TJC72012-10-22 01:14:34 +0000 http://t.co/Wds0UJig Rockledge Park2012-10-22 01:09:14 +0000 The Echoes Between Student Loans and Mortgages - http://t.co/GjPM6Uxw2012-10-21 16:36:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-10-21 12:34:12 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-10-21 00:52:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-20 15:41:22 +0000 Were Invented by Accident - TheStreet http://t.co/8nPR1ud5 17 Products That2012-10-20 14:16:19 +0000 Microsoft quarterly profit tumbles 22% due to weak PC sales http://t.co/3CHAkLtk2012-10-20 05:45:24 +0000 How To Get Google Maps Back On Your #iPhone http://t.co/nQByeSQd #Apple
  • 40. 2012-10-20 00:52:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-19 19:56:17 +0000Try this link http://t.co/rtdpdcYa @ScottPropp2012-10-19 19:55:10 +0000 Tablet Cant Fail http://t.co/zWIzM8BS Why Microsofts2012-10-19 19:54:28 +0000 of How Foreclosures Ate America http://t.co/UzWUXasz A Stunning Map 19th Century French Artists Predicted The World Of The Future In This Series Of2012-10-19 18:45:19 +0000 Postcards | Singularity Hub http://t.co/dzHAGd4E2012-10-19 16:36:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-10-19 15:16:07 +0000 Tracking graduates wages in Virginia | Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/IMXB8Uro Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century - Harvard Business Review2012-10-19 15:01:08 +0000 http://t.co/NN8XaSqT When Is It Time To Pivot? 8 Startups On How They Knew They Had To Change2012-10-19 13:45:52 +0000 http://t.co/ORj5iJfW2012-10-19 03:28:33view from NYLO Hotel South Dallas http://t.co/NfxCDWyW Sunset +00002012-10-19 02:12:58 +0000 @DrewCM Thanks for connecting me with @scottpropp @ScottPropp This is a summary of my spiral system for innovation management2012-10-19 02:12:34 +0000 http://t.co/AGiDQN60 will be glad to discuss off line2012-10-19 00:54:39 +0000 http://t.co/XCpheTJW Reunion Tower2012-10-19 00:52:20 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-18 22:50:31 +0000 Signal the Rise of the Medical Machines http://t.co/vOjvjoYv Robo-Doctors At the Latino Social (@ SODA Bar - NYLO Dallas Southside) [pic]:2012-10-18 22:44:29 +0000 http://t.co/pBsU83ci Google to be told by EU to unravel privacy policy | Technology |2012-10-18 19:25:32 +0000 http://t.co/t9Z9FfcZ http://t.co/MNcBHszE Your Inventory Is Your Cash: Handle With Care (4 Cost-Cutting Tips) - Forbes2012-10-18 19:21:16 +0000 http://t.co/Wz7E3pVs Oracles number one goal: Identify and exploit customers? full value2012-10-18 18:57:44 +0000 http://t.co/ApsxAlfP2012-10-18 16:36:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Few enterprises are ready for the app economy?s data explosion ? Tech News and2012-10-18 15:21:20 +0000 Analysis http://t.co/bPwyVaZ12012-10-18 15:01:49 Radar: Hot Times for Data Scientists - At Work - WSJ http://t.co/8Tq46aF9 On Our +00002012-10-18 00:52:24 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Is the universe just a computer simulation? Now, we can check | DVICE2012-10-17 20:01:36 +0000 http://t.co/DLQmOPhg2012-10-17 19:26:37 +0000 of a Hacked PC, Revisited ? Krebs on Security http://t.co/9nEKVBml The Scrap Value The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-17 16:36:44 +0000 via @DonPeppers @PaulSloane Lena Dunham book deal: People value potential over achievement in books, sports,2012-10-17 16:32:05 +0000 politics. http://t.co/2S4VRIsL
  • 41. About to give presentation about SPOTS Tracking Systems to Cowtown Angels2012-10-17 15:45:48 +0000 Fort Worth) http://t.co/vN9QkwGn group (@ Tech2012-10-17 15:42:23The evil engineers guide to patents http://t.co/cD9tuIpo Adarti: +0000 Facebook users raise privacy concerns as company tweaks security settings |2012-10-17 12:33:32 +0000http://t.co/t9Z9FfcZ http://t.co/7Ldz9TrY Technology | Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-10-17 00:52:27 +0000 today via @Brioneja the Foresight Institute ? Review of molecular machines for nanotechnology2012-10-16 21:47:04 +0000 http://t.co/g7djbCws SaneBox Now Has A Solution For The Enterprise Email Overload Crisis | TechCrunch2012-10-16 19:34:19 +0000 http://t.co/u8seid2a Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, And Its Tricky To Opt Out2012-10-16 18:22:01 +0000 http://t.co/ZCw8G3M2 Big data is useless unless it?s also fast, diverse ? Tech News and Analysis2012-10-16 18:17:26 +0000 http://t.co/Km0cSCvg2012-10-16 17:42:57 +0000 Biodegradable And Recyclable Sportswear http://t.co/g63twHU7 Puma Launches2012-10-16 16:36:46 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The Big Fix #1: Should Google Get Sued By The F.T.C.? - Forbes2012-10-16 15:26:38 +0000 http://t.co/DhkczPnK2012-10-16 15:16:45Marketing Empire: All Roads Lead to SEO http://t.co/oy4HaFqA Digital +0000 Workday IPO Reflects Investor Confidence in Cloud Computing for Business - The2012-10-16 15:16:41 +0000 http://t.co/qFMq1Koh CIO Report - WSJ Living by Numbers: Wired Health Conference Explores Personalized Medicine2012-10-16 12:57:33 +0000 http://t.co/IPZ7jCjo2012-10-16 00:52:28 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 http://t.co/wooUbgEv Exposes The Fraudulent Nature Of The 2008 Bank Bailouts -2012-10-15 23:25:07http://t.co/cs552ylv Forbes +00002012-10-15 20:22:02 +0000 A Thing Of Future- QUANTUM COMPUTERS http://t.co/atuixUWT Take a peek at the secret upheaval in the chip world ? Tech News and Analysis2012-10-15 19:37:47 +0000 http://t.co/vPuNcWn2 Goldman Sachs: Biggest opportunities are in data, efficiency | VentureBeat2012-10-15 18:17:54 +0000 http://t.co/bXhHC8852012-10-15 16:36:49 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation 3D Printer DRM Patent To Stop People Downloading a Car | TorrentFreak2012-10-15 15:38:12 +0000 http://t.co/fci0f5TK Entrepreneurs Starting Up With Fewer Employees - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-10-15 15:22:19 +0000 http://t.co/5hyG8iEN 4 Startups That Can Help You Tackle Your Small-Business Problems |2012-10-15 14:33:48 +0000 http://t.co/LrbloZkA http://t.co/VtOVzWIM2012-10-15 05:11:45 +0000 @dscofield Thanks for the RT!2012-10-15 00:52:30 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-15 00:23:10 +0000 @dscofield @milouness This is a far serious problem than most people understand
  • 42. Google, Apple and Microsoft top LinkedIn survey of ?most in-demand employers? -2012-10-14 17:57:01 +0000 GeekWire http://t.co/lZDGAmqn Jenkins: The Dumbest Trade War Is a Green One - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-10-14 17:49:06 +0000 http://t.co/hSkZIBhS2012-10-14 16:36:47 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-10-14 15:42:06Innovation, Design and Technology on @RebelMouse http://t.co/TTdzmaUK Eye on +00002012-10-14 15:06:00 +0000 For Your Privacy | TechCrunch http://t.co/iZP1bO9H Prepare To Pay2012-10-14 14:17:41 +0000 10 trips of a lifetime ideas http://t.co/xQppBroJ2012-10-14 12:34:33 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-10-14 04:53:09 Harbor http://t.co/LfxdaiVG Boston +0000 While at a Starbucks today they were playing a song from a great singer: Ivy2012-10-14 02:31:32 +0000video of "Richest Girl" http://t.co/ONWj177U Quainoo. Her2012-10-14 00:52:33 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Booming banks say consumers may not see lower mortgage rates - The Washington2012-10-13 22:55:13 +0000 Post http://t.co/0unD4kbc2012-10-13 19:00:23 accused of spying on Gmail users http://t.co/cMnpqIFF Google +0000 @thehealthmaven @Jonathan_Vehar @stegiano @CloverleafInnov2012-10-13 17:48:21 +0000 @BEI_Innovation @rtburg @ameliabellows @fei_innovation Thanks! #FF2012-10-13 16:36:50 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Wired?s Chris Anderson: Today?s ?Maker Movement? Is The New Industrial2012-10-13 15:21:43 +0000 Revolution [TCTV] | TechCrunch http://t.co/NmWDDpFs My updated preso from #BEI12 on the Spiral System for Disruptive #Innovation2012-10-13 14:52:58 +0000 http://t.co/T2hYb4t1 #innochat Management.2012-10-13 14:26:48 +0000 Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years http://t.co/eILrdH4u Federal Reserves Money Printing Failure - Quantitive Easing (QE)2012-10-13 03:49:23 +0000 http://t.co/RRX37d312012-10-13 00:52:35 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-12 19:03:28 +0000 extinction as computer interaction evolves http://t.co/zVFgZr6R The mouse faces Hidden Government Scanners Will Instantly Know Everything About You From 1642012-10-12 16:51:35 +0000 Feet Away http://t.co/4bIvhgNr The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-12 16:36:53 +0000 via @jorgebarba2012-10-12 16:15:29 +0000 Accenture: A Major Job Creation Force | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/nisJCp1c2012-10-12 14:27:29 +0000 Sparking innovation in cities, one geek at a time http://t.co/1OXoaaCa2012-10-12 00:52:37 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-11 19:57:09 +0000 Real Value of a College Degree http://t.co/XUNXwY9s Measuring the 4 Things You Can Learn From Segways Notorious Product Fail2012-10-11 19:27:57 +0000 http://t.co/ngGyMA0S #Innovation2012-10-11 18:44:40 +0000 @BEI_Innovation Thanks for a great conference! #BEI122012-10-11 16:37:02 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation
  • 43. Its Not About You: The Truth About Social Media Marketing http://t.co/HIKDe9kZ2012-10-11 15:48:08 +0000 #smm I believe that iterative prototyping "in the world" is an essential and fundamental2012-10-11 15:39:22 +0000 radical and disruptive innovation #BEI12 component of2012-10-11 15:27:13 +0000 Rough 2) Rapid 3) Right - Scott Mackey IDEO #BEI12 Prototyping: 1) "There is no such thing as a failed experiment except one you do not learn from"2012-10-11 15:25:01 +0000 IDEO #BEI12 Scott Mackie -2012-10-11 15:12:17 +0000 Street Smart Disciplines Every Entrepreneur Needs - Forbes http://t.co/LoHlGDdf How Hospitals Can Stop Killing as Many Patients - The Huffington Post2012-10-11 14:41:56 +0000 http://t.co/NVxF2w8K by @karenanderson @howardsublett This is my preso from #BEI12 on Innovation Management.2012-10-11 13:38:47 +0000 http://t.co/T2hYb4t1 My system has commonality with the Agile approach2012-10-11 00:52:40 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-10 23:13:30(@ Kitty OSheas) http://t.co/PQe5WdH7 #BEI12 +00002012-10-10 22:30:27 +0000 Tools to Keep You on Task http://t.co/CmRey6Ge Time-Tracking 10 mental traits of truly innovative leaders - GeekWire http://t.co/pufc998L via2012-10-10 22:20:14 +0000 @jabaldaia2012-10-10 18:23:08 +0000 entitled to your opinion http://t.co/jL8iHa51 via @TimKastelle No, youre not Everything You Know Will Eventually Be Wrong: Samuel Arbesman?s The Half-Life2012-10-10 17:21:54 +0000 of Facts, reviewed http://t.co/bfv19BiV The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-10 16:36:57 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-10-10 14:57:34 +00003D Pill Printer | World Future Society http://t.co/bb2YoOao Inventing the2012-10-10 14:40:24 +0000 network leguest pswd winter2009 @howardsublett Feeling Certain: How Our Brains Betray Us http://t.co/Gr7LdHro via2012-10-10 14:37:44 +0000 @KareAnderson The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry2012-10-10 14:02:32 +0000 http://t.co/lAUtUYYz by @wadhwa2012-10-10 13:39:13 +0000 Boston, MA #BEI12 http://t.co/o0nMYKsb2012-10-10 12:37:20 +0000 Stores Of Value | ZeroHedge http://t.co/owH7ntWn Four Alternative @AndreaMeyer @thehealthmaven @julieanixter It was great to see you all2012-10-10 10:16:01 +0000 yesterday! My updated preso from Back End of Innovation Conference - "A New Framework2012-10-10 09:47:50 +0000 Management" http://t.co/T2hYb4t1 #BEI12 for #Innovation2012-10-10 00:52:44 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-09 22:45:47dinner (@ Legal Sea Foods) http://t.co/2hhQmmNH #BEI12 +00002012-10-09 22:20:25 +0000 to Siri Thinks Ahead http://t.co/TcQ8DjnT Googles Answer2012-10-09 20:47:23 Technology Wars, Using the Patent as a Sword http://t.co/r9xa0rcR NYT: In +0000
  • 44. China?s #Solar #Energy Woes Make Solyndra Look Like Small Potatoes2012-10-09 19:52:14 +0000 http://t.co/dg6a8tEK2012-10-09 19:52:13 +0000 Is unlimited growth a thing of the past? http://t.co/8mjpO9Lg Picosecond Programmable Laser scanner: Next generation of technology can read2012-10-09 19:52:13 +0000 in your body http://t.co/5m76mYYu every molecule2012-10-09 19:31:36 +0000 Unrealistic Valuation | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/ijgU3QD5 Box Eyes IPO At2012-10-09 18:47:29 +0000 Supplements May Actually Affect Aging http://t.co/o5kHlgIY Study: Omega-3 RIM Declines Steadily to Just 5% Market Share | Sramana Mitra2012-10-09 18:08:14 +0000 http://t.co/g0Z8ao7w2012-10-09 16:37:00 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Are electric cars bad for the environment? http://t.co/m7zaZhAE #renewable2012-10-09 16:32:54 +0000 #energy @InnoCentive @InnoCentiveCEO This is my preso the Market for #OpenInnovation2012-10-09 15:51:10 +0000 platforms http://t.co/vn4bE1sO from #OIS2012 Thanks to @imaginatik for the interview & article on my spiral approach to2012-10-09 15:45:26 +0000 disruptive #innovation management http://t.co/wDMYdwWB #BEI12 Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work - Technology Review2012-10-09 15:17:23 +0000 http://t.co/ngt3t81O2012-10-09 15:03:19 +0000 The Internet Revolution is the New Industrial Revolution - http://t.co/9uHcpRNG @thehealthmaven @AndreaMeyer let me know if there is an #innochat meetup2012-10-09 13:13:13 +0000 while at #BEI12!2012-10-09 13:09:23 +0000 presenting at Back End of Innovation Conference, Boston, MA #BEI12 Attending and2012-10-09 00:52:47 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Hated by some, social scores are becoming the new normal on the web2012-10-08 23:28:47 +0000 http://t.co/rGojzUuy via @verge #Klout2012-10-08 20:50:58 +0000 The next industrial revolution: Integrated services and goods http://t.co/aEjzdxM3 Correlation does not imply causation: How the Internet fell in love with a stats-class2012-10-08 20:36:59 +0000 clich? http://t.co/oe6QoIYG2012-10-08 17:53:30 +0000 You Know That Matters - Not Who You Know http://t.co/Dx2URXZQ Its Now What The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-08 16:37:04 +0000 via @PaulSloane One key to successful prediction turns out to be knowing what you?re talking about2012-10-08 15:38:30 +0000 http://t.co/hKNZ6kEy The future belongs to Makers & Design says Chris Anderson. So tell your kids2012-10-08 15:17:39 +0000 use 3D programs, write code... to learn how to2012-10-08 00:52:49 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-07 16:37:08 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation
  • 45. 2012-10-07 15:38:11 +0000 The Rise of Nokias Maps - Technology Review http://t.co/1fD2pZYV Hope to see you at the Back End of #Innovation Conference this Tue Oct 9 in2012-10-07 13:58:25 +0000 Boston. http://t.co/LcsBoIF6 #innochat #BEI122012-10-07 12:34:44 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-10-07 00:52:52 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-06 21:41:41Food Prices Set To Soar--Again http://t.co/rVN6wFr2 Global +0000 Top Ten Lessons Learned From Poor Web Design | SmokingDesigners2012-10-06 16:38:13 +0000 http://t.co/aerXeDZ12012-10-06 16:37:07 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing - Technology Review2012-10-06 15:35:59 +0000 http://t.co/B3wQ6ULS2012-10-06 14:43:34 Khan?s Mission To Educate the World for Free http://t.co/Iq5hoJR3 Salman +0000 3 Reasons Why Id Choose the Kindle Paperwhite Over an iPad | Inside Higher Ed2012-10-06 04:57:20 +0000 http://t.co/5rRSqX81 Why Polaroid Was the Apple of Its Time | Wired Design | http://t.co/1YfBmErG2012-10-06 04:43:58 +0000 http://t.co/QxiRFfY22012-10-06 00:52:53 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-05 16:37:10 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Everything you ever wanted to know about 3D printing - Quartz -2012-10-05 16:26:33 +0000 http://t.co/5u9ZTzSS2012-10-05 14:29:30 +0000the Alps http://t.co/LFMCyPtV via @mikemerrill Virtually hike I.B.M. Chief on Watson, Cognitive Computing and Her Tenure - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-10-05 14:18:53 +0000 http://t.co/p67uyQAT2012-10-05 13:04:22 +0000 Learned From Poor Web #Design | http://t.co/Sn7rbbA8 Top Ten Lessons Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-10-05 00:52:55 +0000 today via @Brioneja Apple Maps Debacle and Minimum Viable Products | Vlaskovits2012-10-04 23:10:10 +0000 http://t.co/lJxQmMjk Im at Tech Wildcatters (The Tech Church) (Dallas, TX) w/ 2 others2012-10-04 22:38:21 +0000 http://t.co/0wHPrTCQ2012-10-04 16:37:15 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-10-04 16:10:33 +0000 Yes to Implanted Eye Device http://t.co/EzO1u62V FDA Panel Says BBC News - JP Morgan sued over Bear Stearns mortgage securities2012-10-04 01:55:14 +0000 http://t.co/N7HFbL1c #financial #crisis cc: @RCWhalen @rcwhalen How many days will you be in Dallas? Would be great to meet for2012-10-04 01:52:29 +0000 coffee2012-10-04 00:52:57 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-03 20:11:38 +0000 The Most Important Tech Company Youve Never Heard Of http://t.co/qgov1Mbm2012-10-03 18:26:51 +0000 10 World-Changing Innovators for 2012 http://t.co/qaw7jrxp The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-10-03 16:37:17 +0000 via @lindegaard
  • 46. 2012-10-03 15:02:00 +0000$3 Million by a religious cult ? Skeptical Science http://t.co/UjUUqisB I got sued for Why Angel Investors Don?t Make Money ? And Advice For People Who Are Going2012-10-03 14:41:33 +0000 To Become Angels Anyway http://t.co/lxc58q5k @cdn My guess is that among the current generation of Sr. Managers the % is 98%,2012-10-03 14:27:44 +0000 to situations like Blackberry and Nokia which then leads @cdn Considering the financialization trend of the world economy over the past 152012-10-03 14:26:28 +0000 yrs, I am surprised that only 75% thought so.2012-10-03 13:21:19 +0000 Development, Disease | MRUniversity http://t.co/ujOJ1IxS Geography and2012-10-03 00:53:02 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-03 00:52:21 +0000 at @worldventures meeting With @dotjenna2012-10-03 00:46:07http://t.co/8mgcvv1c Sunset +0000 Larry Ellison Has Some Strange Ideas About Cloud Computing2012-10-02 20:36:23 +0000 http://t.co/3hXpMJXo Untold Stories About Steve Jobs: Friends and Colleagues Share Their Memories -2012-10-02 19:51:38http://t.co/07QR7Rlu Forbes +0000 Your phone will soon be your new doctor ? Tech News and Analysis2012-10-02 19:36:23 +0000 http://t.co/j5H2hP4g2012-10-02 18:54:32 +0000 Apple Maps Fiasco Inspires Fake New Yorker Cover http://t.co/ZwmBy8ck2012-10-02 16:37:19 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Insights into what the world is searching for -- the new Google Trends - Inside2012-10-02 16:26:11http://t.co/fB3klHaw Search +00002012-10-02 15:21:23 +0000 Thinking Tools for Entrepreneurs http://t.co/AEqkcPRz Top 4 Creative Embracing 3-D Printers, Manufacturer Tells Customers to Print Their Own2012-10-02 14:32:27 +0000Parts http://t.co/kmDLH8Yw Replacement2012-10-02 14:15:18 +0000 Steel: The Very Long Run | MRUniversity http://t.co/9auzPm2I Guns, Germs and2012-10-02 00:53:01 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-10-01 23:40:09 +0000 How the Government Failed to Fix Wall Street http://t.co/mMV3j87o2012-10-01 16:37:21 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow! Seagram?s 1940?s series of magazine2012-10-01 14:10:43 +0000 have come true http://t.co/kncaoBUI advertisements Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson) - Noah Kagans2012-10-01 13:22:11 +0000 http://t.co/k5A7GryR http://t.co/AYyi5MRm Journalistic deficit disorder: What newspapers don?t say matters as much as what2012-10-01 13:22:09 +0000 they do http://t.co/aZWenZmQ2012-10-01 00:53:04 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-30 21:41:33 +0000 Innovation Excellence | When Innovation Fails http://t.co/20FJCopk comScore Reports July 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share2012-09-30 20:21:28 +0000 http://t.co/qrzs2aUV2012-09-30 16:37:22 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-30 16:26:22 +0000 5 Marketing Tools Apple Exploits To Build The Hype http://t.co/Xbrot6U2
  • 47. Dear friends, please vote for my #SXSWedu session "#Innovation - The Intersection2012-09-30 14:55:05 +0000 Value" http://t.co/PBqemsMj #innochat of Invention and Honest Teas Unexpected Social Experiment: 5 Ways You, Too, Can Attract an2012-09-30 14:46:47 +0000 Customers http://t.co/yj93ze4e by @KareAnderson Audience and2012-09-30 12:35:05 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-09-30 00:53:08 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Out of Control Markets: Drunken Broker Sent Oil to 8-Month High in 2009: Report2012-09-29 20:16:34 +0000 http://t.co/amQDAsSw Best and worst jobs, from online affiliates to roustabout - Business - Careers -2012-09-29 19:40:57 +0000 http://t.co/gLty2ReJ http://t.co/dztuY9Gb Controversial Topic: Human capability peaked before 1975 and has since declined2012-09-29 19:06:23 +0000 http://t.co/K71XByUL @emilyleldridge I do believe that innovation is an outcome but can be managed as2012-09-29 18:10:35 +0000 a process @MTPinelli My approach is not limited to products, and I think it provides2012-09-29 18:10:04 +0000 details to the high level schematic on your paper complementary2012-09-29 18:08:23 +0000 That is unsustainable long term. It will have to come to an end. @DavidWLocke @DesmondChong @Futurelab To increase the prob of idea success, check my spiral2012-09-29 18:07:47 +0000 approach to disruptive innovation mgmt http://t.co/AGiDQN602012-09-29 18:05:40 +0000 It is a great quote. Do you remember the post source? @markvanbaale @ExponentialEdge @MoisesNorena @ovoinnovation @Malbonnington @azeem2012-09-29 18:03:31 +0000 Thanks! #FF Thanks to @imaginatik for the interview & article on my spiral approach to2012-09-29 17:44:57 +0000 disruptive #innovation management http://t.co/wDMYdwWB #innochat2012-09-29 17:11:25 +0000 with 180km traffic jams http://t.co/XW2IPR5S #Brazil #Brasil Sao Paulo: A city2012-09-29 16:37:25 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-29 15:03:32 +0000 Dawn at Galveston http://t.co/ypxxaMuI2012-09-29 02:15:23 +0000 http://t.co/vI9xYPxO Galveston Beach2012-09-29 00:53:10 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 How manufacturers and community colleges are teaming up, German-style, to2012-09-28 20:31:29 +0000 create high-paying factory jobs http://t.co/6nWeoRNN Looking for the Next Big Thing? Ranking the Top 50 Start-Ups - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-09-28 20:25:56 +0000 http://t.co/cz3ivEkC2012-09-28 16:37:28 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Apple Maps App Takes Reality Distortion to a Whole New Level2012-09-28 16:32:24 +0000 http://t.co/ZO5xi6k1 2 recent presentations -- on the Document Management channel and on the Future2012-09-28 15:56:23 +0000 Management http://t.co/Mhq0eJUE of Information Tim Cook issues a public apology for Apple Maps, suggests Bing, Google, and other2012-09-28 14:06:28 +0000VentureBeat http://t.co/ktLTiZ2z alternatives |
  • 48. 2012-09-28 13:45:55 Launches Online Resource for Entrepreneurs http://t.co/P4iAiNky Google +0000 RT @imaginatik: Need some perspective from all sides of the innovation process?2012-09-28 13:21:58from @Brioneja http://t.co/dEnlKNkc Hear it +0000 @dallasprogress I am going to venture a guess that it is b/c Democrats controlled2012-09-28 03:52:21 +0000 of Congress from 2006 to 2010 both chambers Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-09-28 00:53:14 +0000 today via @Brioneja Thanks to @pragmaticmkting for publishing my article on different types of Voice2012-09-27 22:02:51 +0000 surveys http://t.co/mWGPrNAT #innovation of the Customer RT @pragmaticmkting: Do you ask "voice of the customer" questions that match2012-09-27 22:00:26 +0000 your level of innovation? http://t.co/uzAGRTGA #prodmgmt The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-27 16:37:32 +0000 via @DonPeppers @jorgebarba @ariegoldshlager2012-09-27 13:16:51 +0000 Re-Made in America: 5M Jobs Are Coming Back, Report Says http://t.co/uDqAXI5n2012-09-27 00:53:17 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-26 17:36:05 +0000 by payback vs. tuition. http://t.co/N8BbOeSv Ranking colleges2012-09-26 16:37:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-26 15:21:34 +0000 Storm the Edutech Market http://t.co/IP5pfdZb Small Companies Forget your fancy data science, try overkill analytics ? Data | GigaOM2012-09-26 14:46:21 +0000 http://t.co/HmJmrlvZ RT @BEI_Innovation: Are you Optimizing Your Idea Portfolio in 2012? Join2012-09-26 12:56:16 +0000the #BEI12 summit - http://t.co/FxRalX1I @Brioneja at RT @imaginatik: We caught up with @Brioneja and talked about Spiraling INTO2012-09-26 12:50:21 +0000 Control http://t.co/BwjQgpoa2012-09-26 01:06:15 +0000 @sehlhorst Thanks!2012-09-26 00:53:18 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 RT @sehlhorst: #SXSW PanelPicker http://t.co/XydYNIwd @brioneja session on2012-09-25 20:51:58 +0000 #innovation- vote for it #prodmgmt2012-09-25 19:46:46 +0000 10 Office Technologies on Their Way Out http://t.co/fIVnsT1N Not Just the Fax: The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-25 16:37:35 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager @wimrampen RT @RonAdner: #Nokia learns the hard way: A Sad Lesson in Collaborative2012-09-25 14:56:20 +0000 Innovation - @HarvardBiz http://t.co/E6KCyozu Hope to see you at the Back End of #Innovation Conference on Oct 9 in Boston.2012-09-25 14:50:00 +0000 http://t.co/bl4JVlu7 Use code BEI12JB for 20% off #BEI122012-09-25 14:41:30 +0000 Michael B. Fishbein: The Future of Venture Capital (Part 2) http://t.co/GijsXSyS2012-09-25 14:15:11 +0000 Why Do Products Fail? ? Forgetting that Users Learn http://t.co/XP5H6gUT2012-09-25 13:25:42 +0000 Killing the messenger. "I dont read the paper." http://t.co/978EScFJ2012-09-25 00:51:47 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000
  • 49. 2012-09-24 20:30:42 +0000 Nick Schulz: Hard Unemployment Truths About Soft Skills http://t.co/ILCOZTGh2012-09-24 17:57:06 +0000TECH Nest Networking - September 25 http://t.co/0EwShFur Im attending2012-09-24 16:36:02 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-24 14:41:25 +0000 In Manufacturing Shift, Made in U.S. but Sold in China http://t.co/D2lvF2m4 Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy, Belying Industry Image2012-09-24 14:10:24 +0000 http://t.co/hE9PxXQM2012-09-24 00:51:52 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-23 18:45:51 +0000Cloud Computing http://t.co/t6x4fLb3 The Future of Acclaimed designer Yves Behar says Apple is behind on software2012-09-23 18:26:23 +0000 http://t.co/shGKNgqY2012-09-23 16:36:07 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-23 14:26:31 +0000 http://t.co/1RCEUV8j Galveston Beach2012-09-23 12:33:50 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The Robots Are Coming (and they seem to be revolutionizing healthcare, agriculture2012-09-23 02:30:26 +0000 along the way)! http://t.co/gwsZLE0b and education2012-09-23 01:35:47 +0000 Seafood House (Kemah, TX) http://t.co/pHCys6Ew Im at Landrys2012-09-23 00:51:54 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-22 20:45:19 +0000 A Robust Innovation Culture http://t.co/YyMXhCk2 4 Attributes Of2012-09-22 19:21:49 +0000 Chi running marries method and mindfulness http://t.co/ID0eKVD9 This reminds me of when iPhones Siri came out & proclaimed the greatest2012-09-22 18:10:47 +0000 Android had full voice search already implemented thing, 1 yr after Finally iPhone users get turn-by-turn navigation on their phones & get to ditch2012-09-22 18:08:28 +0000 only 3 years after Android users had it their GPS units, The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-22 16:36:09 +0000 @jorgebarba via @lindegaard Apples self-inflicted maps issue is a headache ? but dont expect an apology2012-09-22 15:01:53 +0000 http://t.co/cPNqa41G via @guardian2012-09-22 14:52:23 +0000 Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures (24 pics) http://t.co/h1xHhAMK2012-09-22 14:01:00 +0000 Galveston Beach, TX http://t.co/FjUBybrl2012-09-22 13:18:20 +0000 Seawall (Galveston, TX) http://t.co/yaPyaanh Im at Galveston2012-09-22 05:59:11 +0000 The World According to Apple Maps http://t.co/P8MTTNA7 via @mashable2012-09-22 05:53:23 +0000 How Google Builds Its Maps http://t.co/zeUzEah1 via @mashable Inside Look at2012-09-22 05:01:25 +0000 did you rank twitter followers so much lower than facebook fans? @dotjenna why2012-09-22 04:54:21 +0000 is that your quote? @markvanbaale2012-09-22 04:18:37 confuse a moral compass http://t.co/gKfI9bYd How to +0000
  • 50. Google Maps announces a 400 year advantage over Apple Maps2012-09-22 04:12:02 +0000 http://t.co/55UE9HTm2012-09-22 00:51:55 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-21 20:00:11 +0000 Cancer Center Plans Moon Shot for Cures http://t.co/0JiMWQGq MD Anderson2012-09-21 16:36:13 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-21 15:45:16 +0000 PIN Code: Easy as 1-2-3-4 http://t.co/jYAlDqJ1 Cracking Your Peer Reviewed Lifetime Feeding Trial Finds GM Maize & Roundup Can Cause2012-09-21 15:25:59 +0000 Tumors And Multiple Organ Damage http://t.co/iqY4NJin The Murky World of India?s Commodity Futures Markets, Excessive Speculation2012-09-21 05:21:11 +0000 and Market Manipulation http://t.co/9UbDEDoP #Guar #fracking2012-09-21 02:39:47 +0000 Time It?s Deadly http://t.co/Qsq62bI9 #financial #crisis #inflation Son of QE2, This2012-09-21 02:35:04 Prevent a Data Loss Disaster http://t.co/NxKNv1BI How to +00002012-09-21 00:51:58 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-21 00:10:08 +0000say new Apple Maps leave a lot to be desired http://t.co/cLc4uY8J Early reviews2012-09-20 19:45:14 +0000 @NohaMahmoud Could you elaborate on the reasons?2012-09-20 19:15:27 +0000Era Is Over http://t.co/SyigUH8V The Antivirus The Next Media Jackpot: The Fight For The $1 Trillion Hispanic Market -2012-09-20 16:40:58 +0000 http://t.co/KkdrXraK2012-09-20 16:36:13 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-20 15:50:53 +0000 of Energy http://t.co/Q3dTAr5H The New Politics The Rise Of The TechnoLatinas: A Full-Fledged Startup Movement Emerges In South2012-09-20 15:21:08 +0000 America | TechCrunch http://t.co/Ttr208KA2012-09-20 15:07:39 +0000 App That Forces You To Tell Better Stories http://t.co/y8nSJYm5 A Presentation2012-09-20 00:51:58 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Please vote for my #SXSWedu session "#Innovation - The Intersection of Invention2012-09-19 19:35:35 +0000 #SXSW PanelPicker http://t.co/PBqemsMj Thanks! and Value" @2012-09-19 16:40:58 +0000 draws from: Art and neuroscience http://t.co/fP0NenkB What the brain2012-09-19 16:36:17 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The new opportunity for PaaS vendors: cloud services curation ? Tech News and2012-09-19 14:36:58 +0000 Analysis http://t.co/Y7gtXEHK2012-09-19 14:36:58 +0000 Shale gas to ?dramatically? change global energy scene http://t.co/jjTG74wH2012-09-19 13:32:09 +0000 Transform Manufacturing http://t.co/IvRd2JWv This Robot Could How Chinas Rehypothecated "Ghost" Steel Just Vaporized, And What This Means2012-09-19 01:00:11 +0000 Economy | ZeroHedge http://t.co/NOfxSrpW For The World2012-09-19 00:52:03 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Scientists make monkeys smarter using brain implants. Could you be next?2012-09-18 22:05:35 +0000 http://t.co/svSxN3Ow
  • 51. 2012-09-18 19:56:01 +0000 Step Into the Office-Less Company http://t.co/4Bt7lhuh2012-09-18 19:51:02 5? Yawn. What Will the Phone of 2022 Look Like? http://t.co/IMakVQ5A iPhone +00002012-09-18 16:36:19 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-18 16:31:21 Myhrvold: The Wealthy Should Fund Innovation http://t.co/ZsSIQdOF Nathan +00002012-09-18 16:26:15 +0000to India and Beyond | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/2Q1qBWc9 SaaS Spreads Verbs: How Apple And Nintendo Get You To Buy Their Products2012-09-18 15:52:15 +0000 http://t.co/aaQoEVgk2012-09-18 14:51:33 Change Without Rocking the Boat http://t.co/fVLjlQ2I via @JorgeBarba Driving +0000 The rise of LinkedIn?s news feed (And how Twitter made a big dumb mistake)2012-09-18 13:36:55 +0000 http://t.co/QzOlh8nu2012-09-18 13:36:54 +0000 Is The New Planning | Fast Company http://t.co/CDiSK7xi Experimentation2012-09-18 03:05:05 +0000 How can we reinvent American manufacturing? http://t.co/Cr3gq5KY2012-09-18 02:56:17 +0000 U.S. to new computer viruses http://t.co/VWVWQRcH via @reuters Cyber clues link2012-09-18 00:52:04 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-17 21:00:45Dude, Are We Inside a Computer Right Now? http://t.co/2DKwfk4s Whoa, +00002012-09-17 20:35:24 +0000 Era of the Personal Computer Is Over. http://t.co/SagS1BcE Its Official: The And Now Let Us Gasp In Astonishment At What Just Happened To The Newspaper Business2012-09-17 19:50:35 +0000 http://t.co/ocuVCyBt In the 16 years since Into Thin Air, Mount Everest has become safer in many ways.2012-09-17 17:05:36 did 10 people die in 2012? http://t.co/GFxJWzkh So why +00002012-09-17 16:36:22 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Creative directors at more highly regarded ad agencies have a higher Klout score2012-09-17 14:50:48 +0000lesser performing firms http://t.co/W5jupSQS than peers at2012-09-17 12:31:47 +0000 Irving Wladawsky-Berger: Market-facing Innovation Labs http://t.co/Gye6Wtk1 My updated presentation from the Open #Innovation Summit: The Market for2012-09-17 11:54:29 +0000 #OpenInnovation Platforms http://t.co/rAXcncB2 #ois20122012-09-17 11:50:44 +0000 @MTPinelli would you be interested in discussing opportunities for cooperation? @MTPinelli I read your report on the innovation spiral. This is another spiral2012-09-17 11:49:12 +0000 I have been working on http://t.co/AGiDQN60 approach that I just signed up for a @RunKeeper #Training Plan to improve my training for the2012-09-17 00:04:33 +0000 http://t.co/e34Co5e9 half marathon
  • 52. @imaginatik @innovate @IXchat @SalesInnovate @innovationgal2012-09-16 23:29:54 +0000 @BEI_Innovation @TheBIF @innov8tr @BostInnovation Thanks! #FF #innovation2012-09-16 23:29:18 +0000 @MarkLeonWatson It will be interesting to see if he lives up to it2012-09-16 16:36:22 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-09-16 12:34:05 +0000 @jorgebarba2012-09-16 02:00:12 +0000 Im at Sfuzzi (Dallas, TX) w/ 4 others http://t.co/n9W7PJC42012-09-16 00:52:09 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-15 21:50:32 +0000 Everythings amazing and nobodys happy http://t.co/LpVHINpj Is growth over?: Last few days to get the book Why Good People Cant Get Jobs: The Skills Gap2012-09-15 20:57:24What Companies Can Do About It for free http://t.co/WS3SEOQg & +00002012-09-15 16:36:28 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The End of the Road for Eds and Meds | http://t.co/o9ygelXk2012-09-15 14:20:43 +0000 http://t.co/M4ZZ3H6B That?s Some Quirky Marketing Strategy: Ryanairs CEO Calls His Customers ?Idiots?2012-09-15 13:25:23 +0000 http://t.co/EMvL3Jwp Im at Bass Performance Hall (Fort Worth, TX) w/ 4 others [pic]:2012-09-15 01:24:51 +0000 http://t.co/I7mD8kWk Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-09-15 00:52:12 +0000 today via @Brioneja RT @Jabaldaia: RT @Brioneja: My updated preso 4 the Open Innovation Summit:2012-09-14 22:00:27 +0000#OpenInnovation Platforms http://t.co/dj8Aiboh ... The Market 42012-09-14 22:00:19 +0000 @Jabaldaia Thanks for the RT!2012-09-14 21:58:02 +0000 @prescott Thanks for the RT!2012-09-14 20:17:02 +0000 To English Dictionary http://t.co/np0F8Kjd The TechSpeak A Mind Blowing Letter from PayPals President That May Make You Believe In The2012-09-14 19:42:23 +0000 http://t.co/BufaYNZh Company Again The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-14 16:36:28 +0000 via @wimrampen2012-09-14 15:31:09The Disruptors Handbook http://t.co/6bGZMwVp #innovation Video: +00002012-09-14 14:32:25 +0000 Microsoft Envisions Where Gaming is going, and its Wild! http://t.co/XYjZc6Xe2012-09-14 14:16:32 GMs Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs http://t.co/kaB4hyAC Insight: +0000 Why the smartphone ecosystem advantage matters - Telecoms Tech2012-09-14 12:32:20 +0000 http://t.co/m4Jeuthg Many-to-One vs. One-to-Many: An Opinionated Guide to Educational Technology ?2012-09-14 12:16:25 +0000 Magazine http://t.co/yFzJpx4x The American2012-09-14 00:52:15 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-13 20:50:48 +0000 Smart carpet detects falls and strange footsteps http://t.co/DLUrXi2T
  • 53. Study showed that about 1/3 of a million more Americans voted in 2010 because of2012-09-13 18:56:41 +0000 message on Election Day http://t.co/eTgv7pSA one #Facebook Are startup accelerators really harmful? No, but they are mis-understood.2012-09-13 18:01:43 +0000 http://t.co/wPXCSrJB2012-09-13 16:40:58 +0000 Startup Investing: Black Swan Farming http://t.co/Ww2aRlCP The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-13 16:36:32 +0000 via @DonPeppers Innovation Excellence | Back End of Innovation Conference Launches Innovation2012-09-13 16:25:59 +0000 Cloud http://t.co/7neEvszI2012-09-13 14:01:24Around The Bend On The Health Innovation Highway http://t.co/CfmFtMqe A Look +00002012-09-13 00:52:17 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Scientists cast doubt on the uncertainty principle | R&D Mag2012-09-12 20:31:07 +0000 http://t.co/0xm4y6fj How the U.S. Health-Care System Wastes $750 Billion Annually2012-09-12 19:15:39 +0000 http://t.co/H8id8ZJq P&G?s 1,000 PhDs Still Cant Crank Out a New Blockbuster2012-09-12 19:12:01 +0000 http://t.co/AEamfGIU2012-09-12 16:36:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation 48 Significant Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics Plus 7 Infographics2012-09-12 16:25:26 +0000 http://t.co/IdC8rCcF2012-09-12 15:31:13 +0000 Reinventing Society In The Wake Of Big Data http://t.co/60B1OJDs My updated preso for the Open Innovation Summit: The Market for2012-09-12 15:10:45 +0000 #OpenInnovation Platforms http://t.co/rAXcncB2 #ois2012 #innovation2012-09-12 12:25:54 +0000 Frequently Asked Questions About The Innovation Premium - http://t.co/OT5y1kIh2012-09-12 00:52:21 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-11 20:45:41 +0000 Scam Alert! Social Media Malware, Fraud and Foolishness http://t.co/rJQg2hAG In ?The Knockoff Economy,? The Upside to Ripping Off Others? Ideas2012-09-11 20:10:53 +0000 http://t.co/ts64ZJOW2012-09-11 19:31:34 +0000 Examples of Reverse Innovation in Mexico http://t.co/z7dEwb8D2012-09-11 18:58:12 +0000 pattern linking machine" Barbara Stennes #ois2012 "The brain is a2012-09-11 18:31:24 genomics: The new world of DNA http://t.co/BFltYREt Human +00002012-09-11 17:20:44 +0000Amazon: Ambitious, Diverse, and Expansive http://t.co/tGtiLp4j The Future of2012-09-11 17:01:47 +0000 of the social picture gadget http://t.co/5yt2Yym5 Elgan: The rise2012-09-11 17:01:45 +0000 not invent the iPod http://t.co/IBD6VV2G Why Sony did P&G, the king of #OpenInnovation, is struggling to develop new products2012-09-11 16:59:43 +0000 http://t.co/4zKr2uGz #innovation #OIS2012 #innochat2012-09-11 16:36:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-11 16:31:22 +0000 The End of PowerPoint As We Know It http://t.co/ParLRiaP Jeff Bezos And
  • 54. Digital Downtown a key part of #Austins economic, tech sector development2012-09-11 16:25:39 +0000 http://t.co/pcplcHvA The next generation of artificial intelligence from the lab that built the iPhone?s Siri2012-09-11 15:01:16 +0000 educational game... is powering an2012-09-11 12:25:48 +0000 Leaders Maintain Their Edge - http://t.co/q9jA7UQC How Innovative On my way to Chicago, IL (@ Dallas Love Field (DAL) w/ 9 others)2012-09-11 11:33:42 +0000 http://t.co/FB0KuAjK2012-09-11 00:52:23 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America2012-09-10 21:25:14 +0000 http://t.co/BiNufM1F #privacy2012-09-10 21:15:16 +0000Apple Should Stop Making http://t.co/reLfVuFf Five Products2012-09-10 19:35:14 +0000 Further Into the Cloud http://t.co/rbnA3o03 Microsoft Moves2012-09-10 19:20:36 +0000 business: The new green http://t.co/WiZkwfdl Disability and Free e-book from Amazon "Why Good People Cant Get Jobs: The Skills Gap and2012-09-10 16:43:12 +0000 Can Do About It" http://t.co/dhwXRQOg 1 week only What Companies2012-09-10 16:36:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-09-10 16:15:24 +0000 Invest in Start-Ups for Innovation? http://t.co/S1caUJNb2012-09-10 13:25:20 +0000 Amazon vs. Apple: Jeff Bezos Just Squashed Tim Cook http://t.co/BNsQqWFc P&G, the king of #OpenInnovation, is struggling to develop new products2012-09-10 13:15:39 +0000 http://t.co/4zKr2uGz #innovation I just published my newsletter Eye on Innovation, Design and Technology using a2012-09-10 12:45:12 +0000 me know what you think http://t.co/mPufj1FU new format. Let See you in Chicago on Tue @ #OpenInnovation Summit. My session "The Market for2012-09-10 12:45:10 +0000 Open #Innovation Intermediaries" http://t.co/ZJTgkwH4...2012-09-10 12:25:18 +0000 The Worlds Most Innovative Companies - http://t.co/oh1v5lP4 Eye On Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH ? Top stories2012-09-10 00:52:26 +0000 today via @Brioneja2012-09-09 19:55:30 +0000 How Your Brain Decides http://t.co/ErTZFJAC Making Choices:2012-09-09 19:30:22 +0000 million daily device activations http://t.co/3gUffn83 Android hits 1.3 With the rise of texting and chat apps, voice-mail use is waning2012-09-09 18:55:15 +0000 http://t.co/jDj48dsb2012-09-09 18:20:04 +0000 13 Ugliest Phones of the Mobile Era http://t.co/7q6eGGL9 #Design2012-09-09 16:36:40 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation How I cracked my neighbor?s WiFi password without breaking a sweat2012-09-09 16:05:06 +0000 http://t.co/dBTz5wFU2012-09-09 15:50:04 +0000Growing Manufacturers http://t.co/c9uzufnM Top 5 Rapidly Must Read: "Dirty Jobs" Mike Rowe writes an open letter about skilled labor, trades2012-09-09 15:35:05work http://t.co/4ofqYO5h #economy #education... & +00002012-09-09 15:16:49from the deck of the Glass Cactus http://t.co/23wti3C9 Sunset +00002012-09-09 12:34:23 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-09-09 00:52:29 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000
  • 55. The Lost Decade of the Middle Class | Pew Social & Demographic Trends2012-09-08 23:25:02 +0000 http://t.co/OJgZQ9T32012-09-08 22:00:38 +0000 The iPhone Effect http://t.co/LVXC7hvO2012-09-08 21:35:23 +0000 As College Graduates Cluster, Some Cities Are Left Behind http://t.co/lOF01cO82012-09-08 19:40:42 +0000 Amazon to Apple: the game starts now http://t.co/QZaBspWp Why paper books? Backlit screens can suppress melatonin, study says2012-09-08 17:50:39 +0000 http://t.co/qxG3rGbz The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-08 16:36:44 +0000 via @ralph_ohr2012-09-08 16:15:21 +0000 Beauty of Natures Fractals http://t.co/M9KC0NHk The Mesmerizing2012-09-08 16:10:21 +0000 DNA, Far From ?Junk,? Play Crucial Role http://t.co/sTuxID7I Bits of Mystery Just registered for the Allstate #Dallas 13.1 Half Marathon? http://t.co/idEEVV4X2012-09-08 15:27:00 +0000 #DFW @toughLoveforx It is not easy to admit that they launched a social network at the2012-09-08 15:17:53 +0000Facebook and blew away the opportunity same time as @toughLoveforx That is why Googles product manager in charge of Orkut was2012-09-08 15:15:34to Brazil, to keep him hidden from prying eyes moved +0000 @toughLoveforx Orkut is still 100% owned by Google. They are just embarrassed to2012-09-08 15:15:01 +0000 admit it. Vinod Khosla says technology will replace 80 percent of doctors ? sparks2012-09-08 14:50:13 +0000 indignation http://t.co/f5qHVQlE #health @toughLoveforx This is my blog post on Googles original social media network:2012-09-08 14:47:30 +0000 Orkut http://t.co/oKGghz7Z @toughLoveforx LinkedIn has found their niche: Corporate networking and job2012-09-08 14:44:21 +0000 searching/recruiting & is thriving @toughLoveforx Number of users not as relevant as actual usage. G+ # of users2012-09-08 14:42:57 +0000 quick adoption by power users/techies inflated due to @toughLoveforx These are some stats comparing social media sites. G+ is behind2012-09-08 14:15:36 +0000http://t.co/TLRjbNoS on all metrics2012-09-08 14:01:13 +0000 controlled chaos of the human genome http://t.co/HmEfgAoY Cataloging the2012-09-08 11:39:54 +0000 #Texas: Stetsons and spreadsheets http://t.co/i3F5CGTN Hedge funds in2012-09-08 05:31:17 +0000 Is Nokias Management Insane? http://t.co/MwLGAF3s2012-09-08 00:52:29 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-08 00:10:27 +0000 @chukwumaonyeije I think it is an exceptional scientific finding @greggfraley @netbadges @GoodB @NaomiFried @McKeeInnovation @Renee_Hopkins @mattbrat1 @DrewCM @MrsRoadshow @sourcePOV Thanks!2012-09-08 00:09:42 +0000 #FF @prwpmp Take a look at the articles I am posting re new developments on genome2012-09-08 00:08:19 +0000 discoveries @girifox I think trends/scenario planning & analysis are essential components2012-09-08 00:07:51 +0000 & innovation program of any ideation
  • 56. 2012-09-08 00:07:09 +0000Thanks! I will look into it. @WiattJones @toughLoveforx G+ is an ok product, but users have voted w their feet. Usage level2012-09-08 00:05:30low. Facebook copied all of their new features. is very +0000 @DrewCM I think a framework needs to be more than a language or reference,2012-09-08 00:01:20 +0000guide & yardstick needs to be a2012-09-08 00:00:04 +0000 Would welcome your feedback @Zirtual Thanks!2012-09-07 23:59:46 +0000 Thanks! Let me know what you think! @OBX_Harvey2012-09-07 23:59:29 +0000 It is unfortunately becoming the norm @shirleyaguilera @DavidWLocke Considering just how little we really know about the genome I2012-09-07 23:59:01 +0000 of the conclusions of the book would be careful2012-09-07 23:10:04 +0000 A history of power: The mighty coin | The Economist http://t.co/6N3HE6hY2012-09-07 21:45:14 +0000 Tools on Listiki http://t.co/CB4oM0hM by @KareAnderson Collaboration How Big Companies Beat Local Competition in Emerging Markets - Harvard Business2012-09-07 21:30:14 http://t.co/pDR9FypC Review +0000 A Look to the Future: Human Augmentation as Reasonable Accommodation2012-09-07 18:55:08 +0000 http://t.co/RRRV85AW2012-09-07 17:45:06 +0000 http://t.co/u7JQ35by IPO: Will it be the like Facebook? http://t.co/QPM0vBvE The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-07 16:36:45 +0000 @ariegoldshlager via @lindegaard2012-09-07 15:55:05 Genome Far More Complex, New Research Finds http://t.co/jN6ucyx0 Human +00002012-09-07 15:38:05 +0000 iPods as the Next-Generation #Autism Aid http://t.co/ID0kr8NR #asd #aac2012-09-07 14:25:06 +0000Get Fired for Doing Your Job Well - http://ht.ly/dvyjd Why You Can2012-09-07 13:30:12 +0000 Bottom-Up Innovation Gaining Traction http://t.co/mMADoCp02012-09-07 03:31:08 +0000Presto! 2-Way Radio http://t.co/lDzL0EyE Smartphone?2012-09-07 03:25:15 +0000 Home of the Future Still Years Away http://t.co/gMmZsrh6 How Google Builds Its Maps?and What It Means for the Future of Everything2012-09-07 03:23:05 +0000 http://t.co/VpC7zQ5e2012-09-07 02:41:50 +0000 technology to boost oil production http://t.co/Lh6fbxOS BP unveils new2012-09-07 02:25:56 +0000 the Self-Driving Car http://t.co/K4rhBPn0 via @PopMech Self-Defense for2012-09-07 02:18:14 +0000 Touring the brain http://t.co/BLYPksAN2012-09-07 00:52:33 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-06 21:50:07 +0000 For The 4th Era of Innovation http://t.co/hDCBTztO How To Prepare RT @SPOTSsystems: ProductCamp Austin Presentation: #Innovation - The2012-09-06 18:04:40 +0000 Invention and Value http://t.co/JjVhM3F8 #pcatx #pc ... Intersection of Patent Arms Race Fuels Mobiles Doomsday Machine http://t.co/w2SApKRb2012-09-06 17:15:09 +0000 #smartphones2012-09-06 17:06:53 +0000 @ericshaver Thanks! #innochat @Zirtual @MrsRoadshow @dajb2 @OBX_Harvey This is a link to my preso on spiral2012-09-06 17:04:20 +0000 innovation mgmt. Would welcome comments http://t.co/T2hYb4t1
  • 57. Anybody going to the Open Innovation conference in Chicago next week?2012-09-06 16:59:49 +0000 #innochat @OBX_Harvey I have seen this too and it is unfortunate. Short term thinking is2012-09-06 16:47:40 +0000 killing companies #innochat @DrewCM It isnt about "controlling" but a framework is still needed. The days of2012-09-06 16:46:41people do anything they want are gone #innochat letting +00002012-09-06 16:44:34 +0000 @Indy_Neogy What has happened with that client since? #innochat @OBX_Harvey @toughLoveforx @DrewCM @dajb2 I dont consider G+ a breakthrough or success.2012-09-06 16:39:06 wasted their chance since they launched Orkut #innochat Google +00002012-09-06 16:36:49 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation @greggfraley @TomAsacker Yes, most breakthrough/disruptive innovations go2012-09-06 16:36:13 +0000 points during the process #innochat through pivot @toughLoveforx @DrewCM @dajb2 Breakthrough not important when company2012-09-06 16:34:56 short term, but the end result is Nokia/Blackberry #innochat focus is +0000 @MrsRoadshow @dajb2 @OBX_Harvey The number of iterations/turns of the2012-09-06 16:24:25 +0000 on degree of uncertainty/type of innovation #innochat spiral depends @Renee_Hopkins A spiral process becomes 3-dimensional when you incorporate2012-09-06 16:22:33 +0000 #innochat open innovation2012-09-06 16:10:11 +0000 Social media now seen as high risk http://t.co/UBX0l6MC Deloitte survey: Why The Source Of Venture Capital Is As Important As The Money Itself2012-09-06 14:40:06 +0000 http://t.co/h93SaGQ42012-09-06 13:25:04 +0000 another startup pain point: Legal fees http://t.co/IHyoJPMK AngelList attacks2012-09-06 12:40:03 +0000an iPhone 5 Booting Up http://t.co/rnInDQn7 First Video of Reverse #innovation brings social solutions to developed countries2012-09-06 12:16:42 +0000 http://t.co/7TPJP7BD #TED #TEDx #SocEnt Bootstrapping to $14M, Solving Serious Pain in IT Lead Generation: DiscoverOrg2012-09-06 04:21:20 +0000 CoFounder Henry Schuck http://t.co/AI1bdgCB via @1mby1m2012-09-06 04:16:23 equity in China: Hony ahoy | The Economist http://t.co/TZIroITj Private +00002012-09-06 00:52:35 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 @prwpmp Taking advantage of the information generated by the human genome2012-09-06 00:44:41 +0000 to conquer diseases like cancer and others is a worthy goal2012-09-05 23:40:11 +0000 Help Stockton, Calif., Pay Pensions Backfired http://t.co/Kfzkkf7c How a Plan to2012-09-05 21:30:23 +0000 Google Page Rank with these 6 Easy Tweaks http://t.co/0MwEQOPm Improve Your
  • 58. The Great Trends Hoax: They don?t give competitive advantage - Scenario planning2012-09-05 21:10:22 http://t.co/t4QBO7fw #innovation does | +00002012-09-05 20:25:21 +0000Advantages of NFC Technology http://t.co/TTGQVhFt The Risks and2012-09-05 20:05:15 +0000 Why Johnny can?t stream: How video copyright went insane http://t.co/6ktTp7gH2012-09-05 16:36:50 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation It is time to move from innovation as an ideology to innovation as a process2012-09-05 15:52:35 +0000 http://t.co/ExJOVk7s2012-09-05 14:47:15 Entrepreneurs Can Get Cash Without Giving Up Equity http://t.co/j4QiSH70 5 Ways +00002012-09-05 13:40:05 +0000 Innovation Excellence | The End of TV as We Know It http://t.co/Q7QtOZXQ Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain2012-09-05 12:30:12 +0000 http://t.co/g3MZQcLC2012-09-05 04:39:27 +0000 of poverty | The Economist http://t.co/FPQ1lUYa The geography2012-09-05 04:28:27 +0000 Housing Bubble Wrong http://t.co/nnCgKCC8 Still Getting the2012-09-05 01:30:12 Bagus :: The Tragedy of the Euro http://t.co/mc2OUZW9 Philipp +00002012-09-05 00:52:36 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 The National Security Agency?s Domestic Spying Program - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-09-04 21:45:06 +0000 http://t.co/SSlUStsn #privacy Nanoparticles Could Lead to Stronger Drugs, Fewer Side Effects for Cancer Patients -2012-09-04 21:25:04 +0000 http://t.co/I99xglWm2012-09-04 20:50:05 +0000 Why Great Innovations Fail: Its All in the Ecosystem http://t.co/WU3xVCQh2012-09-04 19:50:07 +0000 inventors rising in recession-hit UK http://t.co/abJtnFJV Inventions and Visions Of The Future: DR0NE, A Webseries About Autonomous Humanoid Soldiers2012-09-04 19:35:07 +0000 http://t.co/0nlXLo59 | Singularity Hub Being First: Ten Innovation lessons from Mount Everest | Innovation Management2012-09-04 18:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/RmRsmVGX2012-09-04 16:36:54 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation An open platform revolutionizes biomedical-image processing2012-09-04 16:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/4iwb34Bv2012-09-04 15:12:44 +0000 Innovation Excellence | The Changing Game of Strategy http://t.co/FttYn4vZ2012-09-04 00:52:42 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-03 23:50:02 +0000 Think You Know About China Is Wrong http://t.co/HB9MzvX0 Everything You Economists can do more damage to an economy than lawyers2012-09-03 22:20:04 +0000 http://t.co/5ToMKxq62012-09-03 20:00:14 +0000 A Broken Patent System http://t.co/KVP6PNMK Apple Worked GPS and Human Error Can Lead Drivers Astray http://t.co/NJSuOg2M #Design2012-09-03 19:20:04 +0000 #technology2012-09-03 18:30:11 +0000 Super WiFi To Be A Big Thing In 2013 http://t.co/CbFEFSw8 #WiFi Get Ready For
  • 59. Why Nothing Is Shovel Ready Anymore: Worst Practices Seminar2012-09-03 17:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/kYGP2UjD2012-09-03 16:36:55 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation How Google and Apples digital mapping is mapping us http://t.co/3n5u1ggY2012-09-03 16:35:06 +0000 #privacy Make Your Message (Almost) as Vital as Air http://t.co/QLMGZ2PT by2012-09-03 16:00:37 +0000 @KareAnderson2012-09-03 15:38:42 +0000 Highlands Golf Course (Dallas, TX) http://t.co/2GKABNn0 Im at Tenison IBM Envisions #Watson as Supercharged Siri for Businesses http://t.co/MAVoHqcm2012-09-03 15:25:06 +0000 #singularity2012-09-03 04:32:26 +0000did they ensure that it landed on the right side up? @psaffo How2012-09-03 04:22:04 +0000 How do I apply to present at the next Pecha Kucha Fort Worth? @PKNfortworth2012-09-03 04:19:39 +0000 @PKNdallas How do I apply to present at the next Pecha Kucha?2012-09-03 00:52:41 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-09-03 00:15:04 +0000 A Theory Of Personal Brand Class On Twitter http://t.co/KZ8FE5yf @Jabaldaia Unfortunately open minds and critical thinking are more scarce than2012-09-02 21:33:54 +0000 diamonds MAKE | How Tracking Down My Stolen Computer Triggered a Drug Bust2012-09-02 20:15:06 +0000 http://t.co/VFOeMRGy A New Way to Deliver Earned Media Performance http://t.co/I0wgoZNd #smm2012-09-02 20:10:02 +0000 #sem #marketing More Women and Minority Entrepreneurs Entering Tech - Venture Capital Dispatch -2012-09-02 18:15:08 +0000 WSJ http://t.co/R4svx5Qh2012-09-02 17:20:03 +0000 for Speech Therapy http://t.co/UpEK3A6Y Best iPad Apps The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-02 16:36:57 +0000 via @timkastelle Jeffrey MacDonald has spent decades in jail for the murder of his family, but it2012-09-02 14:30:10 +0000 wasnt guilty http://t.co/jVlY9zxJ seems likely he New Flat Lens Could Revolutionize Cameras as We Know Them2012-09-02 14:00:16 +0000 http://t.co/2am0yETm 4th Annual Open Innovation Summit and Conference, Sep. 11-12 Chicago, IL2012-09-02 13:00:29 +0000 http://t.co/WkGbLRgf by @wrginnovation The Jose A. Briones Weekly is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-09-02 12:34:40 +0000 @tferriss2012-09-02 00:52:44 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 @DavidWLocke Sometime ago I posted an article on food price speculation by2012-09-01 23:42:36 +0000 Goldman Sachs2012-09-01 21:30:02 +0000 a #Listiki: Collaboration Tools http://t.co/Z7WtRAJy I contributed to My #OpenInnovation Summit session: Weighing the pros and cons of investing in OI2012-09-01 20:52:22 +0000 platforms http://t.co/Q3PX4hlP #innovation @MeghanMBiro @leadershipindex Unfortunately over the past 15 yrs this has2012-09-01 19:22:41 +0000 so, thus so many companies have gone down the drain become more
  • 60. Global food prices have leapt by 10% in the month of July http://t.co/NKS950qp2012-09-01 18:02:18 +0000 #crisis #recession #inflation #global2012-09-01 17:30:12 +0000 Price Of Not Tweeting At Work http://t.co/SnVFrz8s The $1.3 Trillion2012-09-01 16:58:24 +0000 Fair, Dallas, TX Sep. 4 http://t.co/6PDmgrxH Intern In DFW Podio Cuts Down On Unnecessary Emails With New Email Integration, @Mentions2012-09-01 16:45:05 +0000 http://t.co/AxKTRaSd For Workspaces The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-09-01 16:37:01 +0000 via @jorgebarba What Ice Cream and #Fracking Have in Common And Why Your Dessert Has Become2012-09-01 16:08:21 +0000 So Pricey http://t.co/JC6Q0M8b #Guar2012-09-01 14:50:04 +0000 Help You Collaborate Effectively http://t.co/w1r3J8jc Tools That Will2012-09-01 05:40:03 +0000 clever frack takes aim at gas costs http://t.co/67AZOB03 Schlumbergers @StewartRogers @MikeBoudreaux The phone camera cannot capture the eye sight2012-09-01 04:58:59 +0000 view2012-09-01 01:30:10 +0000 The Super Successful | TechCrunch http://t.co/cWgrlJub Email Tricks Of2012-09-01 00:52:48 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-08-31 20:55:08 +0000 Amazon Reshapes Computing http://t.co/s5fPyTZZ Active in Cloud,2012-08-31 20:30:19Google Be Running Scared From Apple? http://t.co/vlABS3dI Should +0000 37signals Earns Millions Each Year. Its CEO?s Model? His Cleaning Lady | Fast2012-08-31 19:15:12 +0000 Company http://t.co/q5peFOU62012-08-31 19:00:25 +0000 to Cure Blindness with Optogenetics http://t.co/YFevJQlW Company Aims2012-08-31 17:54:29 +0000 Innovation Summit, Sep. 11-12 Chicago, IL http://t.co/T8iIaYn1 4th Annual Open2012-08-31 16:37:03 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Technology Pioneers 2013: World Economic Forum Names The Years 23 Most2012-08-31 16:30:13 +0000 Innovative Startups http://t.co/fyykDGSy Little flash as bionic eye brings amazed woman some sight | Reuters2012-08-31 16:15:06 +0000 http://t.co/YexfW61X The Ten Most Dangerous Things Business Schools Teach MBAs -2012-08-31 15:30:15 +0000 http://t.co/B3L1xp8e It is incredible to me that salespersons that do webinar demos still do not know2012-08-31 15:13:07 +0000 that they CANNOT use speakerphones to do it2012-08-31 14:50:06 +0000 Marketing Links You Need to Click http://t.co/Dtf3q5dV 7 Writing &2012-08-31 14:35:05 +0000 Secret to Selling Yourself http://t.co/LyUzWAif via @JorgeBarba The Surprising2012-08-31 13:35:05 +0000 Dropbox IPO Also Coming Soon? | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/23sU2k25 RT @SPOTSsystems: #Innovation: The Intersection of Invention and Value2012-08-31 13:33:24 +0000 http://t.co/kCkZhuXx #prodmgmt #prodmgmttalk #prodmktg #innochat2012-08-31 05:29:54 +0000 Happy Birthday! @Gwen_Ishmael2012-08-31 00:52:51 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making | Fast Company2012-08-30 22:15:08 +0000 http://t.co/cXSBnV8D2012-08-30 19:25:06 +0000 Is The New Black http://t.co/UKFtaihI VC Transparency
  • 61. 2012-08-30 18:40:06 +0000 To Find A New Product Idea That Sells http://t.co/oUn39CbW The Best Way2012-08-30 16:37:03 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-30 16:00:12Tools Making Classrooms Better http://t.co/ywQPnOxq 5 Tech +0000 ?One of the problems is that Sony?s R&D spending hasn?t really led to2012-08-30 14:55:04 +0000 or profit,? http://t.co/hnsFfs6r products, sales TEDxMaui - Dr. Gary Greenberg - The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things -2012-08-30 13:05:07 +0000 http://t.co/sftWNklv2012-08-30 00:52:53 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-08-29 22:20:05 +0000 Box Always on Fast-Forward - Disruptions http://t.co/lacH94n6 Aaron Levie of IBM Envisions Watson as a Super-Siri for Businesses - Businessweek2012-08-29 21:15:08 +0000 http://t.co/DUF6uv2u2012-08-29 20:10:05 +0000 The internet startup model is broken and how to fix it http://t.co/ss1ZcZXT2012-08-29 18:50:05 +0000shifts accelerate http://t.co/JTVbUehF Demographic2012-08-29 18:20:09 +0000 innovators under 35 http://t.co/JSRmwQUA TR35 2012 - 352012-08-29 16:40:07 +0000 10 Dirty Negotiation Tactics and How to Beat Them http://t.co/cP4lf5Rw2012-08-29 16:37:08 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation RT @jonihoadley: Great read! RT @Brioneja: Slides from #ProdMgmtTalk:2012-08-29 16:27:46 +0000The Intersection of Invention and Value http://t.co/ ... #Innovation -2012-08-29 15:20:07 +0000 That Detect Infections http://t.co/9De1QWyE Smart Sutures Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance2012-08-29 15:00:26 +0000 http://t.co/guORzak2 Eye-Controlled Smartphones: Surf & Play Games With Your Eyes2012-08-29 14:55:05 +0000 http://t.co/6Fe2zhzQ2012-08-29 13:25:06 tools to simplify your life http://t.co/BxilxTF8 12 web +00002012-08-29 13:18:27 +0000 @christopherhire Thanks! @christopherhire @SpiderJ Does it keep a local copy on the computer like2012-08-29 12:57:38 +0000 dropbox? Jury foreman says Apple patents valid due to different processor architecture2012-08-29 12:25:03 +0000 http://t.co/aZI30L6Y @dscofield Unfortunately VCs are mostly interested in funding mobile-social-2012-08-29 03:05:57 +0000 apps location-coupon @ParnaSarkar Not just nimble. It will require a different management approach.2012-08-29 02:32:51of @ScottDAnthonys The Silver Lining is a good guide. Chap.8 +0000 I gave @Gwen_Ishmael +K about Product Management on @klout.2012-08-29 02:27:35 +0000 http://t.co/zgO0s66E @Robert_Eaton Based on some of the after-trial comments from some of the jury, I2012-08-29 02:26:21 they were biased from the beginning believe +0000 @BizReinvention @ParnaSarkar It requires changes on people, culture &2012-08-29 02:25:08 +0000 is missing the company will fail process. If one @GambleGamble I suggest that you consider implementing 2-step verification on2012-08-29 02:19:21 +0000Gmail facebook and
  • 62. @RonPloof Will become a textbook example of the discards of the innovators2012-08-29 02:18:36 +0000 dilemma @epodcaster It is a sad story particularly considering how Fuji film was successful2012-08-29 02:17:42 +0000 themselves in reinventing2012-08-29 00:52:53 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-08-28 23:20:05 +0000of the Chinese Economy http://t.co/QqwjvXBK The Real Risk2012-08-28 20:10:08 +0000 Kodak to sell film business http://t.co/QP5ahxCT2012-08-28 20:10:07Have The Users Gone? | TechCrunch http://t.co/gWdBTt2r Where +00002012-08-28 19:20:06 +0000 What does it take to become an expert at anything? http://t.co/ZDQBs3am2012-08-28 16:37:10 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-28 15:50:10 +0000Best Heart Risk Diagnosis Tool: Study http://t.co/9H1CqFuy Calcium Scan2012-08-28 15:10:09 +0000 vs Samsung Verdict Is A Big Mistake http://t.co/kQkVy8Rj Why The Apple2012-08-28 14:35:08 +0000 The New Corporate Garage - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/Pqk8AgS3 Philosopher and scientist Robert O. Doyle has a new model of free will2012-08-28 14:05:06 +0000 http://t.co/ROPNAahs2012-08-28 12:20:04 +0000 Sues Apple http://t.co/CCpvPT48 And Now Google Chinese Manufacturing Is Crashing http://t.co/DIZNH0yw #China #recession #crisis2012-08-28 03:12:03 +0000 #global2012-08-28 00:53:04 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Chinese Automation Boom - China Is Replacing Its Workers With Robots2012-08-27 23:50:04 +0000 http://t.co/dX7a0gAG2012-08-27 21:15:06 +0000 Merging the biological, electronic | Harvard Gazette http://t.co/hvvMg39s2012-08-27 20:55:03 +0000 up security with two-step verification http://t.co/TAgRPP5i Dropbox beefs2012-08-27 16:37:14 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-27 15:50:07 +0000You Want to Live? http://t.co/XMpT7Hju How Long Do2012-08-27 15:00:40 +0000 Case Muddies the Future of Innovation http://t.co/GAwZad9X Apple-Samsung2012-08-27 14:20:25 +0000 Leading disruptive innovation - Ivey Business Journal http://t.co/fyeZMcAk @BizReinvention @ParnaSarkar That will require a very fundamental change in2012-08-27 04:45:57 +0000 managerial approaches at most corporations There is a practical reason to start contingency planning for a break-up of the2012-08-27 04:33:40it is looking ever more likely http://t.co/FMuibS5h #Euro: +00002012-08-27 02:07:23 +0000 NYT: Unsold goods pile up as slowdown hits China http://t.co/bsRM5dCB The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-26 22:37:13 +0000 via @PaulSloane2012-08-26 21:30:13 +0000 as We Know It http://t.co/DS3EHesZ The End of a Job2012-08-26 21:12:06 +0000 Reality Will Change The Way We Live http://t.co/3bxXhGZ9 How Augmented
  • 63. First-Time Startup Entrepreneurs: Stop Fucking Around - TechCrunch2012-08-26 20:35:46 +0000 http://t.co/bsgA3tLK2012-08-26 20:23:27 +0000 http://t.co/sj2zIjPj Rangers Baseball Im at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for Minnesota Twins vs. Texas Rangers2012-08-26 19:41:37 +0000 w/ 152 others http://t.co/6HAgMZFx (Arlington, TX)2012-08-26 17:13:13 +0000 Thanks for the RT! @jonihoadley RT @Gwen_Ishmael: Nice, @Brioneja RT @SPOTSsystems: #Innovation: The2012-08-26 17:12:38 +0000 Invention & Value http://t.co/VLDpdWSn Intersection of2012-08-26 17:09:55 +0000 @dscofield @skap5 Agree!2012-08-26 16:53:01 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-26 08:34:50 +0000 @rdatta @lincolnmurphy RT @WSJ: Jurors found that Samsung infringed six of Apples patents. See the2012-08-26 04:34:00 +0000 by count: http://t.co/Udmd51c6 verdict, count The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-25 22:37:18 +0000 via @wimrampen @Jabaldaia Microbes maketh man: People are not just people. They are an awful lot of2012-08-25 17:45:07 +0000 http://t.co/MYTnkhrC microbes, too RT @CelChem: #Innovation: The Intersection of Invention and Value by @Brioneja2012-08-25 13:02:32 +0000 http://t.co/O2AwfChY #innochat #prodmgmt #prodmgmttalk The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-25 08:34:52 +0000 @AtTask UPDATE 3-Apple triumphs over Samsung in landmark patent case2012-08-25 03:27:22 +0000 http://t.co/4VirPWAH2012-08-24 22:37:19 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Web service called ResearchGate seeks to replace peer-reviewed journals with a2012-08-24 17:40:05 Facebook for scientists http://t.co/Zy82UNvU kind of +00002012-08-24 16:45:11 +0000 Could Have Cut a Better Deal com http://t.co/eJTrhPRA How Instagram2012-08-24 15:10:09 +0000 Duality of 2100 | World Future Society http://t.co/ICTBFrFV The Local-Global Three (Incredibly Simple) Questions The Most Successful People Use To Change The2012-08-24 14:25:06 +0000 World http://t.co/HAJyasLa RT @ralph_ohr: Interesting preso from @Brioneja: #Innovation - The Intersection of2012-08-24 12:23:47 +0000 Value - http://t.co/e5fiPxTt Invention &2012-08-24 08:34:55 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-23 22:37:21 +0000 via @timkastelle The Move from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement http://t.co/Hj547xvU2012-08-23 21:25:06 +0000 #ERP #collaboration Alternative fuels Difference Engine: Competition at the pump http://t.co/lWk8X6jH2012-08-23 19:30:13 +0000 #ethanol Billionaire Peter Thiel invests in the development of 3D printed meat2012-08-23 18:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/G6VQNPNp
  • 64. 2012-08-23 16:55:04 +0000 the Future of Computing ... And Its Analog http://t.co/YinDIt1q Darpa Has Seen2012-08-23 16:35:06 +0000 Turbocharge Your Career Before Breakfast - At Work - WSJ http://t.co/tKJzrGAt2012-08-23 16:25:06 +0000 Startup Stay: Couch-surfing for entrepreneurs - Aug. 21, 2012 http://t.co/5VuqSq39 2012 13.1 Allstate 1/2 Marathon? | Dallas, TX| Saturday, October 27, 2012 @ 7:302012-08-23 15:15:10 +0000 AM http://t.co/EGKKSiow Near Field Communication & The Trough of Disillusionment2012-08-23 14:40:07 +0000 http://t.co/dtXpBbor Backupify: Yes, you should back up your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.2012-08-23 14:00:21how to do it. - Slate Magazine http://t.co/uMHlRa3U Here?s +00002012-08-23 14:00:08 +0000 Alternatives For Editing Photos http://t.co/zzFRurvn Free Photoshop2012-08-23 10:42:15 +0000 Thanks for the RT! @Gwen_Ishmael2012-08-23 10:42:00 +0000 @ralph_ohr Thanks for the RT!2012-08-23 10:25:30 +0000 I gave @ralph_ohr +K about Management on @klout. http://t.co/RgVjL6K32012-08-23 08:34:58 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Why Groupon Is Over and Facebook And Twitter Should Follow2012-08-23 00:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/tetudvkE2012-08-22 22:37:23 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-22 19:25:06 +0000 Low-Power Chips to Model a Billion Neurons - IEEE Spectrum http://t.co/9kSJrWZC Cyborg Me: Our lives will become blurred between ?carbon? and ?artificial.?2012-08-22 18:00:28 +0000 http://t.co/hsWpmn7I2012-08-22 17:40:06 +0000 Begin Making Real Stuff Instead of Websites http://t.co/YLkjceDt Tech Startups2012-08-22 17:35:06 +0000 The future of travel? | The Economist http://t.co/HQv32MLa Driverless cars:2012-08-22 16:00:31 +0000 Guide to Social Collaboration Tools http://t.co/cDxuTAsA Small Business2012-08-22 14:40:06 +0000Capital No Longer Defines Innovation http://t.co/SL5QZinx Why Venture Who Cares If Samsung Copied Apple? - James Allworth - Harvard Business Review2012-08-22 14:15:13 +0000 http://t.co/Y0uHRanU Record #radiation found in fish near #Fukushima plant http://t.co/9nhJyzWv2012-08-22 04:21:33#nuclear #Japan +00002012-08-22 03:02:36 +0000 Dallas 13.1 Allstate 1/2 Marathon? http://t.co/0Lptdw0b #DFW Exclusive: Confessions from the Most Corrupt Apple Store in America2012-08-22 02:23:19 +0000 http://t.co/nwQV4uPN Infographic: The Deadliest Job Isnt What You Expect | Co.Design: business +2012-08-22 00:45:24 +0000 innovation + design http://t.co/RDoHYHP72012-08-21 22:45:02 +0000Samsung Patent Dispute: 20 Talking Points http://t.co/gXVEw8Hr The Apple vs.2012-08-21 22:37:30 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-21 19:05:08 +0000 the World | World Future Society http://t.co/TXZd4N6x Technology vs.
  • 65. RT @MikeBoudreaux: Cool RT @Brioneja: My PCATX preso Innovation: Intersection2012-08-21 18:28:24 +0000 of Invention & Value made it to SlideShares Hot on Li ... Technology & the Future of Violence | Hoover Institution2012-08-21 18:25:06 +0000 http://t.co/rMhhIK9m What Type of Social Media Personality Are You? [INFOGRAPHIC]2012-08-21 17:05:07 +0000 http://t.co/2cu000fU New Wave of Deft Robots Is Changing Global Industry - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-08-21 16:05:08 +0000 http://t.co/F1p4gHxV Are online collaboration tools ready for your business? | ZDNet2012-08-21 15:05:06 +0000 http://t.co/hNt2sYtC2012-08-21 15:00:20 +0000 Paul Rux: Do-it-yourself policing and other trends http://t.co/p4Cmnx5w Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram |2012-08-21 14:45:14 +0000 ExtremeTech http://t.co/edFnHnEe2012-08-21 14:35:28 +0000 I gave @Jabaldaia +K about Innovation on @klout. http://t.co/MK2sl3IJ My preso #Innovation: The Intersection of Invention & Value had 1000 views2012-08-21 12:30:07 +0000for the support! http://t.co/GR2ujZlq #prodmgmt in 2 days! Tks The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-21 08:35:02 +0000 @DallasBuilder2012-08-21 01:40:02 +0000 Thanks for the RT! @cindyfsolomon2012-08-21 00:53:48 +0000 thanks for the RT! @tipsstartups2012-08-21 00:52:57 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @jonihoadley Ins and Outs of Publishing Your Book via the Web - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-08-20 23:42:12 +0000 http://t.co/GjWQpgRM Lessons From A Chance Encounter w Russell Kirsch, Inventor of the Computer2012-08-20 23:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/BapsyAZU The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-20 22:37:29 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager The needs of the business always trump our desire for control2012-08-20 22:00:16 +0000 http://t.co/hOsUDDPR Mapping The Future Of Education Technology | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and2012-08-20 20:35:06 +0000 innovation http://t.co/t0lwjq0I2012-08-20 20:10:06 +0000 Luck by @stephenshapiro http://t.co/5mP5cA8t How Goals Kill RT @wimrampen: Innovation: The Intersection of Invention and Value. by2012-08-20 19:29:56 +0000 @Brioneja http://t.co/LdyUppPB2012-08-20 19:25:05 +0000 Out On An Internal Social Network? http://t.co/dSVhsD3f Are You Missing2012-08-20 18:20:06 +0000 The New Corporate Garage - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/7wyP2C3Q Red wine compound could help seniors walk away from mobility problems2012-08-20 17:55:15 +0000 http://t.co/k4EqH73v @AIPMM @AIPMMmx Slides from AIPMM Webinar: #Innovation - The Intersection2012-08-20 12:25:05 +0000 of Invention & Value http://t.co/Tk1XJddy #prodmgmt #prodmktg
  • 66. 2012-08-20 08:35:12 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Economists weigh a Chinese hard landing - http://t.co/stZbwc3A2012-08-20 00:00:05 +0000 http://t.co/pl5iilsP The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-19 22:37:33 +0000 via @DonPeppers @ProdMgmtTalk Slides from #ProdMgmtTalk: #Innovation - The Intersection of2012-08-19 22:30:03 +0000 Value http://t.co/Tk1XJddy #prodmgmt #mgmt Invention and2012-08-19 22:09:57 +0000 24 Of The Hottest Body Paint Transformations Ever http://t.co/kU9dli1J RT @Jabaldaia: RT @Brioneja: Slides to my ProductCamp Austin preso Innovation:2012-08-19 20:14:54 +0000 of Invention and Value http://t.co/FmTNW ... The Intersection2012-08-19 20:10:19 +0000 I gave @innovate +K about Open Innovation on @klout. http://t.co/AC2Mmrjj Unable to afford the prosthetic limbs offered by a hospital, Chinese man created his2012-08-19 20:10:04 +0000 hold limb design http://t.co/7FO51POT own grip & My Preso on Innovation & Value made to both the Hot on Twitter & the2012-08-19 20:01:10LinkedIn sections of Slideshares Home Page http://t.co/wXQG0eIY Hot on +00002012-08-19 19:45:06 +0000 New Carbon Network EV Batteries Charge Up to 120x Faster http://t.co/9t1SzYCT Brilliant Pantene TV commercial. The story of a deaf & mute girl who learns to2012-08-19 19:14:27 +0000 against all odds http://t.co/84xw238A play the violin2012-08-19 16:53:18 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-08-19 16:17:34 +0000 It was a great session and great to see you! @equintanilla2012-08-19 16:16:56 +0000 @Jabaldaia Thanks for the RT!2012-08-19 16:16:31 +0000 @MikeBoudreaux Thanks for the RT and congratulations!2012-08-19 16:15:26 +0000 Thanks for the RT! @wimrampen How One Company Made A Multi-Million Dollar Blunder In Buying 14,000 iPads |2012-08-19 16:15:05Mac http://t.co/7dJrNzAV Cult of +0000 My #PCATX preso #Innovation: The Intersection of Invention & Value made it2012-08-19 16:09:51 +0000 "Hot on Twitter" http://t.co/m9NP6riE Thanks! to SlideShares2012-08-19 15:55:04researchers develop new physical face cloning method http://t.co/eRJe8qFi Disney +00002012-08-19 08:35:07 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Brazil?s economy: Facing headwinds, #Brazils President changes course | The2012-08-19 05:05:32 +0000 Economist http://t.co/G7kNhMLK #Brasil My #PCATX preso #Innovation: The Intersection of Invention & Value made it2012-08-18 23:50:03 +0000 "Hot on LinkedIn" http://t.co/m9NP6riE Thanks! to SlideShares2012-08-18 22:37:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation My ProductCamp Austin Preso: #Innovation - The Intersection of Invention and2012-08-18 21:05:06 +0000 Value http://t.co/Tk1XJddy #pcatx #pcampatl #prodmgmt
  • 67. RT @jason_t_echols: Innovation: The intersection of invention and value by2012-08-18 20:40:00 +0000 @brioneja, another great session at #pcatx http://t.co/9KXoRo5e Margaritas, Kardahians and videos at @equintanillas #pcatx session!2012-08-18 20:15:05 +0000 http://t.co/jpXuUhti2012-08-18 18:39:58 +0000 Link works but I think you need to be registered with the WSJ @DavidWLocke2012-08-18 18:20:04 +0000Innovation? - http://t.co/iILeExrP http://t.co/kla1VnCQ You Call That RT @PCAustin: Quote from @rcauvins session: "Your true competition is...how2012-08-18 18:16:22 +0000 your problems today" by Ash Maurya #PCATX customers solve2012-08-18 17:27:46 +0000 Thanks! @jason_t_echols Slides to my ProductCamp Austin preso Innovation: The Intersection of Invention2012-08-18 16:10:05 +0000 and Value http://t.co/Tk1XJddy #pcatx #pcatl #prodmgmt Side-by-side comparisons of IaaS service providers http://t.co/HuTqllqA #Cloud2012-08-18 16:05:05 +0000 #SaaS @cindyfsolomon Slides from #ProdMgmtTalk & @AIPMM webinar:2012-08-18 15:26:31 +0000 Intersection of Invention and Value http://t.co/Tk1XJddy Innovation - The Cloud computing specialists snapped up - http://t.co/stZbwc3A2012-08-18 14:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/cztZY1Rs iTV ? IPod: Why Apples TV Wont Be Nearly as Disruptive as You Hope2012-08-18 14:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/yDX4dspy RT @muckenthaler1: If you dont have a purpose in your life, you will suffer from2012-08-18 14:11:53 +0000 lingering disappointment @thomsinger #PCATX The Digital Adventure: Grab-and-Go Videocams http://t.co/wA20CeWh #travel2012-08-18 13:40:08 +0000 #video2012-08-18 13:32:55 +0000 to a great day at ProductCamp Austin! #PCATX Looking forward The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-18 08:35:10 +0000 @singularityu2012-08-18 00:45:04 prepares for break-up of eurozone - Telegraph http://t.co/OJRr9Mer Finland +00002012-08-17 22:37:41 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-17 21:35:06 +0000 30 Game Changing Innovations That Will Change The World http://t.co/MNfOsIic Khan Academy Launches The Future of Computer Science Education2012-08-17 19:40:06 +0000 http://t.co/8GEmTU3i Reaping the rewards of enterprise social - http://t.co/stZbwc3A2012-08-17 19:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/9TdzyIFE RT @PCAustin: PCA9Session: Jose Briones will present Innovation: The Intersection2012-08-17 18:31:35 +0000 Value" #PCATX" - http://t.co/P87jjZOL of Invention and2012-08-17 18:04:25 Companies Be Truly Innovative? by @sco http://t.co/hskgP19C Can Big +00002012-08-17 16:25:07 +0000treatment breakthrough http://t.co/6wSaQwq0 Breast cancer2012-08-17 16:10:10 Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds [video] http://t.co/qiUdW4hc How to +0000
  • 68. See you at ProductCamp Austin tomorrow! Link to my session Innnovation: The2012-08-17 16:01:57 +0000 Invention & Value http://t.co/PTPRjVGP #PCATX Intersection of Scientists reverse engineer animal brains to create bionic prosthetic eyes2012-08-17 15:05:06 +0000 http://t.co/xBNtrMSR2012-08-17 14:25:06 +0000 Will We Still Have Money in 2100? http://t.co/Nxwh2qsN2012-08-17 13:55:04 +0000 How Product Positioning Affects Product Evaluations http://t.co/K6V5OR92 Book review | The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos Creates | KurzweilAI2012-08-17 13:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/s9WOvbR7 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-17 08:35:13 +0000 @NorthTexasLEAD Apple Tv: Apple TV May Not Become the Streaming Utopia We—And2012-08-17 04:06:25 +0000 Apple—Had Hoped For - @Gizmodo http://t.co/G4bWCUYY FREE BOOKS on Open Innovation and Social Media by @Lindegaard | 15inno2012-08-17 00:26:15 +0000 http://t.co/LbTjWk3w2012-08-16 22:37:40 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Investing in #Brazil?s infrastructure: The road forsaken | The Economist2012-08-16 21:50:06 +0000 http://t.co/U2HAYYH7 #Brasil @PCAustin Will there be a networking get together or dinner on Friday night for2012-08-16 21:19:24 +0000 #PCATX attendees? On your marks - bandwidth, businesses and the cloud - Business Works2012-08-16 20:00:19 +0000 http://t.co/pFDCwtLA Crowd-funding dark side: Sometimes investments go down drain2012-08-16 18:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/q3DVhX022012-08-16 17:50:08 +0000 Far Magazines Must Fall http://t.co/gITKnNjM Wondering How U.S. Mill Re-Opens To Meet Chinas Rising Demand For Diapers2012-08-16 16:30:13 +0000 http://t.co/i9W15fmn2012-08-16 08:35:14 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-08-16 00:20:03 +0000 The Next Bubble http://t.co/KoYgUoxr Strategist Blog:2012-08-15 23:10:05shift in US business confounds Washington http://t.co/KnoelLtj Global +00002012-08-15 22:37:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Samsung says it patented iPhone?s best features before Apple did | Ars Technica2012-08-15 22:30:07 +0000 http://t.co/ajZ5bZ8h Zillow and Other Companies Moving From Consumers to Businesses2012-08-15 20:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/WjvyceNs Apple-Samsung patent lawsuit war: Apple stole from Diamond Touch2012-08-15 18:45:05 +0000 http://t.co/0JzxbVlJ2012-08-15 16:25:04 +0000 significant cancer breakthrough http://t.co/PECm1ei2 Research makes The Key To Great Web Software Is A Consistent, Intuitive User Experience -2012-08-15 16:00:25 +0000 http://t.co/DZSGFaTF2012-08-15 13:50:05 +0000 Part II http://t.co/zNDrXn1f Average Is Over,
  • 69. 2012-08-15 13:40:05 +0000patent claims against Samsung in one chart http://t.co/UFjmqn9a All of Apples Samsung designer on whether they copied Apple: ?No, not at all?2012-08-15 12:35:03 +0000 http://t.co/mgft460X This is my session for the upcoming ProductCamp Austin on #Innovation &2012-08-15 10:26:32 +0000 Value http://t.co/PTPRjVGP #PCATX #Prodmgmt #prodmgmttalk #pcampatl2012-08-15 08:35:42 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA RT @PCAustin: ProductCamp Austin 9 is only 4 days away! Were counting down to2012-08-15 04:23:10 +0000 Check out a few proposed sessions: http:// ... this Saturday. 2012 Texas LEAD - Leadership, Education and Diversity2012-08-15 04:13:01 +0000 Professional Development Conference, 8/24 Austin, TX http://t.co/pecysxUt The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-14 22:38:02 +0000 via @timkastelle Study: 2 Kinds of Tech Start-ups That Get More Valuable Post-IPO2012-08-14 21:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/J1CVXhDt CapLinked: The Easy Way to Raise Capital for Your Startup - Forbes2012-08-14 19:50:06 +0000 http://t.co/UTkJi6Nx Why "utility fogs" could be the technology that changes the world2012-08-14 18:25:05 +0000 http://t.co/eE5VThMZ >> History of CRM ? Customer Relationship Management | software2012-08-14 15:30:17 +0000 customer management http://t.co/v2f3zwiS2012-08-14 14:10:07 +0000 Sees Its Future as a Data Platform http://t.co/9y4vDOJ2 New York City @TimmyBarone Unfortunately the FIFA system is a combination of the PGA ranking2012-08-14 14:05:42 and the BCS system. Monkeys would be better system +0000 Big Changes Are Ahead For The Health Care Industry, Courtesy Of Big Data2012-08-14 13:35:14 +0000 http://t.co/fovQtriI2012-08-14 12:40:05 +0000 Investors Preparting for Collapse of the #Euro http://t.co/Ajl4aKuo #Europe2012-08-14 08:35:44 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA @TimmyBarone @FootyMemes FIFA rankings are decided by monkeys throwing2012-08-14 03:42:56 +0000 with the national flags darts at a board #China has the biggest property bubble in history, which when it pops will sound2012-08-14 03:30:42 +0000 firework accidents http://t.co/SiCUvFvb like a thousand2012-08-14 03:02:37 +0000 Twin Coves Marina http://t.co/IbkL9frZ The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-13 22:38:01 +0000 via @ralph_ohr Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing2012-08-13 20:35:07 +0000 http://t.co/j3qqi2KA Exponential Thinking | Inside Singularity University | Big Think2012-08-13 19:05:10 +0000 http://t.co/1mHurosF
  • 70. 2012-08-13 18:05:13 +0000 5 things your brain does better than a computer http://t.co/UpKClYis #singularity What Mid-Size Businesses Can Learn From the Apples Success http://t.co/B3cL9Rjd2012-08-13 14:50:06 +0000 #prodmgmt @theresai1o Depends on where you are going to. Many countries will not let you in2012-08-13 13:46:32 +0000 unless your passport has either a 3 or 6 months validity2012-08-13 13:35:04 +0000 in the Classroom Help Kids Learn? http://t.co/rUDtrMvs Does More Tech2012-08-13 12:05:05 +0000 about Peak China? http://t.co/wbkKunWc Peak Oil? How2012-08-13 08:35:53 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The Bond Markets China Syndrome http://t.co/lorS0v5H #financial #crisis2012-08-13 04:16:13 +0000 #inflation #Rio2016: The race is on to revamp #Brazils party city http://t.co/u8wjl8Rw2012-08-13 02:55:02 +0000 #olympic #olympics #Brasil #Brazil Rio de Janeiro viewed from Tijuca Forest, one of the most spectacular views in the2012-08-13 02:41:42 +0000 world http://t.co/SpKF5evU #Brazil #Brasil #Rio #Rio2016 @FootballFact101 And outside the #olympics #Brazils #soccer performance has2012-08-13 02:39:36 +0000 been more remarkable http://t.co/WJaTu7jS #futebol #Brasil Rio 2016 #Olympics Unity Video http://t.co/gDHIQnIJ #Olympic #Rio2016 #Brazil2012-08-13 01:41:09 +0000 #Brasil @DavidWLocke I think you are hitting on the key reason of the current patent2012-08-13 00:36:48 +0000 problem @zaibatsu @EricTTung @soshable I still do not understand why they did not2012-08-12 23:56:19 +0000new design in parallel to the old introduce the2012-08-12 23:55:16 +0000 It was a great game! @markramsey @pstokes The iPhone is a clear example that exceptional success requires new2012-08-12 23:55:02 +0000 not just new products business models @Crisaide_Mendes I am hoping that the World Cup will bring other benefits to2012-08-12 23:54:19 +0000 Brazil in the form of better infrastructure and safety2012-08-12 22:37:58 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation A report predicts that #Mexico?s economy, today 1/2 the size of #Brazil?s, could be2012-08-12 21:43:43 +0000 2 within 10 yrs http://t.co/tOJtlBmm the bigger of the Samsung takes on Apple at trial over value of phone features2012-08-12 21:30:07 +0000 http://t.co/M8Cz96w6 Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system2012-08-12 19:10:04 +0000 http://t.co/7uUOiAYW #privacy2012-08-12 18:15:07 later, Athens Olympic venues in decay http://t.co/Xul4FJTx 8 years +00002012-08-12 16:53:36 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 Heres How Apple Asked Samsung For $250 Million Licensing Fees A Year2012-08-12 16:15:04 +0000 http://t.co/08GKNhl52012-08-12 15:30:09 +0000 Dilemma: Great apps for travel http://t.co/q2mfFhP8 The Traveler?s2012-08-12 15:16:33 +0000 lake http://t.co/tDQyryvf Fireworks by the2012-08-12 14:40:02 +0000 Apple?s Jobs Confronted Samsung Over Galaxy, Witness Says http://t.co/vTsszxaQ
  • 71. 2012-08-12 08:35:49 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-08-12 03:54:33 +0000Let me know if I can be of assistance with any of the material @o0KitKat0o @wimrampen @rshevlin @ggheorghiu Depending on the type of innovation, most2012-08-12 03:51:33 +0000least once prior to success ideas pivot at @pstokes I have heard that AT&T is quietly discouraging their employees to2012-08-12 03:50:19 +0000 promote iPhones to reduce revenue share2012-08-12 03:48:42 +0000 only fills up one gap. The key word is portfolio. @edbeaux Ariba @vickyrgomez That was not the presentation of the webinar although they are2012-08-12 03:45:43 +0000post the new one soon related. I will2012-08-12 01:32:12 +0000 It?s Official. Outbound Script Reading Is DEAD. RIP 2012. http://t.co/UrXcsfMc ?Europe Will Collapse as the Soviet Union Did? | FrontPage Magazine2012-08-12 01:25:03 +0000 http://t.co/XQeji5Ac Toddler calls 3-D-printed medical exoskeleton her magic arms - Future of Tech on2012-08-11 23:40:03 +0000 http://t.co/iAAikOxh http://t.co/v2bFztDc My post on #Brazils #Soccer and the Tyranny of High Expectations2012-08-11 22:39:41 +0000 http://t.co/WJaTu7jS #Brasil #Rio #futbol #futebol2012-08-11 22:38:00 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation 10 Smart Things Ive Learned from People Who Never Went to College2012-08-11 22:00:14 +0000 http://t.co/PgY0lAei Brazilians wake up and smell the coffee as they prepare to host 2016 Olympics2012-08-11 21:42:51 +0000 http://t.co/5UWChKOZ #Olympic #Brasil #Brazil #Rio #Olympic #Soccer: #Mexico defies odds to win gold vs. #Brazil http://t.co/f3QXhfRu2012-08-11 19:08:13#Olympics #Brasil +00002012-08-11 18:05:04 +0000 Changing China http://t.co/sgqNtzSk How Weibo Is phenomenal Olympic science legacy (or is that sustainability?)2012-08-11 17:30:11 +0000 http://t.co/yO23XCy62012-08-11 16:05:39 wins 2-1 vs Brazil in the olympic soccer final! Mexico +0000 Half time status: Mexico 1 - Brazil 0. Mexico dominated the first 30 min, Brazil then2012-08-11 14:50:55 +0000 got close to scoring in the last 15 min woke up & Olympic soccer final Mexico vs. Brasil about to start! (@ Trinity Hall Irish Pub and2012-08-11 13:58:33 +0000 Restaurant) http://t.co/SExiH45z2012-08-11 08:35:52 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA @zaibatsu @ericttung @soshable It is amazing to me that anybody could have2012-08-11 05:16:53 +0000 latest Digg redesign would improve traffic thought that the @sniukas Unfortunately nowhere in the article there is a mention of a corporate-2012-08-11 04:54:54 +0000 size revenue success of the initiative The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-10 22:37:59 +0000 via @wimrampen How A Failed Alzheimers Drug Illustrates The Drug Industrys Gambling Problem2012-08-10 22:10:04 +0000 http://t.co/VB7aVxgl #innovation The Perfect Milk Machine: How Big Data Transformed the Dairy Industry - Alexis2012-08-10 19:05:15 +0000 Atlantic http://t.co/0ayj6zWO Madrigal - The
  • 72. TEDxAustin Robyn OBrien: The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick2012-08-10 16:00:59 +0000 Can Do About It http://t.co/tYmDWM9B and What We Major Transformations to 2100: Highlights from the TechCast Project | World2012-08-10 15:30:22Society http://t.co/ZeY5iTCx Future +00002012-08-10 14:15:18 +0000 Nanozyme destroys virus in human cells and in mice http://t.co/GFJ0Yb32 Wall Street Robots Have Taken Over The Market, Horrifying GIF Shows2012-08-10 14:15:17 +0000 http://t.co/UgX4CV8l2012-08-10 14:00:48 +0000 Greatest Books of All Time http://t.co/3ciqnaGl Infographic: The2012-08-10 08:35:54 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA At the Brian Culbertson and David Sanborn Jazz Concert (@ Winspear Opera House)2012-08-10 00:59:34 +0000 http://t.co/k3zbrrk2 Innovation is all about timing: 5 New Car Features That Arent Really New2012-08-10 00:00:04 +0000 http://t.co/py3UTLNF2012-08-09 22:38:06 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-09 21:55:06 +0000 Did The Tech Bubble Burst Again? http://t.co/C0frZcek2012-08-09 19:15:10 +0000 Acquire SaaS Portfolio http://t.co/XWoQSIkY SAP Needs To2012-08-09 17:25:10 +0000 to rain on Silicon Valley giants http://t.co/lJ3V3GR6 Cloud threatens The 22nd Century at First Light: Envisioning Life in the Year 2100 | World Future2012-08-09 16:15:10 http://t.co/TMww0D1j Society +0000 15 Ways Whoever Is Going to Disrupt Your Market Isn?t Like You | The2012-08-09 14:35:10 +0000 Group | http://t.co/bjruM2VT Brainzooming From Bits to Atoms: Co-Creating the Third Industrial Revolution | Inside Singularity2012-08-09 13:15:09 +0000 Think http://t.co/TgfmAIL8 University | Big Google Adds Personal Gmail Results Into Search http://t.co/ZoPgZw60 #seo #sem2012-08-09 13:05:09 +0000 #privacy Make Your Competition Irrelevant - David Aaker - Harvard Business Review2012-08-09 12:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/X79AUORX Euro founder admits some nations may be forced to leave http://t.co/DWVTunDT2012-08-09 11:45:09 +0000 #crisis #Europe #Euro #financial The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-09 08:36:01 +0000 @SteveLevine12012-08-09 03:03:33 +0000 2-Step Verification. Now. http://t.co/e1TpHTVE Turn On Gmails2012-08-09 02:54:46 +0000Be afraid. Be very afraid @jorgebarba2012-08-08 22:40:06 +0000 Corporate Darling to Endangered Species http://t.co/zESBoTwS BlackBerry: From The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-08 22:38:14 +0000 via @jorgebarba2012-08-08 16:55:09 +0000 steps in your sales funnel stages | Aaron Hoos http://t.co/gcuzAVJr Identifying the2012-08-08 16:10:29 +0000 Social Networking Demographic Statistics http://t.co/0BjeeDU5 Pew Internet: Apple to Samsung: The iPhone May Seem Obvious, But it Wasnt2012-08-08 15:35:09 +0000 http://t.co/lhAoj80S2012-08-08 14:40:09 to Educate Yourself Outside the Classroom http://t.co/N2wIKJAs 7 Ways +0000
  • 73. 10 Email Extras You Should Be Using for Increased Productivity2012-08-08 14:15:13 +0000 http://t.co/idD1sGXO @zaibatsu @HuffPostBiz The Stock Market stopped having any relationship to the2012-08-08 14:02:27 +0000 of the US economy a long time ago fundamentals2012-08-08 08:36:00 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA @rcwhalen After bailing Europe out it was inevitable that the Fed would bail2012-08-08 04:07:35 +0000 US consumers will pay through inflation California out. Has anyone been having problems w the latest upgrade of #GoogleMaps for2012-08-08 02:52:41 +0000 installed MapQuest as an alternative b/c of issues #Android? I just Startups Worry that Twitter and Facebook Are Blocking Their Way - Technology2012-08-08 01:31:04 http://t.co/YBZW6hSe Review +00002012-08-08 00:30:14 +0000 Letter regarding Blade Runner http://t.co/0ebvQFO2 #scifi #future Philip K. Dick -2012-08-08 00:10:06 +0000 Early iPhone Prototypes?Photos http://t.co/L8k7iGOK The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-07 22:38:11 +0000 via @timkastelle2012-08-07 20:25:06 +0000 Dream of Jumping on Super-Fast Network http://t.co/IbTcUY0r Entrepreneurs Stories of failure and redemption | Startup America Partnership2012-08-07 19:15:13 +0000 http://t.co/KlhdQhxP First Mars photo is Photoshopped with a number of well-known memes2012-08-07 18:15:44 +0000 http://t.co/fO0sIuTk2012-08-07 16:55:09 +0000 Revolution Is on Its Way http://t.co/fl6APArd The Information2012-08-07 15:00:32 +0000 Customer-Centric - Innovation Games http://t.co/fJioPOEL The Smartphone Shakeout: Time Is Running Out for a Viable No. 32012-08-07 13:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/YXnkw3jI2012-08-07 08:36:01 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Cable TV Continues Slow Death, Losing 400,000 Customers This Year2012-08-07 00:15:10 +0000 http://t.co/ELY57s2R2012-08-06 22:57:28 +0000 Im at The riverwalk (San Antonio, TX) http://t.co/FUT9vszW The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-06 22:38:19 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-08-06 22:30:17 Survive a #Cyberwar http://t.co/mOAlCL0s #stuxnet How to +00002012-08-06 22:17:59 +0000 @rshevlin @ggheorghiu @wimrampen It is best to have a combination of skills @rshevlin @ggheorghiu @wimrampen Persons skilled at execution are typically not2012-08-06 22:17:44 +0000 good at recognizing the need and the direction to pivot @rshevlin @ggheorghiu @wimrampen Unfortunately is not that simple. Most ideas2012-08-06 22:16:54 +0000 before achieving success have to morph The Internet Is Disrupting Every Sector, But at Different Rates2012-08-06 21:40:06 +0000 http://t.co/vHAYcXqu On my way to San Antonio, TX (@ Dallas Love Field (DAL) w/ 26 others)2012-08-06 18:39:45 +0000 http://t.co/MjX41PGU
  • 74. This #Olympics has seen records smashed. So what are the limits on the human2012-08-06 17:25:06 achievements? http://t.co/JL7ycjFe #olympic body?s +00002012-08-06 14:00:32 +0000 That Will Change Your Tomorrow http://t.co/3ew84g4A 32 Innovations RT @ProdMgmtTalk: #ProdMgmtTalk twitter transcript July 23: Innovation: result2012-08-06 12:19:55 +0000 of invention & value w/ @brioneja htt ... of intersection The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-06 08:36:06 +0000 @prwpmp @solar_power_kit I was within the first 5.23% of users to join Twitter http://t.co/fC9vpNdf via2012-08-06 04:31:50 +0000 @idegoco2012-08-06 02:11:47 +0000 Were you able to attend the webinar? @vickyrgomez @TravelingDad Yes they lost a lot of money on their remaining shares, however it2012-08-06 02:11:13 +0000 trading on inside knowledge does not excuse @DavidWLocke I think what is broken is the "non-obvious" criteria when granting2012-08-06 02:10:14 +0000 did a better job there would be no problems patents. If they2012-08-06 02:08:54 +0000 @Bellcomuk Thanks! @pstokes It is striking how much revenue Apple gets from phone minutes revenue2012-08-06 02:08:11 +0000 sharing. That was the real genius of Steve Jobs RT @Brainzooming: 15 Ways Whoever Is Going to Disrupt Your Market Isn?t Like2012-08-06 02:06:12 +0000 You http://t.co/3DCksmoe #strategy2012-08-06 02:06:06 +0000 Very good article! @Brainzooming2012-08-05 22:38:16 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Ranking #Olympic athletes: The greatest...at what? Determining the greatest2012-08-05 22:15:07 +0000 global pub game? http://t.co/JhDkt03E #Olympics Olympian is ?the Europe Will Require New Vehicles to Include Autonomous Self-Braking System2012-08-05 21:10:05 +0000 http://t.co/GrogSI3T2012-08-05 19:45:07 +0000 That Can Send the U.S. Over the Cliff http://t.co/o3kUZv96 10 ?Kicked Cans? Revolution in the Arab world: The twilight of the dictators | The Economist2012-08-05 18:42:11 +0000 http://t.co/Cc1stb5o2012-08-05 16:53:53 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 AIIM Industry Watch: The SharePoint Puzzle ? adding the missing pieces2012-08-05 16:25:05 +0000 http://t.co/dWeC8rTg RT @ProdMgmtTalk: Please RT: Content @AIPMM webinar Aug 3 w/ @brioneja2012-08-05 15:44:24 +0000 #Innovation #storify http://t.co/38F5CJY3 slideview http://t.co/P ... SharePoint: un-planned, under-developed and un-loved - but not un-popular2012-08-05 15:00:17 +0000 http://t.co/c4BgVlsr Five Funding Options for Starting up | Fox Small Business Center2012-08-05 13:20:05 +0000 http://t.co/LoEU0UAT This alternative #olympic medal count takes into account size of economy2012-08-05 12:05:03 +0000 population & income/head http://t.co/AvUtKTuM #olympics #London2012
  • 75. 2012-08-05 08:36:10 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-04 22:38:18 +0000 via @timkastelle Heres The Part Of Facebooks Earnings Call That Caused The Stock To Crash2012-08-04 22:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/XqbICRIT Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Will Bionic Limbs Put the #Olympics to Shame?2012-08-04 21:05:04 +0000 http://t.co/afHLVYuG #olympic #London2012 #2012olympics2012-08-04 20:30:12 +0000 Healthcare - ECM Expert Blog http://t.co/9leHResb No Cloud - No2012-08-04 19:25:04education: The college-cost calamity | The Economist http://t.co/MZKeIyiF Higher +0000 Forget drugs. There are suggestions Chinese athletes genes are altered to make2012-08-04 17:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/QdOMUXfO #olympics #olympic... them stronger2012-08-04 16:45:08 +0000 Never forget marketing http://t.co/mMUIQpNk2012-08-04 16:10:06 +0000 Ruse To Check Out His Competition : NPR http://t.co/Kj1NQOHn One Job Seekers2012-08-04 15:35:08 +0000 3 Powerful "Friends" Every Entrepreneur Must Have - Forbes http://t.co/YQF9zr6Q Conventional online universities consider strategic response to Massive Open2012-08-04 13:30:10Courses http://t.co/VyxV1ogw Online +00002012-08-04 12:45:04 +0000 American should see http://t.co/Sf8eovf4 20 places every The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-04 08:36:09 +0000 @aj_wood2012-08-04 03:22:19stronger ? and high http://t.co/hXULws8e #olympic #olympics #london2012 Faster, +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-03 22:38:24 +0000 via @Jabaldaia2012-08-03 21:25:04 +0000 The iPhone Generates Almost Two-Thirds Of Apples Profit http://t.co/1EGGl2Gm2012-08-03 20:40:06 +0000 Marc Andreessen Explains Why Software Is Eating the World http://t.co/FuCjwlZF What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast | Fast Company2012-08-03 20:25:07 +0000 http://t.co/FgTochU62012-08-03 19:10:06 Cues That Sway You by @KareAnderson http://t.co/BzMAMMpr Hidden +00002012-08-03 18:38:55 +0000Thanks for the interest! @o0KitKat0o RT @aipmm: @aipmm @Brioneja Youre quoted @AIPMM webinar tweets2012-08-03 18:38:35 +0000 #Innovation Defined w/ @brioneja http://t.co/FASlQqmF & http://t.co/ ...2012-08-03 18:30:15 +0000 Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real http://t.co/ndi8r6ZD Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change | Video on http://t.co/0gSuBJiM2012-08-03 16:55:06 +0000 http://t.co/NuC2YE912012-08-03 16:25:07 +0000 10 ebooks a financial software firm should write | Aaron Hoos http://t.co/tICi8lXl2012-08-03 15:40:07 +0000 Microsofts radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight http://t.co/EdJ7Civ0
  • 76. Looking forward to todays #prodmgmt webinar on #Innovation, Invention &2012-08-03 15:39:17 +0000 #prodmgmttalk http://t.co/8bZ1DlIs #prodmgmttalk Value #innochat2012-08-03 15:35:16 Destroy Your Business in 3 Simple Steps - Forbes http://t.co/Q6K1E0HZ How to +0000 Join us in 1 hour for my webinar "Innovation: The Intersection of Invention &2012-08-03 15:16:07http://t.co/8bZ1DlIs #innovation #prodmgmt Value" +0000 RT @aipmm: In 1 hour: Webinar http://t.co/Tb3gmF1M Innovation: Result of2012-08-03 15:09:28 +0000 Invention & Value w/ @brioneja #innovation ... Intersection of Writing graphics software gets much easier: New programming language yields2012-08-03 14:30:14 +0000 code that?s shorter, clearer and faster http://t.co/jYMfQ5BB The Planning Fallacy and the Innovators Dilemma by @ScottdAnthony2012-08-03 13:05:13 +0000http://t.co/SLI5Cvqk @HarvardBiz2012-08-03 08:36:16 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-08-03 04:08:26Capital?s Software Glitch Costs it $440 Million http://t.co/UJ9BwMlY Knight +00002012-08-02 22:38:20 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-08-02 21:15:06 +0000 The Future Is Unevenly Distributed http://t.co/ihlJKMUo2012-08-02 20:40:06 +0000 Forecasting Public Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise - Forbes http://t.co/8ft04b4F US Rail renovations: The most expensive tunnel in the world | The Economist2012-08-02 20:15:11 +0000 http://t.co/AZQyrW40 Professor Billionaire: The Stanford Academic Who Wrote Google Its First Check2012-08-02 19:45:07 +0000 http://t.co/66q02ndS2012-08-02 19:35:07 +0000 Amazons recommendation secret - Fortune Tech http://t.co/AWKjrz1c @jgombita @Rolo0321 @csinkus They are not tales. This is a recent example2012-08-02 18:41:21 +0000 http://t.co/iNgtBMFL2012-08-02 18:15:08 +0000 simple recipe for success: Do it right http://t.co/2wyOxRWF Five Guys found Brain imaging can predict how intelligent you are, study finds2012-08-02 16:20:07 +0000 http://t.co/3Vpcqw7B Jonathan Ive: Apples goal isnt to make money but to make good products2012-08-02 15:00:48 +0000 http://t.co/Y1nWgo0c Apple-Samsung Trial: Designer Christopher Stringer reveals iPhone design process2012-08-02 12:30:10 +0000 http://t.co/TmTCXWE9 Innovation Excellence | Value of Managing Innovation across Three Horizons2012-08-02 12:30:09 +0000 http://t.co/T8mcv0Gn2012-08-02 08:36:18 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-08-02 01:15:12 +0000 Willingly Pay Speed Traders Extra Billions http://t.co/GRfCX7ms Why Investors2012-08-01 23:43:19in the year 2000 as seen in 1900 http://t.co/S40F9lwg France +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-08-01 22:38:26 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager
  • 77. 2012-08-01 20:10:07 +0000 AI software predicts when youre about to get sick http://t.co/PN8jdOpZ Apple-Samsung trial gives us a look at Apples design process & how the2012-08-01 19:25:05 +0000 its design aesthetic http://t.co/1guu5NMh company forms Gartner Hype Cycle for CRM Sales, 2012: Sales Turns to the Cloud for Quick Relief -2012-08-01 16:40:07http://t.co/w9q6Pa6V Forbes +00002012-08-01 16:40:06 +0000 The Proper Scope of the Copyright and Patent Power http://t.co/LHclnkzK What happens if you look at #olympic medal count adjusted by population or GDP?2012-08-01 16:14:39 +0000 Great chart http://t.co/91W48Bqq #olympics #London2012 RT @ProdMgmtTalk: @AIPMM webcast: Aug 3 Innovation: Result of Intersection of2012-08-01 15:29:53 +0000 Value w/ Jose Briones @brioneja http://t.c ... Invention & Meet The Newest Cable TV Company: Google - Business Insider2012-08-01 15:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/ue52t5vG Facebook Better Get Mobile Quick. 102M People Accessed Solely From Mobile In2012-08-01 14:20:10 +0000Since March http://t.co/5sdQSkOA June, Up 23% Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare as Corporate Focus Groups - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-08-01 13:20:09 +0000 http://t.co/TGke2V2F The number & variety of #AAC apps for the iPad are growing daily & must2012-08-01 12:59:21 +0000 on individual needs http://t.co/ztfE6lf2 #ASD #edapp be chosen based Record joblessness in #euro zone; hope fades for quick ECB cure2012-08-01 11:00:21 +0000 http://t.co/s905K9hc The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-08-01 08:36:19 +0000 @NewCommGlobal @NorthTexasLEAD2012-08-01 00:45:05 +0000 flight from Spain | The Economist http://t.co/B8wmInBJ The Euro: The2012-07-31 23:00:23 +0000 As Acquisition Targets | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/W8CrkUYk Concur, NetSuite2012-07-31 22:38:30 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-31 22:30:14 +0000 Steps to Become an Adaptable Business http://t.co/QT4cw5Q7 Brian Solis? 10 Intelligent Business Operations: BPM & Analytics in the Event-Driven2012-07-31 19:50:06 +0000 Enterprise http://t.co/5JQTHEus2012-07-31 18:40:07 Internet Chat Programs of 2012 http://t.co/UgJHboe9 5 Great +00002012-07-31 18:30:14 +0000 Marketings Next New Thing: Task-List Integration - Forbes http://t.co/HycFskq92012-07-31 16:26:49 +0000 too many patents in America? http://t.co/NTbfPoXg Are there really Cancer Genomes Let Drugmakers Get Personal - Technology Review2012-07-31 16:09:32 +0000 http://t.co/56ye28iG2012-07-31 15:55:07 +0000Is the Place to Be http://t.co/wNJBAlfE Why Android2012-07-31 14:50:07 +0000 Innovation Excellence | Design Thinking Requires Storytelling http://t.co/8D02tcL1
  • 78. RT @ProdMgmtTalk: Upcoming @AIPMM Webinar Series: http://t.co/ovoWGiV42012-07-31 12:15:14 +0000 Aug 3 Innovation: The Result of the Intersection of Invention and ...2012-07-31 12:15:06 +0000 Commodity prices: Downhill cycling | The Economist http://t.co/xCTaX4Pv2012-07-31 08:36:22 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Oil pipeline crunch shifts U.S. shale race from drillbits to valves2012-07-31 02:59:09 +0000 http://t.co/SUgVk2Yk #Energy The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-30 22:38:33 +0000 via @wimrampen2012-07-30 21:35:08 +0000 Medal Standings http://t.co/VYHZqd8p #Olympics #London2012 2012 #Olympic How many athletes does it take to win an #olympic medal? Athletes to Medals Won2012-07-30 17:07:03 +0000 http://t.co/EZ3SGsDw #olympics #London2012 Chart by Country Abundance on Trial: The Cultural Significance of #Sustainability2012-07-30 15:25:23 +0000 http://t.co/ShmHiHNR MIT Fellow Michael Schrage: Real Innovators Invest In Customers - Forbes2012-07-30 14:20:07 +0000 http://t.co/dxy5z8WF Im attending TECH Nest Networking - One Year Anniversary http://t.co/oObYQ8ey2012-07-30 13:50:38 +0000 #constantcontact Please join us for my webinar: Innovation - The Intersection of Invention and Value.2012-07-30 13:00:28 +0000 Aug 3 http://t.co/pcn9SiFt2012-07-30 08:36:18 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA At the Air Supply/Dallas POPS Orchestra concert (@ Winspear Opera House w/ 82012-07-30 00:26:46 http://t.co/n61lHmoV others) +00002012-07-29 22:38:31 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-29 21:45:33 +0000 Facebooks results: First-night blues | The Economist http://t.co/80MU5IO4 How Speedo Created A Record-Breaking Swimsuit http://t.co/ol6WNprK #olympic2012-07-29 21:06:28 +0000 #olympics #swimming 9 Routine Tasks You Should Eliminate From Your Workday | http://t.co/LrbloZkA2012-07-29 20:20:03 +0000 http://t.co/ieb31kXs2012-07-29 19:50:04 +0000 Financial innovation: The complex reflex | The Economist http://t.co/SfhsA16v2012-07-29 16:54:13 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 How Your Brand Can Stand Out From the Rest on Google and Facebook2012-07-29 16:50:07 +0000 http://t.co/Z1pQrqsA Transparency: Paying the Same Amount for Smaller Products - Business - GOOD2012-07-29 14:45:09 +0000 http://t.co/bcrGDnpi2012-07-29 08:36:31 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Researchers develop femtosecond laser that can diagnose, blast cancerous tumors2012-07-29 05:03:26 +0000 http://t.co/EBEz0HA2 via @engadget
  • 79. CHART OF THE DAY: The US Garbage Indicator Is Sending An Ominous Sign For The2012-07-28 23:51:39 +0000 Economy - Business Insider http://t.co/WXZ1MVhX The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-28 22:38:30 +0000 via @PaulSloane2012-07-28 16:20:46TX makes #4 in Forbes List of Americas Coolest Cities http://t.co/gLaYzXmI Dallas, +00002012-07-28 15:25:06Prey on Hotel Internet Connections http://t.co/0fENTdvI Crooks +0000 Hierarchy of INTERNET needs | What Would The Internet Do?2012-07-28 14:10:05 +0000 http://t.co/BDTOed5E2012-07-28 08:36:30 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-28 03:04:31 +0000 won my vote for the best commercial of the #olympic games P&G just The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-27 22:38:36 +0000 via @wimrampen Aligning Software Development Teams through Collaborative Design Management2012-07-27 20:20:05 +0000 http://t.co/MUhRN0Xv Innovate Or Become Irrelevant: 4 Ways to Use Social Enterprising to Drive2012-07-27 19:15:16 +0000 Innovation - Forbes http://t.co/JFGbTvpn Michael Norton: How to buy happiness | Video on http://t.co/0gSuBJiM2012-07-27 17:30:18 +0000 http://t.co/MYbs7Gn12012-07-27 16:30:18 read before making any venture capitalist pitch http://t.co/QAvwvqcR A must +00002012-07-27 16:15:09 +0000 Bigger Economies Than Entire Countries http://t.co/fcqkUURJ U.S. Cities With The Hero?s Journey of Open Design | What Would The Internet Do?2012-07-27 14:10:06 +0000 http://t.co/ppcowCGF The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-27 08:36:33 +0000 @NorthTexasLEAD Former head of structured credit: We saw numbers behave in ways barely2012-07-27 00:35:04 +0000 conceived possible http://t.co/RhbQJqpW The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-26 22:38:40 +0000 via @jorgebarba At the benefit for Aurora, CO victims (@ Sambuca w/ 2 others)2012-07-26 21:54:13 +0000 http://t.co/ihP377aV Europe Takes The Lead Toward Approval Of First Gene Therapy Drug | Singularity2012-07-26 18:35:08 +0000 Hub http://t.co/9hYnjQN82012-07-26 18:19:05 +0000 @TravelingDad That falls perilously close to insider trading. @RichMironov 6 Free How-To Guides on #ERM, #SocBiz, #BPM, #Capture, #SharePoint and2012-07-26 18:05:08 +0000 #Taxonomy - Digital Landfill http://t.co/VWXAocOy RT @aipmm: Upcoming @AIPMM Webinar Series: http://t.co/Tb3gmF1M Aug 32012-07-26 17:29:35 +0000 Result of the Intersection of Invention and Value ... Innovation: The2012-07-26 16:15:18 to Take Advantage of LinkedIn?s Redesign http://t.co/u6v0wInS 3 Ways +0000
  • 80. 2012-07-26 15:10:15 +0000 Salute to the India of ideas | The Economist http://t.co/XqYb0c1v Things That Technology Should Have Killed by Now - A Listly List2012-07-26 15:00:15 +0000 http://t.co/txw3Kg612012-07-26 14:35:08 +0000 Why Conventional Wisdom Isn?t http://t.co/V4wiQIWU2012-07-26 12:30:11 +0000 be the biggest threat facing companies today http://t.co/OcsCFEjv Conformity may2012-07-26 08:37:21 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-26 07:50:04Tools Race to Improve User Experience http://t.co/7MzvSTdk Survey +00002012-07-26 01:35:04 +0000 Closer Look at Middle Class Decline http://t.co/50HLTOvT The Agenda: A The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-25 22:39:26 +0000 @Jabaldaia via @lindegaard Scientists create transparent solar panels out of glass-like plastic2012-07-25 20:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/dHIgcSgS US Regaining Manufacturing Might With Robots and 3D Printing2012-07-25 19:00:15 +0000 http://t.co/XSk5U7DI2012-07-25 18:05:09 Stem Cells Found to Restore Memory http://t.co/yNkNuY1R Human +0000 The Promise: Two wealthy men set out to transform the lives of 59 poor children -2012-07-25 17:23:54 +0000 Post http://t.co/mm0sLimh The Washington2012-07-25 16:15:16 +0000 Established Platform http://t.co/jywZZIuw Dethroning an2012-07-25 14:35:07 +0000 the Right Hire, Create Her http://t.co/b5jGSNcF If You Cant Find Rating Agency Worker: We dont seem to have learned from the crisis. Its back to2012-07-25 10:17:58 +0000 http://t.co/iAyFLtFa business as usual The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-25 08:37:26 +0000 @nickdemey The Story of Steve Jobs: An Inspiration or a Cautionary Tale? | Wired Business |2012-07-25 05:50:15 +0000 http://t.co/1YfBmErG http://t.co/07CNIYge2012-07-25 03:51:02 +0000 World Aquarium http://t.co/TH1g4CgU Video of Dallas2012-07-25 03:44:27 +0000 2012: The Best Pictures Of The Year, So Far http://t.co/uhcxNpSN Amazing Photos Thanks to those who listened to our #prodmgmttalk on #innovation & value.2012-07-25 02:36:49 +0000 can be found here http://t.co/Y4Vjt5Eg Voice recording Thanks to @innovate for naming me one of the Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 20122012-07-25 02:28:21 +0000 http://t.co/uClUQfBm2012-07-25 02:03:24 +0000 http://t.co/wPXk89pb Lake Grapevine2012-07-24 23:40:04 +0000 Why Are The Global Financial Markets Tanking Again? http://t.co/eF8vuugd2012-07-24 22:39:28 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation An Evolving Perspective | Inside Singularity University | Big Think2012-07-24 19:25:06 +0000 http://t.co/sj4iYunk Are You on Twitter? Then You?re a Writer. So Start Acting Like One2012-07-24 17:17:05 +0000 http://t.co/vwfVVvFd The End of Chinese Manufacturing and Rebirth of U.S. Industry - Forbes2012-07-24 16:30:13 +0000 http://t.co/IuBd61E2
  • 81. RT @innovate: Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012 - http://t.co/dhmS0rf0 -2012-07-24 16:15:15 +0000 Innovation Excellence - #innovation #twitter #author #sm #mgmt2012-07-24 16:00:29is King, then, Logic is Queen! http://t.co/PFYIFJAA If Data +00002012-07-24 15:20:10 +0000 How Mobile Phones Are Dramatically Changing The World http://t.co/yT8djwuh2012-07-24 14:55:06 +0000 Minority Report software hits the real world http://t.co/zyvbBnjS We Have Entered the World of Disaster Economics - Business News - CNBC2012-07-24 14:39:04 +0000 http://t.co/GxGk2PBq The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-24 08:37:25 +0000 @iliveindallas Crovitz: Who Really Invented the Internet? - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-07-24 03:22:10 +0000 http://t.co/8gwinvIW via @WSJ2012-07-24 02:49:20 +0000 to Decadence - http://t.co/xFBKCfv3 Argentina?s Way2012-07-23 22:39:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation @ProdMgmtTalk Our #prodmgmttalk discussion on innovation and value starts in 5 minutes2012-07-23 21:59:21 +0000 #prodmgmttalk Join us in 10 min for "Innovation is Intersection of Invention & Value"2012-07-23 21:52:35 +0000 http://t.co/6xPbcDIx Tweetchat http://t.co/Xzg9WJ2l BlogTalkRadio @intunit Because they have been artificially propped up by printing money and2012-07-23 16:37:28 +0000 enough that is no longer2012-07-23 16:30:22 +0000 Entrepreneurship from @Roshanga. Thanks! http://t.co/p8c73HfD I received +K in2012-07-23 14:35:06 +0000 Nexus 7 Tablet Is Hotter Than Apples iPad http://t.co/rwwPMcTq Why Googles The laser-powered bionic eye that gives 576-pixel grayscale vision to the blind |2012-07-23 14:25:05 +0000 ExtremeTech http://t.co/MUxNEbEO2012-07-23 13:25:04 +0000 is changing, from food trends to high tech http://t.co/GyCCwWYo How the world Chinas giant electronics supplier Foxconn eyes replacing workers with industrial2012-07-23 12:50:04http://t.co/XJ7NwHGb robots +0000 Global Product Management Talk On Innovation: The Result Of The Intersection Of2012-07-23 12:45:04 +0000 Value | PRLog http://t.co/QCpvy6lq Invention And2012-07-23 08:37:24 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA RT @ProdMgmtTalk: RT @rattay: Think about innovation as the intersection2012-07-23 03:36:06 +0000 between invention & value: Jose Briones, Ph.D. #ProdMgmtTal ...2012-07-23 03:09:36economy in worst shape since 2009 http://t.co/0ngowfD5 Global +00002012-07-23 02:19:58 +0000 To $8 Natural Gas http://t.co/ND0BwCqq #energy Were Headed2012-07-22 22:39:30 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-22 21:15:05a+0000 Is Digg harbinger in social media? | http://t.co/YmvgfkB1 http://t.co/97yLCX4J
  • 82. 2012-07-22 18:31:47 +0000 Highlands Golf Course (Dallas, TX) http://t.co/gefr05Ze Im at Tenison2012-07-22 16:55:16 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 RIM strategy: Android, Windows Phone could save BlackBerry brand2012-07-22 15:55:03 +0000 http://t.co/ety2xgen2012-07-22 14:55:03 picture trumps technology every time http://t.co/jinBw7cr by @startuppro The big +0000 RT @aipmm: RT @DerekBrittonUK: "Think about innovation as the intersection [of]2012-07-22 14:08:52 +0000 value" @brioneja http://t.co/moqNvCGC #p ... invention &2012-07-22 14:03:48 +0000 Do Your Job - Technology Review http://t.co/l1xvBf1B When Machines My nominations for the top innovation tweeters of 2012 @ralph_ohr2012-07-22 13:56:11 +0000 @ariegoldshlager @DonPeppers @JorgeBarba @innovate My nominations for the top innovation tweeters of 2012 @PaulSloane2012-07-22 13:54:56 +0000 @lindegaard @timkastelle @jabaldaia cc:@innovate @wimrampen RT @innovate: Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012 - http://t.co/PNv2kpFX -2012-07-22 13:42:26 +0000 Nominations Open - #top10 #oi #mgmt #twitter #social #sm2012-07-22 08:37:37 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-22 02:57:18 +0000 Economic history: Muddled models | The Economist http://t.co/vKBteDZA Why Google or Facebook Buying Your Favorite Startup Means It?s Probably Toast |2012-07-22 00:52:25 +0000 Techland | http://t.co/4ho7erUL http://t.co/q1VCt1P82012-07-21 22:39:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Do-it-yourself apps: Make your own Angry Birds | The Economist2012-07-21 19:45:04 +0000 http://t.co/UvPzmgOq2012-07-21 15:40:04 +0000 Android App Makes Smartphones Accessible for the Blind http://t.co/3LE7OTgJ RT @IXchat: Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012 - http://t.co/RPnX0zzX -2012-07-21 15:38:28 +0000 Nominations Open - #top10 #oi #mgmt #twitter #social #sm2012-07-21 15:35:04 +0000 are not our economic backbone http://t.co/kZlFCWKD Small businesses2012-07-21 14:30:13 +0000 Sorry, Marketers, Youre Doing Twitter Wrong [REPORT] http://t.co/fi8AfiEG Managing the strategy journey - McKinsey Quarterly - Strategy - Strategic Thinking2012-07-21 14:10:03 +0000 http://t.co/KzjcrnqA Researcher Andrew McAfee says advances in computing & artificial2012-07-21 12:50:02 +0000 intelligence could create a more unequal society. Review...2012-07-21 08:37:34 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-21 00:33:45 +0000 and a Sale Gone Horribly Awry http://t.co/GSiXDHfK Goldman Sachs @reinventioninc @Digitaltonto @ralph_ohr @Paul4innovating @greggfraley2012-07-20 22:44:24 +0000 @lindegaard @ovoinnovation @chuckfrey @ariegoldshlager Thanks! #FF The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-20 22:39:39 +0000 @ariegoldshlager via @ralph_ohr
  • 83. RT @cindyfsolomon: @lori19stewart @rattay Thanks for RTs! Join us w/ @brioneja2012-07-20 22:27:58 +0000 Invention & Value #ProdMgmtTalk http: ... Intersection of Innovation Excellence | Nominations Open ? Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 20122012-07-20 22:24:48 +0000 http://t.co/gFxhZWyI Innovation Works Best When Government Does Least - Forbes2012-07-20 19:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/9YlmLX9H2012-07-20 18:35:09 +0000 30-Second Elevator Pitch: The Kick http://t.co/1KOhamyM Vast Gene Study Raises Hopes for Colon Cancer Drugs - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-07-20 18:30:19 +0000 http://t.co/uovRbhVN2012-07-20 16:10:07 +0000 Alive and Booting: 8 Reasons The PC Still Matters http://t.co/vSXnSTmN Bio-Retina Implant Could Give Laser-Powered Sight to the Blind2012-07-20 15:35:09 +0000 http://t.co/RJo6GmIE Video - Young Scientist Builds a Better Search Engine - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-07-20 14:43:43 +0000 http://t.co/DRQl98x32012-07-20 14:20:07 +0000 Predicting the Future http://t.co/YO58ojG1 by @AndreaMeyer Ray Kurzweil on2012-07-20 13:05:11 +0000 A Minimum Viable Product | http://t.co/bNzIjB7T How To Create2012-07-20 08:37:35 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-19 22:39:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation RT @ProdMgmtTalk: Global Product Management Talk On Innovation: The Result2012-07-19 22:15:41Intersection Of Invention And Value http://t.co/JoazAx ... Of The +0000 Scientists read monkeys inner thoughts: Brain activity decoded while monkeys2012-07-19 20:12:03 +0000 to touch target http://t.co/7fQ0M3lr avoid obstacle How to Turn a Relationship Into a Sale - Keith Ferrazzi - Harvard Business Review2012-07-19 18:25:05 +0000 http://t.co/2oaU6hNA2012-07-19 15:20:13 ?Invisible? Innovation http://t.co/jJ85cF4d India?s +0000 Top Universities Want You to Take Free Online Classes in Your Pajamas2012-07-19 14:15:09 +0000 http://t.co/V5BFYPNV2012-07-19 08:37:34 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-18 22:39:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The Post-Employee Economy: Why Sky-High Profits Are Here to Stay2012-07-18 22:25:04 +0000 http://t.co/JvH3PPHc2012-07-18 22:05:08History of Technology in the Travel Industry http://t.co/eJRPpIyt A Brief +00002012-07-18 20:05:15 +0000 Models Are Easier Than You Think http://t.co/DNBl4bcj Why Financial The Future of Manufacturing Is in America, Not China - By @Wadhwa | Foreign2012-07-18 19:40:06 +0000 Policy http://t.co/Y2ReuFus RT @ProdMgmtTalk: #ProdMgmtTalk 7/23/12 Innovation: The Result of the2012-07-18 19:30:22 +0000 Invention & Value w/ @brioneja http://t.co/2me ... Intersection of What Your Brain Has to Do With Your Brand | http://t.co/CRAkmFqQ2012-07-18 18:55:08 +0000 http://t.co/Qp9hNJN02012-07-18 18:35:08 +0000 and the Death of the Cable Bundle http://t.co/LwzQEEBG The End of TV
  • 84. Recorded Future Attempts To Unlock The Predictive Power Of The Web2012-07-18 18:35:07 +0000 http://t.co/9M5aSqdt Innovation Excellence | Velocity is the Only Innovation Outcome that Matters2012-07-18 15:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/3TxKR4Nh2012-07-18 15:00:34 +0000 Post PC-Era 20 Years Ago - Technology Review http://t.co/1qMYBHJF Predicting the How Effective Leaders Talk (and Listen) - HBR IdeaCast - Harvard Business Review2012-07-18 14:30:17 +0000 http://t.co/FlQWh9s8 The End of Middle Managers (And Why Theyll Never Be Missed)2012-07-18 14:25:07 +0000 http://t.co/VPbqB0fv via @jorgebarba2012-07-18 14:16:40 +0000 The 6 People You Need in Your Corner - Forbes http://t.co/X5iI2jOI RT @TomMallens: The Spiro-Level 3D approach to #innovation management.2012-07-18 13:54:01 to @brioneja. http://t.co/2T7mgPyC Thanks +00002012-07-18 13:53:55 +0000 Thanks for the mention! @TomMallens2012-07-18 13:50:05 +0000 Innovation Excellence | The Truth about Innovation http://t.co/oomEapLQ2012-07-18 08:37:40 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA @Innovation2 I suggest you use an app to space out your tweets2012-07-18 02:20:14 +0000 http://t.co/wPI4d8Ks @autodesk Because manufacturing is reaching the tipping point where technology2012-07-18 02:15:52 +0000 more important than labor and design are2012-07-17 22:39:48 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The airport security scanner that knows what you ate for breakfast2012-07-17 20:35:08 +0000 http://t.co/VFqOZJd92012-07-17 19:15:13to write messages with movement of eyes http://t.co/5jfneA9o Device +00002012-07-17 18:45:08 +0000 in the missing middle : SGEntrepreneurs http://t.co/FPjeay03 Don?t get caught Rethinking the Concept of ?Outliers?: Why Non-Experts are Better at Disruptive2012-07-17 18:20:05 +0000 Innovation | Singularity Hub http://t.co/ia4YkV3c2012-07-17 17:20:06 +0000 with ideas or do they, in fact, control us? http://t.co/qzZkhAcv Do we come up Teaching Innovation Is About More Than iPads in the Classroom | PBS2012-07-17 17:05:06 +0000 http://t.co/Z0VQx6zU2012-07-17 15:40:06 +0000 to the Wrong Exec? | http://t.co/CRAkmFqQ http://t.co/Q4pJJ2gx Are You Selling RT @Paul4innovating: Self inflicted wounds caused by jumping hurdles and closing2012-07-17 15:19:40 +0000 gates on innovation http://t.co/M6WXuNU5 #innovate #bmg ...2012-07-17 15:19:36 +0000 @Paul4innovating Thanks for the mention!2012-07-17 14:45:07 +0000 The third industrial revolution http://t.co/HJkS2Hmi Manufacturing: Bring Out the Best in Others | Say It Better http://t.co/iWcGAqiN by2012-07-17 14:35:06 +0000 @KareAnderson2012-07-17 08:37:43 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-17 03:43:25 +0000 Impossible Mountain Faces To Climb http://t.co/8t0Uy01p
  • 85. 2012-07-17 00:53:05 +0000 Congratulations! @dallasprogress2012-07-17 00:34:29 +0000 Thanks for the mention! What is the new business? @dallasprogress2012-07-16 22:39:46 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-16 15:10:09 +0000 With Apples Siri, a Romance Gone Sour http://t.co/c9EYtML9 The Most Important New Technology Since the Smart Phone Arrives December2012-07-16 14:55:05 +0000 2012 - Technology Review http://t.co/mPYL8gBr2012-07-16 08:37:38 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-16 04:01:57 +0000 Downtown Dallas viewed from Reunion Tower http://t.co/qApP9mgY2012-07-16 03:44:35 +0000 of North Pole Will Give You Shivers http://t.co/qBrYsF1r Huge NASA Pic2012-07-16 03:10:40 +0000 Inside $4.7M Fatal Latex Allergy Case http://t.co/Qk15xNqf2012-07-15 22:39:50 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-15 20:55:02Quandary in the Age of #BigData: Avoid Creepiness http://t.co/pWfwVYuj Ethical +0000 Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech |2012-07-15 19:15:07 +0000 TechCrunch http://t.co/ZzIQqTsk2012-07-15 18:35:07 +0000Apps for Business #Travel http://t.co/D8cQTmv8 4 Underrated2012-07-15 16:55:33 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-07-15 16:00:29 +0000 for reaching 100 http://t.co/SF95QvZl Anti-aging tips Touching the future through Tablets: Social media buzz analysis of top tablet2012-07-15 15:45:06 http://t.co/BUXBtOos makers +0000 My preso "Working in the #Cloud: An Overview" is on Slideshares "Hot on2012-07-15 14:30:29 +0000 LinkedIn" section. Thanks for the interest! http://t.co/EfiuZw3P2012-07-15 08:37:48 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-14 22:39:52 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation 89 Business Cliches That Will Get Any MBA Promoted And Make Them Totally2012-07-14 17:30:09 +0000 http://t.co/es5PR7Zd Useless - Forbes2012-07-14 15:35:30 +0000 The one in Grapevine is much smaller @DallasSocials2012-07-14 15:30:13 +0000 Why Entrepreneurial Thinking Is For Everyone Now http://t.co/BEOet77H2012-07-14 15:28:10 +0000 Dallas World Aquarium http://t.co/UBCvkjWn @DallasSocials2012-07-14 15:05:15viewed from Reunion Tower, Dallas TX http://t.co/65vjgJdW Sunset +0000 How to Optimize Pinterest for Your Startup: 5 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets2012-07-14 14:00:21 +0000 http://t.co/58sVHy552012-07-14 08:37:45 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-14 05:11:42 +0000 What is RIM worth? http://t.co/76hxqdra via @BGR The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-13 22:39:53 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-07-13 22:15:13 +0000 That Sink Many Good Startups - Forbes http://t.co/kNc3g0nh Five Legal Pitfalls Whoever created the world went to a lot of trouble. It would be rude not to go out2012-07-13 21:25:05 +0000 of it as possible Edward Readicker and see as much2012-07-13 19:50:05 +0000 The #Energy Revolution Part One: The Biggest Losers http://t.co/FsTNtObm Keeping the flu away: Synthetic protein activates immune system within two hours2012-07-13 18:30:18 +0000 http://t.co/4JB70pAX
  • 86. In Gene Sequencing Treatment for Leukemia, Glimpses of the Future -2012-07-13 17:50:07 +0000 http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/jSYp43CR2012-07-13 16:05:10 to Unlocking Your Intuition http://t.co/HetENuOX 3 Steps +00002012-07-13 15:43:42 +0000 Innovation Excellence | The Dark Art of Uncertainty http://t.co/FSfa0tsd2012-07-13 14:20:08 +0000to Pick Startup Winners? - Technology Review http://t.co/to2FwoIr An Algorithm My preso: Working in the #Cloud: An Overview http://t.co/mQkAvXZF2012-07-13 14:10:08 +0000 #CloudComputing #SaaS2012-07-13 13:20:08 +0000 Need Business Plans, Too http://t.co/LmeBLm9J Lean Startups Innovation must reads of the week: Why trends are for suckers2012-07-13 12:25:04 +0000 http://t.co/WJ3dN1Qf via @jorgebarba2012-07-13 08:37:56 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Spain Is Doomed: Why Austerity Is Destroying Europe - Matthew OBrien - The2012-07-13 00:20:04 +0000 Atlantic http://t.co/jnp8rQtb The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-12 22:39:57 +0000 via @wimrampen @jorgebarba "The only reason to go anywhere, do anything, bother being alive at all, is to bring2012-07-12 21:20:05 +0000 pleasure to those who are dear" Edward Readicker2012-07-12 19:45:09 +0000 | Rebels at Work http://t.co/yEL9yvbO Working Ahead!!2012-07-12 17:10:06Johnson Quotes (Author of The Ghost Map) http://t.co/kirhzv1Q Steven +00002012-07-12 17:05:08 +0000 4 New Job Search Tools to Check Out in 2012 http://t.co/5zsg7Sg22012-07-12 13:15:09 +0000 Why I Like People with Unconventional Resum?s Review http://t.co/FUaKHIUu2012-07-12 08:37:54 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-11 22:40:01 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation Search Engine Marketing - Googles Knowledge Graph and SEO: Search Gets Smarter2012-07-11 20:45:08 +0000 Article http://t.co/3aF2aZMH : MarketingProfs On the Precipice Of a New #Energy Source? http://t.co/lA19Pa2g #sustainability2012-07-11 19:55:11 +0000 #renewable #LENR2012-07-11 18:40:06 +0000 Automate or Perish? - Technology Review http://t.co/mXbB8pEG At the Tech Wildcatters #PitchDay12 (@ The Magnolia w/ @sarahboswell2012-07-11 18:05:52 +0000 http://t.co/tS90AmqU @jratkins) [pic]: A step back in time: Market analysis for spreadsheet software from winners, losers,2012-07-11 16:30:20 +0000 http://t.co/moMdN2z1 and Microsoft Keeping the flu away: Synthetic protein EP67 helps kick-start the immune system2012-07-11 15:55:06 +0000 http://t.co/88ALRooY The Management Approach Guaranteed To Wreck Your Best People2012-07-11 14:15:11 +0000 http://t.co/YsEdwO9k Innovation Excellence | The Case for an Innovation Redesign (part two)2012-07-11 14:00:31 +0000 http://t.co/YBaTS8q6 Innovation Excellence | Are You Entering a Market or Building One?2012-07-11 13:40:05 +0000 http://t.co/DAqJftVL2012-07-11 08:38:00 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-10 23:50:05 +0000 Deflation Coming to China? Brace Yourself, America http://t.co/zN1uEd1Z
  • 87. 2012-07-10 23:20:04 +0000 Rise of Lean Business - Forbes http://t.co/0welYLuY The Exponential The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-10 22:40:01 +0000 via @Jabaldaia The Sources of the Next American Boom: Nanotech, 3-D printing and other2012-07-10 21:10:05 +0000 innovations http://t.co/jZHkmiBc2012-07-10 20:25:06 +0000 Trend that Will Change Everything http://t.co/Bbtk5a9M The Computing Overview presentation on #CloudComputing that was shown at the recent Dallas2012-07-10 20:05:45Prairie meeting http://t.co/S685WTlZ #Cloud #SaaS Silicon +00002012-07-10 19:55:06Ways That Consumers Are Hopeless at Math http://t.co/OjqU8rfv The 11 +00002012-07-10 17:50:06 +0000 Behavioral Science Can Help Guide Policy http://t.co/DovIej06 Olympus and Apple Join Google With Wearable Computing - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-07-10 16:40:09 +0000 http://t.co/ZFkrFBz2 A Disciple Becomes the Guru: #Innovation in #India http://t.co/sAAF3eTY by2012-07-10 16:05:10 +0000 @wadhwa Every time his doctors tell him to stay put, he heads out b/c traveling may be the2012-07-10 14:45:12 +0000 only thing keeping him alive http://t.co/6E48e3U2 #health2012-07-10 13:40:08 +0000 Chemical Could Replace Sleep http://t.co/5nkR2UDe Snorting a Brain2012-07-10 12:55:07 +0000the immortality of cancer cells http://t.co/esrm51Xr Demystifying2012-07-10 08:38:04 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-09 22:40:04 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation My Blog post on #SteveJobs "Wilderness Years" at NEXT & Pixar & the2012-07-09 21:35:05on todays Apple http://t.co/c90oWrs9 #Technology #Innovation impact +0000 VeriFone And PayPal Partner To Change The Way You Shop At Big Retailers2012-07-09 20:15:20 +0000 http://t.co/8b75KY042012-07-09 19:10:11 +0000 The Truth Behind Amazons Success? Its Kinda Evil. http://t.co/HkDjwcgE Power plants fired by natural gas are now producing as much electricity in the US as2012-07-09 15:50:08 +0000 those run by coal http://t.co/25oAVYDQ cc: DavidWLocke2012-07-09 14:25:06 +0000 include common sense in your analytics http://t.co/mSdWzChx Remember to2012-07-09 13:25:10 +0000 No More Managers. Everyone Leads http://t.co/m0aLlbS92012-07-09 12:15:06 +0000 Financing Options for Entrepreneurs http://t.co/H3PwO0oC New Early Stage The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-09 08:37:56 +0000 @BldgGreen2012-07-09 05:42:05 +0000 Women Still Can?t Have It All - The Atlantic http://t.co/jZGDePOc Magazine - Why2012-07-09 01:35:02 +0000 and recovery: The Iceland question http://t.co/VDOS7W2y Financial Crisis The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-08 22:40:06 +0000 via @PaulSloane Message to Managers: Your Strategy Is Not What You Say It Is2012-07-08 20:15:07 +0000 http://t.co/o3MDVPII For those of you interested in keeping up with the situation in #Mexico, I2012-07-08 19:10:04 +0000 Blog http://t.co/TntPpQVD #MexicoDecides #DrugWar recommend this
  • 88. 2012-07-08 17:53:54 +0000 Sustainability from @Roshanga. Thanks! http://t.co/2I8TCv3Y I received +K in2012-07-08 17:05:06 +0000 The Gift of Intelligence: It Comes in Different Packages http://t.co/zhkT7spT2012-07-08 16:55:43 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 A parliamentary probe into the nuclear disaster at Fukushima found humans at2012-07-08 16:35:08 +0000 fault for the post-tsunami disaster http://t.co/CP7yLwwT2012-07-08 16:15:07 +0000 Way Over Piton de lEau http://t.co/IJoX8q9Z Photo of Milky HOW much money do you need to be happy? Don?t Indulge. Be Happy2012-07-08 15:30:09 +0000 http://t.co/XjhDh6Sv Google Glasses And 7 Other Wearable Tech Inventions That Could Change Your Life2012-07-08 15:10:05 +0000 http://t.co/4qpiXWWR2012-07-08 14:15:06 +0000 is the narrowest since 90s http://t.co/SXS9gsTi Mac vs. PC gap Nexus 7, Google?s New Tablet, Seriously Challenges the iPad - State of the Art -2012-07-08 13:15:04 +0000 http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/NfJcAobC2012-07-08 08:38:06 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-08 01:10:06 +0000 US oil shale resource http://t.co/MNzdBbMl #energy The scope of the The LIBOR scandal: The rotten heart of finance | The Economist2012-07-08 00:40:04 +0000 http://t.co/6fgG5C8a The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-07-07 22:40:06 +0000 via @ralph_ohr Create your own Smartphone App without any Coding Knowledge2012-07-07 22:05:05 +0000 http://t.co/up14piJO http://t.co/slkgddI8 vs. SAP for CRM Market Share | Sramana Mitra2012-07-07 20:35:05 +0000 http://t.co/hUhLRhBd Dilberts boss on #innovation strategy. Unfortunately a way too familiar situation2012-07-07 19:25:03 +0000 http://t.co/61FpaAYD LinkedIns Reid Hoffman: Why You Should Run Your Career Like a Startup - Forbes2012-07-07 18:30:08 +0000 http://t.co/m8eckg9j2012-07-07 16:45:07 +0000 Account Governance - Part Four [Relationship Selling Skills] http://t.co/KvyFFdst 10 most promising up and coming inventions inspired by sci-fi2012-07-07 15:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/EWV84AUL Startup reporters at TechCrunch, sai, inc, WSJ, NY Times and more - Business2012-07-07 13:25:03http://t.co/xowqwpZA Insider +00002012-07-07 12:10:03Best Android Phones Available Now http://t.co/yPbFyFsG The 10 +0000 I received +K in Social Media from @IRememberBetter. Thanks!2012-07-07 09:31:30 +0000 http://t.co/wZ0qY3BT2012-07-07 08:38:06 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-06 22:40:07 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-06 22:05:06 +0000 Thanks Jim! Look forward to working together! @jimwoodslive My Blog post on Steve Jobs "Wilderness Years" at Next & Pixar & their2012-07-06 22:03:18on todays Apple http://t.co/6OdbPTvS #Technology #Innovation impact +0000
  • 89. 2012-07-06 21:45:04 +0000 The strange reason diet soda makes you fat http://t.co/WuHRa4Td #Health Apple?s tech innovation has gotten boring. It?s time for something new2012-07-06 21:30:14 +0000 http://t.co/6P0GDG1L2012-07-06 20:50:06 +0000intelligences will see us http://t.co/Ic3DBg03 #singularity How artificial A combination of faulty sensors & mistakes by inadequately trained pilots2012-07-06 20:00:17Air France crash http://t.co/m9IZoNGQ #singularity caused +0000 Google Nows Terrifying, Spine-Tingling, Bone-Chilling Insights Into Its Users -2012-07-06 19:20:09http://t.co/2hdT203o Forbes +00002012-07-06 15:25:04 +0000 Employees Worth? Consider Influence http://t.co/oBhjQIxA Measuring An2012-07-06 15:05:09 +0000 Think Twice Before Promoting Your Best Salesperson http://t.co/ATozr8Ol Innovation Excellence | If Steve Jobs Worked for You, you?d probably fire him2012-07-06 14:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/TAzda3G3 Small Business #Marketing Tools and Resources http://t.co/Zb4NEZZP by2012-07-06 14:50:05 +0000 @ducttape Online firms are getting better at calculating how much they can sting you for.2012-07-06 14:05:08how to pay less http://t.co/2sSpKg4D Here?s +00002012-07-06 13:15:10 on Amazon, Apple, Microsoft: Napalm http://t.co/Jhz6FOcg Google +00002012-07-06 08:38:08 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA My Blog post on Steve Jobs "Wilderness Years" at Next and Pixar and their impact2012-07-06 03:11:49 +0000 http://t.co/mCn2TBT4 on todays Apple2012-07-05 22:40:14 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation New Android Voice Search, Siri are closely matched (hands-on)2012-07-05 21:16:05 +0000 http://t.co/b1lTrnrQ2012-07-05 20:30:08Design and Risk Reduction http://t.co/gDbLVVxB ROI on +00002012-07-05 20:00:18 +0000 Spray-On Batteries Could Reshape Energy Storage http://t.co/yRW69fdO2012-07-05 16:45:05 +0000Collaborative Enterprise http://t.co/TzYPxzwV via @grahamhill The Future of Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans http://t.co/6byY6bb12012-07-05 14:39:38 +0000 #privacy2012-07-05 14:25:04 sees advantage in making new gadget in USA http://t.co/MPBc7i9B Google +00002012-07-05 13:15:08 Worst Nightmare Comes From China http://t.co/5ZuJVl1C Apples +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-05 08:38:16 +0000 @singularityu2012-07-05 04:49:08 +0000 favors the prepared mind" Louis Pasteur @wadhwa "Luck2012-07-05 04:45:42 +0000 4th of July fireworks at Grapevine Lake, TX http://t.co/qcotJTif2012-07-04 22:40:15 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-04 21:55:03 +0000 worst gadgets we ever bought | Ars Technica http://t.co/ekCoLgsd Tech remorse: Why performance will help Google steal cloud customers from Amazon2012-07-04 15:10:05 +0000 http://t.co/87mV6BdB
  • 90. @bgrier @Paul Dunay Upcoming Smartphone features like Google Now will meet2012-07-04 15:06:24 +0000 that QR codes wanted to do http://t.co/aduatL3w the objectives Are Networks Leading Indicators for?Innovation? http://t.co/VaOGQ87W by2012-07-04 14:55:04 +0000 @dscofield2012-07-04 14:35:06 +0000 Plans Fail | Business http://t.co/F365gGgo Why Business2012-07-04 14:35:05 +0000 market: Android revives as RIM flatlines http://t.co/Gk4oTFnG US smartphone2012-07-04 13:40:05 +0000 BBC News - Whats the future of Indias tablet technology? http://t.co/v31Qus9Y2012-07-04 12:10:03 +0000 Bean review http://t.co/i5A2aepS Android 4.1 Jelly The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-07-04 08:38:16 +0000 @rdatta2012-07-04 03:50:02 +0000 10 explosive bubbles that will kill capitalism http://t.co/s6cjuQT4 The Chinese economy is slowing and is likely to slow a lot more. Get ready for a hard landing2012-07-04 02:24:37 +0000 http://t.co/XAuBa4zv2012-07-04 00:15:09 +0000 Five Best Android Keyboards http://t.co/SdSBtAdj2012-07-03 22:40:15 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-03 20:00:19 +0000 L.A. Cops Embrace Crime-Predicting Algorithm http://t.co/zxB4mMJY I received +K in Social Media from @IRememberBetter. Thanks!2012-07-03 19:36:26 +0000 http://t.co/wZ0qY3BT Entrepreneur Demographics: Whos an Entrepreneur Now? |2012-07-03 17:25:06 +0000 http://t.co/CRAkmFqQ http://t.co/HjKbKsq62012-07-03 17:03:43 +0000for Project Management Jobs http://t.co/3ZBcTvhY 3 Hot Sectors How Smart Should Our Maps Be? he future of the map isnt directions, its2012-07-03 16:40:05 +0000 information. http://t.co/rbG2zGiy2012-07-03 16:02:54 +0000 United States | Psychology Today http://t.co/XyDzwqds Bilinguals in the2012-07-03 14:55:04Best Tech Companies To Work At In 2012 http://t.co/ncaHG5YO The 25 +00002012-07-03 14:33:10 +0000 InMaps - I visualized my LinkedIn network http://t.co/zunghjEa2012-07-03 13:35:06 +0000 Approach to Research http://t.co/3B1jtcTw Googles Hybrid2012-07-03 08:38:16 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA @CKLinOrg Thanks for your message! Things looking good, moving forward. How2012-07-03 07:42:36 +0000 about you? @Peek_At_U Software. This is an article where I was quoted recently2012-07-03 07:41:42 +0000 http://t.co/vG0p08MY2012-07-03 07:28:59 +0000 Entrepreneurship from @jkloren. Thanks! http://t.co/p8c73HfD I received +K in Banking scandal: how document trail reveals global scam http://t.co/arOAQ3lp cc:2012-07-03 03:12:05 +0000 @rcwhalen @DeannaLawrence They have always said so on paper. Most of them not willing to2012-07-03 00:52:13 +0000 implement needed changes. Want disruption with same resources
  • 91. 2012-07-02 22:50:05 +0000 We Steal from Work, Rationalize Actions http://t.co/fBdshO3m Cheating: Why2012-07-02 22:40:21 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-07-02 22:22:33 +0000 ON24: Yet Another SaaS Company Eying IPO | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/e1pkwRNJ How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism as a News Source2012-07-02 20:30:13 +0000 Social Media Today http://t.co/QgC8zFrK [Infographic] | 7 Places You Should Be Checking Around Your Home (but Arent) - Popular2012-07-02 18:20:36 +0000 Mechanics http://t.co/imJLEBp02012-07-02 17:15:09 +0000 of Angels into VCs - Business Insider http://t.co/lh31aJiJ The Evolution2012-07-02 17:12:43 +0000 of the Web | Visual.ly http://t.co/0erATXlR The Evolution2012-07-02 15:42:37 +0000 Email Fiasco is worse than we imagined http://t.co/X3nCU4pO The Facebook Mexico?s former ruling party voted back to office http://t.co/eazjrdvB #Mexico2012-07-02 14:50:00 +0000 #IFE #MexicoDecides Innovation Excellence | Innovators ? Stand on the Shoulders of Giants2012-07-02 12:50:04 +0000 http://t.co/yGoFLBqv2012-07-02 08:38:14 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Exit polls show #Mexicos PRI Pena Nieto winning presidency http://t.co/F0RLFY4W2012-07-02 01:22:56 +0000 #MexicoDecides #PRI #PAN #PRD #IFE #MexicoDecide2012-07-01 22:40:22 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation France says farewell to the Minitel ? the little box that connected a country2012-07-01 22:31:24 +0000 http://t.co/ADO6bFy5 Follow the presidential elections in #Mexico on the blog Eye On The Border2012-07-01 22:00:15 +0000 http://t.co/myZHUN5X #EPN #IFE #PRI #PAN #PRD #MexicoDecides2012-07-01 21:32:50 +0000 Coverage of the Mexican Elections http://t.co/8YxpzJ3A #Mexico Univisions Live 4 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from RIMs Downfall | http://t.co/LrbloZkA2012-07-01 19:55:02 +0000 http://t.co/qPVNNyCz2012-07-01 16:56:09 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-07-01 14:45:42 +0000 todays presidential election in #Mexico https://t.co/TY9R9W48 My thoughts on @DavidWLocke As electric generation nationwide has moved from coal to natural2012-07-01 14:17:58 +0000 gas, CO2 emissions have dropped. NG is more efficient.2012-07-01 08:38:19 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-07-01 03:15:30 +0000 CultureLab: Cyborg makes art using seventh sense - http://t.co/9726vdij The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-30 22:40:34 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager @DonPeppers @innovate Crime, Drugs, and Politics in Guadalajara, Mexico : The New Yorker2012-06-30 22:30:11 +0000 http://t.co/VFjnqsve How Do We Know Smartphones Endanger Planes? - Popular Mechanics2012-06-30 19:20:03 +0000 http://t.co/mzrYysqk
  • 92. 2012-06-30 18:56:53 +0000 Charles Wyly Theatre (Dallas, TX) w/ 4 others http://t.co/APAyJSeG Im at Dee and Stunning Progress in Technology: The Death of Unskilled Labor - Forbes2012-06-30 16:50:04 +0000 http://t.co/ke6UaYnx2012-06-30 14:32:10 +0000 US Carbon Output Forecasts Shrink Again http://t.co/i5wm3U7z Apple Wins an Injunction against Samsungs Galaxy Nexus - Business Insider2012-06-30 13:20:04 +0000 http://t.co/8S3Qi6sq2012-06-30 08:38:27 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-29 22:40:29 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation In Mexico, cartels threaten local candidates who can?t be bought - The Globe and2012-06-29 22:35:04 +0000 Mail http://t.co/ZPbpixRD Comparing Apples Siri vs. The New Android 4.1s Voice Search (Jelly Bean)2012-06-29 22:16:52 +0000 http://t.co/EpIL7L15 #smartphones2012-06-29 21:38:28 +0000 Bilingualism - http://t.co/gAiixxia http://t.co/RsVY7nUH The Benefits of The Most Important Predictor of Sales Success Harvard Business Review2012-06-29 19:25:05 +0000 http://t.co/YNhErhKp2012-06-29 19:24:42 +0000 Mexicos Election: Why It Matters to the U.S. http://t.co/quyeKBc9 #mexico2012-06-29 18:15:07 +0000 Will Disappear in 2013 http://t.co/zqau7WlH 10 Brands That The Top 10 Technology Game Changers for the Next Decade - Technology - GOOD2012-06-29 17:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/2l82JgpR The gadgets and gizmos every business traveler should take on the road - The2012-06-29 14:20:05 +0000 Business Journals http://t.co/NtUybQ6y2012-06-29 13:11:19 +0000 BlackBerry Sales Drop 43% in a Quarter http://t.co/JMUkRpal RIM Collapsing?2012-06-29 08:36:30 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-29 03:12:33 +0000 Time: Tips From an Efficiency Expert http://t.co/fVgSYgV7 via @Inc Do More in Less Chinese corruption and looting on a vast scale: industry, government, and military -2012-06-29 02:11:33 +0000 Boing Boing http://t.co/vXZhAkCI via @BoingBoing The London Whale May Have Actually Cost JP Morgan $9 Billion - Business - The2012-06-29 02:03:17 +0000http://t.co/NSv5Hs92 Atlantic Wire Does RIM shocker imply wider handset market deterioration?2012-06-29 01:56:43 +0000 http://t.co/EqqOvwE4 via @BGR2012-06-28 22:38:36 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-28 21:20:04 +0000 Creativity Is the New Economy http://t.co/34nvlhYq Richard Florida: Tracking social media: The mood of the market | The Economist2012-06-28 20:44:46 +0000 http://t.co/5BdosZyy2012-06-28 17:45:09 +0000 and the Creative Class http://t.co/emfMh5B2 Race, Gender,2012-06-28 16:10:10 +0000 Business Model Fundamentals http://t.co/kSXcq3hd Understanding Make it Happen: 6 Steps to Crossing Anything Off Your Bucket List ? Positively2012-06-28 13:05:05 +0000 Positive http://t.co/QWt2kuaz Education is Undergoing a Startling Revolution -- Lets support it!2012-06-28 12:50:03 +0000 http://t.co/Wi1P2Zsi
  • 93. The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-28 08:36:34 +0000 @Aurorium2012-06-27 22:38:40 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-27 18:45:13 +0000 These Serious Sales Assumptions? http://t.co/qK0XTkG6 Are You Making Whats New in #Android 4.1 http://t.co/ERagwgtH #smartphones #smartphone2012-06-27 17:53:53 +0000 #technology Do Too Many Young People Go to College? - http://t.co/iILeExrP2012-06-27 17:25:05 +0000 http://t.co/bPsLxdx4 Mark Cuban: High-Frequency Traders Are the Ultimate Hackers2012-06-27 16:38:06 +0000 http://t.co/RZPETBmP2012-06-27 08:36:37 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Oil Price Differentials: Caught Between The Sands And The Pipelines2012-06-27 03:52:45 +0000 http://t.co/N1JDelwg #energy Airport security and medical science: Is that a trachea in your pocket, sir? | The2012-06-27 00:02:09 +0000 Economist http://t.co/UoTsSDc5 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-26 22:38:43 +0000 via @DonPeppers @innovate2012-06-26 22:15:03 +0000 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People http://t.co/FbZ7XUg72012-06-26 17:35:05 +0000 Shaping the Consumer Experience http://t.co/stfLBceR 5 Digital Trends Why I Believe That This Will Be The Most Innovative Decade In History2012-06-26 17:11:40 +0000 http://t.co/X0qYokzy by @wadhwa2012-06-26 16:35:07 +0000 Cellphone Signals Can Find People Scattered by Disaster http://t.co/8CvduJED In a Big Network of Computers, Evidence of Machine Learning - http://t.co/gAiixxia2012-06-26 16:10:08 +0000 http://t.co/1BBOBAFs2012-06-26 08:36:43 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Mexicos perfect dictatorship on brink of comeback ? but has it changed?2012-06-26 04:26:43 +0000 http://t.co/0hYXqNKr #mexico The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-25 22:38:45 +0000 via @jorgebarba2012-06-25 22:13:41 +0000 Google Goggles - Technology Review http://t.co/0c5yu3vG You Will Want2012-06-25 08:36:46 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-24 22:38:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation One attribute smart employers look for, but job seekers rarely demonstrate2012-06-24 21:30:09 +0000 http://t.co/VTLvFyZE2012-06-24 16:54:29 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-24 08:36:46 +0000 @rdatta @atul The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-23 22:38:49 +0000 via @DonPeppers @ariegoldshlager Enterprises to cloud: Ready or not, here we come ? Cloud Computing News2012-06-23 19:35:03 +0000 http://t.co/hM7HOsna2012-06-23 18:45:05 +0000 Images of 2012 http://t.co/3IL4jn6V The Best Medical2012-06-23 16:25:05 +0000 Health - Why are we so curious? http://t.co/r0tk1aUE BBC - Future -
  • 94. 2012-06-23 15:25:03 +0000 Scams http://t.co/XIQcnwQQ 15 Social Media Link to my #PCampDFW Presentation: What is the Benefit of an #OpenInnovation2012-06-23 13:00:10 +0000 Process? http://t.co/vGvWgrz3 #innovation Apple v. Motorola: Judge Posner dismisses entire patent case, no injunctions to be2012-06-23 12:05:02 +0000 issued http://t.co/iewn0cK92012-06-23 08:36:47 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-23 00:53:48 +0000 At the Pre- ProductCamp DFW dinner (@ Pappasitos Cantina) http://t.co/Swl6xVor The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-22 22:38:54 +0000 via @lindegaard @jkloren @sniukas @sgblank @paulg @johnkao @openinno Thanks for the2012-06-22 22:36:50 +0000 mention! A New Frontier: Orbital Sciences? latest spacecraft are helping define the future of2012-06-22 20:40:04 +0000 commercial space travel http://t.co/sM8K6dH32012-06-22 20:05:09 +0000 Star Trek http://t.co/RWF1nQD9 The Science of2012-06-22 19:35:09 +0000Boost Your Experience Of User Experience http://t.co/6IqPZVvf Ten Books To2012-06-22 16:20:14 +0000 By Nature http://t.co/ciKo0tg4 Designs Inspired2012-06-22 16:18:09 +0000 History of the Last 2,000 Years in 1 Little Graph http://t.co/iPcbPaAV The Economic A portal to another place: Imagine if Google Street Maps was available as video2012-06-22 16:00:34 +0000 http://t.co/LcegjJ9J2012-06-22 08:36:50 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-22 00:35:29 +0000 Lone Star Park http://t.co/fMsPFgND At the racetrack, The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-21 22:38:55 +0000 via @wimrampen @Jabaldaia2012-06-21 21:35:14 +0000 13 future car technologies for your road trip in 2020 http://t.co/RhEJ689D Link to my ProductCamp DFW Presentation Saturday: What is the Benefit of an2012-06-21 20:05:03 +0000 Process? http://t.co/arVLUHtj #PCampDFW Open Innovation RT @ProductCampDFW: DFW Product Group - http://t.co/HFwyHt7a DFW Product2012-06-21 15:45:58 +0000 Camp is this Saturday. RSVP, Volunteer or propose a session! iLawyer: What Happens When Computers Replace Attorneys? - Atlantic Mobile2012-06-21 15:40:06 +0000 http://t.co/JeAGbeXu A Project Management Tool Built By Some Of The Countrys Best Design Firms |2012-06-21 15:35:07 +0000 Co.Design: business + innovation + design http://t.co/geO1PRbQ Pre- ProductCamp DFW Dinner tomorrow! Let us know if you can make it!2012-06-21 15:29:35 +0000 http://t.co/u0FirK6w #PCampDFW @hmdelcastillo @ProdMgmtTalk @cindyfsolomon @compellingmktr Link to Pre-2012-06-21 15:28:06 +0000 #PCampDFW Dinner http://t.co/u0FirK6w cc: @joyfulprodmgr The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-21 08:36:57 +0000 @PhilMcCreight
  • 95. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-20 22:38:57 +0000 via @ralph_ohr Wealth and Asset Ownership - People and Households - U.S. Census Bureau2012-06-20 20:35:08 +0000 http://t.co/2j4IRByH Q&A with Philip Evans of the Boston Consulting Group: Information and the2012-06-20 19:40:09 +0000 firm http://t.co/kwJvATLN Nokia: A Sad Lesson in Collaborative Innovation - Ron Adner - Harvard Business2012-06-20 18:40:02 http://t.co/caAREVB5 Review +00002012-06-20 17:02:46 +0000 Secret Behind the Secret - Forbes http://t.co/Snn6tdVu Creativity: The2012-06-20 15:15:13 +0000 PC partners in dark about Surface http://t.co/Yo0DHYfq Microsoft kept Scientists have put together the first map of the bacteria, viruses and other2012-06-20 14:45:06 +0000 live in and on us http://t.co/d1z0XwLD microbes that @hmdelcastillo @ProdMgmtTalk We are organizing a dinner on Friday pre-2012-06-20 14:26:41 +0000 me know if you are available dd: @joyfulprodmgr #PCampDFW let Claudia Hammond: Your memories are made to be reliably unreliable (Wired UK)2012-06-20 11:05:46 +0000 http://t.co/mFZawa1R2012-06-20 08:36:55 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-20 00:42:12 +0000 Crossroads (Nashville, TN) http://t.co/s3Qgtf5R Im at Nashville2012-06-19 23:24:38 +0000 this Saturday at #PCampDFW! http://t.co/CdHkjdyg Hope to see you The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-19 22:39:04 +0000 via @PaulSloane2012-06-19 19:17:24 +0000 Companies: HP and IBM | Ptak | Noel http://t.co/VfkDOf72 A Tale of Two Startup Weekend Dallas: 10 Tools You Need To Succeed?|?LAUNCH DFW2012-06-19 17:33:43 +0000 http://t.co/awYzVRoN via @launchDFW2012-06-19 15:40:07 +0000 Scientist shortage is a myth. http://t.co/CyLIxVmZ2012-06-19 08:37:04 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-19 03:54:26 +0000 Human Microbiome Yi http://t.co/dxLUMMKY NYT: Studies of The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-18 22:39:05 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-06-18 15:50:48 +0000Auditorium (Nashville, TN) w/ 10 others http://t.co/gGkkyeda Im at Ryman Mexicos drug war rocks U.S. expat stronghold - Yahoo! News2012-06-18 15:06:36 +0000 http://t.co/YMeoYfbZ via @YahooNews Forget Edison: This is How Historys Greatest Inventions Really Happened - Atlantic2012-06-18 14:30:17 http://t.co/dF4qOrtY Mobile +00002012-06-18 14:13:49 +0000 Im at Renaissance Hotel (Nashville, TN) http://t.co/PlezAmi62012-06-18 08:36:58 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA About to go to Nashville, TN (@ Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) w/2012-06-18 01:56:15 +0000 147 others) http://t.co/lyuCLg6l Germany and the future of the euro: Is Grexit good for the euro?2012-06-18 00:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/Y5a6dZ9D2012-06-17 22:39:02 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-17 21:45:08 +0000 Egyptian Revolt?s Leaders Count Their Mistakes http://t.co/CHZqwimz2012-06-17 19:25:06 +0000Era Is Over - Technology Review http://t.co/Aj0HszcW The Antivirus
  • 96. 2012-06-17 16:54:45 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +00002012-06-17 16:00:55 +0000 http://t.co/qhJItf3F #energy What Peak Oil?2012-06-17 12:21:36 Germany and Greece: a tale of estrangement | http://t.co/7Uleg3Qk Insight: +00002012-06-17 08:37:02 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The European Atrocity You Never Heard About - The Chronicle Review - The2012-06-17 06:57:55 +0000 Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/pNGTHTGv2012-06-16 22:38:59 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-16 20:50:11 +0000 5 Things Microsoft Doesnt Want You to Know | PCWorld http://t.co/wPuSCeFn2012-06-16 20:38:47 +0000Park Golf Course (Richardson, TX) http://t.co/F7OZADti Im at Sherrill2012-06-16 15:15:15 +0000 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself http://t.co/0ySJjX1l The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-16 08:37:05 +0000 @prwpmp The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-15 22:39:08 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager2012-06-15 17:10:14 +0000 http://t.co/yb49EXxr All In On Mobile New ?deep zooming? software offers a new way to display and navigate through2012-06-15 16:30:35 +0000 of information http://t.co/75Qf6u0t large amounts Google Is Throwing Hundreds Of Scientists At These Life-Changing Research Projects2012-06-15 16:15:25 +0000 http://t.co/kuYWV8902012-06-15 14:25:05 of An Organization Pretending to Innovate http://t.co/ynKNkDLi 5 Traits +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-15 08:44:53 +0000 @dominicbasulto @SteveLevine1 @hplusmagazine2012-06-14 22:41:39 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-14 19:25:12Perla Was Wrong About Facebook Advertising http://t.co/I7onEIdl Joseph +00002012-06-14 16:35:19 Use Your Brain to Change Your Age http://t.co/LjfNHr4V How to +0000 Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So Whats Next? | Co.Design: business +2012-06-14 14:31:28 +0000 innovation + design http://t.co/WETFZQVs The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-14 08:39:31 +0000 @BrickandClick2012-06-14 03:53:13 +0000 Europocalypse http://t.co/6eD0T3T2 12 Signs of the2012-06-13 22:41:46 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-13 16:50:06 +0000 Yes, smart phones are actually underhyped | Daniel Pink http://t.co/Q514NIOP2012-06-13 16:25:11 +0000 of Data in the Year 2020 http://t.co/WllvkeND The Secret Life2012-06-13 08:40:18 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA When Resumes Aren?t Enough: Prove To Employers That You Know Your Stuff With2012-06-13 05:03:17 +0000 Smarterer | Singularity Hub http://t.co/AaZ3O4uQ2012-06-13 03:03:57 +0000 30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself http://t.co/63zjD19r2012-06-13 02:00:21 +0000 Italy ? and Europe ? in the Crosshairs http://t.co/wrwsKXpT The Death of Unlimited Data: What It Means, and How You Can Keep Your2012-06-13 00:07:35 +0000 Plan http://t.co/ezUVmsUJ Unlimited Data
  • 97. Startech Now Accepting Applications; $50M Available to Texas Innovation Startups2012-06-12 23:44:18 +0000 http://t.co/I9PtnMMJ2012-06-12 22:42:31 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-12 18:50:31 +0000 Researchers watch tiny living machines self-assemble http://t.co/SZBqz7vC2012-06-12 18:30:30 +0000 machines could make made in China obsolete http://t.co/eQ3wvlHB Robot sewing2012-06-12 18:25:13 +0000 10 Cognitive Biases You Shouldn?t Ignore In Research http://t.co/cOtqeb5D Robert Ackerman: Venture Capital At A Tipping Point -peHUB2012-06-12 17:45:12 +0000 http://t.co/sOcVUmKO Microsoft, Windows 8, and the Innovator?s Dilemma (or, why you hate Windows 8)2012-06-12 16:10:12 +0000 http://t.co/CxV91PXU2012-06-12 15:55:15Twitter Soaring While Facebooks Slowing? http://t.co/X1OG0MBs Why Is +00002012-06-12 15:45:14Biggest 10 Tech IPO Fails http://t.co/D3iSvuFU The 10 +00002012-06-12 14:45:08 +0000 World Without Product Managers http://t.co/I7pTjbrR Producteer: A2012-06-12 14:40:14 +0000 This Is the Future of Medical Imaging http://t.co/OwELqrbb2012-06-12 14:10:15 +0000 Going To Try To Kill Google http://t.co/TdkSxjYk Apple Really Is The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-12 08:40:20 +0000 @SteveKoss2012-06-12 03:07:55 +0000 Greece, Should Exit the Euro http://t.co/Q7apDKrW Germany, Not Its All About the Fraud: The Silence of the Buy Side http://t.co/oNANbvb32012-06-11 23:55:02 +0000 #financial #crisis The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-11 22:42:34 +0000 via @DonPeppers Why We Lie - Research shows that everyone cheats a little?right up to the point2012-06-11 18:10:17 +0000 their sense of integrity... where they lose Mary Meekers Latest Incredibly Insightful Presentation About The State Of The2012-06-11 13:45:21 +0000 Web http://t.co/wLoKEuxb2012-06-10 20:00:27electric car gets 118 mpg, but costs add up http://t.co/iWRgZc0M Honda +00002012-06-10 15:30:24 +0000 Facebook vs Google Infographic http://t.co/GkDrqmAB Don?t just liquidate your newspapers ? reinvent them ? Tech News and Analysis2012-06-09 19:45:09 +0000 http://t.co/htbcJ6A92012-06-09 16:35:12 Process Is Killing Your Productivity http://t.co/YvD68Ut3 5 Ways +0000 FuturePundit: Smart Bomb Drugs, Immune Enhancement Against Cancer2012-06-09 13:15:13 +0000 http://t.co/u30WjJgE2012-06-09 08:40:26 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-09 00:27:27 +0000 Films of All Time http://t.co/vnfhCfBt The Top 50 Sci-Fi2012-06-08 22:42:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-08 22:25:03 +0000 Lies Entrepreneurs Tell While Raising Capital http://t.co/XO0C2p5a2012-06-08 21:05:07 +0000 Myth of Intuition http://t.co/Pq9S9vQK Debunking the Get Your Workers to Disrupt Their Jobs - Brad Power - Harvard Business Review2012-06-08 19:40:10 +0000 http://t.co/5PRlGzbS2012-06-08 16:25:10 Make Failure Impossible http://t.co/tNyZ2MOc How to +0000
  • 98. How long does a razor really last? Gillette comes clean - Fortune Management2012-06-08 15:55:25 +0000 http://t.co/ZonsPhRz RT @jkloren: @Brioneja Re: quality of life #innovation for poorest2012-06-08 15:47:19 +0000 http://t.co/JSt2ewcG like swamp-cooler fridge! #socent @4byoung2012-06-08 15:47:09 +0000 @InnovationFixer It was a great trip! Thanks!2012-06-08 15:30:36 To Disrupt Your Industry http://t.co/58otQ1SJ 7 Ways +00002012-06-08 15:10:39 +0000 of Internet Privacy http://t.co/V4I0NjGl The Curious Case2012-06-08 15:05:08 +0000 15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently http://t.co/S2xx97m8 Your in-depth, interactive guide to UEFA EURO 2012. http://t.co/UVFaNCbW via2012-06-08 14:31:35 +0000 @uefacom Scientists Find Truth in "Mad Scientist" Stereotype: There Is a Link between Genius2012-06-08 12:40:18 +0000 and Insanity http://t.co/tZ9hMS9k2012-06-08 08:40:26 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Why business needs people with Asperger?s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder2012-06-08 05:05:03 +0000 and dyslexia http://t.co/IlCud06B via @JorgeBarba2012-06-08 03:26:11 +0000And Tricks - Business Insider http://t.co/qpEYqcE1 Dropbox Tips2012-06-07 22:42:43 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://bit.ly/acwewr The Innovation2012-06-07 20:40:21 +0000 Why The Freemium Model Doesnt Work http://t.co/N0p1l4Pn2012-06-07 18:15:24 +0000 The end of cheap China http://t.co/e107S9P5 Manufacturing:2012-06-07 16:20:09 +0000 DVD Pick for Tech Startups: Something Ventured http://t.co/noNbrvxB @ArnoldBeekes @msater I also believe that there are "M-shaped" profiles. Experts2012-06-07 15:22:12 +0000 very different disciplines. in multiple but2012-06-07 15:20:43 +0000What was the original source for the quote? @ECMforSAP2012-06-07 15:18:57 +0000That is what is killing innovation. No diversity of opinion allowed. @PaulSloane @ArnoldBeekes @msater A T-shaped person is very different from a generalist. I2012-06-07 15:17:55 +0000 it a hybrid expert/generalist would consider Simple blood test can determine risk of breast cancer death or relapse2012-06-07 14:35:09 +0000 http://t.co/iLCtTlGA2012-06-07 14:20:07Unveils Industrys Broadest Cloud Strategy http://t.co/3VD628T8 Oracle +0000 Three Pitfalls Startup Founders Must Avoid - Video - Harvard Business Review2012-06-07 13:45:12 +0000 http://t.co/VjyaJd9J2012-06-07 13:25:06 +0000 Cyber search engine exposes vulnerabilities http://t.co/MUyPLUNF Leonardo 2.0 ? Re-booting Europe?s innovativeness | New Europe2012-06-07 12:15:11 +0000 http://t.co/LWiwbIel The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-07 08:40:35 +0000 @DallasSocials Report: Dozens Arrested After Riot at Foxconn Factory http://t.co/qTDlCRKG2012-06-07 03:09:33 +0000 #Apple Presentation schedule for the rest of the year2012-06-07 02:09:19 +0000 http://t.co/GUmzBeQe2012-06-07 02:05:42 +0000 When is the next SVB Showcase and how can we apply for it? @SVB_Financial
  • 99. RT @ECMforSAP: #ECM FunFact: If an employee makes $75K a year, $22K of that is2012-06-07 01:55:43for them to search for the content they need #BigData paying +0000 Bazhenov-Neocomian oil formation covers 80 times the land area of the Bakken in2012-06-07 01:02:04and Canada http://t.co/Rcl837HL the US +00002012-06-07 00:05:02 to Make Your Mobile Site Sizzle | DudaMobile Blog http://t.co/yD8NsiYB 6 Ways +00002012-06-06 22:42:51 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-06 20:00:42 +0000 Disruptions: Facebooks Real-Life Spidey Sense http://t.co/2vL3BJGP What Captures Your Attention Controls Your Life - Kare Anderson - Harvard2012-06-06 16:50:09 +0000 http://t.co/a5888fi4 Business Review2012-06-06 16:20:09 +0000 Is the Video Game Industry Dying? http://t.co/TinFQ00o RT @lindegaard: RT @Brioneja: My preso for European #OpenInnovation Summit:2012-06-06 15:31:11 +0000 Open Innovation Platforms http://t.co/TdvoNK5 ... The Market for2012-06-06 14:10:13 +0000Hidden Opportunity http://t.co/sFs8qcdO Big Data: The2012-06-06 08:40:36 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA Facebook will disappear in the next eight years, says analyst | Digital Trends2012-06-06 01:19:01 +0000 http://t.co/xqUxfso92012-06-06 00:30:17 +0000 Euro setup is unsustainable, ECB chief warns http://t.co/x0Jd0FqM2012-06-05 22:42:49 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-06-05 19:35:11 +0000 in emerging markets: VC clone home http://t.co/OxGPtCwd Venture capital2012-06-05 16:30:31 +0000medicine: Squeezing out the doctor http://t.co/vhBUhoYC The future of How do we know time travelers arent constantly changing the past?2012-06-05 15:10:11 +0000 http://t.co/ZUXa64Ls The internet has become a giant version of the Milgram extension, except the2012-06-05 14:25:13are real http://t.co/pghVxNrm shocks +0000 Dont Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse2012-06-05 13:00:51 +0000 http://t.co/Uo42NJfR2012-06-05 08:40:41 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-05 01:25:04 Europe: 1000 AD to present day http://t.co/PVs3k26Q #Euro #Europe Map of +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-04 22:42:50 +0000 via @DonPeppers A Simple Tool You Need to Manage Innovation - Bansi Nagji and Geoff Tuff -2012-06-04 21:15:12 +0000 Harvard Business Review http://t.co/aUPxCQZk2012-06-04 20:15:11 +0000 Automate Your Small Business and Life http://t.co/9vMoWjln 5 Easy Ways To2012-06-04 19:10:09 +0000 Bionic Brains and Beyond http://t.co/JLGqCgSo #singularity2012-06-04 15:40:06 +0000 That Will Change Your Tomorrow http://t.co/ffv5Nh8B 32 Innovations Manage Operations As You Grow Beyond Spreadsheets With SPOTS Tracking Systems2012-06-04 14:20:19 +0000 http://t.co/d9c3FliD #BPM #workflow #ERP #Cloud
  • 100. Heres What One Of The Smartest Investors I Know Thinks Will Happen To Facebook2012-06-04 11:55:04 +0000 Stock http://t.co/brVS5Jix2012-06-04 08:40:45 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-04 02:25:50 Dallas, recovering from Jet Lag Back in +0000 The week that Europe stopped pretending http://t.co/ZeaHyouE #financial #crisis2012-06-04 02:21:36 +0000 #Euro Apparently our times are so fraught with fear that the bond market is pricing in2012-06-04 01:05:02 +0000 of misery http://t.co/92YvG4i4 historic amounts2012-06-04 00:15:04 Hyper-Hedging Adds to Risk of a Market Meltdown - http://t.co/VEoECwVX Banks? +00002012-06-04 00:10:05 +0000 pressure as short-sellers pile in http://t.co/xfiKz00i Facebook under2012-06-03 23:41:15 +0000 @lindegaard Stefan, this link is not working2012-06-03 23:16:22 +0000 @InnovationFixer It was great to see you at the #EUOISummit!2012-06-03 23:15:57 +0000 @DimovskiS @cdn @AndreeaHirica Great to see you all at the #OIEUSummit! RT @InnovationFixer: RT @Brioneja: My preso for European #OpenInnovation2012-06-03 23:15:08 +0000 Summit: The Market for Open Innovation Platforms http://t.co/tP ...2012-06-03 23:15:01 +0000 @InnovationFixer Thanks for the RT!2012-06-03 22:42:51 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation @lindegaard Stefan it was great to see you at the #EUOISummit. This is the2012-06-03 22:38:38 +0000 case study from @SmartyEars http://t.co/xDfFP14g #openinnovation Video of Vogalonga rowing festival and competition, Grand Canal, #Venice2012-06-03 22:27:52 +0000 http://t.co/EHebwKT02012-06-03 20:00:17 +0000 PhDs Learning the Wrong Thing? http://t.co/ieOacOoG Are Economics2012-06-03 16:58:33 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 @jkloren @4byoung I think you will find interesting my post on Global Design2012-06-03 14:51:37 +0000 Solutions for Housing for the poor http://t.co/7ztJsAJS #TED The Second Act Of The JPM CIO Fiasco Has Arrived - Mismarking Hundreds Of2012-06-03 14:50:02 In Credit Default Swaps http://t.co/O0SoSQ2S Billions +00002012-06-03 14:46:07 +0000 for adding me to @Klouts innovation list! @jkloren Thanks Video of Parasailers jump point on Monte Baldo, above Lake Garda, Italy2012-06-03 11:49:28 +0000 http://t.co/t7UbK3xm RT @timkastelle: New blog post: The Complete Innovation Matrix - all the posts2012-06-03 11:39:28 +0000 as an free eBook! http://t.co/Ab539ksw now available Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet2012-06-03 11:38:05 +0000 http://t.co/JhhfUb0r The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-06-03 08:40:45 +0000 @Aurorium The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-06-02 22:42:54 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager2012-06-02 08:40:47 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-01 22:43:01 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation
  • 101. PJ Lifestyle ? 10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers and Self-Publish2012-06-01 22:39:27 Instead http://t.co/YXrCIRPs Ebooks +0000 Whats Really Behind Europes Decline? Its The Birth Rates, Stupid2012-06-01 22:18:03 +0000 http://t.co/c515bOD42012-06-01 21:20:09 +0000 Time Bomb? Banks Pressured to Buy Government Debt http://t.co/VdYpFhl62012-06-01 19:45:09Humans Are Still Evolving http://t.co/0zKl9IyA 5 Signs +00002012-06-01 15:00:17 +0000 Canal viewed from Rialto Bridge http://t.co/yFCv0CHM Venices Grand2012-06-01 14:16:30 +0000 Canal http://t.co/WNT1H7ZL Venices Grand2012-06-01 08:40:49 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-06-01 03:57:25 +0000 emergency as fear grips markets - http://t.co/IHgcwThd Spain faces total The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-31 22:43:00 +0000 via @jorgebarba The 5 Most Ingenious Worlds Ever Invented by Science Fiction |2012-05-31 21:45:05 +0000 http://t.co/JIHQlBj9 http://t.co/lvMUApaf2012-05-31 21:10:16 +0000 The iOS App Business Is Bigger Than Most Know http://t.co/ti7JP4vS2012-05-31 20:48:55 +0000 @isacookinpadua Thanks!2012-05-31 20:17:02 Fuscos concert at Chiesa di S. Stefano, Venice http://t.co/5QdZLkCV Renata +0000 Pill Could Reverse Effects of a Stroke Long After It Hits - Technology Review2012-05-31 19:27:05 +0000 http://t.co/dCtTWVdl2012-05-31 18:42:36Grand Canal viewed from Palazzo Mocenigo terrace http://t.co/KylYuLD6 Venice +00002012-05-31 18:39:35 +0000 At Renata Fuscos concert (@ Chiesa di Santo Stefano) http://t.co/CYYUeqen2012-05-31 13:59:04 +0000 Euro: A Survivor?s Guide http://t.co/FpbvNN9R The End Of The2012-05-31 09:49:27 +0000 Morning jog along Venices Grand Canal http://t.co/IiSKEwPA The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-05-31 08:40:56 +0000 @freekbo2012-05-31 08:37:40 in Venice, Italy (@ Palazzo Mocenigo) http://t.co/ULoC57YX Arrived +0000 A How-To Guide for Boosting Your Mind-Reading Powers | Psychology Today2012-05-30 22:44:15 +0000 http://t.co/beDmizyz The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-30 22:43:07 +0000 via @wimrampen @ariegoldshlager2012-05-30 22:36:02Grand Canal at night http://t.co/1wM2XJVR Venice +00002012-05-30 14:13:42 +0000 http://t.co/xNnWkwGZ Lake Garda, Italy2012-05-30 08:40:49 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-05-29 22:43:08 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-05-29 21:30:49 +0000 How To Get More Likes On Facebook http://t.co/XwhHqavO via @shama2012-05-29 21:05:25 +0000 Has adaptive design failed? Of course not | VentureBeat http://t.co/bCOek0Oi2012-05-29 08:40:58 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA
  • 102. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-28 22:43:09 +0000 via @timkastelle2012-05-28 21:13:51 viewed from St. Giorgios Belfry Tower. http://t.co/16V8GoBN Venice, +0000 Social media fuel Mexican youth protests - http://t.co/Sv2fhTNK2012-05-28 21:09:54 +0000 http://t.co/Lq2i1erJ The Future Is Now: Gesture-Based Controlling Comes To PC | The Creators Project2012-05-28 21:05:12 +0000 http://t.co/hz5KKE01 Economic Value Added: Creating Shareholder Value requires managing all the Value2012-05-28 14:10:18 http://t.co/94RTK2Ef Drivers +00002012-05-28 14:00:43 +0000 The Rise of Crowd-Powered Business http://t.co/EUCsP5LV The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-05-28 08:41:07 +0000 @solar_power_kit @LindaBeheler Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you dont want the2012-05-28 06:34:43 +0000 government spying on you http://t.co/FGInbUXs What a Return to the Drachma Really Looks Like - Businessweek2012-05-28 00:45:06 +0000 http://t.co/sj8HvAuL The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-27 22:43:07 +0000 via @ralph_ohr2012-05-27 20:34:35 +0000 Europes Maquina Infernal has crippled Spain - Telegraph http://t.co/k6gkUJnz If you can build a $100 b co replacing the college yearbook--imagine what you can2012-05-27 19:52:46 +0000 to replace college http://t.co/USJCQavq do if you use it2012-05-27 16:58:52 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnQg1lH Eye On +0000 RT @veneziatoday: #cronaca #venezia Vogalonga 2012 a Venezia: oggi la "festa del2012-05-27 12:10:09 record di iscrizioni: ? la 38esima edizion... ht ... remo", +00002012-05-27 11:37:33 +0000Scary Roads for Driving http://t.co/OWYGGMUE Beautiful and2012-05-27 10:59:30 +0000 Brugges, Belgium http://t.co/pJgcGYtH2012-05-27 10:53:30 +0000 crisis and the consequences... The Eurozone2012-05-27 09:55:27Belgium http://t.co/ZEbPsS29 Ghent, +00002012-05-27 08:41:06 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-26 22:43:13 +0000 via @DonPeppers2012-05-26 22:20:51 +0000 Costs as Banks Eye ?Grexit? - http://t.co/JMhowpSf Beware Hidden Man vs. Machine: Will Human Workers Become Obsolete? | PBS NewsHour | May2012-05-26 18:53:33 +0000 http://t.co/OYTegtzr 24, 2012 | PBS2012-05-26 08:41:00 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA2012-05-25 22:43:15 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation2012-05-25 17:45:18 +0000 unlock new fields, curb fears of peak oil http://t.co/fYslqow0 Technology can Visiting Ghent, Belgium (@ De bootjes van Gent (rederij Dewaele))2012-05-25 15:01:01 +0000 http://t.co/5nvS6ftW2012-05-25 13:01:10 +0000 under your skin ? but are you ready? http://t.co/l4N4nt6C Gadgets work2012-05-25 08:41:10 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA
  • 103. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-24 22:43:20 +0000 via @ariegoldshlager @jorgebarba2012-05-24 22:33:26 +0000 Brugges, Belgium http://t.co/RmMl7j6u2012-05-24 20:18:40 +0000 Brugges, Belgium http://t.co/pDrMBW6W2012-05-24 20:16:37 +0000 Brugges, Belgium http://t.co/TK48ILMO Good Cholesterol May Not Be What Keeps The Heart Healthy - Science News2012-05-24 19:25:08 +0000 http://t.co/iZQ07Tpo2012-05-24 16:15:24 +0000 The Biggest Market Problem the VP of Sales is having in Q2 http://t.co/BR5KLWmU2012-05-24 13:05:10 +0000 Character Point Average http://t.co/Qb4y3yLQ Beyond GPAs: The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-05-24 08:38:00 +0000 @MikeBoudreaux2012-05-23 22:40:09 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 The Innovation The 5 Categories of Social Media Software http://t.co/lR8ILAW3 #smm #sem #sm2012-05-23 21:45:16 +0000 #marketing Facebook is being abandoned by its core market. Youd be better off investing in2012-05-23 18:30:34 +0000 Greek government bonds http://t.co/nWVME0af Report: Robots stack up to human professors in teaching Intro Stats | Inside Higher2012-05-23 18:10:09 +0000 Ed http://t.co/kYBEIAgy2012-05-23 14:33:21 +0000Henrik Kristensen - BlendHub innovation platform/community #euoisummit #euoisummit "We do not necessarily want to own the IP, what we want we want a2012-05-23 14:15:00 +0000 competitive advantage" #euoisummit Frank Berns from Under Armour: "Big bets w big partners" Big ideas2012-05-23 14:07:39 +0000 to move the needle. #euoisummit Use visual graphics for classification of ideas - Easier to manage and2012-05-23 13:21:34 +0000 filter #euoisummit Believe in idea crowdsourcing but innovation dictatorship -2012-05-23 13:14:23 +0000 @PiaErkinheimo #euoisummit @PiaErkinheimo from Nokia - Ramping up crowdsourcing capability.2012-05-23 13:11:47 +0000 Nokia Tune Remake #euoisummit There are no pure users or developers: The rise of amateurship.2012-05-23 13:08:40 +0000 Enthusiastic amateur better than bored professional Linda Beltz at #EUOISummit on #OpenInnovation effectiveness2012-05-23 13:04:26 +0000 http://t.co/7gCDPOgK #euoisummit Nokia defines crowdsourcing as the junction of open innovation and2012-05-23 12:59:28 +0000 user driven innovation social media - My preso for European #OpenInnovation Summit: The Market for Open Innovation2012-05-23 12:52:17 +0000 Platforms http://t.co/IMekqdjr #EUOISummit2012-05-23 12:05:58 +0000Lego: Going from creativity from the few to from the many #euoisummit Lego applies the T-shaped model to Open Innovation. Diverse internal inputs above2012-05-23 12:00:32 +0000 teams experts and their #euoisummit 4 value pools to be leveraged by Lego: Internal talent, Entrepreneurs,2012-05-23 11:58:45 +0000 kids, large institutions
  • 104. #euoisummit Lego has no choice but to invest in open innovation b/c now people2012-05-23 11:56:28them to listen expect +0000 #euoisummit "The Lego Army" from isolated to orchestrated efforts - apply2012-05-23 11:51:14 +0000 systematic practices, set a roadmap Lego Mindstorms 2nd gen, co-created w lead users/hackers from 1st gen product -2012-05-23 11:47:30 +0000 develop reputation for openness?2012-05-23 11:43:46 +0000Erik Hansen - Open Innovation Toolbox: Case Study from Lego Co. #euoisummit #euosummit For some companies open innovation means what is mine is IP2012-05-23 10:00:17 +0000 is yours is open and public protected what #euoisummit EU has made available 53Billion Euros to foster R&D and2012-05-23 09:52:19 +0000 it is difficult for small companies to access these funds innovation but #euoisummit centralized vs. Decentralized OI model. Depth vs flexibility. Needs to2012-05-23 09:23:48 +0000w culture. Hybrid model difficult to set up be consistent2012-05-23 09:18:50 +0000There is who you want to be and who you are. Changing NIH to OI #euoisummit #EUOIsummit Linda Beltz from Weyerhaeuser - Maximizing effectiveness of OI.2012-05-23 09:14:27 +0000 Evaluating innovation quotient. IBM Study: If You Dont Have a Social CEO, Youre Going to be Less Competitive -2012-05-23 07:42:08http://t.co/ndlzmy4w Forbes +0000 Time scale - long term view ambushed by quarterly ambitions. Easier to default to2012-05-23 07:31:30 +0000 comfortable projects #euoisummit Psion had to become completely unpredictable - Did not know what their target2012-05-23 07:27:58 +0000 be #euoisummit markets would2012-05-23 07:25:48Faster time to market, lower cost, disruptive innovations #euoisummit Result: +0000 Psion enables others to take their technology into their robust hardware platform:2012-05-23 07:24:33 +0000 Symbiosis #euoisummit Psion entered new partnerships/new markets w open business model: Healthcare2012-05-23 07:21:50 +0000 #euoisummit Psion developed their technology w standard interfaces/tool kits so others could2012-05-23 07:17:13 +0000 technologies: "Lego model" #euoisummit integrate their Psion developed product platforms that others could develop on - specialized2012-05-23 07:14:36 +0000 applications. Became core competency Psion implemented Open Source Mobility program: Modular/Customization/OI.2012-05-23 07:12:50 +0000 many markets. Develop platform ?Devices go into Todd Boone on transformational open innovation - Need for OI was when products2012-05-23 07:06:39 +0000 were not differentiated anymore #euoisummit Will be covering the European Open Innovation Summit today and tomorrow on2012-05-23 07:00:46 +0000 hashtag #EUOIsummit European Open Innovation Summit about to start (@ Renaissance Brussels)2012-05-23 06:55:49 +0000 http://t.co/h31Y5mbp
  • 105. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptfoSi2 ? Top stories today2012-05-22 22:41:03 +0000 via @wimrampen @ariegoldshlager Outraged Facebook Speculators Are Now Blaming Everyone But Themselves...2012-05-22 21:50:13 +0000 http://t.co/V5d5bEGh RT @TechCocktail: Manage operations when you outgrow spreadsheets with SPOTS2012-05-22 20:06:49 +0000 Tracking Systems - http://t.co/WVx8cDKe by @monikacjansen ( ... Social media marketing landscape complicated - Business Insider2012-05-22 19:01:12 +0000 http://t.co/ABAwmL7D BBC News - Light-powered bionic eye invented to help restore sight2012-05-22 17:40:18 +0000 http://t.co/4djeQ5aN European Physicists Smash Chinese Teleportation Record? - Technology Review2012-05-22 12:35:03 +0000 http://t.co/MUW9ApfD2012-05-22 09:20:21 +0000 @cdn @DimovskiS See you there! Manage Operations As You Grow Beyond Spreadsheets With SPOTS Tracking2012-05-22 08:43:54 +0000 Systems http://t.co/zRLPLxrT via @techcocktail The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L0VF0sA ? Top stories today via2012-05-22 08:39:01 +0000 @hplusmagazine2012-05-22 08:34:34 +0000 @twunch Ill be there! http://t.co/FMYXAT0G #twunch (Barbik, Brussel)2012-05-21 22:40:58 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-05-21 20:02:29 +0000 @lindegaard Thanks! Look forward to see you there! My preso for European #OpenInnovation Summit: The Market for Open Innovation2012-05-21 19:50:13 +0000 Platforms http://t.co/IMeoXNsB #EUOISummit cc: @wrginnovation RT @wrginnovation: Join us in Brussels for European #OpenInnovation Summit 23-2012-05-21 16:59:55 http://t.co/PRAqyLkm Save 300 Euros with Promo Code ... 24 May +0000 Great Businesses Dont Start With a Plan - Harvard Business Review2012-05-21 15:20:12 +0000 http://t.co/SJw5tMTR Traveling today to Brussels, Belgium (@ Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport2012-05-21 14:24:41 +0000 others) http://t.co/c9rXKPTB (DFW) w/ 1462012-05-21 08:39:00 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-20 22:41:04 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation @innovate Unfortunately 6-Sigma do it right the 1st time mantra not a fit w2012-05-20 21:38:19 +0000 iterative approach to disruptive innovation http://t.co/0J4i9Abn2012-05-20 16:56:43 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-20 08:39:00 +0000 @presans The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-19 22:41:03 +0000 today via @jorgebarba @DonPeppers @PaulSloane2012-05-19 22:15:28 +0000 I use Gmail to manage emails from all of my domains. @dallasprogress2012-05-19 17:41:06 +0000 Your Gmail http://t.co/BUDSwfkK How To Back Up
  • 106. @DonPeppers @annettefranz @Benavent @JeffreySummers @PeppersRogersBR2012-05-19 03:31:37 +0000 @customeralchemy @DavidIngerman @AndersIndset Thanks! #FF @ExtremeTrust @AlexOsterwalder Alex, will you be attending the European #OpenInnovation2012-05-19 03:30:20 +0000 conference? http://t.co/hNfn3G5z Drug-resistant cancer cells cannot resist plasmonic nanobubbles2012-05-18 20:05:17 +0000 http://t.co/029haqFR U.S. Will Be Hard-Pressed to Meet Its #Biofuel Mandates? http://t.co/mqE2i76D2012-05-18 19:25:12 +0000 #energy #sustainability Why Aren?t Salespeople Running Software Companies? Seriously2012-05-18 17:15:22 +0000 http://t.co/KWJApiYP2012-05-18 15:45:21 +0000 10 current technologies directly inspired by science fiction http://t.co/sGwBcxUR2012-05-18 08:40:53 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-17 22:44:58 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Setting up for @TechCocktails startup showcase at @Techwildcatters2012-05-17 22:34:20 +0000 #TechCocktailDallas [pic]: http://t.co/k4cmAxrA2012-05-17 19:49:52 +0000 Being Bilingual http://t.co/Vj8s9pxz via @JorgeBarba The Benefits of Sell a Product Before It?s Ready? ExaGrid Says It?s Not as Crazy As it Sounds2012-05-17 17:15:25 +0000 http://t.co/NUsK7xDn #prodmgmt Native digestive tract bacteria help fend off invaders, study finds2012-05-17 15:20:10 +0000 http://t.co/oUvcu6G2 Google Revamps Search With Massive Real-World Map of Things2012-05-17 12:40:10 +0000 http://t.co/bwlVsozI The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-17 08:40:46 +0000 @wenovski @pricing @paintscoatings @ProdMgmtTalk Agile/iterative approaches do not fit the "six sigma" mindset.2012-05-17 03:32:02 +0000 #prodmgmttalk @ProdMgmtTalk Unfortunately execs have been educated on the "do it right the2012-05-17 03:30:57 +0000 first time" approach. Waterfall fits that. #prodmgmttalk A preview of the future: Living under Icelands Capital Controls2012-05-17 01:55:02 +0000 http://t.co/0EyZEKBA cc: @GeekSLP2012-05-17 01:15:15 +0000 Here Is What Happens | ZeroHedge http://t.co/cChEis5a If Greece Exits,2012-05-16 22:44:48 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Hope you can join us for ProductCamp DFW on June 23! http://t.co/T3SbLlXe2012-05-16 20:05:03 +0000 #PCampDFW #Prodmgmt #prodmktg Science Fiction or Fact: Humanlike Intelligent Machines Will Soon Exist2012-05-16 19:35:13 +0000 http://t.co/tSLT8uB9 Search engines at war, releasing biggest changes in years http://t.co/VZGynf9G2012-05-16 19:29:52 +0000 #SEo #marketing #advertising #Google #SEm2012-05-16 19:20:11 Implants Restore Partial Sight To Three Blind http://t.co/mRDfoLaz Retinal +0000 SPOTS Tracking Systems will be showcased @TechCocktail?s Dallas Mixer &2012-05-16 18:37:45 +0000 Startup Showcase 5/17 http://t.co/WYRq4DPk
  • 107. 2012-05-16 17:15:39 +0000 In Social Media And Social Business http://t.co/c34Sxs8u 4 Megatrends Dear Executives, Technological Ignorance Is No Longer Acceptable2012-05-16 17:02:41 +0000 http://t.co/zIhnqTer Florida Hospital is using the iPad to help stroke victims communicate with nurses2012-05-16 15:55:18 +0000 rehabbing http://t.co/2nsyjvQP #SLPeeps and family while The Coming Meltdown in College Education & Why The Economy Won?t Get2012-05-16 14:30:52 +0000 Soon http://t.co/uQnjWrn1 Better Any Time The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-16 08:40:54 +0000 @jefflindsay @innovation3602012-05-16 05:41:57 +0000 JP Morgan?s $2 Billion Loss http://t.co/zm4Fk97F The Truth About Italys banks shaken as economic slump deepens - http://t.co/ZvE1THkd #Euro2012-05-16 04:00:05 +0000 #Europe #fnancial #crisis2012-05-15 22:44:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation @lindegaard Look forward to see you at the European Open Innovation Summit!2012-05-15 21:17:56 +0000 http://t.co/4mTeWwIb2012-05-15 19:30:41 +0000 The Bias of Science http://t.co/apgyS4rc2012-05-15 18:25:14 +0000 Our Energy Future | Points and Figures http://t.co/T0RszONH My post "How Global Design Solutions Can Be Used to Improve the Living2012-05-15 14:20:09 +0000the Worlds Poor" http://t.co/kIioczgQ #SocEnt #TED Conditions of Why Computers Still Can?t Translate Languages Automatically2012-05-15 13:20:16 +0000 http://t.co/kpxiCME0 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-15 08:41:50 +0000 @kapilgupta @solar_power_kit @bldggreen Hope to see you at Dallas Tech Cocktail?s Dallas Mixer & Startup Showcase2012-05-15 02:15:14 +0000 http://t.co/tdq48avs #DFW2012-05-14 23:31:01 +0000 America has more fossil fuel resources than any other nation http://t.co/k8YrlMii The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-14 22:44:48 +0000 today via @donpeppers New way to stop cancer? Block their recycling system, and tumor cells die2012-05-14 19:55:07 +0000 http://t.co/3GPifcXa2012-05-14 16:55:14 Enemies of Greatness (and Happiness) http://t.co/ME4B05iD The Six +00002012-05-14 15:55:18 +0000 Future of Personal Tech http://t.co/wrfYZKYN Disruption: The Which of these 5 disruptive tech predictions will get real this decade?2012-05-14 15:45:40 +0000 http://t.co/D38FcPo1 I will be leading a session at the upcoming European Open Innovation Summit -2012-05-14 15:05:15 +0000 to see you there! http://t.co/gfuGUrTy May 23-24. Hope The Future of Software Development Is Here. Are You Ready Yet? | Sramana Mitra2012-05-14 14:10:21 +0000 http://t.co/hezIvKcI The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-14 08:41:24 +0000 @paintscoatings @dallasprogress Coincidentally I watched yesterday the movie "margin call" about2012-05-14 03:40:45 +0000 the 2008 financial crisis. Nothing has changed.2012-05-14 03:39:23 +0000 Eurozone: If Greece goes ... http://t.co/gXLvysc6
  • 108. 2012-05-14 00:44:51 +0000 Grapevine, TX http://t.co/5u02OQqO Video from Lake2012-05-14 00:33:33 +0000 Lake (Grapevine, TX) http://t.co/lsqvypgf Im at Grapevine The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-13 22:45:10 +0000 today via @wimrampen @dallasprogress Just posted article that describes how JPM & others managed2012-05-13 22:39:20 +0000 Volcker rule so that those trades would be allowed to weaken the2012-05-13 22:31:25 +0000 JPMorgan Sought Loophole on Risky Trading http://t.co/K87INRWQ2012-05-13 17:11:58the Shannon and Ted Skokos Pavillion http://t.co/E4XF9hIr Jazz at +00002012-05-13 16:59:06 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +00002012-05-13 16:55:06 +0000 Women and Men Have Equal Earning Power http://t.co/llCoUwY2 Five Jobs Where JPMorgan Chase?s $2B Loss: Why CEO Jamie Dimon Should Resign2012-05-13 15:45:51 +0000 http://t.co/JNbIAnJG 15 things I didn?t know when I started dating an entrepreneur | The Everywhereist2012-05-13 14:35:10 +0000 http://t.co/bbmYngY42012-05-13 13:35:06 +0000 10 New Problems Technology Gave Us http://t.co/gRsAsU8Z2012-05-13 08:41:01 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-13 03:22:21 +0000 Lost $17.5 Billion http://t.co/vkvjdzFe How JPMorgan GAO: Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming About Equal to Entire World?s2012-05-13 01:07:35 Oil Reserves http://t.co/Gwi4hiWx Proven +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-12 22:44:46 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager SNOOK - Service Design for Social Change. We are just connecting things together in2012-05-12 17:15:20 +0000 a new way http://t.co/ZL50y9fr2012-05-12 15:40:17 to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds http://t.co/krF0u5ya 5 Ways +0000 I will be attending the European #OpenInnovation Summit http://t.co/KcgodlT02012-05-12 14:40:34 +0000 there! Hope to see you Why the euro is doomed to fall apart: it was an incredibly stupid idea in the first2012-05-12 14:35:13 +0000 place http://t.co/aiVuRRbJ2012-05-12 13:38:10 +0000 Euro-zone contagion: If Greece goes... http://t.co/5JZt7Cqw2012-05-12 13:35:10 +0000 Rent on the Coast in Spain from $508 a Month http://t.co/PayHLTDP2012-05-12 08:41:09 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK My blog post "How Global Design Solutions Can Be Used to Improve the Living2012-05-12 06:27:58 +0000the Worlds Poor" http://t.co/7ztO0aKM #TEDxSMU Conditions of After the JPMorgan Chase mess, we must bust up the big financial houses2012-05-12 01:30:15 +0000 http://t.co/dz2b8kVE The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-11 22:44:47 +0000 today via @jorgebarba @wimrampen2012-05-11 21:35:12 +0000 So Many 49-Employee Companies http://t.co/yKTrxo4q Why France Has2012-05-11 20:31:03 to Anticipate the Future of Digital Behavior http://t.co/wjhOlk27 6 Ways +00002012-05-11 18:25:21 +0000 of U.S. manufacturing http://t.co/mm0QcJSi The geography2012-05-11 17:05:17S3: Did Samsung just out-iPhone Apple? http://t.co/88TLkYIM Galaxy +0000
  • 109. Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed - Forbes2012-05-11 16:55:15 +0000 http://t.co/4ZMpKTgl2012-05-11 16:48:31 +0000 @dotjenna Interesting!2012-05-11 16:10:12 cell transplant restores vision to blind mice http://t.co/rxfg3oH3 Retinal +00002012-05-11 14:25:07 +0000 Importance of a Website?s Visual Appeal http://t.co/VXnaycKW Usability ? The2012-05-11 13:40:10 +0000 City To Test Future Technology http://t.co/no1x5gKW Scientific Ghost2012-05-11 13:20:17 +0000 of the Cloud http://t.co/SfD6cBKK The Economics2012-05-11 08:50:20 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-11 00:15:43 +0000 and the European Austerity Myth http://t.co/Xy7zn7Xw Paul Krugman2012-05-11 00:15:02 +0000 Writing Books http://t.co/sbAGiRsf via @jasonfalls The Business of2012-05-10 23:46:41 +0000 House, Dallas, TX http://t.co/E8XQ8t9F Winspear Opera The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-10 22:45:01 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr2012-05-10 21:20:15Industry Is Broken. Now What? - http://t.co/D8aJGO7v The VC +00002012-05-10 19:30:53 +0000 Will Supercomputer Watson Be A Superhero For Banking? http://t.co/vV24ZQz7 Netbook sales down 34% year over year. Can we call them dead, yet? |2012-05-10 19:20:20 +0000 http://t.co/kZgUNHMc http://t.co/9msXg2hA2012-05-10 17:15:37 +0000 diseases could be treated by single drug http://t.co/0STg1DZ3 Range of brain SkyDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive: best cloud storage option for iPhone and2012-05-10 16:40:13 +0000 iPad users http://t.co/RLjTeOs42012-05-10 14:10:23 +0000 Take On Oracle With HANA | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/e2Ln3g0r SAP Poised to2012-05-10 13:45:23 +0000manufacturing: All together now http://t.co/prabLub0 Collaborative2012-05-10 13:40:12 +0000 Upside: Is College the Best Investment? Heres the Math http://t.co/PAgIILer2012-05-10 13:15:34 +0000 10 Fastest Growing U.S. Industries: http://t.co/vHCQAxLk2012-05-10 08:40:46 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK Please help me support the NGO #LinkingTheWorld a humanitarian organization for2012-05-10 04:21:23 +0000 children in developing countries http://t.co/7YNJ83SV #TED2012-05-09 23:40:08 +0000 Storing up trouble | The Economist http://t.co/EmGRWWQJ China?s banks: The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-09 22:45:03 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager @paulsloane Study: Our Smartphones Are Turning Us Into ?Real-Time Information Seekers And2012-05-09 20:50:10 +0000 Problem Solvers? | TechCrunch http://t.co/ffjJW87b 10 Must-See Tech Product Ideas From Startups -- InformationWeek2012-05-09 20:35:14 +0000 http://t.co/LoYj9kDu2012-05-09 20:15:30 +0000 Food with a view: Primo patios in DFW http://t.co/Ww2n89gN2012-05-09 18:40:16 +0000The Future Is No Place for Fear http://t.co/bXpQRlIw Zach Puchtel:2012-05-09 17:10:17 +0000 Android Apps You Need Now http://t.co/WWLkGMQC 10 Must-Have
  • 110. Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon Using Bionic Suit2012-05-09 16:40:20 +0000 http://t.co/hAK4LgOW Video of my audition for #TEDxSMU Conf. on design solutions to improve the living2012-05-09 15:00:26 +0000the poor http://t.co/q3lISWh4 #TED #TEDx conditions of @Jabaldaia Will you be going to the European Open #Innovation conference?2012-05-09 14:53:47 +0000 http://t.co/p0NN56kY @cdn Will you be going to the European #OpenInnovation conference?2012-05-09 14:52:57 +0000 http://t.co/p0NN56kY @cathydunham @Jabaldaia I have an analysis of the Segway value (or lack thereof)2012-05-09 14:36:19 +0000 vs. other scooters in this preso http://t.co/7u2F4rQX @cathydunham @Jabaldaia The Segway was an incremental improvement over2012-05-09 14:34:30 +0000scooters http://t.co/6EiNP78L existing $500 A Lesson in Innovation ? Why did the Segway Fail? | Innovation Management2012-05-09 13:20:15 +0000 http://t.co/8366mSBL2012-05-09 13:20:12 +0000 Cloud is a corporate strategy, not a tactical solution http://t.co/k4nmqKjI The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-09 08:40:50 +0000 @rcwhalen @solar_power_kit @BenRodrigue There is a strong need for reliable employment statistics for2012-05-09 05:51:24 +0000 ROI data for different majors and degrees graduates and2012-05-09 05:49:50 +0000 @jefflash Thanks for the RT and interest! Hope to see you at ProductCamp #DFW, June 23 http://t.co/T3SbLlXe #PCampDFW2012-05-09 05:49:11 +0000 #ProdMgmt #ProdMktg #Dallas #Marketing @DallasSocials @dfwama2012-05-09 01:09:03 +0000 of China http://t.co/rQ0mumoP The Great Fall A monetary union might make more sense for every nation starting with the letter2012-05-09 00:15:15 +0000 for the euro zone http://t.co/wuzRgapr "M" than it does2012-05-08 22:45:11 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Katalyst vs. Singularity: a radical exploration into a subject of our times |2012-05-08 19:40:10 +0000 KurzweilAI http://t.co/mQ7043Gc2012-05-08 19:20:10 Millions of jobs will "reshore" back to U.S. - http://t.co/kOtWpYiV Expert: +00002012-05-08 19:01:23 +0000 Organs | This Could Be Big - http://t.co/8qZfphrn Grow Your Own2012-05-08 18:05:16 +0000 Big changes coming in video game pricing http://t.co/YhpVGZ3V #prodmgmt2012-05-08 16:55:08 +0000 7 Superb Utilities for Android http://t.co/sanyGHWR2012-05-08 15:50:22 +0000 School to Welfare - Graduate Students - http://t.co/PCoAgbjj From Graduate Risk-Based Student Loans: Should student loans be priced differently according to2012-05-08 15:45:20 http://t.co/mtLPO5t9 major? +00002012-05-08 15:40:18 +0000 Everyone Is Scared of Amazon ? And They Should Be http://t.co/pbdzzv1Y2012-05-08 15:20:10stuff falling apart? Thank Walmart http://t.co/cWCbEUC1 Is your +0000 Singularity University: meet the people who are building our future |2012-05-08 14:05:12 +0000 http://t.co/tiRBmuXn
  • 111. 2012-05-08 13:30:14industrial revolution | The Economist http://t.co/BnNSMfK3 A third +00002012-05-08 08:40:51 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK @DavidWLocke cost should always be a consideration, but price is determined by2012-05-08 03:37:26 +0000by the cost the value not @zaibatsu Clorox Clean Up has bleach albeit diluted. Any product that contains2012-05-08 03:31:52should be handled with care http://t.co/SA79HAFc bleach +0000 What is financialization and why is it coming to the oil industry?2012-05-07 22:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/0c1xS8ot The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-07 22:44:50 +0000 today via @paulsloane @ProdMgmtTalk @JeffLash I tackle the issue of Value Proposition &2012-05-07 21:07:29 +0000 in this preso http://t.co/7u2F4rQX #prodmgmttalk #prodmgmt segmentation @nickdemey @zite It was incredible to me that the Euro was created the same2012-05-07 21:03:30 as the end of Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia & Yugoslavia decade +0000 @ProdMgmtTalk @jefflash Absolutely! VP and market segmentation go hand in2012-05-07 20:56:29 +0000have one without the other #prodmgmttalk hand. Cannot2012-05-07 20:42:08 +0000 ProductCamp DFW http://t.co/EO7MaF63 LinkedIn Events: The Complete Breakdown Of The Facebook IPO In 7 Graphics2012-05-07 20:40:10 +0000 http://t.co/WpEfeRYO @d8a_driven It is not restricted. It has simply gravitated in that direction.2012-05-07 20:36:25 +0000 #prodmgmttalk @jefflash unfortunately Agile tends to be used more for incremental2012-05-07 20:25:34 +0000 innovations/product line extensions #prodmgmttalk @ProdMgmtTalk Value proposition is critical to long term commercial success. No2012-05-07 20:15:51 +0000 value proposition = undifferentiated product #prodmgmttalk @jefflash In many cases, they dont understand what they sell. i.e. Think they sell2012-05-07 20:10:53 +0000 in fact they sell service #prodmgmttalk product when2012-05-07 20:09:57 +0000 continue to talk about features and cost. #prodmgmttalk @jefflash They @jefflash The biggest problem that I have found is that companies are not used to2012-05-07 20:09:40in terms of value #prodmgmttalk talking +00002012-05-07 16:10:16 +0000 10 scientific facts about flavour http://t.co/9XMAhAxQ Recycling Eyeglasses May Not Be Cost Effective - http://t.co/atZgJxDa2012-05-07 15:35:14 +0000 #sustainability2012-05-07 15:05:09 +0000 The Campus Tsunami - http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/IbJsG3Uc @sramana @1Mby1M This approach is consistent w my framework for managing2012-05-07 14:23:41 +0000 disruptive innovation http://t.co/1kVoQ13u If Youre Not Pissing Someone Off, Youre Probably Not Innovating - Philip2012-05-07 12:35:08 +0000 Auerswald - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/OhQ8NlNP The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-07 08:41:02 +0000 @nilofer Madness in Spain Lingers as Ireland Chases Recovery - Bloomberg2012-05-07 02:20:04 +0000 http://t.co/2b3AkCkb
  • 112. Euro-zone stabilisation: Not countercyclical enough, then or now | The Economist2012-05-07 01:01:02 +0000 http://t.co/lh0zEfm82012-05-06 22:44:40 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation @TheDallasOpera Great act I of the Magic Flute! #DallasOpera #Winspear2012-05-06 20:24:32 +0000 http://t.co/rDfXtKYI Sunshine and vitamin D: why cloudy skies are bad for our health2012-05-06 19:40:05 +0000 http://t.co/4uHInYkh Energy Boom in U.S. Upends Expectations - http://t.co/gAin57j42012-05-06 19:35:07 +0000 http://t.co/21j7jTgQ2012-05-06 19:35:05 +0000 5 Futuristic Technologies Invented in the Wrong Century http://t.co/u62qJhdL2012-05-06 18:53:06 +0000 House, Dallas, TX http://t.co/4hXlaHSM Winspear Opera About to watch Mozarts The Magic Flute (@ Winspear Opera House)2012-05-06 18:23:00 +0000 http://t.co/wWFuhNge2012-05-06 16:57:40 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +00002012-05-06 16:50:10 +0000 factory mentality | GlobalPost http://t.co/BCd8ejn0 Taiwan: deadly Is pomegranate juice the new Viagra? Study shows daily juice boosts sex drive2012-05-06 16:40:09 +0000 http://t.co/MDVNpuvZ2012-05-06 16:10:03 +0000 Be the Secret to Anti-Aging? http://t.co/KQnjYqzr Could Red Wine2012-05-06 15:35:13 +0000 The State of Startups: Like Hell Its A Bubble - Business Insider http://t.co/DK4or0sa2012-05-06 13:40:13 +0000 ever discover the secret of immortality? http://t.co/UybARTbZ Will scientists The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-06 08:40:49 +0000 @energysmartpro Ignoring the Real Money in the Bank of America Lawsuits - http://t.co/gAin57j42012-05-06 00:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/Q8L6nBAC2012-05-05 22:44:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Greece and France expected to reject austerity measures, roiling Europes leaders -2012-05-05 21:35:07 +0000 http://t.co/RUQ7DkQb Practical Innovation in Action: Ironman a game-changer on battlefield2012-05-05 21:25:02 +0000 http://t.co/0zcjKBzc2012-05-05 19:45:19 +0000 Fear and Speculation Drove Facebooks Instagram Buy http://t.co/1d3fmuB52012-05-05 19:44:34 +0000 Downtown Dallas at night http://t.co/3PfCSpYb2012-05-05 19:00:13 +0000 U.S. readies proposal to clamp down on #fracking http://t.co/UJBs7I5D The Collapse of Moores Law: Physicist Says Its Already Happening | Techland |2012-05-05 17:50:12 +0000 http://t.co/4hobM23V http://t.co/uUz54D2J2012-05-05 17:45:20Creates Multilingual Children By Age 3 http://t.co/kz0Utk07 School +0000 15 More Must-Read Business Books That Could Change Your Life2012-05-05 16:30:43 +0000 http://t.co/vBmKAJ6t The Rise of Big Data Apps And The Fall of SaaS | TechCrunch2012-05-05 15:20:51 +0000 http://t.co/aKOOMlME2012-05-05 08:41:18 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK
  • 113. @NickTimiraos @rcwhalen This analysis fails to take into account 1)2012-05-05 03:26:22 +0000 Collusion/gaming of CDOs to get AAA rating 2) Underwriting rules fraud2012-05-04 23:42:35 +0000 @rcwhalen @CGasparino it is the DotCom Bubble part deux2012-05-04 22:44:42 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation @DavidWLocke existing government and public institutions and instruments will2012-05-04 22:20:42 +0000 have to change The "Easy Latrine", an exceptional example of design solutions to improve the lives2012-05-04 21:49:13 +0000 of people http://t.co/i3Ac2J8F #TED #TEDxChange My annual post on the real story behind the #cincodemayo holiday2012-05-04 21:44:34 +0000 http://t.co/oXb1zYUf2012-05-04 20:50:08 +0000 breakthroughs to make us immortal http://t.co/vYaD1EHI Technological2012-05-04 20:39:55 +0000 Downtown #Dallas at twilight http://t.co/uGRnPiIF2012-05-04 20:32:11 +0000 Downtown Dallas at night http://t.co/OjriuHRZ Resveratrol: Study resolves controversy on life-extending red wine ingredient,2012-05-04 17:15:22 +0000 for anti-aging pill http://t.co/R6m2uhAb restores hope 17 Awesome Technologies We Secretly Suspect Theyre Hiding2012-05-04 15:25:09 +0000 http://t.co/a0tA4swN To Predict Dating Success, The Secrets In The Pronouns : Shots - Health Blog : NPR2012-05-04 13:10:27 +0000 http://t.co/4T1JmJgJ2012-05-04 08:41:09 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-04 00:55:38 +0000 thanks! @RachelDuitch @RachelDuitch Rachel can you send me a copy of the photo you posted on2012-05-04 00:30:11 +0000 foursquare? Thanks2012-05-03 23:32:22 +0000 At the #TEDxSMU auditions The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-05-03 22:44:48 +0000 today via @donpeppers Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons Ive Learned So Far - Tony Schwartz2012-05-03 19:05:21 +0000 - Harvard Business Review http://t.co/dTOH6Yq12012-05-03 18:40:08 to Perfect Your Finance Pitch http://t.co/qvvBUg3i 5 Ways +0000 At Social Media Workshop with @giovanni (@ LevelTen Interactive w/ 4 others)2012-05-03 18:06:15 +0000 http://t.co/UYptIZsm Is the Age of Silicon Computing Coming to an End? Physicist Michio Kaku Says "Yes"2012-05-03 17:45:20 +0000 http://t.co/skujPaDP2012-05-03 17:15:37 +0000 Does Cloud Computing Matter? - Forbes http://t.co/RQupm8822012-05-03 16:05:13 +0000 jam of wireless data - Video - Technology http://t.co/OJbad9Ap The nasty traffic2012-05-03 14:01:32 +0000 Affects What You Can Do http://t.co/EyBPS3DZ What You See Harvard and M.I.T. Offer Free Online Courses - http://t.co/gAin57j42012-05-03 12:56:17 +0000 http://t.co/uwSe8xrR2012-05-03 08:40:55 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-05-02 22:44:33 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Will Yahoo passing up on Microsoft?s offer go down as the biggest business blunder2012-05-02 20:55:04history? http://t.co/OXH21y6K in tech +0000
  • 114. 2012-05-02 20:50:08 +0000 The Most Influential Angel Investors On AngelList - Forbes http://t.co/pUqP8vjP2012-05-02 20:10:13 +0000 Why Use QuickBooks Add-ons? : QuickBooks and Beyond http://t.co/NhZdVUsP2012-05-02 18:01:24 +0000 China?s Vanishing Trade Imbalance - http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/lAgBqWqu2012-05-02 15:30:39 +0000 become a mobile carrier http://t.co/YS0R5wrO How Apple will Improved Biomass Stoves: Installing the ONIL Stove in Guatemala2012-05-02 15:25:08 +0000 http://t.co/OQihiFIL2012-05-02 14:55:07 +0000 tomorrow at the #TEDxSMU auditions! http://t.co/4LXDtGDo Hope to see you Kickstarter Sets Off $7 Million Stampede for a Watch Not Yet Made -2012-05-02 14:10:09 +0000 http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/MgAakLdE The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-05-02 08:40:58 +0000 @jefflindsay @MikeBoudreaux At any point in time a link of the value chain will have low2012-05-02 02:39:12 +0000 there is no patience today to wait it out profitability but @MikeBoudreaux This was discussed by @claychristensen when he described how2012-05-02 02:37:08move along the value chain profits +0000 @MikeBoudreaux Vertical integration only works if willing to look at profits as2012-05-02 02:36:14 +0000 aggregate. Impossible with todays financial managers2012-05-02 00:15:25 +0000 Swaps Made European Debt Crisis Worse http://t.co/smj6H4RM Credit Default2012-05-01 22:44:24 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Mitticool: Indian craftsman creates clay refrigerator that works without electricity2012-05-01 19:30:53 +0000 http://t.co/NElprVWj2012-05-01 17:05:29 +0000 12 Essential Tools for the Content Marketer http://t.co/Xkcd0D35 Cambodian ?Easy Latrine? wins international design award http://t.co/AAUPw6GU2012-05-01 16:25:30 +0000 #TEDxSMU #TEDxChange Hulu to usher in exciting era of not-at-all-free TV streaming by requiring cable2012-05-01 15:45:13 +0000 http://t.co/hvqAXFvX subscription | One of the best uses of Voice of the Customer that Ive seen: Jeff Chapin - #Design2012-05-01 15:08:32 +0000 As a Tool for Better Conversations http://t.co/4IVYsllP On Thursday Ill be @ the #TEDxSMU auditions talking about global #design2012-05-01 14:59:55 +0000 solutions to improve the living conditions of the poor @rotkapchen IBM is still around because they reinvented themselves. Microsoft is2012-05-01 13:58:51 +0000 in terminal decline Heres Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years -2012-05-01 12:55:05http://t.co/NuUs0Lpt Forbes +00002012-05-01 08:40:45 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK @InnovateThis2 Management has abdicated all decision making responsibility to2012-05-01 05:04:23 +0000formulas. No experience necessary. the output of @InnovateThis2 Actually I wish it was still like that. Todays "Data-driven" decision2012-05-01 05:03:34 has made things far worse making +0000
  • 115. A wonderful video of the song Payphone by my friend @ViviancBrown2012-05-01 04:49:54 +0000 http://t.co/XKgWGy0G2012-05-01 04:12:25 +0000 Hi Vivi! I loved it! @ViviancBrown RT @brainpicker: Impressive NYT visualization of what got funded in three years of2012-05-01 03:41:24 +0000 @kickstarter http://t.co/HJ4OXTU42012-04-30 22:44:38 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-30 21:40:22 +0000 Shifting The Conversation From Influence to Advocacy http://t.co/1GbjPEIW How long does it take to launch a smartphone? http://t.co/uRYyHidp #prodmgmt2012-04-30 21:31:00 +0000 #marketing2012-04-30 21:05:53and The UX explained - Just Thinking! http://t.co/wrE8zznl The UI +00002012-04-30 20:55:26 +0000 Of Apple Vs. Foxconn - Business Insider http://t.co/CfmPlblM A 5-Year Chart Innovation Excellence | 21 Situations When You Should Not Innovate2012-04-30 19:40:29 +0000 http://t.co/aeAemPVA2012-04-30 19:10:18 +0000 Memory as a Consumer Durable http://t.co/iEt4JNDp When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End? Harvard Business Review2012-04-30 16:45:33 +0000 http://t.co/xsihbTKt2012-04-30 15:16:24 +0000 be tested next year | DVICE http://t.co/9LSchjTq Bionic eyes to The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-30 08:40:47 +0000 @brainzooming2012-04-30 01:50:07 +0000 Youre welcome! Do you have time to chat this week? @InnovateThis2 @DavidWLocke There were 2 issues: They gamed the instruments to deliver the2012-04-30 01:49:38formula result & they did not follow underwriting rules "right" +0000 @MaxMckeown @SteveKoss @jorgebarba I tackle the question of value in this2012-04-30 01:47:32 +0000 preso http://t.co/7u2F4rQX Feedback welcome @MaxMckeown @SteveKoss @jorgebarba Thats the current definition of the2012-04-30 01:46:17 +0000 financial industry2012-04-30 01:41:44 +0000 rankings: A game of leapfrog | The Economist http://t.co/5SZEkK3n Asian economic @LisaJoshi May the wind be at your back & the sun always upon your face,2012-04-30 01:35:25may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars & +00002012-04-29 22:44:28 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Apple?s Tax Strategy Aims at Low-Tax States and Nations - http://t.co/gAin57j42012-04-29 18:10:08 +0000 http://t.co/SnPqSFIh2012-04-29 16:57:19 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +0000 @SteveKoss @jorgebarba @MaxMckeown A new product can fill an existing need2012-04-29 16:33:11deliver value, but magnitude of need may be < production cost & +0000 @SteveKoss @jorgebarba @MaxMckeown Exhibit #1 where profit was no proof of2012-04-29 16:27:52 +0000 Innovation value: Financial
  • 116. Samsung profits jump as smartphone sales outstrip Nokia and Apple2012-04-29 14:01:36 +0000 http://t.co/bBH1ytj72012-04-29 08:39:51 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-28 22:44:24 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-28 21:55:12 +0000 has everything to prove - Telegraph http://t.co/gM732qRz Facebook still2012-04-28 20:35:08 +0000 inflation rate has moved above 8% http://t.co/Phwinrxx America?s real2012-04-28 16:57:07 +0000 @TEDxSMU Thanks! @InnovateThis2 Jim, I am looking for companies interested in implementing the2012-04-28 16:49:25 +0000 disruptive innovation spiral framework. Leads welcome @OBX_Harvey I am looking for companies interested in implementing the2012-04-28 16:46:54 +0000 framework. Leads welcome @SebSigloch @AMSimo @amymwilkinson @per_kristensson @bobdejonge2012-04-28 16:46:05 +0000 Thanks! #FF @FrankMattes @SebSigloch Will you be attending the European #OpenInnovation Conference?2012-04-28 16:45:48 +0000 http://t.co/p0NN56kY2012-04-28 16:30:40 +0000 Business Books That Could Change Your Life http://t.co/guH1BiXi 13 Must-Read Food #Inflation: Chipotle Mexican Grill reports food costs up 32% from 1 yr ago2012-04-28 16:22:50 +0000 http://t.co/SiH71upj #economy #recession BBC News - Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash2012-04-28 16:15:04 +0000 http://t.co/OfNdfyOr The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-28 08:39:39 +0000 @thedallasopera Amazon agrees to collect sales tax in Texas starting in July, bring 2,500 jobs to state2012-04-28 03:26:22 +0000 http://t.co/QofIfgUo via @statesman2012-04-28 02:45:07 +0000 boom has peaked, forever via @Telegraph http://t.co/Ywb9yvcL China?s property Spanish economy in huge crisis after credit downgrade | Reuters2012-04-28 01:00:09 +0000 http://t.co/uIqtJg9Q The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-27 22:44:31 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager Pivoting Pays Off for Tech Entrepreneurs - http://t.co/iILjc7AZ2012-04-27 21:40:07 +0000 http://t.co/0WueaFDC2012-04-27 19:35:10 +0000 a pricing and feature guide for consumers http://t.co/iXSvKtbQ Cloud storage: The Mobile Revolution: Startup Ideas For Changing The World - Forbes2012-04-27 19:20:15 +0000 http://t.co/WemuybvA2012-04-27 16:45:22Earnings Report: Bad News : The New Yorker http://t.co/FRlyZYnZ Netflix +0000 Downloadable Gun Parts, Personalized Bioterror: the Downside of #Innovation2012-04-27 15:35:12 +0000 http://t.co/E6qAnmfe2012-04-27 15:35:11Most Hated Companies in America - 24/7 Wall St. http://t.co/VSm7E1qS The 10 +0000
  • 117. JOBS Act Passed, Now What? 5 things Mature Companies & Entrepreneurs2012-04-27 14:40:10 +0000 About http://t.co/CzFtXCEb Need to Think Testing, reviewing, and comparing 9 web-based CRM (Customer Relationship2012-04-27 14:35:08 +0000 applications for small business | Black Hills Web... Management)2012-04-27 12:45:29 +0000 How They Spot the Future http://t.co/oZgqzqwh 8 Visionaries on The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-27 08:39:34 +0000 @solar_power_kit @TEDxSMU What is the time allowed for each audition? There is conflicting2012-04-27 04:52:39 +0000 3 vs. 5 min information on2012-04-27 04:43:50 +0000 at the "TEDxSMU 2012 Spring Auditions" http://t.co/GAfV0pYP Hope to see you Frontline Explains What Happened to All Our Money http://t.co/9Pa9w5S72012-04-27 04:08:57 +0000 #financial #crisis2012-04-27 04:04:29 +0000 and Wall Street | FRONTLINE | PBS http://t.co/vcdNHMXj Money, Power RT @ProdMgmtTalk: @Brioneja Youve been quoted in my #Storify story: "Improve2012-04-27 03:31:56 +0000 with Open Innovation by Jose Briones, PhD ... Product Success @alicarnold @obx_harvey @Gwen_Ishmael This is why an open innovation2012-04-27 01:18:37 +0000 important #innochat approach is so @AjmaniK @LoisMarketing This is my alternative framework to manage disruptive2012-04-27 01:12:48 +0000 #innovation http://t.co/RHGpa9I2 Feedback welcome2012-04-27 00:43:40 +0000 Thanks for the interest! @cindyfsolomon2012-04-27 00:43:25 +0000 @compellingmktr Thanks for the interest! @davidculton @InnovationFixer @OBX_Harvey This is my alternative framework to2012-04-27 00:41:28 +0000 manage disruptive innovation. http://t.co/RHGpa9I2 Panels Are A Waste Of Time, But They Don?t Have To Be | TechCrunch2012-04-26 22:50:08 +0000 http://t.co/W2LM5FWx2012-04-26 22:44:46 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation The Future of Technology Disruption in Business - The Economist2012-04-26 21:10:12 +0000 http://t.co/e84SZKTp2012-04-26 20:40:10 +0000 Jim... - http://t.co/k1XEW2LH http://t.co/QlfnyZ7i Print? Its Dead, VC investors are not interested in creating companies which have profits &2012-04-26 20:13:23 +0000 create jobs http://t.co/M31Qoc2r If you build something trendy enough, there?s probably going to be a huge2012-04-26 20:11:26 +0000there willing to overpay for it http://t.co/M31Qoc2r company out2012-04-26 19:15:31 +0000is a life saver http://t.co/jjZU6R6o Proof Aspirin Recording of my webinar "Improving Product Success with #OpenInnovation" can2012-04-26 18:13:23 +0000 http://t.co/yGyAo7vj #prodmgmt be accessed here @accept360 @aipmm Thanks for the opportunity to present a webinar on2012-04-26 17:53:34 +0000 #openinnovation. Link to the slides http://t.co/0BdSbkD5 #360webinar RT @accept360: Going live with @brioneja in 10 minutes! Last chance to register2012-04-26 16:55:29#openinnovation webinar! http://t.co/Vhgh4SZd #3 ... for our +0000
  • 118. @Gwen_Ishmael it is in fact easier to disrupt a business you already know than a2012-04-26 16:46:17 +0000 not know #innochat business you do Always Early: Marc Andreessens Five Big Ideas That Have Shaped the Internet -2012-04-26 16:45:18http://t.co/kAqxy1DU Forbes +0000 @sandymaxey It depends on the value delivered to different market/customer2012-04-26 16:44:28 +0000 segments #innochat @iamkart Radical/Breakthrough/Disruptive innovation can also happen in the core2012-04-26 16:43:54 +0000 business. #innochat @CreativeSage Unfortunately that only works if the metrics for progress are also re-2012-04-26 16:40:26 +0000 from those used in incremental #innochat defined/changed @Gwen_Ishmael Breakthrough innovation solves a need the customer has but is2012-04-26 16:32:42 +0000 of or cannot articulate #innochat not fully aware @csinkus Unfortunately by then is most of the times too late. Again, exhibit #12012-04-26 16:27:25 +0000 Blackberry #innochat @JohnPMuldoon Early efforts at radical innovation do not need massive resources2012-04-26 16:25:08 +0000 #innochat2012-04-26 16:24:44 +0000 @JohnPMuldoon Portfolio balance shifts as ideas/projects mature #innochat @JohnPMuldoon but must be complemented with radical and breakthrough,2012-04-26 16:21:17 +0000 get Blackberry #innochat otherwise we @JohnPMuldoon All companies should manage innovation as a portfolio.2012-04-26 16:20:13 +0000 Incremental innovation must be part of it #innochat @Gwen_Ishmael Financial oriented approach demands "data-driven decisions".2012-04-26 16:16:55 innovation requires management of uncertainty #innochat Radical +0000 @Gwen_Ishmael ...but event those that try radical fall in the trap of managing2012-04-26 16:15:14 +0000 them like incremental and most fail at it #innochat @Gwen_Ishmael The answer is complex. Many companies only play incremental....2012-04-26 16:14:27 +0000 #innochat2012-04-26 16:13:31 +0000 Stage Gate to manage them all with predictable results #innochat @skap5 and use @Gwen_Ishmael Yes, I do follow the "innovation as continuum" approach using value delivered as the differentiator2012-04-26 16:12:57 +0000 #innochat Join us today for my webinar "Improve Product Success w #OpenInnovation" at 12012-04-26 14:36:28http://t.co/Q7dixWmY #prodmgmt #360webinar #innovation pm ET +00002012-04-26 14:03:15 +0000 Innovation By Design Contest http://t.co/5hccumJ6 Fast Companys2012-04-26 12:56:46 +0000 hotspots by state http://t.co/U0wCRefq List of free wi-fi The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-26 08:40:21 +0000 @rowangibson @jenniferconley @paintscoatings2012-04-25 22:45:07 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Hope you can join us for my webinar "Improve Product Success w2012-04-25 20:37:36 +0000 #OpenInnovation" tomorrow http://t.co/Q7dixWmY
  • 119. Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company2012-04-25 19:40:16 +0000 http://t.co/jb1MyCIS2012-04-25 18:10:10 +0000 to run a company on 21 apps in the cloud http://t.co/7sj005Er Going all in: How RT @accept360: 2 days left to register for our #openinnovation #webinar w/Jose2012-04-25 17:27:46 +0000 Briones @brioneja Join us on 4/26 at 10AM PT http://t.co/ ... Tablet sales to top 760M worldwide by 2016, and a third will be iPads |2012-04-25 16:15:24 +0000 VentureBeat http://t.co/YOyQdNx6 Jumping Off The Android Commodity Bandwagon - http://t.co/k1XEW2LH2012-04-25 13:30:37 +0000 http://t.co/MPsiNUWO The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-25 08:39:32 +0000 @specialchem The Best Free Software, Mobile Apps, and Web Services, 2012 Edition2012-04-25 04:13:20 +0000 http://t.co/OwLQNSYV2012-04-24 22:45:10 +0000 Conversation - http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/PNMOJuXh The Flight From2012-04-24 21:55:09 +0000 Dying technology: modern hardware thats on the way out http://t.co/pLg6UY6b As IPO Approaches, Facebook Addresses Weaknesses | Sramana Mitra2012-04-24 21:40:06 +0000 http://t.co/OWDGJxii Dropbox Sharing Gets Ridiculously Easy With Links | TechCrunch2012-04-24 19:20:14 +0000 http://t.co/eKdb418c2012-04-24 18:01:01 +0000 The Facebook Generation Will Not Buy http://t.co/mTb1tRrO Eight Products2012-04-24 16:00:57 Become a Better Leader http://t.co/ba5Pi0g8 How to +00002012-04-24 13:15:17 cope with the Gmail redesign http://t.co/kjDuJgur How to +00002012-04-24 13:05:12 +0000The Death Spiral of Law Firms (and Law Schools) http://t.co/Jo4uoySe TaxProf Blog: The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-24 07:57:56 +0000 today via @jabaldaia2012-04-24 01:00:41 +0000 Mexicos Popocatepetl volcano erupts http://t.co/ikNjz8Ik via @cbsnews2012-04-24 00:10:08 +0000 a shambolic retreat http://t.co/s7Viyhfz BlackBerry beats2012-04-23 23:05:09 +0000 social scoring for sales and marketing teams http://t.co/26iupGjM Using Klout and2012-04-23 19:45:31 +0000 Stunning Footage From an Alien Planet: Earth http://t.co/ynwVSEF5 Microsoft Takes On Dropbox With SkyDrive For Windows, Mac and iOS2012-04-23 19:09:54 +0000 http://t.co/XR94WRdH2012-04-23 18:55:12 +0000 Is My Job - Popular Mechanics http://t.co/RsiP175J Roboticist: This2012-04-23 18:03:25 +0000TECH Nest Networking http://t.co/gKIJYcRN #constantcontact Im attending Networking is under attack: Here?s Cisco?s plan ? Cloud Computing News2012-04-23 17:40:14 +0000 http://t.co/y3muSbtm Real-Time Research: iOS Dominates Over Android When It Comes To Usage, Says2012-04-23 16:20:11| TechCrunch http://t.co/lFNg18Kn Chitika +0000
  • 120. 2012-04-23 14:02:57 +0000 Three Webinars for Product Planning Success http://t.co/IcoC4r89 RT @accept360: 5 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship From Y Combinators Paul Graham |2012-04-23 13:40:07 +0000 http://t.co/FnaJ31dY Fast Company LinkedIn Events: Webcast: Improve Product Success with Open Innovation2012-04-23 03:12:39 +0000 http://t.co/vaOMpVLa2012-04-23 00:15:34 +0000Prevent Another Depression? http://t.co/tQ6e1lJ8 Did Bernanke2012-04-22 22:45:45 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-22 20:40:07 +0000 PJ Media ? Aspirin: The Elixir of Life? http://t.co/FF4MvpPj2012-04-22 20:15:11 +0000 Video Is Killing the DVD http://t.co/pILNq8JT How Streaming2012-04-22 18:20:06 +0000 What it Means For Investors http://t.co/m0vxmTrD Crowdfunding: Delta?s Oil Refinery Plan Flies Against Economic Sense - Bloomberg2012-04-22 18:20:05 +0000 http://t.co/ctlpd9tq2012-04-22 17:36:35 +0000 @AlexOsterwalder Have a great run!2012-04-22 17:33:16 +0000 Mexico Volcano Rumbles : Discovery News http://t.co/ZgyBcaNX Ready to Blow?2012-04-22 16:59:49 +0000 Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes http://t.co/XvrM3KER2012-04-22 16:58:07 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +00002012-04-22 16:55:04 +0000 Industrial Revolution - http://t.co/hrIfF8l8 Redeeming the2012-04-22 08:39:54 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-22 06:00:10 +0000 Unregulated Global Casino for Banks http://t.co/43bQCyPC Derivatives - The Vast #Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart After Top-Level Struggle2012-04-22 05:03:48 +0000 http://t.co/aWAHRblm2012-04-22 03:38:20 +0000 Im at Main Street Arts Festival (Fort Worth, TX) w/ 26 others http://t.co/asFHzahu Updated Presentation Calendar for this year http://t.co/8L3On9pO Hope you can2012-04-21 23:16:42 +0000 join us! This beautifully composed space footage will 100% give you chills2012-04-21 22:45:23 +0000 http://t.co/zrTYWWa72012-04-21 22:45:09 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation A New Reign Of Smartphones In 2012 ? They?re Rude, Fast And The Smartest!2012-04-21 21:20:06 +0000 http://t.co/SmOJLBZG The new iPad has CIOs quaking in their cubicles ? Cloud Computing News2012-04-21 20:20:12 +0000 http://t.co/QPXNN2LQ Facebook, Google Must Adapt as Users Embrace Unsocial Networks -2012-04-21 18:10:08 +0000 http://t.co/40GA7UiO Businessweek 6 Disasters Caused by Poorly Designed User Interfaces http://t.co/BVmFIYTl2012-04-21 17:35:08 +0000 #technology #BigD2012 #Design #UX #UI Is banning emails the answer to boosting productivity? | Executive | Financial Post2012-04-21 15:45:14 +0000 http://t.co/V4BD6RQ02012-04-21 13:25:12 +0000 artificial DNA : Nature http://t.co/Ml5rtD7s Enzymes grow2012-04-21 08:39:58 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK
  • 121. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-20 22:44:56 +0000 today via @wimrampen Key genes that switch off with aging highlighted as potential targets for anti-aging2012-04-20 22:09:48 +0000 therapies http://t.co/CkaQm8Vs Say Hello to Stratolaunch: The Worlds Largest Plane will be used to launch rockets2012-04-20 20:35:10 +0000 into orbit http://t.co/p0nIdJ2y #space Stop Blabbing About #Innovation And Start Actually Doing It | Fast Company2012-04-20 17:15:29 +0000 http://t.co/b4GuHFWK Rise in Scientific Journal Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform -2012-04-20 15:25:10 +0000 http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/HKWqfj90 A Summary Of Some Major And Upcoming Consumer/ Office Technologies2012-04-20 14:01:30 +0000 http://t.co/34MttCBD The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-20 08:40:39 +0000 @dallasbarreview @rotkapchen @paintscoatings2012-04-20 02:33:37#FortWorths Arts Festival http://t.co/gAOsi01C Jazz at +00002012-04-19 22:45:01 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-19 21:30:36 +0000 Augmented Realitys Path From Science Fiction to Future Fact http://t.co/kxcyYsoE2012-04-19 18:30:31 +0000 Strategic Questions for an Accelerating World http://t.co/P5dX8EGn2012-04-19 17:07:46 +0000 @mwise1 @PCAustin Great! I will certainly be there! @3DeeQuotes I am looking for companies interested in adopting the framework.2012-04-19 17:04:11 +0000 Leads are welcome. @Brainzooming Do you think that a company can create an innovative culture2012-04-19 17:03:33 +0000 personnel changes at the management level? without radical2012-04-19 15:01:07 +0000 Brain Cancer Vaccine Proves Effective | http://t.co/1YbIC6fD http://t.co/XzQgre3q2012-04-19 14:40:11 +0000 Shareholder Critic: Company Gone In A Year? http://t.co/SpFjYFF4 RIM?s Biggest Why Startups Should Invent The Next Hot Sauce, Not The Next Instagram2012-04-19 14:40:08 +0000 http://t.co/b0da6eKX How Health Care Is Changing to Emphasize Quality of Life - http://t.co/iILjc7AZ2012-04-19 13:15:22 +0000 http://t.co/4wFmVPE32012-04-19 08:40:30 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-18 22:45:16 +0000 today via @jorgebarba2012-04-18 21:15:16 +0000 The Future Retail Wasteland http://t.co/HYH4iVP62012-04-18 21:15:13Medicine is Stuck in the Past - Technology Review http://t.co/HbEsVY7j Cancer +00002012-04-18 18:00:43 +0000 Startups Or Behemoths: Which Are We Going To Bet On? http://t.co/keCuHeGg2012-04-18 15:50:25 +0000 process could lead to DIY drugstores http://t.co/DqfVYxPF New 3D printing2012-04-18 14:01:28 +0000 The Cloud | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/u9aocEXF Dell Moving To
  • 122. The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-18 08:40:23 +0000 @bldggreen @jfconnex @specialchem Im speaking at Webcast: Improve Product Success with Open Innovation, 26th2012-04-18 05:54:33 +0000 April 2012 http://t.co/IoukwXEG2012-04-18 05:06:36 +0000 Youre welcome. Are you coming to PCampDFW? @Jim_Holland Homeland Securitys Pre-Crime Screening Will Never Work - Technology2012-04-18 03:42:07 +0000 http://t.co/56hBtSxA2012-04-18 00:50:08 +0000 Six Rules for Dining Out http://t.co/bfbjljLp #food #travel Oracle sues Google over Java. Was Java the right choice for Android?2012-04-18 00:01:14 +0000 http://t.co/iQrLpfGf The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 delivers a mostly pure Android 4.0 experience for2012-04-17 23:10:06 +0000 only $250 http://t.co/PyWemwDh #tablet2012-04-17 22:45:06 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation @AlexOsterwalder @hannahmlane I personally went through having a new2012-04-17 21:59:18 +0000 disruptive technology killed internally due to fear of cannibalization Why design is the secret engine of Facebooks success http://t.co/imc2pvdg #SM2012-04-17 21:50:10 +0000 #smm #innovation General purpose technologies: The revolution to come | The Economist2012-04-17 19:25:13 +0000 http://t.co/RQVe5PHp When did Facebook become so uncool? - http://t.co/Sv2jPtOE2012-04-17 18:45:17 +0000 http://t.co/Lme4iwGk2012-04-17 15:05:19 +0000 Shopping List http://t.co/dEaozKRG #cloud #technology Oracle?s SaaS New treatment for prostate cancer gives perfect results for nine in ten men:2012-04-17 13:03:32 +0000 research - Telegraph http://t.co/uRKLRRea Disruptions: Innovations Like Instagram Are Tough for Large Companies2012-04-17 12:50:15 +0000 http://t.co/nCCb6geY The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-17 08:50:23 +0000 @wind2power @jim_holland2012-04-17 05:17:06 +0000 Let me know when its published! @Brainzooming @Brainzooming @InnovationDaily Unfortunately most Sr. managers want2012-04-17 05:02:33 +0000 innovation without changing anything in their companies or businesses @ScottDAnthony This stopped being a question ever since outlook allowed for off-2012-04-17 04:57:33 +0000 line email. On-air wifi simply increases the productivity @designsojourn @ScottDAnthony Most of todays newer airplanes have power2012-04-17 04:54:46 +0000 outlets @AlexOsterwalder @hannahmlane Very few if any of todays financially-oriented2012-04-17 04:54:09 +0000 the vision to disrupt their own business managers have @NewCommGlobal @JohnFMoore @YourAnonNews There are discrepancies2012-04-17 04:52:06 +0000map & wikipedia data http://t.co/oVtiP6Sk between that Driving Inside the Soviets Secret Submarine Lair http://t.co/uGA5wI4h #ColdWar2012-04-17 02:06:34 +0000 #JamesBond #Russia #Nuclear The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-16 22:44:53 +0000 today via @jorgebarba
  • 123. Want Breakthrough Ideas? First, Listen To The Freaks And Geeks | Co.Design:2012-04-16 22:30:26 +0000 business + innovation + design http://t.co/TY3g1qyN2012-04-16 21:30:25 +0000 15 Current Technologies My Newborn Son Won?t Use http://t.co/9ig4CcuF2012-04-16 21:00:39 +0000 Game time: Oracle, Google set to face off over Android http://t.co/R15Egy1C2012-04-16 19:35:09 +0000 Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever http://t.co/hSAdf6h9 The Forgetting The Cure for Humanitys Natural State of Abject Poverty - Reason Magazine2012-04-16 19:15:14 +0000 http://t.co/YzXie9CZ2012-04-16 18:50:13You on Facebook - http://t.co/iILjc7AZ http://t.co/ZZxUrL0A Selling +0000 The End of Retail: Why the Future of Shopping Doesnt Need Workers2012-04-16 18:10:09 +0000 http://t.co/cDegmkR22012-04-16 15:30:38 +0000 Well-Meaning Gatekeepers Slow Innovation http://t.co/Sg4BCZo5 Jeff Bezos: Even How Green Are Electric Cars? Depends on Where You Plug In http://t.co/YeVGEFgJ2012-04-16 14:30:33 +0000 #energy #sustainability @InnoCentive @InnoCentiveCEO Hope you can join us for my webinar "Improve2012-04-16 14:22:43 +0000 w #OpenInnovation" on 4/26 http://t.co/Q7dixWmY Product Success RT @tor: A New Approach to Manage Disruptive Innovation in an Environment of2012-04-16 14:17:31 +0000 High Uncertainty: http://t.co/ga4N6NZU by @Brioneja #innochat2012-04-16 14:17:27 +0000 @tor @3DeeQuotes Thanks for the interest! @DonPeppers There is a misconception that a functioning democracy simply means2012-04-16 13:48:18 +0000 This is why the #ArabSpring is floundering majority rules. Galaxy Note 10.1 Vs Asus Transformer Prime TF700T And Apple iPad 3: Can2012-04-16 13:35:07 +0000 Off Tablet Heavyweights? http://t.co/Yjj9qj8q Samsung Fend Whats next for Facebook? Trying to make enough money to justify that $100 billion valuation2012-04-16 12:50:08 +0000 http://t.co/OZtcxADP #Europe?s Capital Flight Betrays Currency?s Fragility http://t.co/PDfSp7wm #euro2012-04-16 11:05:04 +0000 #financial #crisis2012-04-16 08:39:49 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-16 03:24:17 +0000 @equintanilla "Luck favors the prepared mind" Louis Pasteur @BrentBeshore 5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page With Images2012-04-16 01:10:03 +0000 http://t.co/Km5zt2Ot2012-04-16 00:40:00 +0000 Presentations Calendar for this year http://t.co/eEzhk0Mh My Conference2012-04-16 00:36:50 +0000there a date for the next ProductCamp Austin? @PCAustin Is With #Europe Broken Again, Sarkozy And Lagarde Are Back To Begging2012-04-16 00:24:30 +0000 http://t.co/Fz9cvInO #IMF #Euro #financial #crisis @ExponentialEdge I think we will have to face the issue of machine "personhood"2012-04-15 23:46:22 +0000 distant future #startrek #singularity #scifi in the not too
  • 124. The Most Important News of the Year: Researchers say that #Beer makes men2012-04-15 23:44:10 +0000 smarter http://t.co/4LykX5XZ2012-04-15 23:21:54 +0000 bought it. Thanks! @prwpmp Just RT @prwpmp: In honor of 2012 World #Creativity & #Innovation Week (#WCIW) -2012-04-15 23:21:19 +0000 Mgrs Playbook (Kindle Ed) is $0.99 | http:// ... The Innovation2012-04-15 22:44:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation 14 Key Principles for Project Management Success - #PMP Hut2012-04-15 22:20:08 +0000 http://t.co/iZAGjUU9 Weekend Feature: "Space is 4D" -- Theory Claims that Time is Not the 4th2012-04-15 21:55:11 +0000 Dimension http://t.co/to4OUibu2012-04-15 21:40:39 +0000 still listed at $2.99 (a good deal nonetheless) @prwpmp It is Could This Forgotten Concept Phone Have Saved BlackBerry? http://t.co/oqiaskoH2012-04-15 21:27:47 +0000 #design #innovation cc: @Sramana @sramana @1Mby1M Possibly. Unfortunately it is likely that it may be an2012-04-15 21:26:31 +0000 oncoming train. @dscofield @uberfacts Mexico City packs 20 MM people in about 1/2 the space2012-04-15 21:12:25 +0000 Worths 6MM than Dallas-Fort @dscofield @uberfacts True, but US also has lower population density, much2012-04-15 21:06:13 +0000 longer avg driving distances vs. other countries Founders beware: accelerators offer upside, but only if you?re ready2012-04-15 20:55:12 +0000 http://t.co/cvaOIr0N #entrepreneur #startup Doomed to Re-Repeat History: The Triangle Fire, the WTC Attack, & the Importance2012-04-15 20:34:13 +0000 of Strong Building Codes http://t.co/A5zBlJNu #risk2012-04-15 19:35:03 +0000Waste Your Time at Work [INFOGRAPHIC] http://t.co/ErHsiyN7 5 Things That Artificial Intelligence Could Be on Brink of Passing Turing Test | Wired Science |2012-04-15 17:10:09 +0000 http://t.co/1YfFUesA http://t.co/hK4kZwwR2012-04-15 16:57:39 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +00002012-04-15 15:50:10 +0000 making sure startups get paid http://t.co/fUAZuUiA Braintree quietly The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-15 08:51:37 +0000 @thinkingserious @giovanni Big banks woo subprime borrowers again - What can go wrong?2012-04-15 04:18:21 +0000 http://t.co/kq625mcG #finance #financial #crisis The Real Reason for the Tragedy of the #Titanic http://t.co/NHk0mdJg #safety #risk2012-04-15 02:42:23 +0000 #crisis @SteveKoss @jorgebarba Technology actually can give us better and wider access2012-04-15 02:20:17 +0000 of history. It is a priorities issue to the lessons @SteveKoss @jorgebarba "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned2012-04-15 02:14:11 +0000 to repeat it" George Santayana @SteveKoss @jorgebarba Unfortunately the knowledge of history had been2012-04-15 02:13:20 +0000 devalued in todays culture, w negative consequences Twitter is abuzz with people who are just discovering #Titanic was a real ship and2012-04-15 01:56:20 +0000 Cameron movie http://t.co/BBx4M7RA not just a James
  • 125. Infographic: Which College Majors Lead To Higher Employment,2012-04-15 01:40:51 +0000 Unemployment?http://t.co/XHPBv1Jy Physicists continue work to abolish time as fourth dimension of space2012-04-15 00:25:13 +0000 http://t.co/3xyHwwGo Andre Kuipers, space station astronaut, sends pictures to Earth via Twitter2012-04-14 22:45:09 +0000 http://t.co/51jGAcd72012-04-14 22:44:46 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Memory Decline Speeds Up In Years Before Death | Memory Loss &2012-04-14 19:20:11 +0000LiveScience http://t.co/a2o5iVuS Alzheimers | Facebooks Telescope on Human Behavior - Technology Review2012-04-14 18:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/UKa1H4nP Assessing the Next Generation of BPM: Session at PEX Week Orlando by Diana2012-04-14 18:00:19 +0000 Davis http://t.co/xPdn3w7q2012-04-14 16:25:10 +0000 Peter Lynch: 10-Bagger Tales - http://t.co/4YthVLyS http://t.co/SgSrZKut The 6 Variables Behind a Kick-Ass Kickstarter Project http://t.co/wxO5jucn2012-04-14 15:35:04 +0000 #crowdfunding2012-04-14 14:35:05 +0000 recipe http://t.co/GpeUdevJ Sweden?s secret @pstokes would welcome any leads for companies that would be interested in2012-04-14 14:10:36 +0000 the framework implementing2012-04-14 14:08:23 +0000 @pstokes Thanks! I hope to publish it by the end of the year @DavidWLocke ROI on many college degrees is going negative regardless of the2012-04-14 14:07:24 +0000 institution.2012-04-14 14:05:58 +0000 @SebSigloch @NannetteSC Thanks for your interest!2012-04-14 08:39:33 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK @accept360 Sony is yet another textbook example of @claychristensen innovators2012-04-14 05:46:11 +0000 dilemma @semil @semil But why would founders give up much equity once opportunity is2012-04-14 03:30:20 +0000 investors strategy relies on stupid founders de-risked? Savvy American oil Cos are knowingly importing natural gas condensate stolen by2012-04-14 02:49:22 +0000 cartels http://t.co/KayBo0eR #drugwars #drugwar #Mexicos drug2012-04-14 02:31:24TX skyline at night http://t.co/mpXXAVhL Dallas, +00002012-04-13 22:44:43 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-13 18:25:08Biggest Tech Innovations of the New York Auto Show http://t.co/v3nSSzKx The 10 +00002012-04-13 17:45:16 +0000 How Twitter Chats Will Open Your Mind and Network - Forbes http://t.co/lFXVsPBS2012-04-13 15:55:15 +0000 SEO DIY: Optimize Your Startups Website Yourself http://t.co/bWp8cEIf More Than One-Third of IT Budgets Now Spent on Cloud: Survey - Forbes2012-04-13 14:15:21 +0000 http://t.co/Pga5qEFC2012-04-13 14:10:11 +0000 ?The Price Guide For Everything? http://t.co/Ye1rehXm Priceonomics,2012-04-13 08:39:39 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-13 04:05:24 +0000 Photo of my hometown, Irapuato, Mexico, circa 1920 http://t.co/3hVtp0Tr
  • 126. 2012-04-12 22:44:41 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Instagram, Facebook and @Wadhwas prediction about Brazil - Ideas@Innovations -2012-04-12 20:05:07 +0000 Post http://t.co/8pRooPym The Washington Here is why Facebook bought Instagram ? Tech News and Analysis2012-04-12 18:10:11 +0000 http://t.co/dOYN5fey #mobile Another Example of a Fallen Market Leader: Sony Revises Expected Loss to $6.42012-04-12 15:55:14 +0000 Billion - http://t.co/gAin57j4 http://t.co/8rnQNpdn Why Were Still Learning the Lessons of Titanic - Popular Mechanics2012-04-12 15:50:09 +0000 http://t.co/bFZPyD4t Palm-sized Star Trek tech may be closer than you think | The Future Is Now -2012-04-12 15:35:07 News http://t.co/lOWPp2bz Yahoo! +0000 Hunger Games: Is the future left or right? Gloomy or optimistic?2012-04-12 15:00:35 +0000 http://t.co/SYrnTrqn2012-04-12 14:45:22 +0000 Language Processing? http://t.co/uzcRCu6N What is Natural The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-12 10:14:42 +0000 @adhesivesealant @paintscoatings @skap5 It only makes sense if supply-demand makes profit margins of refineries2012-04-11 22:57:29 +0000 ROI. I think that hasnt been the case before higher than the Elite liberal arts colleges might have to make significant changes in the next few2012-04-11 22:51:35 they are to remain relevant http://t.co/Tl4jvPdA years if +0000 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-11 22:46:28 +0000 today via @paulsloane @ariegoldshlager @ralph_ohr Did everybody see what just happened? The pendulum has swung.2012-04-11 19:30:24 +0000 http://t.co/jUYGRiXG #entrepreneur #funding #startup Cloud Lessons? Instagrams Keep-It-Simple Mashup Approach |2012-04-11 18:15:13 +0000 http://t.co/CnXeiSuI Remembering the predecessor of the smartphones: The Palm Pilot2012-04-11 16:55:10 +0000 http://t.co/f7kglmQe2012-04-11 16:40:07 +0000 How Cloud Computing Changes Startup Investing | Sandhill http://t.co/PwHbbyFI2012-04-11 15:10:10 +0000 Infographic: How Consumer Spending Has Changed http://t.co/wodH8gDs2012-04-11 14:50:07 +0000 The Myth of Americas Decline http://t.co/L6UrDQOI The 100-Year March of Technology in 1 Graph - Derek Thompson - Technology - The2012-04-11 14:30:30 +0000 Atlantic http://t.co/qotVlaBI The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-11 08:40:42 +0000 @bigdesign @specialchem Home again in Mexico: Illegal immigration hits net zero - http://t.co/O5vlHBFE2012-04-11 03:05:03 +0000 http://t.co/24U4lzjd RT @OttmarAmann: Interesting spiral approach to managing disrupt. #innovation2012-04-11 02:18:30 +0000http://t.co/ONhcDU4M - RT @Paul4innovating by @Brioneja Ive made plans for Webcast: Improve Product Success with Open Innovation2012-04-11 02:14:53 +0000 http://t.co/kXbNP6nd via @plancast
  • 127. The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-10 22:45:35 +0000 today via @donpeppers @lindegaard2012-04-10 19:20:09 +0000 8 Star Trek Gadgets That Are No Longer Fiction http://t.co/5Yd9ujmG Are Apple And Amazon Destroying The Retail Jobs Market? - Business Insider2012-04-10 19:15:15 +0000 http://t.co/3LTSX199 Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too. - Michael Fertik -2012-04-10 18:20:07 +0000 Harvard Business Review http://t.co/l7JpFntK Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business | Smashing UX Design2012-04-10 17:30:26 +0000 http://t.co/yepHNB18 via @johnpeltier Scientists report major breakthrough in age-related macular degeneration2012-04-10 17:25:10 +0000 prevention http://t.co/e0zyUhxP2012-04-10 13:15:19 +0000 for Product Testing | Social Media Today http://t.co/FNZwGpHi Use Facebook Digital Travel | Ten Travel Apps You Must Download Before Your Next Vacation2012-04-10 12:45:54 +0000 http://t.co/DTWkmlsC2012-04-10 08:40:39 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-10 04:53:56 +0000 @pstokes Thanks! It is part of a book I am writing on the subject @NiceBastard @SemiraSK @hamilos I agree that British papers tend to be2012-04-10 04:53:28 +0000 somewhat sensationalist, but this story seemed well sourced2012-04-10 04:51:24 +0000Is this the video you meant?https://t.co/xQn0bMED @rotkapchen World is ignoring most important lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster -2012-04-10 02:52:53 +0000 http://t.co/O5vlHBFE http://t.co/A0kDyIzL The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-09 22:45:45 +0000 today via @paulsloane @ralph_ohr Pentagon Pushes Crowdsourced Manufacturing - http://t.co/gAin57j42012-04-09 21:40:05 +0000 http://t.co/UfDo6PEN The Computing Trend that Will Change Everything - Technology Review2012-04-09 19:02:58 +0000 http://t.co/M0niQN9r The Future of Software Development Is Here. Are You Ready Yet? | Sramana Mitra2012-04-09 18:10:05 +0000 http://t.co/ZbfS1uEE The Innovation Matrix Reloaded, Again ? #Innovation Leadership Network2012-04-09 16:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/XEBaVNC7 by @TimKastelle What the End of Retail Means for Young Workers - Megan McArdle - Business -2012-04-09 16:30:23 +0000 The Atlantic http://t.co/Mxz8dESM iBox: Apple patent reveals retail packaging that can wirelessly charge, transmit data2012-04-09 16:10:09 +0000 http://t.co/nQCQbf9t | VentureBeat The fallacy of the ?rapid pace of innovation.? http://t.co/xZNhu2aD via2012-04-09 14:45:19 +0000 @jorgebarba The Future of Money is #Mobile: Transforming Business with Mobile Payments |2012-04-09 14:00:45 +0000 http://t.co/mfYgyaxj How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup: A Complete Guide2012-04-09 13:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/5sSDHnrd The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-09 08:40:45 +0000 @designsojourn @specialchem @theecofoodie
  • 128. RT @julieanixter: Beyond State Gate ? Repeating Disruptive Innovation -2012-04-09 05:37:31 +0000 http://t.co/exvRC7ob - Jose A. Briones - #innovation #mgmt #stra ...2012-04-08 22:46:01 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-08 22:00:14 +0000 Universal cancer vaccine developed - Telegraph http://t.co/Fo1syNT72012-04-08 20:05:05 +0000 Google as Bigger Growth Area than Facebook http://t.co/dV8KtPAp Developers see 3 forces are likely to combine to make the US an export powerhouse2012-04-08 19:15:09 +0000 http://t.co/M1KyxeKS #economy #manufacturing2012-04-08 18:04:07 +0000 Glass Cactus sunsets are my favorite @DFWStuff The2012-04-08 17:15:11Kevlar! Liquid body armor hardens on impact http://t.co/0GnEFYpB Forget +0000 RT @brainpicker: Not sure which is sadder? that Facebook reveals all this about you2012-04-08 17:08:31 +0000 or that the police prints it on paper ... if subpoenaed,2012-04-08 16:58:35 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +0000 @timkastelle Yes, moving away from averages is critical in innovation2012-04-08 16:41:20 +0000 This is my preso on the subject http://t.co/cEwfiEpT management. @jackmartinleith Thanks for the feedback. I think you will find useful my preso on2012-04-08 16:23:01 +0000 Value in Use analysis http://t.co/7u2F4rQX2012-04-08 14:45:11 +0000 Predictions That Went Woefully Wrong http://t.co/wKgAnsz2 7 Social Media2012-04-08 14:45:09 +0000 dying on the vine http://t.co/WSewOnaM Netbook sales2012-04-08 08:40:47 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK Phil Mickelsons splendid back nine on Saturday saves the #Masters from2012-04-08 03:51:12 +0000 mediocrity http://t.co/CfW2vVJS2012-04-08 00:49:53Stars Game http://t.co/IvDduwWi Dallas +0000 Im at American Airlines Center for St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars (Dallas, TX) w/2012-04-08 00:20:07 +0000 143 others http://t.co/J5FxqoOq This Company Helps Build 67% of Every iPad and Has No Relationship With Apple2012-04-08 00:05:04 +0000 http://t.co/zNuIh4SH2012-04-07 22:45:24 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation The economy is not in a recovery. It is in a great economic Phase Change.2012-04-07 21:45:20 +0000 http://t.co/f76lMBgM Pinterest is Now the No. 3 Social Network in the U.S. [STUDY]2012-04-07 19:05:12 +0000 http://t.co/qRTBQP5S Im speaking at Webcast: Improve Product Success with #OpenInnovation, 26th2012-04-07 18:15:10 +0000 April 2012 http://t.co/IoukwXEG Why startups shouldn?t just be for the young ? Tech News and Analysis2012-04-07 18:00:36 +0000 http://t.co/EvGRL2o9 Collaboration Tools Listiki by @KareAnderson http://t.co/1yNwhdM22012-04-07 16:45:19 +0000 # #collaboration RT @erlanovation: AGREED RT @ProdMgrNet: RT @JohnWLewis: Interesting spiral2012-04-07 16:33:51 +0000 approach to managing disrupt. #innovation by @Brioneja http: ...
  • 129. Google Glasses Face Serious Hurdles, Augmented-Reality Experts Say2012-04-07 15:40:05 +0000 http://t.co/t7RLHUpB @Digitaltonto @timkastelle @julieanixter The iPhone+Apps-led Smartphone2012-04-07 15:17:40 +0000 disrupt many other industries http://t.co/jWrg90g3 revolution will Facebooks 6-Point Plan for Building Brands in the Social Media Age2012-04-07 14:45:15 +0000 http://t.co/hHMfkkcx2012-04-07 14:45:04 +0000 link is not working @accept360 The @Digitaltonto @timkastelle @julieanixter The iPad didnt just grow the tablet2012-04-07 14:26:56 +0000 market, it disrupted the netbook market http://t.co/BmEdsLBc Five Dallas Festivals in April You Don?t Want to Miss http://t.co/BPM4mn7M2012-04-07 14:25:08 #DFW #Dallas +0000 @Digitaltonto @timkastelle @julieanixter The ecosystem also disrupts other2012-04-07 14:01:32 +0000 preso on apps for #AAC http://t.co/aV1UFn53 markets. See my @Digitaltonto @timkastelle @julieanixter The ecosystem was the disruption. The2012-04-07 13:57:43 without apps would not have been nearly as successful iPhone +00002012-04-07 08:40:55 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK @timkastelle @Digitaltonto @julieanixter I think Apple was disruptive. Full2012-04-07 00:29:09 +0000 orders of magnitude change in rate of adoption. ecosystem drove The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-06 22:45:41 +0000 today via @ariegoldshlager 9 Bold Predictions for the Digital World of 2020 http://t.co/rkW0CAs9 #technology2012-04-06 21:20:05 +0000 #futurist @openinno My webinar "Improve Product Success with #OpenInnovation" is2012-04-06 21:15:06 +0000 4/26. Hope you can join us! http://t.co/Q7dixWmY scheduled for Craft an Attention-Grabbing Message - Kare Anderson - Harvard Business Review2012-04-06 20:40:03 +0000 http://t.co/NE3KczOs Sales: Eliminate The Fear of Rejection, Cold Calling, Approach Anxiety - YouTube2012-04-06 18:25:08 +0000 http://t.co/SGpgHvr1 Dell Buying Binge Continues For Third Day in a Row - Deal Journal - WSJ2012-04-06 18:25:03 +0000 http://t.co/Gv7ggZCS Silicon Valley tech companies struggle to describe themselves in comprehensible2012-04-06 16:40:03 +0000 language - http://t.co/f9nQvgfm Will People Really Wear Googles Digital Goggles? http://t.co/THMYYq7Q2012-04-06 15:20:33 +0000 #augmentedreality #technology RT @pstokes: A New Approach to Manage Disruptive Innovation in an Environment2012-04-06 14:37:43 Uncertainty http://t.co/6Q2Dt4wm @Brioneja of High +00002012-04-06 14:37:40 +0000 @pstokes Thanks for your interest! Project Glass: Technology should work for you ? to be there when you need it and2012-04-06 14:15:09 of your way when you dont http://t.co/1R74JzbE get out +0000 How Alcoa, Starbucks, Arista, And Febreze Kicked Normal Habits And Found Success2012-04-06 14:10:07 +0000 http://t.co/4InzZUdd | Fast Company
  • 130. @sramana Is there a similar startup challenge for US Startups or is this only for2012-04-06 13:29:34 +0000 India? Human Centered #Design Toolkit from IDEO (Free Download) http://t.co/cY1BTTrX2012-04-06 13:19:15 +0000 #prodmgmt #innovation RT @accept360: Experts and Pioneers Lead the Charge to Modernize Product2012-04-06 11:53:43 +0000 Planning http://t.co/iHCoWeBY #prodplan #360webinar2012-04-06 08:40:39 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK My webinar presentation "Improve Product Success with #OpenInnovation" is2012-04-06 02:55:07 +0000 4/26. Hope you can join us! http://t.co/Wj56FF7Y scheduled for2012-04-05 22:45:41 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-05 18:10:08 +0000 Into a Business With Pinterest http://t.co/4YkcHLPV Turn Your Hobby Just attended a live broadcast of #TEDxChange from Berlin with DFWs #TEDxSMU2012-04-05 17:40:42Great Global #TED experience! group. +0000 Seven ways health apps are transforming medicine - AMA Shift2012-04-05 16:55:06 +0000 http://t.co/JJqcaCkN via @jorgebarba Why We Need Big, Bold Science Fiction - Popular Mechanics http://t.co/NGOgso942012-04-05 15:30:24 +0000 #scfi #futurist2012-04-05 15:20:06 +0000 Bye Bye BlackBerry. How Long Will Apple Last? - Forbes http://t.co/SRJ3opEk2012-04-05 15:10:09 +0000 Is How Design Works ? by Wells Riley http://t.co/lgb1hgEc Startups, This Time Inc. Hearst, Conde Nast, Meredith Launch "Netflix For Magazines" -2012-04-05 13:55:05 +0000 http://t.co/7M6oAAum2012-04-05 08:41:12 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-04-05 05:15:56 +0000 Foods that Unclog Your Arteries Naturally http://t.co/dIbTol75 The Best Natural #Dallas International #Soccer Cup Schedule April 1 - 8, 2012 http://t.co/A1isVA5O2012-04-05 04:04:33 +0000 #DFW #FCDallas2012-04-05 01:34:49 +0000 Flags - Yahoo! Finance http://t.co/YUprhEjU 7 Tax Audit Red2012-04-04 22:45:44 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation2012-04-04 20:55:07 +0000 How To Save Manufacturing | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/ZIda0kjI2012-04-04 20:15:13 +0000 The Quietest Room in the World http://t.co/IPB1thPj Google+ v. Facebook Infographic Data Match Up: Tale of the Tape2012-04-04 19:25:08 +0000 http://t.co/8YIivUeN #smm #sem #sm #marketing2012-04-04 19:05:07 +0000 Secret Of Overnight Successes | Fast Company http://t.co/gyPz8AF4 The Dirty Little NV Energy windmill program generates rebates, little electricity2012-04-04 17:40:05 +0000 http://t.co/WXbz9oyT #sustainability #renewable #energy #wind Keen On? @Wadhwa: Why There Are So Few Black Or Female Entrepreneurs in2012-04-04 16:55:04Valley [TCTV] | TechCrunch http://t.co/GnX25Mn5 Silicon +00002012-04-04 15:40:54 +0000 Acquire SaaS Portfolio | Sramana Mitra http://t.co/Tb15KnPE SAP Needs To
  • 131. RT @AndreaMeyer: Join @dankeldsen & me for Free webinar Tu 4/17 1:30ET:2012-04-04 13:52:36 +0000#Innovation: State of Engagement http://t.co/BPHe4 ... Collaborative @MariSmith In a similar vein, I have said that best leaders arent noticed by their2012-04-04 13:36:12 +0000 team when theyre there but are missed when theyre gone "If Youre Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You?ve Launched2012-04-04 13:25:04 +0000 Too Late" http://t.co/38HfdgEJ RT @IanMacsTopTeam: RT @ProdMgrNet: @JohnWLewis: Interesting spiral2012-04-04 13:16:13 +0000 approach to managing disruptive innovation by @Brioneja http://t.co/ ...2012-04-04 13:16:09 +0000 @IanMacsTopTeam Thanks for the interest!2012-04-04 12:45:09 +0000 sounds good. @InnovateThis2 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-04 08:41:06 +0000 @specialchem Wolfson gurus see euro break-up as dangerous but liberating - Telegraph2012-04-04 04:29:49 +0000 http://t.co/KOhxg7LS RT @TamaraJoleeTV: Picture of four tornadoes hitting at once in DFW.2012-04-04 00:21:28 +0000 http://t.co/R1uBdPM6 The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-04-03 22:45:48 +0000 today via @wimrampen How American Corporations Transformed from Producers to Predators | Economy2012-04-03 22:05:05 +0000 http://t.co/E2o4u9Ao Video of 3/3/12 #Dallas #tornado picking up semi-trucks - YouTube2012-04-03 19:41:27 +0000 http://t.co/YhZofLD4 #DFW 8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job | Fast Company2012-04-03 18:25:04 +0000 http://t.co/QDPUaeGV Why Amazon cant win a price war against Google for the future of non-iPad tablets2012-04-03 15:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/GuseyZ8P #technology The Innovators DNA: the Core of Product Management ? Where the Product2012-04-03 15:20:07 +0000Tribe Gathers http://t.co/lyFZIsH1 Management2012-04-03 14:30:27 +0000 Hot pepper compound could help hearts http://t.co/jnVG2pmL #science #health Apples Chinese iPhone plants employ forced interns, claim campaigners |2012-04-03 13:46:11 +0000The Guardian http://t.co/X7PTINHE Technology | RT @ProdMgrNet: @JohnWLewis: Interesting spiral approach to managing2012-04-03 13:16:33 +0000 disruptive innovation by @Brioneja http://t.co/Nm4g8wg7 #innochat PhotoBlog - Natures Best Photography: Italys Dolomites National Park2012-04-03 12:25:02 +0000 http://t.co/iNv3LGVi The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-03 08:41:02 +0000 @thesolarco2012-04-02 22:45:32 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation RIM finally comes clean, but time not on its side ? Mobile Technology News2012-04-02 22:45:06 +0000 http://t.co/MW1RUA91
  • 132. 2012-04-02 19:55:03 +0000 is Worried about Amazon - Yahoo! Finance http://t.co/kwcr6gU1 Why Wal-Mart Fancy Hands On-Call Army Of Personal Assistants Log 20,000 Minutes Of Talk Time2012-04-02 18:10:04 +0000 Per Month http://t.co/nGJgvmWK The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes http://t.co/NUFmXehi via2012-04-02 17:45:36 +0000 @runcompetitor2012-04-02 15:42:34 +0000 Do you have time to chat about the paper this week? @InnovateThis2 Can the JOBS Act Jump-Start Entrepreneurship? http://t.co/zyjrLyXf #crowdfunding2012-04-02 15:13:04 +0000 #crowdsourcing2012-04-02 15:03:09 +0000 @Shama @juntajoe Thanks for the tip! Innovation Excellence | Is the ?Stage Gate? Process Tool Dead?2012-04-02 13:42:57 +0000 http://t.co/PLxutdXj The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-04-02 08:40:43 +0000 @presans @solar_power_kit2012-04-01 22:46:34 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Innovation Excellence | Top 20 Innovation and Marketing Articles ? Mar 20122012-04-01 21:38:09 +0000 http://t.co/SRqZgt8S RT @Paul4innovating: AGREED RT @ProdMgrNet: RT @JohnWLewis: Interesting2012-04-01 21:23:00 +0000 to managing disrupt. #innovation by @Brioneja ht ... spiral approach @erlanovation @ProdMgrNet @JohnWLewis @OttmarAmann @Paul4innovating2012-04-01 21:22:47 for your interest! Thanks +00002012-04-01 16:59:27 Innovation Design & Tech is out! http://t.co/9OnUNBuR Eye On +00002012-04-01 08:41:10 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK Nepal Trekking Photos - Everest -- National Geographic http://t.co/IrmgXkkq via2012-04-01 05:54:44 +0000 @NatGeo2012-04-01 03:56:01 +0000 Facts About Dreams http://t.co/vGlzzi25 7 Mind-Bending2012-03-31 22:46:02 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Barry Ritholtz on Causes of the Financial Crisis | FiveBooks | The Browser2012-03-31 22:45:08 +0000 http://t.co/aLOdkEJJ2012-03-31 20:25:04 Your Personal Innovation Index? - Chucks Blog http://t.co/dEn1ue6l Whats +00002012-03-31 18:46:38 +0000 brain memory code cracked http://t.co/lIGyiEWz Scientists claim2012-03-31 18:03:28 +0000 In Greece, Business Rules Can Puzzle Entrepreneurs: http://t.co/xCuuvymz2012-03-31 17:55:06 +0000 Leaders Should Work On - http://t.co/MSCtKMjf The One Skill All Knight-Ridder tablet computer looked just like iPad 17 years ago2012-03-31 14:15:08 +0000 http://t.co/EuyI38Tp2012-03-31 08:41:20 +0000 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK2012-03-31 06:02:36 +0000 Most Promising Sector? - Forbes http://t.co/deqoT8Oc What is Brazils2012-03-31 01:10:42 +0000 likely to happen than winning #MegaMillions http://t.co/OOQcnJFC 15 Things more2012-03-31 00:10:02 +0000in Arab Spring | Via Meadia http://t.co/ILXGSWVo Narrative Fail2012-03-30 23:33:25 +0000 The $60-Per-Hour Lawyer?Why Dewey Isn?t Ab-Normal - http://t.co/1NUs96Wc
  • 133. 2012-03-30 22:46:02 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth2012-03-30 20:25:04 +0000 http://t.co/Hu9t1Wuo2012-03-30 19:45:10 to Acquire New Customers via Social Media http://t.co/X6epCsTi 6 Ways +0000 This week marks my anniversary of being 3 yrs in Twitter. Thanks for all of your2012-03-30 17:44:59 +0000 and friendships! conversations The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You? - Forbes2012-03-30 16:05:07 +0000 http://t.co/g1XIijJg Investors look to Twitter for Data | News | Trebuchet Magazine2012-03-30 15:10:08 +0000 http://t.co/r1WZli8W2012-03-30 14:55:05Big Data at your peril: Deloitte http://t.co/oM30XpGE Ignore +0000 The Beginning of the End: Blackberry-maker #RIM plans new focus amid $125m loss2012-03-30 14:38:45 +0000 http://t.co/6dHSLSmh "Knowledge workers" in white-collar jobs have fewer good hours in a day than2012-03-30 12:45:13 +0000 (6 vs 8 hrs) http://t.co/eF9AUIXh manual laborers The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-03-30 08:53:53 +0000 @mark_turrell The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-03-29 22:46:12 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr Cloud Will Generate 14 Million Jobs By 2015: Thats A Good Start - Forbes2012-03-29 21:55:04 +0000 http://t.co/yQLmsfuI TEDxWarwick - Kevin Warwick - Implants &Technology -- The Future of Healthcare? -2012-03-29 19:30:17 +0000 Video http://t.co/9q8ed8aX #TED #TEDx Death of a data haven: cypherpunks, WikiLeaks, and the worlds smallest nation2012-03-29 18:35:06 +0000 http://t.co/O4zdopz4 How Star Trek artists imagined the iPad... 23 years ago http://t.co/yAouAXnY2012-03-29 16:40:11 +0000 #design2012-03-29 14:55:09the Global Entrepreneurial Class - Forbes http://t.co/uUVusbxQ Rise of +0000 Next time anyone tells you how much Android has copied from the iPhone, show2012-03-29 14:38:27 +0000 photo of the Palm M505 http://t.co/6M55m1vM @BW them this 2001 The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-03-29 08:41:53 +0000 @specialchem @thinkreferrals @DavidWLocke @prwpmp My experience is that disruptive ideas are very2012-03-29 03:22:56 +0000 onset. Managing/reducing uncertainty is critical uncertain at the @JohnWLewis That is in fact the key difference of my spiral framework vs. other2012-03-29 03:21:57 +0000 spiral approaches2012-03-29 03:21:22 +0000 @CloverleafInnov Thanks for the interest!2012-03-29 03:20:26 +0000 @rcwhalen Hope that you stick around Damage from #Fukushima disaster worse than thought. Clean-up expected to take2012-03-29 03:09:44 +0000 decades http://t.co/3ePgCXom #nuclear #Japan Infographic: How the Internet looked in 1996 and how it looks now?2012-03-29 00:00:27 +0000 http://t.co/2pR1B4eh via @zagrrl2012-03-28 22:46:14 +0000 News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW The Innovation
  • 134. ?Big new ideas more often result from combining old ideas than from eureka2012-03-28 19:50:13 +0000 moments" @stevenbjohnson @lincolnmurphy Happened to me too. Unfortunately there are those that see bits2012-03-28 19:32:29 +0000 ideas in the new & then try to chop it down & pieces of old2012-03-28 17:58:51 +0000 (Dallas, TX) http://t.co/rNeyFGZc Im at CoHabitat Research proves that shorter work hours actually raise productivity and profits --2012-03-28 17:40:09 +0000destroys them http://t.co/Uf8zdA41 and overtime What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Public Speaking |2012-03-28 15:55:07 +0000 http://t.co/LrbpWzlu http://t.co/iePlrj0d2012-03-28 15:35:04 to Launch Third-Party Commenting Platform http://t.co/MlGNzx3Z Google +0000 7 Competition Crushing Value Propositions :: Small Business Marketing Blog from2012-03-28 14:55:10 +0000 Duct Tape Marketing http://t.co/s9NlzB2R2012-03-28 14:20:15 +0000 Brian David Johnson: Intels Guide to the Future - Forbes http://t.co/FmFYdrG5 Facebook Agrees: The Key To Its Future Success Is Design | Co.Design: business +2012-03-28 13:45:08 +0000 innovation + design http://t.co/ZwYwznb7 via @grahamhill RT @bradenk: Beyond State Gate ? Repeating Disruptive Innovation -2012-03-28 13:43:52 +0000 http://t.co/g8xwIBF8 - Jose A. Briones - #innovation #mgmt #strategy ... How Marketers Can Use Evernote to Organize and Simplify Their Lives2012-03-28 12:35:04 +0000 http://t.co/jRmQTPGw The Jose A. Briones Daily is out! http://t.co/7L10cABK ? Top stories today via2012-03-28 08:41:36 +0000 @charitynewsome The Innovation News Network Daily is out! http://t.co/yptjWsiW ? Top stories2012-03-27 22:46:17 +0000 today via @ralph_ohr @jabaldaia Why China won?t be innovative for at least 20 more years | VentureBeat2012-03-27 21:50:05 +0000 http://t.co/cF4xaPdf BlueStacks develops software that is designed to let Android users run their apps2012-03-27 21:20:04 +0000 PCs http://t.co/jtKOitns on all Windows2012-03-27 21:05:14 +0000 The Virtual Personal Assistant | TechCrunch http://t.co/zGl545bQ The Future Of Market Segmentation: One Method, Four Examples http://t.co/oejdKxOw2012-03-27 21:00:30 +0000 #prodmktg #prodmgmt Can you answer the ?Why? questions with your segmentation