Unit 1 Point of View ppt
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Unit 1 Point of View ppt



Unit 1 Point of View ppt

Unit 1 Point of View ppt



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    Unit 1 Point of View ppt Unit 1 Point of View ppt Presentation Transcript

    • First Person Point of View  I am telling the story.  I am in the story.  Key Words: I, Me, We, Us
    • I sat at my computer as the cursor blinked for minutes at a time. I was suffering from writer’s block, that mysterious condition authors come down with when they run out of ideas, words, sentences, and brain power. After an hour of staring into space, I slowly – then rapidly – started tapping the keyboard. It seemed I would finish my assignment on time after all.
    • As the summer heat beat down on my shoulders, my six-year-old brain was focused on only one thing – the ice cream truck. “Two, please,” I told the driver, just before he handed me two sweet snow cones wrapped in bright blue paper.
    • Third Person Limited  Narrator is not a character in the story. Key Words: he, his, she, hers, it, its, they, them Narrator tells the story from the vantage point of one character.  Narrator can see into this character’s mind, but not any of the other characters. We find out only what this one character does, knows, thinks, and witnesses.
    • The crisp wind blew the leaves onto the grass as a field mouse scuttled across the lawn. The creature knew he must find shelter before the rains began.
    • The bombs exploded just over the hill, and Keiko knew it was time to go. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving his homeland, but he knew it was too risky to stay. He ran to the bedroom, grabbed his son and wife, and hurried them into the family car.
    • Third Person Omniscient ✔ “All Knowing” ✔ The author can see all of the characters’ thoughts and feelings.
    • Claire and her family lived on the south side of town. As Claire gazed in wonder at the bright sky to the north, she felt the excitement of an adventure about to begin. Her parents, though, were alarmed. They knew that the winds were blowing strongly to the south. Their neighborhood could be the next to go up in flames. Claire’s mom concentrated on belongings the family would need if they had to flee; her father was focused on the best route to get his family far away from the approaching inferno.
    • The couple tiptoed through the tall grass of the savannah until they came face-to-face with a lioness. There was a tinge of fear mixed with their excitement, but they knew they must stay on track with the film they were shooting about lions. Soon other large felines circled around the couple. The lionesses were angry about these humans invading their turf. Their growls began as a low rumble, then escalated in volume.
    • The End 