Save Money & Reduce Carbon in the Office


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IDC & Nuance Communications present ideas for ways to reduce carbon footprint and save money.

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Save Money & Reduce Carbon in the Office

  1. 1. Save Money & Reduce Carbon in the Office Transitioning from Paper to Digital Document Workflows Follow us on Twitter: @Nuanceimage Twitter event hash tag: #greenoff Calculate your green savings:
  2. 2. Realizing the Business Value of “Green” Office Strategies Transitioning Paper Processes into Digital Workflows Keith Kmetz Program VP, Hardcopy Solutions August 10, 2010 Copyright IDC 2010. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Agenda Why “green” IT? Why “green” printing and copying? User response to “green” print/copy technologies Specific customer benefits derived from “green” initiatives Final thoughts/opportunities © IDC 2010 Aug-10 3
  4. 4. Why “Green” IT? Cost savings  Energy, carbon footprint  “Bottom line” impact Customers demand it Positive vibe  Good corporate citizen  Everyone wants to be “green” © IDC 2010 Aug-10 4
  5. 5. Why “Green” Printing and Copying?  Most “green” IT initiatives revolve around energy, product lifecycle management  Paper, toner/ink unique to printers, copiers – Aftermarket costs are multiple times higher than the cost of the device – Much of this market’s carbon footprint is attributed to paper – Significant natural resource drain © IDC 2010 Aug-10 5
  6. 6. Hardcopy and Environmental Fun Facts Millions of trees consumed each year Billions of gallons of water used each year Energy used to run hardcopy equipment rises, even with a shrinking installed base © IDC 2010 Aug-10 6
  7. 7. “Green” Hardcopy What We’re Hearing From the User Community The environment is important to buyers/users!  The use of paper is a high “negative” (e.g., waste, “killing trees”)  Power consumption in the device…Energy Star?  Environmental language (usually recycling) is necessary in many RFPs © IDC 2010 Aug-10 7
  8. 8. “Green” Hardcopy What We’re Hearing From the User Community  Ancillary benefit of managed print services engagements  Willing to pay a little more for “green” hardcopy technologies  Possibly change brands in order to be more “green”  Younger office workers avoid print © IDC 2010 Aug-10 8
  9. 9. More Focus On Reducing Paper To Cut Costs Than On Hardware % of U.S. respondents reporting initiatives used to reduce print costs Paper initiatives Reduction in paper document volume Online forms instead of paper forms Scanning paper for electronic distribution/filing/storing Faxes received electronically & integrated into electronic workflows Replacement of networked printers with networked MFPs Hardware Initiatives Reduction in single user printers/MFPs Replacement of copiers and fax machines with networked MFPs Controlled access to departmental color devices The use of non-OEM ink/toner cartridges Outsourced management of our dept.’s printers/MFPs to 3rd party Charge-back for departmental color devices None of the above 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Total n=219 Small companies n=75 Medium companies n=54 Large companies n=90 © IDC 2010 Aug-10 9
  10. 10. Paper-to-Digital Document Solutions For Streamlining Business Processes Key Processes Undergoing Paper-to-Digital Conversion, By Vertical Industry  Healthcare: – Medical documents (e.g., patient records, admission forms, test results, doctor/nurse orders/notes) – Insurance documents (e.g., claims, medical history, fraud investigation, new account applications, change forms)  Financial: credit cards, new account openings, mortgages, loans, etc.  Manufacturing: shipping, inventory management, purchase orders, CAD, drawings/designs.  Retail/Wholesale: marketing documents (e.g., flyers/brochures, newsletters, ad or packaging mock-ups/comps, direct mail)  Services: knowledge/general office worker  Education: knowledge/general office worker, HR  Government: HR, knowledge/general office worker, regulatory/compliance © IDC 2010 Aug-10 10
  11. 11. Scanning For Streamlining Business Processes Processes Using Scanning As Paper-to-Digital Solution Business sub-processes that use scanning heavily  Purchasing/billing/invoicing Invoice – Invoicing – Purchasing Resume – Account statements  HR Contract – 401k applications C o n tra c t – Job applications/resumes  Financial applications – New brokerage accounts 401k Application 401k Application – Credit cards  Legal documents – Contracts – Litigation support  Insurance documents – Change forms – Claims Note: Not an exhaustive list of processes. This list was identified in an IDC survey. © IDC 2010 Aug-10 11
  12. 12. Real Results with Customers Adopting “Green” Office Strategies Results per 100 users…  Annual reduction of 58,880 pages (approximately 118 reams of paper)  Annual reduction of toner/ink costs of $3,230  Annual energy reduction costs of $5,600  Average annual cost benefit of $21,555 © IDC 2010 Aug-10 12
  13. 13. Real Results with Customers Adopting “Green” Office Strategies User productivity  Faster access to information, offer better customer service, improved customer satisfaction  Improved efficiencies in basic business processes (e.g., invoice processing)  Freeing up workers for more strategically important tasks IT efficiencies – Reducing help desk needs © IDC 2010 Aug-10 13
  14. 14. Real Results with Customers Adopting “Green” Office Strategies Hardware and aftermarket purchasing impact  Less machines…less aftermarket needs  Procuring more efficient hardware (e.g., duplexing)  Lower shipping/transportation costs Other benefits to consider  Record security/permanence – Paper can be lost/destroyed  Office space can be reduced to save money  Reduce dependency on offsite storage facilities © IDC 2010 Aug-10 14
  15. 15. Final Thoughts on “Green” Office Strategies  Paper and digital will co-exist  Employee buy-in for the change is critical  Pick the right solution…scalable and flexible  Initial implementation may require more IT resources  Leverage the power of “green” – Business is won/lost here  Huge ROI available © IDC 2010 Aug-10 15
  16. 16. Next Steps to Consider… Manage your print/copy environment!!  Who will make a “green” office strategy a priority at your company?  Start with simple initiatives that you can work on right away – Work with suppliers who demonstrate a “green” office strategy – Recycling – Paper, cartridges, etc. – Duplex more output – Make it a default – Demonstrate less paper dependency with alternative technologies – Track usage  Examine current paper-based business processes  Outsourcing as an option  Track and monitor progress © IDC 2010 Aug-10 16
  17. 17. Chris Strammiello Vice President of Marketing & Product Strategy Practical Information for Reducing Paper in the Office 2010 17
  18. 18. What Customers Tell Us They Need in Green • Demonstrated ROI in reducing paper and forms processes to speed information exchange • Software that adds real green “value” to current software and hardware investments • Software that enhances enterprise-wide Microsoft solutions • Solutions developed by trusted worldwide software organizations that understand the green office 18
  19. 19. Will a Paperless Strategy Benefit You? • What’s the cost to search out paper? • How much precious office space is lost to paper storage? • Is paper from copiers and printers everywhere? • Are there delays in sharing information? • Are your paper assets secure? 19
  20. 20. The Time is Right • Scanning devices used to capture paper to digital formats are everywhere – Faster and easier to use than ever • There are billions of mobile devices in use in the world today – Most with the capability to read PDF files • PDF is established as the universal “same as paper” digital standard – Solutions are plentiful and easily accessible • The US has been generating less paper since 2001, and that trend is likely to continue – Your office, partners, vendors and customers readily accept paperless solutions 20
  21. 21. The Benefits of The Green Office are Clear Making documents digitally accessible saves an  average of $101 a week per knowledge worker Eliminating copying, distribution, fax, shipping and storage costs of paper documents can easily save $10,000 a year in time and materials per employee The average employee can save $60 to $250 by using (OCR) software to automatically convert paper to digital documents rather than recreating them More than 70% of today's businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood 21
  22. 22. Top 5 Tips for a “Less Paper” Office Turn “hard-to-do” into “easy-to-use” by adding the right software to the network and desktop 1. Enable fast and easy scanning for everyone in the office with devices you already own 2. Create automated network document routing solutions to speed information exchange 3. Print to PDF instead of printing to paper and share documents digitally 4. Transform paper forms to PDF forms 5. Put PDF editing and conversion tools on every desktop 22
  23. 23. Desktop Document, Imaging & Workflow Solutions PDF CONVERTER OMNIPAGE Collaborate – Everything you need Capture - Turn high volumes of paper to create, convert, edit and share and digital documents into files you PDF files. can edit, search and share in the format of your choice: automatically! PAPERPORT PDF Reader Organize all of your scanned View and convert PDF files. You can documents and electronic files on convert PDF files to Word®, Excel®, your digital desktop. Search and and RTF via a hosted web service. view PDF files quickly. Even fill out and save PDF forms. 23
  24. 24. eCopy ShareScan – Capture, Process, Connect CAPTURE PROCESS CONNECT Suite Services & Extenders • Forms Processing Mail • Barcode Routing • Auto Highlight & Redact • Document encryption • Ultra-compressed, searchable PDF Collaboration • Advanced file naming ECM & • Job batching • Personalization • Offline & real time *Choice of 3 ECM Connectors processing Folder & Desktop Office Productivity Converters in Suite Network Fax CONVERT 24
  25. 25. Questions 25