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Book Thief Diary
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Book Thief Diary




Published in Education , News & Politics
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  • 1. By Brigitte Xu
  • 2. Dear Diary, I don’t even know how to say this. Every time Ithink of that day, my tears damp the pages, and I hold you tomy chest as I cry myself to sleep. Why is life so cruel? Whydid Werner, my dearest brother and friend have to die? Hedoesn’t deserve it! Nightmares invade my sleep, and everynight I wake up, not being able to fall asleep again.Sadly, there is no one to answer my questions, my family is allgone, leaving me in a place called Molching, with a new Papaand Mama.Love,Liesel
  • 3. Dear Diary, I didn’t tell you this, but it’s a secret I’ve been hiding. I stole abook. That day at the cemetery, while they were burying Werner, a bookfell out of a grave digger’s pocket. I don’t know what it says, but it is still soimportant to me. It’s the last time I saw my brother, and mother.Luckily, Himmel Street isn’t so bad, I made a new friend! Rudy Steiner. Heis a few months older than me, and is my neighbor. Apart from the factthat he keeps calling me ‘Little Saumensch’ (and I call him Saukerl) He isthe best friend I ever had. My Mama and Papa are also verycaring, although mama shouts a lot, she still cares about me, and thesedays, Papa is there to calm me down when I wake up from a nightmare. I need to go now, I can hear Rudy knocking on my door to play soccertogether.Love,Liesel
  • 4. Dear Diary, I know you won’t believe this, because I don’tmyself, but I have started reading! Papa discovered mybook, and apparently it’s called ‘The Grave Digger’sHandbook.’ Figures. What else would a grave digger bereading? At night when I wake up, Papa helps me learnwords, and we read a chapter of the book together. He is verybenign, and when I sometimes forget the easiest words, heencourages me. I am nearly half way through ‘The GraveDigger’s Handbook,’ but I don’t know what I will read afterthis…Love,Liesel
  • 5. Dear Diary, As I write this, I am scared and confused. A strange manjust arrived at our house today, he looked too bony and his clotheswere grimy. He gulped down a bowl of mama’s pea soup andvomited it all out again. No one’s telling me much, but Mama andPapa were very willing to accept him into the house. He’s sleepingin the basement now, because he needs to ‘hide’. I’m not sure fromwhat, but it must be important. Papa told me I must tell nobodyabout him, EVER. He makes me think of myself though, I arrivedat Himmel Street in a state quite like him, maybe he will becomemy friend too, Papa says he dreams like me.Love,Liesel
  • 6. Dear Diary, It’s freezing in the house, and Max is sick. He hasn’twoken up for days, we are all so worried. I can’t lose my friend, weshared so many unforgettable moments over the last few months,he can understand me, and I can understand him. When I comeback from school each day, I read a few chapters of the book I stolein the summer to him. He just lies there motionless, and I’venoticed his hair is like feathers. He said he was going to fight theFührer, but how is he supposed to do that when he’s not evenwaking up, where is the strength he uses to kill the Führer, it can’tbe gone! Please Max, stop sleeping, wake up now, you’ve beenresting for days…Love,Liesel
  • 7. Dear Diary, The truth is undeniable, but I don’t want tobelieve it, I can’t. If only Papa hadn’t given bread to theJews, he wouldn’t have gotten whipped, the Jew wouldn’t havegotten whipped, and we wouldn’t have to make Maxleave, before he got whipped out of the house. But I don’tblame Papa, I would’ve done the same, but I can’t stand Maxleaving. It’s arranged that Papa will meet him at the AmperRiver 5 days later, but no one has told me what will happennext. If all goes well I might be able to see Max again, but Ican’t imagine what will happen if it didn’t...Love,Liesel
  • 8. Dear Diary, So many people died today I might as well just take my own life. There would beno one left to pity me, Mama, Papa, Rudy, even Frau Holtzapfel. They’re all gone. The Bombsdropped on Molching took all my loved ones’ lives, I’m the only one left.The scene of bombs raining down and attacking our house and the rest of Himmel street arestill as clear as crystal printed into my head. For the 59th time, I was reading ‘The WordShaker’, while thinking about Max. Suddenly the ceiling collapsed and covered both my legsto the floor. My mind went blank for the longest few seconds of my life and I suddenlyremembered everyone else, everyone else that ended up dying today. After what seemed likeforever, I was reluctantly dragged out of the rubble by some men. My first instinct was tolook for Rudy, if he was here I would at least have a friend to be with. I did find him. He wasasleep with his sister by his side, both of them perished. I still remember his tauntingtaunting voice when I first met him ‘How about a kiss, saumensch?’ Today I did kisshim, granting his wish, hoping maybe he would see me from heaven.I later found out the hard way that everyone else died, it is too painful seeing papa lyingmotionless, like an accordion, and now, I am sleeping on the too-soft bed of the mayor’shouse, on the bed of their son, who died too, in a war, years ago…Love,Liesel