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Lights Camera Action - Four learning lessons from the entertainment industry


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How many suppliers describe their e-learning as 'engaging'? And how many of their solutions actually live up to the hype? …

How many suppliers describe their e-learning as 'engaging'? And how many of their solutions actually live up to the hype?

If you're serious about grabbing people's attention and commitment to learn, it's time to think beyond 'Click Next to continue'.

Packed full of examples, this session looks at how we can make online learning experiences truly 'engaging' by applying lessons learned from the entertainment world.

• Drama and storytelling - lessons from television
• Level up - gaming and simulations
• Tempt and delight - the power of advertising
• Browser power - lessons from the web

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Lesson 1: TV & Drama,Video is not new in learning – Video Arts was founded in 1972However, with bandwidth limitations less common, and video production costs falling, we can now integrate full-screen video in to online learning in more interesting ways.Done badly, video in e-learning can put the learner off – however if we can replicate the production values and devices that they’re used to seeing in entertainment, that need not be the case.Here’s a couple of examples of those devices…
  • Slide for Agenda use Title fades onThen agenda items build on in one block
  • Advertising agencies understand the importance of taking a campaign-based approach because memories are fragile. We easily forget stuff. So rather than seeing training as a one-off event, we recommend taking a campaign-based approach where you promote the learning or change initiative and keep repeating the key messages via a range of different channels.
  • S:\andygalletly\learn_tech\index.htmScrolling web pages with animated info graphics. Narrative technique.Because parallax scrolling is interactive and somewhat new, it will most likely leave a lasting impression meaning more people will be talking about them. Parallax scrolling.
  • Within that landscape, we have a duty to make learning engaging for our learners or risk it being ineffective.And since we’re competing against a range of media types from the entertainment industry, we can and should learn from them.In the remaining 25 minutes of this seminar, we’re going to present 4 lessons from the entertainment industry, and look at some of the techniques and devices we can take from them to use in our online learning solutions.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Lights, Camera, Action! Four lessons from the entertainment industry @BrightTweet #learningis
    • 2. What makes online learning engaging?
    • 3. #learningis Tough competition for learner attention… Tempted to click here?!
    • 4. #learningis
    • 5. Lesson 1:
    • 6. #learningis Presenter-led video
    • 7. #learningis Dramatised scenarios
    • 8. Expert commentary
    • 9. Lessons… • Presenter-led video • Dramatised video • Expert commentary #learningis
    • 10. Lesson 2:
    • 11. #learningis Learners as consumers: • Turn colleagues into brand advocates • E-learning: glossy & persuasive like a TV ad
    • 12. Learners as consumers…
    • 13. Campaign-based: • Raise awareness • Be memorable • Repeat key messages #learningis
    • 14. Lessons… • Learners as consumers • Campaign-based • Raise awareness • Be memorable • Repeat key messages #learningis
    • 15. Lesson 3:
    • 16. Gamification #learningis
    • 17. Gamification: • Online quiz • Leader board • Offline board game #learningis
    • 18. #learningis
    • 19. Unity: • 3D gaming engine • Product demos • Virtual environments #learningis
    • 20. #learningis
    • 21. Oculus Rift: Fully immersive VR environments
    • 22. Lessons… • Goal setting • Real time feedback • Levelling up • Competition & leaderboards • Immersive 3D environments #learningis
    • 23. Lesson 4:
    • 24. The web: • Let it scroll • Make it social • Make it responsive #learningis
    • 25. Animated infographics #learningis
    • 26. Multi-device learning #learningis
    • 27. tessello: continuous learning platform
    • 28. Fast access to e-learning…
    • 29. …and curated resources.
    • 30. Social layer: community, trending & leaderboard
    • 31. My group
    • 32. My Community
    • 33. tessello: the total learning system
    • 34. Lessons… • Let it scroll • Infographics • Multi-device • Social learning #learningis
    • 35. #learningis Learners are consumers
    • 36. #learningis
    • 37. @BrightTweet Written & originally presented by Colin Welch Head of Production @colinwelch Alex Reeve Learning Consultant @alex_reeve Thank You