BOF APAC 2011: CLP Building an Innovation Culture
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BOF APAC 2011: CLP Building an Innovation Culture






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BOF APAC 2011: CLP Building an Innovation Culture BOF APAC 2011: CLP Building an Innovation Culture Presentation Transcript

  • CLP Power HK Ltd.Director of Group Information TechnologyJoe Locandro April 18, 2011
  • AgendaA) Why do we need “Innovation Culture”?B) How do we develop “Innovation Culture”?C) Implementation in CLPD) Benefit to CLPE) What’s next? 2
  • A) Why do we need InnovationCulture?Sustain Respond to Maintain thebusiness to change in competitivenesscontinuous commercial of thedevelopment landscape company 3
  • B) How to develop “InnovationCulture”? Anytime Capture Management Anywhere People Ideas Support Platform Pilot Campaign Incentives for & Experience Innovation Sharing 4
  • C) Implementation in CLP1. Right tool – Innov8 platform AnalyticsFacebook-style social features Anytime, Anywhere 5
  • C) Implementation in CLP2. Accept different format of idea inputs Support multi-languages Support photo embedded Support attachment 6
  • C) Implementation in CLP 3. Management support and encouragementAnnouncement Video Email Broadcasting Instant Messaging (OCS) 7
  • C) Implementation in CLP4. Reward System (e.g. Healthy Lifestyle Campaign) Most Active Participant Most Valuable Idea 2nd Most Valuable Idea 8
  • C) Implementation in CLP 5. Continuous expansion and adaptationDepartmental Company Group LevelLevel Level 9
  • D) Benefit to CLP1. Energy Efficiency & Conservation Strategy – ROI – Marketing 10
  • D) Benefit to CLP2. Sustainability Strategy – ROI – Strategic Consultants and Employee Engagement 11
  • D) Benefit to CLP3. Travel Safety – ROI – Deliver Health & Safety Targets 12
  • D) Benefit to CLP 4. Technology Innovations – ROI – Productivity Improvements Ø Digital Pen Main Components of a digital pen Li-ion battery LED indicatorOverview Optical lensDigital Pen enables notes taking and any & filtersketching on paper notebook, in the sameway as we take notes anytime whiletravelling or in the a meeting. All writtentext and any sketch can be digitized ands t o re d ins t a nt ly in t he pe n, a nd Image processor andsynchronized through PC to Microsoft Bluetooth moduleOffice OneNote easily. This means time Built-in sensorsaving and no more duplication of workfor data entry. Pen cartridge 13
  • D) Benefit to CLP4. Technology Innovations – ROI – Productivity ImprovementsØ  Augmented Reality Technology Overview Augmented Reality Technology combines computer generated imagery with real world environment. This is done usually with the aid of input device such as webcam. This introduces new way in presenting information during showcase or product/service promotion. 14
  • E) What’s next? Sharing and continuous adoption across CLP Group Mobile Innov8 via iPhone Extending Innov8 to capture customers’ ideas 15
  • 16