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Ann Marie Dumais is Director of Planning and Governance. As a 20+ year veteran across various Nielsen owned and acquired companies. Her current responsibilities include:
Leading the development and deployment of a global company-wide innovation portal
Leading and maturing the New Product Introductions Tollgate process
Leading and maturing the Global Technology Learning Center, which includes the roll-out of the Project Manager “Raise the Bar” company-wide program that just recently sponsored the PM Power Conference.

Nielsen has been working with Bright Idea for seven years…and what started as a grass roots effort has sprouted into a really large and deeply rooted tree at Nielsen…

Ann Marie will describe how they did this by applying six sigma around the ideation phase.

Supported by Brightidea and a dedicated team of 2, they’ve been able to now have ALL ideation efforts at Nielsen go through one consistent tool and process

Ann Marie’s presentation is titled:
"How to create a sustainable innovation culture through organization efficiency”

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BOF AMERICAS 2014: Nielsen

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Create. Sustain. Accelerate. “How to create a sustainable innovation culture through organization efficiency”
  3. 3. Who Is Nielsen?
  4. 4. 3 Parts to Success Success Dependencies One ideation Process + One SaaS Tool + One service team EBB DMADV project Executive Black Belt (EBB) project to design a standard ideation framework that defines how we capture, catalogue, decision upon and communicate ideation to both employees and clients. The output: a Nielsen ideation dashboard that measures the breath, depth and impact of Nielsen’s collective ongoing ideation efforts. The Innovation service team ensures consistency in terms of : • Site layout, design, build • The “how-to” • Evaluation governance • Graphic design/communication • Innovation KPIs • innovation ambassador forum • SaaS tool oversight 1 ideation repository across Nielsen, previously 19+ 12 COEs actively using, previously 2 100% of ideas submitted are evaluated and actioned upon, previously n/a 100% of qualified commercially important ideas pass through IP workflow 518% increase in ideas submitted 1,000% increase in first time employee engagement of Nielsen Innovation Portal What is different in 9 Months?
  5. 5. Serving All Major COEs and the collection of all ideation in One Place 1 GLOBAL NIELSEN IDEATION REPOSITORY “Cycle Time” “Accelerator” “Go Green” “Quality Awards” “Idea Gateway” “Ideas in Practice” “Nielsen Get Creative” Data Acquisition Enabling Technology Operations MSciBPI Product Leadership Product Engineering Average of 8 “Challenges” Running per Quarter
  6. 6. Process + Tool + Service Team… Enables Scalable Innovation Impact… CTO GET CREATIVE! Found a Winning New Panel Design! DA, PE and CTO jointly collected and evaluated the ideas. Winning design requirements going through Tollgate 03. Powered By The Innovation Portal Product Engineering HIGHEST ACCELERATOR PARTICIPATION 74 ideas (200%+ vs YAGO). R&D using to decision/prioritize/TG02 ALL incoming ideas. MSci LAUNCH OF 1st STRATEGIC INITIATIVE PORTAL! Enables collection and decisioning of job jar and commercial growth ideas. Quality 1ST TO DEVELOP A COMMUNITY approach to have individual portals for 7 COEs to collect Quality achievements to submit to the GBS Quality Awards. Watch CSE 1ST JOINT CHALLENGE WITH NIELSEN AUDIO. 1st to use embedded videos as submissions. Product Leadership HIGHEST PARTICIPATION FOR GLOBAL IDEAS IN PRACTICE 621 IDEAS 1,448 USERS “It has been such a pleasure working with you this year …And, I know next year will be even better. “ Andie Wafzig ” Enabling Technology HIGHEST RECORDED CYCLE TIMES OF 4M HOURS All Plan/Gov Process Improvements actioned in portal Data Acquisition FACILITATED 300+ TAM FIELD REQUESTS! The entire process of collection, evaluation and communication, with a personal note from Siegfried. 5 challenges planned for in ‘14 Multi-language/multi-country. Q1/Q2 2014 Coming Soon… Global Ops Community encompasses 7 focus areas, such as ELA projects, PICR and awards. TCS PE Transition from their own portal to Innovation portal and make more interactive/collaborative. BPI First global community to show all bpi projects. Piloting w/ PE and ET.
  7. 7. Ideation Process Support Role of the Innovation Service Team is Key to Driving Impact Employees provide Challenge needs Ambassador facilitate / submit Challenge request form Facilitates ambassador forum for best practices, success stories, enhancements Submission form requires KSFs be spelled out, such as: Meets w/ Team to review submission and ensure KSFs Build site using standard layout/graphic, incl. Build custom forms, incl. workflow and notification statuses Submission Form Evaluation Form Notifications to Submitters Publish/share Innovation KPIs Debrief with Team Lessons Learned Ensure Eval. Process and Statuses/Notifications occurring Work with team to ensure communication working Launch! Ensure site working, incl. any ‘special’ features IAAS Team IAAS Team IAAS Team IAAS Team IAAS Team C R E A T E L A U N C H
  8. 8. Copyright©2013TheNielsenCompany.Confidentialandproprietary. 8 **Buffer 1-3 months for IP to Evaluate Ideas IDEA STATUS CHANGE Idea Submission Statuses Trigger Notification & Chip Allotment STATUS: Requires Evaluation (Submitter receives notification idea was received**) STATUS: Under Review (Portal Admins initiate evaluation process and Submitter receives notification) STATUS: Approved for Patent Filing (IP Evaluator has determined idea is patentable; Moderator creates sanitized title and description) STATUS: Not Going Forward (Portal Admin decline; idea not begin considered any further) STATUS: Under Review Preliminary IP (Moderator determines if idea is new and of commercial value) STATUS: Under Review – Under Patent Consideration (Moderator involves IP Evaluator to determine IP applicability) STATUS: Approved (Portal Admin approve; decide idea should move forward) **If certain pre-defined Intellectual Property (IP) criteria is met, the idea will follow these process notifications. **End User Voting and Commenting Closed when ideas are hidden Every time the idea status changes the submitter is emailed automatically Zero Black- holes Non-IP Ideas – Visible for Public View IP Ideas – Hidden from Public View Challenge Owners may append to customize the statuses (e.g. Approved – Winner) but these are the must-have statuses required per each idea submitted. NO NO **NO **YES
  9. 9. Reporting
  10. 10. Reporting
  11. 11. Ann Marie Dumais Director, Planning and Governance THANK YOU