BOF APAC 2011: Amadeus Ideation Platform


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BOF APAC 2011: Amadeus Ideation Platform

  1. 1. Brighter, Bolder, Better Amadeus“Innovation & Ideation Platform” Benjamin Hamilton © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA April 2011 1
  2. 2. Brighter, Bolder, BetterWho am I?Benjamin Hamilton 6 months in Amadeus Asia (Bangkok – Thailand) taking care of Innovation & Quality, previously have worked with some leaders in the industry including IBM, SUN, ANZ Bank, Telstra, Rio Tinto, K.C.I, Citibank and GE Money Corporate. Has innovation been present within Amadeus?1. YES2. Innovation has always been present within Amadeus, we used to call it change, change management, new products & services. The only difference is – we are trying to define it more, find the common language, better formalize and leverage © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA our internal regional innovation management capabilities now. And I am honoured to talk to you about it today. 2
  3. 3. Brighter, Bolder, BetterDo we have innovative products?YES – We do have many innovative products. And we do have wonderful people that foster and manage them with Mind 2 Market and Time 2 Market. Reservation, Departure Control, Inventory, e- Commerce etc.Example1. Amadeus SMS Solution (Flight Notification) 1. Once upon a time in China - 2010, China airline moved its flight 2 hrs early and caused many passengers missed their flight. China airline © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA speaker blamed the travel agent by saying “We have informed the travel agent”. In other words, drop the ball in the Travel Agent court. 3
  4. 4. Brighter, Bolder, BetterFlight Notification – 20101 2 Queue 1 Queue 2 Booking Airline Booking System Queue N Travel agent created a Booking Airline changed flight status Booking is put into Status = Confirmed e.g. Cancelled the corresponding queue 3 4 © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA Customer Impact: TA Impact: If change takes place during non- • Additional cost • Customer Complaints working hours, agent might not be (new itinerary) • Additional effort & cost aware and take action in time • Damages to monitor 4
  5. 5. Brighter, Bolder, BetterFlight Notification – 2011 (TODAY) 1. Well today, we have a solid solution and able to monitor booking status changes “SMS Solution- Flight notification” 1. Automatic SMS, e-Ticket and flight status to TA / T Benefits: 1. Increase travellers satisfaction 2. Deliver premium service at optimal time & cost 3. Save 200* hrs/year for each TA in queue monitoring Q1:Cancellation © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA Q2: Confirm from Waitlist Q3: ………….. Flight Notification Q4: ………….. Q7: Schedule Change 5
  6. 6. Brighter, Bolder, Better Why did Amadeus start “Ideation Platform”?New idea did not receive any tractionAmadeus wanted;  To be known as Magnanimous & Thought leader  People to speak up  To improve the quality of services, products, processes and people’s lives  To support & increase the value offered to travel agencies and airline companies.Amadeus strategy is to move to “Agility”, “Innovation” and © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA “Customer Focus” 6
  7. 7. Brighter, Bolder, BetterWhat have we done?1. Conducted a series of workshop; 1. Innovation Management Concepts & Practices 2. Practical approach to creativity & Innovation 3. Creative thinking techniques & Shift perspective 4. Overcoming the most common barriers to creativity, etc.2. We selected Brightidea’s Ideation management tool as an enabler, a tool to facilitate the capture, the ranking and the approval of ideas. And we called it “Idea Farm”. © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA 7
  8. 8. Brighter, Bolder, Better8 © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA
  9. 9. Brighter, Bolder, Better 100+ IDEAS submitted © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA9 9
  10. 10. Brighter, Bolder, Better © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA 10
  11. 11. Brighter, Bolder, Better Innovation Committee Steering CommitteeEvaluation Process & MethodologyUtilize a Six Sigma methodology that rates Impact,Revenue, and Risk1.Standard Evaluation Criteria 1. Distinctiveness 2. Feasibility 3. Opportunity © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA 4. Organizational & People Impact 5. Market Impact 6. Customer Impact 11
  12. 12. Brighter, Bolder, BetterChallenges Keeping the idea pipeline 1. Improving communication with staff community 2. Develop ways to stimulate creative thinking Culture drives Innovation © 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA 12
  13. 13. Brighter, Bolder, Better Brighter, Bolder, Better, Thank You ©© 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA 2010 Amadeus IT Group SA13 13