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Brightgreen is an Australian-owned international premium LED lighting design company.Our mission is to fight planned obsolescence: the deliberate shortening of product lifecycles in order to increase profits. We exist to give people a viable energy-efficient lighting alternative that they know works and lasts, without compromising on light quality.

Brightgreen products are designed to survive up to 70,000 hours, while halogens last for just 2,000.

Our retrofit LEDs achieve the same light output as a 50watt halogen on just a fifth of the power which means users get the same levels of light with an 80% reduction in power costs. They also offer one of the fastest returns on investment of any energy-saving product, with an average payback of 1 year for residential use.

Unlike fluorescents and halogens, our LED lights are completely free from toxic materials like mercury and lead, both of which are found in CFLs and other LEDs. This makes our products safe to use and safe to recycle. As part of our commitment to ecological excellence, Brightgreen products are on average 98% recyclable and can be sold back to us when they eventually do expire.

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Brightgreen - company presentation

  1. 1. Our Mission We design and manufacture premium LED lighting products that disrupt current business models by defying planned obsolescence. We are inclusive in everything we do; we strive to design energy-efficient solutions for all sorts of customers and projects, and we are keen to build solutions together with the people who use our products. We enhance lives though good lighting design that draws from exceptional engineering skill, eco- awareness and high quality user experience.
  2. 2. At Brightgreen, we take our responsibility for our impact on the earth and for future generations seriously. Our products are low energy, free from toxic materials, 98% recyclable and are designed to last as long as possible We promote education and learning, both within Brightgreen and outside of the company. We hope to educate consumers as a means of allowing them to make informed decisions about the products that they buy, leading to happier customers and better business practice. A bigger purpose
  3. 3. What sets us apart? Superior brightness Exceptional light quality Market leading efficiency Australian owned and designed
  4. 4. Efficacy: Watts Vs. Lumens Watts – the amount of electrical power used by a lightbulb Lumens – the brightness emitted by a lightbulb THE BRIGHTNESS IN LUMENS THE POWER IN WATTS THE EFFICACY IN LUMENS PER WATT
  5. 5. Low CRI values: 80CRI Colours and surfaces appear dull and lifeless High CRI values: 90+CRI Colours and surfaces appear vibrant and detailed Colour Light: What is CRI? tru cOLOur 95cri
  6. 6. Complete lighting fixtures for new builds and major renovation projects Circular beam LED downlights, wall lights and accent lights Curve Series W900 W200 D400 D700 D900 D1000 P200 P900
  7. 7. Cube Series Complete lighting fixtures for new builds and major renovation projects Square beam LED downlights, wall lights and accent lights W900 W200 D400 D900 D1000 P200 P900
  8. 8. Retrofit Series Direct replacement products for existing halogen and incandescent bulbs currently in use LED bulbs that can be used to directly replace existing halogen and incandescent bulbs without changing light fittings or electrical systems Our Retrofit series offers one-for-one replacement brightness and light quality using as little as 20% of the power, reducing carbon emissions and energy costs TR700 DR700 DR450 AR900SL3500 BR1000 BR450
  9. 9. Product spotlight D900 Classic LED Downlight tru cOLOur 95cri Our award-winning classic downlight, ideal for general illumination and spotlighting Exceptional light quality Superb efficacy of 61 lumens per watt 70,000 hours product lifespan 7 years warranty for the luminaire, 5 years warranty for the driver Easy installation
  10. 10. Product spotlight DR700 Retrofit for 50W halogens Direct replacement for 50W halogens Fast payback time of 15 months with 10 hours use per day Universally compatible Superior dimming 70,000 hours product lifespan 3 year warranty All the brightness of a 50w halogen on just one-fifth of the power