My 10 steps to entrepreneurial success


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10 Steps To Entrepreneurial Success!
Why you should start Now!
Motivating message and practical steps to get you started!

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  • Hmmnn. I happened to be one of the JOB people who Susan used to work with. And let me tell you something: in a month she managed to alienate herself from everybody in the department, she didn't make even one friend and to say that her work was very poor is an understatement as it simply was disastrous. She tried to get involved in everything, not being able to focus on her duties, having to go over simple tasks over and over again. Her communication skills were so bad everybody started to avoid her, and the department received many complaints from the stakeholders with regard to the way she handled issues. And lastly: Susan didn't leave her JOB - her probation wasn't extended due to really bad performance and from what I know she tried to appeal that decision. I'd say that girl has a really vivid imagination and is at least delusional about her abilities, who she is and what she represents. But as Charles Bukowski said: The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
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My 10 steps to entrepreneurial success

  3. 3. Step 1: Finding your WHY!Decide why you are in business. In other words, what’s your bigger WHY? Is it money,lifestyle, fame, giving back, helping others or perhaps a combination of reasons?When I started in business, my main reason was and still is:I already knew where I came from (a poverty stricken village) Yes not many people know thisbut I was born in Africa and moved to Europe when I was 10 years old. I have seen povertyand I never want to go back there!I have lived the hard life and I am not prepared to live that life of lack and dissatisfaction forthe rest of my life.I have worked in the professional field and I have seen bright people suffer because theyfeel they have no other option. Many have given up hope to financial freedom and success.I remember an employer I worked for asked me not to call in sick even when I was sickbecause it will mean I could lose my job! I was living just over broke (J.O.B). I worked in thecity and I was paid monthly not that much! It is quite surprising to know that many people insuit are paid so much less!My salary was not enough to cover my cost and save! I was stressed and the other staffswere jealous when I spoke of my business plans. It came to a point where I asked myself ‘Isthis really it!?’I was sick of the whole situation. I felt trapped and I needed out! I lived in fear of losing my‘low paid’ Job and the thought of doing this for 5 – 10 years scared me! It will mean I willnever be able to own my property. It will mean my mum will have to work right through herretirement age because I can’t afford to take care of her! It will mean a whole lot of negativesthat I was not willing to face. However I am happy I did it! Now I can say I have done it all!When someone says they work in the city, I will look at them differently.Why I left:My business opportunities were growing. People were contacting me to work with them.SheBuzz, The Remarkable Women Network which I formed was taking off and I recentlygot contacted by the BHive & SeedNetworking founder, Lynne Franks, with a possibility ofworking together. In addition, I just met my property mentor to develop my interest inproperty and start making money from property.I knew it will be mad for me to give up all the opportunities that are now on my feet for a JustOver Broke life Style. So I made a decision and left! It was and is the best decision I evermade. I knew I was never going to give up on my dreams. I have come so far to give up. Ihave suffered too much to continue to suffer in lack!I made a promise to myself at 16 years of age never to lack anything in my life. I want to beable to buy my own property in my twenties; I want to be in control of my life and destiny!I know what I have and I know my potential to shine is in business. I prefer to makedecisions, take action and influence the shape of my life!
  4. 4. Step 2: Evaluating where you are in businessEvaluate where you are in your business: If you’re just starting out, focus on the basicbuilding blocks before you move on to more advanced strategies. However if you realisesomething is not working, change! Do not continue blindly!I started my business journey right from university. I set up HomeHelp with a few friends topay my way through university. While still at university, I wrote the business plan for GoPro.I recently got appointed chair member of London Football Association Youth Leader Council.I am also a qualified football coach. Till today when I say to a guy I am a football coach theyalways think I am joking!In 2011, I was invited to the ‘We Own It’ Women Submit where I met Cherie Blair. Shementored me on GoPro and I never looked back since. Since the age of 16 I never limitedmyself and now my confidence grew stronger.In November 2011, I became an ambassador for The Princes Trust and I started working onSheBuzz ‘The Remarkable Women Network’! I had different calls from franchise tomarketing but I was focused I knew what I wanted. So far this year I have sent over 5rejection letters to people.There was one ‘Love’ that I always had which was my love for property right from the age of10. My family never had their own home. I was going to change this. After finishing universityI went to a property course to learn everything there is to starting out in property. I bought afew books and in November 2012, I met my property mentor.So you need to be focus and know what you want. In business it is easy to be distracted andfeel you have to please everyone. But you don’t! This is your life so take charge of it! Ifsomething does not work with you say NO! And move ON! Step 3: Get out of your Comfort ZoneGet out of your comfort zone: See problems as challenges meant to be overcome. Takechances and try something new.This is very important I think to so many people a JOB is their comfort zone. I have had somany ridiculous excuses from people that now I have tried the city, profession or whateverthey seem to call it J.O.B. I don’t bother to speak with such people. If you are going to makeexcuses for the rest of your life and pay into a pension that will NOT take care of you! I don’tknow what else to say to change your mind-set.I have always seen problems as challenges, when I told my mum I was planning to go touniversity she thought It was one of my crazy dreams. She was certainly surprised not onlyby getting in, but when I successfully completed with a 2.1 honours was the icing on thecake! The same year I not only became the first in my family to achieve a university degreebut I was also awarded with a Marketing Student of the Year Award 2010!This is a girl born in a muddy village in Africa to whom my school teachers said wouldamount to nothing?! Well what a way to prove them wrong!
  5. 5. There are two types of people in the world the ones that speculate and do nothing ‘I callthem the thinkers’. They think and this is all they do till they hit 60 years of age and releasethere’s nothing left to think about!Then we have those who take action. ‘I call them the doers’. They listen and learn fromothers mistake. They are focus and know what they want to achieve in life and They TAKEACTION! Step 4: Pay attention to your intuitionPay attention to your intuition: With so many information out there on starting and buildingyour business sometimes you need to listen to your gut feeling and just go with it. Followyour passion and try your hand on everything you wished to do. At the same time keep focusand remember cash is reality! If you are not making money it is time to move on to the nextproject.This is very important like I said it is quite easy to get distracted with marketing businessoffers and franchises. You need to know what works for you and go for it. Starting out inbusiness does not mean you have to sit in front of your computer all day waiting forsomeone to give you your big break. If you want something go and get it! I wanted to getstarted in property so I went out and got myself a mentor!As many of you know I spend my day in business meetings, working with otherentrepreneurs, sharing my experiences. I have coached businesses and spoken at events.Advice to Young EntrepreneursBe Bold, Know what you want, Have a bigger why (As you may know it is not an easyjourney and you will face challenges. To see above these challenges you need a biggerWHY!), Speak clearly and be direct (as necessary), if the person is talking about Christmasand you are here for business, bring the conversation back to achieve your desired goal.My tips for becoming successful at business meetingsBe confident: I usually dress smart/causal (Dresses will be the causal I don’t meantracksuit).Speak clearly: You need to know how to communicate with people at all level example ifyou met the Prime Minister, will you speak to him like you were speaking to your universityfriends? Little things like this need to be taken into consideration.Be Bold: You may have to ask some questions which require straight forward answers. Iremember the business I last coached. I asked the owner what was your turnover last year‘He replied good, good, good’. Well in my opinion it wasn’t this was why he asked for myhelp so I asked him to give me the figures, which he did and to be honest it wasn’t ‘good,good, and good’ as he was barely making a profit.Try not to be late and I know stuff happens! But this is your first impression especially ifsomeone is giving you something valuable like their time for free. Some people say ‘Betterlate than never?’ My rule here is ‘Never Late Ever’!When you are late it plays with your plan, you feel you can’t convey your message effectivelylike a tension already exist in the room. My goals with all my mentors is to exceed theirexpectations and in doing so I have to keep to my rules.
  6. 6. Step 5: Get a MentorGet a mentor: When entering a new market I always look for a mentor and I have beenfortunate enough to come across some amazing mentors. I have separate mentors for all mybusiness. I still have lasting relationship with my GoPro mentor. As GoPro was my firstbusiness, set up after university, I had several mentors from been selected by Virgin MediaPioneers to be mentored in their office, RockStar mentoring with Jonathan Pfahl to MrsCherie Blair, of whom I am very fortunate to have made connections with.Like I said, meet people you inspire to be and never limit yourself! Limiting yourself inanyway will only make you miss out on great opportunities.Everyone is destined to be great! The question is: Are you willing to find out how great youare and can be!As I grow in business, I have learnt how to choose my mentors: My property mentor hasover 29 years’ experience investing in property with portfolios in the United Kingdom and theUnited States. My goal in property is to also have my own property portfolio so I am learningfrom the best. I am a quick leaner and in our last meeting I gave him my business planpacked with what I have learnt in property over the years! Which he said he wasn’texpecting! You need to show your mentor how serious you are. Remember the word here is‘SHOW’ not ‘TELL’ You can tell anybody anything but can you produce results? Step 6: Connect with positive mindConnect with positive mind: Make sure you are connecting with positive, enthusiastic,forward-thinkers who want the best for those around them. Ask for help and advice. So manypeople are more than happy to share their tips, views and opinions on something new.Since 2011, I have focused my time networking where I have made fantastic connections. Imet my property mentor at a networking meeting and I met Cherie Blair at a Women Submit.The difference in the way I networkI network with a purpose: Are you just there to chat? Remember you are not in a pub!.Secondly don’t pass on your card and hope for the best! If you are going to give someoneyour card, do try to follow up!If I feel the person and I could work on a project together, I often follow up with a coffeemeeting (my strategy here is the atmosphere is relaxed yet the conversion is businessfocused). Step 7: Time ManagementTime Management: Be wise with your time. I remember when I first started out in business Iuse to work till late at night because I did not have an effective plan to manage my time.Learn how to delegate tasks; this is where your network comes in so use it!Learn here: You need to know how to manage your time. One of the biggest time stealersare administrative work from sending and receiving emails to updating blogs etc. I now trendto do this at the end of the day.
  7. 7. Step 8: BrainstormBrainstorm: I have always been a list person not because I was overly organised butbecause I wanted to have a clear head and mind to think of new creative ideas and project.At the end of each day, I make a list of everything that I have done and needed to do. Thissimple exercise set me to work more productively the next day!I think of new ideas every day so it is great to have a list to keep me organise. Step 9: ExerciseExercise (Have a ‘me’ time). Take a walk, visit a nearby library etc. As many of you know Iam into sport so I tend to spend my ‘me’ time in this way. I am a football coach. Regulartraining with the guys keeps me fit.I don’t like gyms; I think is a waste of time and money. You need to exercise in the outdoor! Step 10: Take action!Take action. I cant stress this enough! While it is well and good to think, it is crucial you takeaction. I have met with people who spend 5 years thinking of an idea with no actual inputwhat so ever!! The entrepreneurs, who succeed, are the individuals who, each time they fall,pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and keep moving forward.Remember only your opinion matters, stop thinking of what people may or may not say!Start your journey to success and financial freedom. You do not need anyone else approvalto pursue your dreams! It is YOUR dream and yours alone!Questions exercise to readers:1. What decisions have you made in your life?2. Why have you made such decisions?3. What do you aim to achieve by making such decisions?4. What actions have you associated with such decisions?
  8. 8. About the Author Susan IdamaI started in business after I discovered I could do and be successful in everything I set mymind to. At 16 I started earning my own money and became the main earner in my family.At 18, I was determined to become the first in my family to achieve a university education.Which I did! Successfully completing my four years honours studies in BusinessManagement, achieving a 2.1It wasn’t going to end there as while I was in university I started a cleaning business,HomeHelp to help pay my way through university. In my final year of studies I was awardedwith a Marketing Student of the Year Award. I also wrote the business plan for GoProFootball.GoPro uses the sport of football in inner cities and socially excluded communities to:1. Engage young people in positive activities at key times2. Use the coach/participant relationship to provide role models and motivation3. We offer football games, activities to keep young people off the street. This is our goal turning youth into responsible individuals in the Providing Exciting, Affordable Weekly Football matches in & aroundLondonIn 2011, I met Cherie Blair at the We Own It women Submit 2011 and was invited to meether at her office about my GoPro business to which she kindly volunteered to be mymentor/legal advisor. I received lots of advice which has led to the growth of GoPro. I alsorecently launched SheBuzz @ The Remarkable Women Network.2011 was a big and busy year for me as I was also appointed a Young Ambassador for ThePrinces Trust. My main role focused on Inspiring, motivating and encouraging young peopleto take a positive step and direction.In 2012, I was appointed Chair member of The London Football Association Youth LeaderCouncilIn 2012, I set up SheBuzz, The Remarkable Women Network and we are currently in talkswith B.Hive and SeedNetworking (Lynne Franks) in working together.SheBuzz is formed to empower everyday women. More Information about The RemarkableWomen Network can be found on
  9. 9. SheBuzz @ The Remarkable Women Network:1.Championing & celebrating women in business!2. Growing the next generation of female entrepreneurs3. Unlocking your business full potential SUSAN IDAMA: See Below my 2012 Year End Review Susan Idama I PREFER TO MAKE DECISIONS, TAKE ACTION AND INFLUENCE THE SHAPE OF MY LIFE!
  10. 10. SUSAN IDAMA 2012 YEAR IN REVIEW!From my role as a Princes Trust Ambassador, to receiving an Invitation to the QueensJubilee Concert!My meeting with World Leaders and other remarkable women in the world. Meeting CherieBlair has been a highlight in terms of the woman I inspire to be!Meeting great leaders in business from Jonathan Pfahl, Daniel Priestley, Vicki Wusch (whohas inspired me to take action in becoming a successful property investor), recently finishedreading Vicki’s books: Make More Money from Property and Using other peoples Money.Doug Richard, Shaa Wasmund, Louis Barnett and many more (to learn of my connectionsvisit Football achievements: continues to reach young people in London to make apositive difference in their lives.Appointed Chair Member of the Football Association Youth Leader CouncilSheBuzz & The Remarkable Women Network Success: empowering everyday women with2013 set to work with BHive and SeedNetworking (Lynne Franks).Published EBooks on business success, marketing and branding. My work with talentedindividuals in the music industry, one of whom is Johnny first step in property with the help of my recent property mentor. Instead of contactingreal estate mentoring companies. I decided to go out and look for someone with experiencein property and who is willing to share their time and knowledge with me.I came from nothing and this continues to drive me into making a positive change in my life.One thing people need to know is that you can create your story! I prefer to make decisions, take action and influence the shape of my life!Frequent posting on my