The Top Reasons for Choosing Home Care


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Change is never easy but for many elderly leaving a home they have lived in for many years can be disruptive and depressing. We can help.

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The Top Reasons for Choosing Home Care

  1. 1. The Top Reasons for Choosing Home Care
  2. 2. Some people adapt to change well and can be happy in assisted living facilities, retirement communities or nursing homes but for others, leaving their home can be disruptive and depressing.
  3. 3. Here are top reasons why home care is a popular choice:
  4. 4. The potential for early discharge from the hospital With home care, you can come home from the hospital sooner. Much of the equipment and services that used to be available only in the hospital can now be delivered at home.
  5. 5. Home care can substitute for a hospital or Nursing Home Home care can be quite sophisticated and in some cases—depending on the severity of an illness or disability — it can substitute for other forms of institutionalized care, including hospitals and nursing homes.
  6. 6. Greater involvement with treatment Both the patient and family members can be more intimately involved with the patient’s treatment at home—helping to administer medications, working with the patient on physical therapy and coaching them on their recovery.
  7. 7. Independence Who doesn't want independence? This is, perhaps, the greatest plus for receiving care in one’s own home. Studies show that one of the greatest fears of the elderly is loss of independence. This fear drives many to make decisions that family and friends may think unwise.
  8. 8. Comfort Being at home is simply more comfortable for most people than being in an unfamiliar place. They have their photographs, books, bed, bath, kitchen, telephone, television; everything is in its place, which in studies has proven to be an effective emotional healer. And, the food is better.
  9. 9. Family and Friends Unlike the restricted visiting hours at hospitals and nursing homes, home provides a place where family and friends can be close to the person at all hours, whenever needed.
  10. 10. Morale People tend to have a greater sense of well-being and overall morale when they are in the comfortable surroundings of their own home.
  11. 11. A Faster Recovery Research has shown that recovery can be faster at home than in the hospital, particularly if there is good quality, skilled home health care available to the patient.
  12. 12. Cost Depending on the hours needed, home care can be much more affordable than nursing homes or other institutions.
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