How to set up iGoogle as a Social Media Control Centre for RSS feeds


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*Note: iGoogle has now been discontinued* The key to using Social Media efficiently and effectively for business it to set up a system that improves your workflow.

I'll discuss some of the tools I use, where to find them, and show you how I use iGoogle - a personalized homepage - as a control centre to make sharing posts to my Facebook fans and Twitter followers easier. It's also a great way to organize RSS feeds (the collection of recent posts by my favourite blogs and websites) to help when I'm sharing content, directly from iGoogle, using Buffer.

{ is described in another presentation...view it here:}

Google has a number of tools, some that you might not have heard of, or don't realize Google owns (like YouTube).

Most businesses I speak to say they don't have time for social media - the key to using internet marketing in a profitable and successful was is to create an organized, efficient process...this series of Tutorials on Social Tools can help you with that!

Happy sharing!

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How to set up iGoogle as a Social Media Control Centre for RSS feeds

  1. 1. Social Media Tools:How to set up iGoogle as aSocial Media Control Centre
  2. 2. iGoogle & RSS FeedsEveryone knows Google as a search engine, and you probably now have heard ofGoogle+ as a social network. When trying to find a location, you’ve probably usedGoogle Maps, and seen Google Images when you use Google to search for something.Google has a whole series of useful products to help with your workflow, productivity, andcreativity. I’ll share with you the ones I find useful.
  3. 3. iGoogle & RSS FeedsHere are a few of the tools I use for my business:•  Google – I’d recommend setting up a Google account, and to keep things simple,logging in from it to all other Google products. This means you only need to rememberone Username and Password. If you have a website, you should be using GoogleAnalytics, so you’ll need to set up a Google account anyway.
  4. 4. iGoogle & RSS Feeds•  YouTube – I’ve shared numerous promotional videos, slideshows and tutorial videos onYouTube, and I’ve also added a YouTube feed (via Involver app) to show a playlist of myuploads on my Facebook Fan Page. (Notice I’ve customized my YouTube backgroundin my company colours, with all my contact information and services easily visible.)
  5. 5. iGoogle & RSS Feeds•  Gmail – way less spam than Hotmail or Yahoo, with the ability to set up colour-codedfolders (labels) and filters, flag favourite emails, set an “important” marker – all very usefulto keep all you organized. There is also a business email account available.
  6. 6. iGoogle & RSS Feeds•  iGoogle – (formerly Google Personalized Homepage) is a customizable homepagethat you create by adding newsfeeds/blogfeeds, photos, weather, games, quotes, videos,and other widgets to personalize your homepage. You can also use limited versions ofyour Gmail and Facebook accounts.
  7. 7. iGoogle & RSS FeedsI use iGoogle like a Dashboard or Control Centre from which I can quickly andefficiently read and reply to emails in my Gmail account, check Facebook, view currentevents in the news, read articles, and share blog posts to Facebook and Twitter (usingBuffer – that’s another tutorial). These are some of the widgets that you can add to customize your iGoogle homepage. You can also change the background photo.
  8. 8. iGoogle & RSS FeedsThe newsfeeds are my favourite websites and blogs that I subscribe to via RSS– that little orange button that you’ve probably seen on websites.Each newsfeed displays the most current 3 posts, which can be read entirely within iGoogle.
  9. 9. iGoogle & RSS FeedsHere is a list of things to set up:1.  Create a Google account – http://google.com2.  Set up a Gmail account – - or access Gmail via your Google account.3.  Set up your iGoogle account - Personalize it by adding widgets, and changing the background image.4.  Add newsfeeds and blogs to your iGoogle account via RSS. Here’s how…
  10. 10. iGoogle & RSS FeedsFind a website that you like, and want to follow their blog posts whenever they are updated.See if the website has an RSS feed button and click on it.
  11. 11. iGoogle & RSS FeedsIf everything is working properly, a window will open where you can choose to add the blogto Google.You’ll see a selection ofways to subscribe – clickon the Google button.
  12. 12. iGoogle & RSS FeedsClick on the “Add to Google Homepage” button …
  13. 13. iGoogle & RSS Feeds… and the newsfeed will be added to your iGoogle homepage. You can drag the widgetsaround the page to rearrange them.Tip: I keep my Gmail and Facebook at the top, then use each column for differentcategories. For example one column is for social media blogs, one column for local business(restaurants, wineries, radio stations, community blogs), and one for friends’ and clients’businesses. Then every other day I go down one column and choose some posts to share toFacebook and Twitter.
  14. 14. iGoogle & RSS FeedsLet’s try another example – http://socialmediaexaminer.comFind the RSS feed and click it.
  15. 15. iGoogle & RSS FeedsIf you are using Google Chrome as your web browser (others are Firefox and Explorer),you might notice that something goes wrong when you click the RSS button, and all yousee is a screen full of gibberish.
  16. 16. iGoogle & RSS FeedsIt’s nothing you’ve done wrong – that website is simply not set up with a feed thatworks on the Google Chrome browser. You can try opening that website in Firefox orExplorer (if you have them installed) and it will probably work, allowing you to add thatblog to your iGoogle homepage.If you have a website with an RSS feed set up, I recommend you check it in Chrome,and if doesn’t work, set up a Feedburner feed instead (or ask your web developer todo this for you), which will work on any web browser.
  17. 17. iGoogle & RSS FeedsThink of it this way:There are 3 main web browsers, so as a business, can you afford to lose 33% ofyour potential customers?Or annoy a prospective client when they like your content so much that they WANT tosubscribe, but they CAN’T?
  18. 18. Still got social media questions? There are tips & trips on our website and Facebook Fan Page; Tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel; or you can post your question on Facebook or Twitter.
  19. 19. Do you want us to create a social media strategy for your business?Email us to set up a free 30 minute consultation.
  20. 20. Thank you for viewing:How to set up iGoogle as aSocial Media Control Centre