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An introduction to BrightCultures - Digital Transformation Consultancy

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  1. 1. @BrightCultures BrightCulturesDigital Transformation Consultancy
  2. 2. @BrightCultures About us •  15 years combined experience of digital consultancy •  Directors at BrightCultures and Associates at NixonMcInnes •  Specialists in Financial Services •  Wide experience of social media strategy design and implementation •  Focus on people, leadership and culture •  Facilitative approach, using art of hosting techniques
  3. 3. @BrightCultures Some of the organisations we’ve worked with
  4. 4. @BrightCultures Barclaycard Working with the PR team, Danielle designed and implemented their social media servicing solution. At the time (early 2010), this was the first social media servicing account in the UK and from a compliance point of view, very much untested. Danielle worked with their risk and compliance team, as well as the FSA directly, to help them navigate this. “Danielle is a very in-depth and knowledgeable thinker. Ideas are constantly flowing when Danielle is involved in a project or piece of work and she can always be relied upon to deliver superb results. I have worked very closely on the social media project with Danielle for Barclaycard and now continue to work closely with her on a larger Barclays group objective for social media. The customer, transparency & accuracy are always at the forefront of every idea or process delivered by Danielle, and I have great confidence in any advice she provides. I have worked as a first point of contact for Barclaycard's entire social media strategy and would not have been anywhere as successful if Danielle had not provided her expert guidance. Being able to work within strict FSA guidelines in a creative space has proved challenging, however, Danielle has overcome each hurdle with ease without allowing her creative ideas to diminish. Danielle has been a real pleasure to work along side and I hope this continues into the future. Danielle never runs out of ideas and I'm excited to see what she will bring next.” Richard Atkinson: Vice President - Digital Experience & Content, Barclaycard
  5. 5. @BrightCultures Barclays •  With the success of the @barclaycard account, Barclays asked us to set up a servicing account on @barclaysonline. Again, we were involved in coordinating across various teams to create an end-to- end servicing process for social media. As part of this work we created social media guidelines for staff engagement, social media training materials and a social media risk framework. •  More recently we have been working to help Barclays develop their business case for internal social media, working with an internal working group to create pilot initiatives to show the value of collaboration within the business
  6. 6. @BrightCultures RBS •  RBS needed help to audit and improve their social customer servicing, exploring what social servicing could look like for the business. •  As part of this work we reviewed current RBS servicing, making best practice recommendations and benchmarking them against industry and other social media leaders. •  We worked with their social media servicing team to help them build these recommendations into their day-to-day work and with the digital team to help them broaden their innovation approach to incorporate social servicing.
  7. 7. @BrightCultures O2 •  We designed and ran an interactive crisis simulation to minimise the risks to the company of a crisis erupting on social, clarify internal processes around social media, underpin a new strategy for managing crises •  Afterwards, it won industry plaudits during a network outage within a month of go live
  8. 8. @BrightCultures UK credit card provider Over the last year we have been working to help them define and implement a social media strategy. Having delivered the strategy, we created all of the supporting materials to ensure a safe, compliant launch, including a risk framework for social, a crisis assessment and management model and social media guidelines. We also helped them design a social media servicing solution that launched in early February 2015, including creating process flows, engagement and affinity guidelines and training materials. “The partnership with Danielle and Caz and our team on our social strategy has been fantastic. Matching Danielle and Caz with our internal delivery team and our leadership has really worked for us. I love the way they work, and they have helped us deliver some great things, so thank you.” Gary Jenkins: Vice President – Comms
  9. 9. @BrightCultures Other Financial Services related initiatives •  Facilitated Facilitated the Finance Innovation Lab’s team away day to support the creation of it’s future, it’s purpose and values. •  Danielle presented at the Financial Services Social Media conference (2013) jointly with Barclaycard •  Written many articles on financial services social media and culture, in particular on social media risk, conduct risk and leadership •  Hosted a financial services social media conference (Social in the City) and other regular financial services roundtable events with attendees from Bank of England, Santander, HSBC, Visa, Lloyds and the ICAEW, among others •  Danielle published a whitepaper on social customer service and Caz published a whitepaper on resilient leadership and innovation •  Designed and led a workshop on leadership in digital businesses for PR Week (November 2014)
  10. 10. @BrightCultures Other projects Aside from these FS clients Danielle and Caz have also worked with many other types of organisation, including: • Channel 4: Social media rationalization and channel brand strategy • BBC: Social channel strategy • Capita: Social media servicing outsource design for a large telecoms client • Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Social media strategy and training • Food Standards Agency: Social media awareness training • Melcrum: Collaboration workshop • Pegasus PR: Purpose and values workshop • BBC News: Digital channel strategy • Direct Line: Social media strategy design
  11. 11. @BrightCultures @daniellesheerin / @cazyetman / Thanks!