SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Jets
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SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Jets



This is our presentation for the first group project for ISYS 363. We are group Jets.

This is our presentation for the first group project for ISYS 363. We are group Jets.



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SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Jets SFSU ISYS 363 Group Project #1 Jets Presentation Transcript

  •  Pros & cons of five different services  Skype  Whatsapp  Apple iMessage  Join.Me  Dropbox  Winner
  •  Has it been widely used?  Is it free?  Is it easy to use?  Is it easy to download?  Does it run on both Windows and Apple devices?  Does it have file sharing capabilities?
  • Pros  Free online communication  Allows screen & file sharing  Subscription is cheap ($1.19-$2.99 per month) Cons  Requires internet access  Charges for group video chat  Does not offer language translation
  •  Pros  Instant message  Can Share the picture and video instantly and record voice messages  Receives messages anytime & anywhere with internet connection  Cons  Requires a phone number to register  Charges $0.99 per year  Can cause misunderstanding between the sender and receiver
  •  Pros i. Free ii. Can be sent to any apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Mac) iii. Has the date and time the message was received.  Cons i. Requires an Apple ID and Apple devices ii. Requires internet connection iii. Can be sent as text messages if not sent successfully through internet connection.
  •  Pros ❄Free up to 10 participants ❄Connects to multiple monitors and has a chat feature ❄File sharing capabilities  Cons ❄No video conferencing ❄Tricky to you find the correct URL to join meetings ❄Glitches have been found in locating the host
  •  Pros  Easy to set up and access  Syncs your files through all devices  Widespread and commonly used  Cons  Poor customer service  Limited storage space  Privacy and security are a concern
  •  Although customer reviews show that Join.Me may have potential glitches, none of our team members have had a problem using it.  Easy to download and navigate as a first time user  File sharing capabilities were a must for our group.  Ultimately, whether or not members were familiar with Join.Me, all were successful in utilizing it’s service without a problem.
  •  www.techjaws.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-using- skypehttp:///  http://www.comparz.com/reviews/web- conferencing/37?view=comparz&layout=detail&s tart=10  https://join.me/  http://download.cnet.com/Dropbox/3000- 18500_4-10903856.html  http://online-storage-service- review.toptenreviews.com/dropbox-review.html  http://www.businesszone.co.uk/topic/technolog y/dropbox-pros-and-cons/42935