Envision tomorrows science centre bridget mc kenzie 19th march


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Talk for the Science Centre World Summit in Mechelen, March 2014. Part of the session on Envisioning Tomorrow's Science Centre.

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  • My key point is that there are many forces – mostly critical uncertainties – in the futureSo if we are to imagine a new kind of – science centre, or anything, we have to Consider how to think about the future. Look at what are the most powerful influencing factorsAnd then how the critical situation offers opportunities for us to reshape science itself, science education and science centres
  • Gamechangers aid progress. A BS can radically disrupt all megatrends.
  • Critical uncertainties are becoming immeasurably more significant than trends. VUCA. By far the biggest factors will be environmental – the Earth is approaching a critical state shift in 2 or 3 decades, with growing disruption until then. Yes, we can be excited about technology e.g. the real time global map that helps us see storms. The cause of this disruption is technology that has powered a linear extractive economy, and an addiction to fossil fuels.
  • Summarising the context of shifts in thinking about science and learning
  • Future of science
  • RichardGiblett Mycelium
  • http://globaia.org/themes/ecosphere/This kind of literacy involves understanding context of the biosphere, which most basic education doesn’t address. We must conquer our aphasia regarding earth systems and their interaction.
  • Metadesigners
  • Zayed National Museum Abu Dhabi, Foster & partners
  • Sensescapes: Interactive display that creates art in response to art history movements (art nouveau, art deco etc) in the museum. The Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, http://vimeo.com/51296004
  • To finish with a few thoughts then on the future of science centres, want to go back to the first
  • Ethics
  • Numen – Croatian/Austrian collective created inflatable structure with internal strings. Resilience games
  • Envision tomorrows science centre bridget mc kenzie 19th march

    1. 1. Envisioning Tomorrow’s Science Centre: More challenge, more play Bridget McKenzie, Flow UK 19th March
    2. 2. Three ways to model futures 1. Normative: desired future built on common ideals 2. Extrapolating: probable future built on trends 3. Scenarios: possible futures built on ideals, trends & uncertainties
    3. 3. What you can’t predict is more powerful… Gamechangers Trends Black Swans Megatrends Driving forces Critical uncertainties Scale, complexity and power
    4. 4. Planet Economy Science Education All futures depend on the planet
    5. 5. Future of planet: Critical state shift
    6. 6. Enlightenment Narrative of progress Technical solutions Science as knowable Ecology as non- human topic Understanding how things are Celebrating universe & all its contents as a wonder beyond us Engagement Questioning narratives Social & creative solutions Science as paradoxical Ecology as key to thriving places & society Influencing how things are to arrest catastrophic disruption Seeing ourselves as intimately connected to everything else
    7. 7. Future of science: More chaos + control?
    8. 8. Future of Learning: More rhizomatic?
    9. 9. Eco- sphere literacy as core skill?
    10. 10. Future of industry: More relational?
    11. 11. Future of attractions: Grand Projects?
    12. 12. …or, go with the digital flow?
    13. 13. Or, light on feet and coming to you?
    14. 14. Return to the first science centre?
    15. 15. …with its Board of Longitude
    16. 16. Challenge hubs? Open IDEO
    17. 17. A shift outdoors?
    18. 18. Ethical sponsorship?
    19. 19. When things get serious, fun is more important