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So You Have a Mobile Friendly Website ... What Now?

So You Have a Mobile Friendly Website ... What Now?



Global mobile web usage has been increasing exponentially, and we all know by now that we need a mobile strategy. But building a mobile-friendly website is just the first step. What happens next? This ...

Global mobile web usage has been increasing exponentially, and we all know by now that we need a mobile strategy. But building a mobile-friendly website is just the first step. What happens next? This presentation will walk you through some of the 'next steps' for building a comprehensive mobile strategy. We'll look at recent trends and stats as well as real-life examples, to discover the best tactics for future-proofing your online presence.



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    So You Have a Mobile Friendly Website ... What Now? So You Have a Mobile Friendly Website ... What Now? Presentation Transcript

    • lots of people can tell you @BridgetRandolph
    • why you need a mobile-friendly website. @BridgetRandolph
    • and lots of people can tell you @BridgetRandolph
    • to build one. @BridgetRandolph
    • you can find the flowchart, and whole best practice guide at: http://www.distilled.net/training/mobile-seo-guide
    • Why Mobile’s Important 2012 KPCB internet trends update Google Think Insights report Google Databoard Full Value of Mobile calculator The Mobile Playbook Our Mobile Planet Global Mobile Stats 2013 Ericsson Mobility Report 2013 Building a Mobile Site Mobile Web Design Tips Distilled’s best practice guide Designing for SEO Understanding Your Mobile Visitors Google Analytics for Mobile Mobile SEO Keyword Research for mobile Responsive SEO Tune-up Optimizing your local presence for mobile Mobile SEO Audit Optimizing a separate mobile site SEO of Responsive Web Design Impact of Google Smartphone Crawler 1 Impact of Google Smartphone Crawler 2 Impact of Google Smartphone Crawler 3 Google’s mobile development guidelines Google blog - mobile and ranking factors Thinking More About Mobile ‘What is “Mobile”?’ Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses @BridgetRandolph
    • basic requirement for any online brand. @BridgetRandolph
    • of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site… Source @BridgetRandolph
    • …and have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. Source @BridgetRandolph
    • if you’re just starting to think about this… @BridgetRandolph
    • …you’re falling behind. @BridgetRandolph
    • you don’t need me to convince you. @BridgetRandolph
    • I want to talk about… @BridgetRandolph
    • …what happens next. @BridgetRandolph
    • Bridget Randolph Consultant, Distilled bridget.randolph@distilled.net @BridgetRandolph
    • “So you have a mobile-friendly website…what now?” BRIDGET RANDOLPH
    • big picture trends, @BridgetRandolph
    • case studies, @BridgetRandolph
    • examples, @BridgetRandolph
    • @BridgetRandolph
    • the is @BridgetRandolph
    • online everywhere
    • by 2017, of the world’s population will have Source: Ericsson Mobility Report 3G coverage. @BridgetRandolph
    • internet.org initiative from Facebook
    • mobile data usage in 2012 was the size of the entire internet in 2000 Source: Cisco's Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update mobile data in 2012 internet in year 2000 @BridgetRandolph
    • Mobile Data Usage 160 12x growth in 6 years 140 120 100 80 Mobile Data Usage 2013 60 40 12x growth in 12 years 20 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Source: Ericsson Mobility Report (pg. 10) @BridgetRandolph
    • we’ll be more than ever @BridgetRandolph
    • you'll reach you can't reach any other way. @BridgetRandolph
    • a multiscreen, device-agnostic world. @BridgetRandolph
    • can’t just be an add-on anymore. @BridgetRandolph
    • There’s no such thing as ‘mobile’. THE Will Critchlow @BridgetRandolph
    • There’s no such thing as ‘mobile’ for the user. THE Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • it’s not a separate channel… @BridgetRandolph
    • it’s a technology. @BridgetRandolph
    • There’s no such thing as ‘mobile’ for the user. THE Bridget Randolph @BridgetRandolph
    • making it easy for users is really f***ing hard. @BridgetRandolph
    • don’t be lazy. @BridgetRandolph
    • asking the right questions
    • 3 scenarios: @BridgetRandolph
    • “Average Joe Corp.” @BridgetRandolph
    • How do we do ‘mobile’? @BridgetRandolph
    • • separate m. site • app • SMS promotions @BridgetRandolph
    • “Early Adopters Ltd.” @BridgetRandolph
    • how do we stay ahead of the next big mobile tech trend? @BridgetRandolph
    • • big data tools • Aurasma tech app • solar charger to print ad @BridgetRandolph
    • “User-Driven Business, Inc.” @BridgetRandolph
    • How can we take advantage of new tech to anticipate our users' needs? @BridgetRandolph
    • user-centric. @BridgetRandolph
    • we need to become like User-Driven Business, Inc. @BridgetRandolph
    • because our customers are @BridgetRandolph
    • and technology is for @BridgetRandolph
    • make mobile a of your customers’ journey @BridgetRandolph
    • and keep the at the centre. @BridgetRandolph
    • Discover Explore Buy Engage
    • Discover
    • of mobile searches are near a PC Source: Google Databoard @BridgetRandolph
    • Source: Google Databoard @BridgetRandolph
    • Source: Google Databoard @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend seamless and consistent UX across all devices @BridgetRandolph
    • 3 main areas  website  search  social @BridgetRandolph
    • website @BridgetRandolph
    • responsive design is fine. @BridgetRandolph
    • but it’s a basic approach. @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: Consider using dynamic serving by user agent @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: “content everywhere” For more information see the book by Sara WachterBoettcher. @BridgetRandolph
    • “content everywhere” CREATE ONCE PUBLISH EVERYWHERE my full deck on Slideshare @BridgetRandolph
    • “content everywhere” case study: BBC Food hub pages
    • “content everywhere” BBC Food saw an increase of more than 150,000 visitors weekly from search alone and Overall traffic doubled, from around 650,000 weekly visitors to around 1.3 million. from the Content Everywhere book @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: long-term cookies for login @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: sync user accounts across all platforms
    • sync user accounts example: Amazon Kindle sync
    • small steps: testing
    • testing have you visited your site on a mobile? @BridgetRandolph
    • testing easy hack for Chrome: using right click ‘Inspect Element’ allows you to view your site as a mobile device @BridgetRandolph
    • testing go to settings @BridgetRandolph
    • testing @BridgetRandolph
    • testing change this to adjust the screen width @BridgetRandolph
    • testing and then refresh the page. @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: mobile CRO and user testing @BridgetRandolph
    • mobile CRO and user testing  Qualaroo – user surveys  CrazyEgg – heat maps  Optimizely – split testing @BridgetRandolph
    • search @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend it’s the same person regardless of device. @BridgetRandolph
    • context and user intent @BridgetRandolph
    • case study: Bravissimo
    • Bravissimo result: 600% increase in PPC-driven sales revenue and 103% increase in conversion rate. Source @BridgetRandolph
    • example: Google Implicit Search
    • example: Google Now
    • big trend anticipating the users’ needs before they are aware of them @BridgetRandolph
    • example: Corcoran Group
    • Corcoran Group …connecting with home buyers even before they are in the market for a new home. The Mobile Playbook Source @BridgetRandolph
    • social @BridgetRandolph
    • social is a huge channel for mobile. @BridgetRandolph
    • out of every 5 people who use Facebook daily access it on a mobile device @BridgetRandolph
    • social marketing mobile marketing. @BridgetRandolph
    • brands no longer own the conversation. @BridgetRandolph
    • @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: allow your social media team to engage in a conversational way @BridgetRandolph
    • example: Dolphin Pub and Douwe Egberts read the full conversation here. @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend permission’s not enough anymore. @BridgetRandolph
    • filter bubbles and curation
    • small steps: create content which people will want to share @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend peer-to-peer marketing ask yourself: “is it good enough to tell my friends about it?” @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: make your content mobile-friendly 80% of Facebook and Twitter’s daily users are accessing the app from a mobile device @BridgetRandolph
    • @BridgetRandolph
    • Discover Explore Buy Engage
    • Explore
    • once your users have your brand, @BridgetRandolph
    • that’s just the @BridgetRandolph
    • you need to be aware of their . @BridgetRandolph
    • 4 main areas     tracking showrooming personalisation online/offline integration @BridgetRandolph
    • tracking @BridgetRandolph
    • track the person, not the device @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: Universal Analytics @BridgetRandolph
    • User Based Tracking
    • showrooming @BridgetRandolph
    • view showrooming as an opportunity @BridgetRandolph
    • case study: Best Buy
    • in Feb 2013 they rolled out a permanent price matching policy based on results of the pilot Source @BridgetRandolph
    • personalisation @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: recommendation engine
    • case study: LK Bennett
    • saw an 11% increase in conversions from this segment. Source @BridgetRandolph
    • 14% another test saw a increase in conversions from UK visitors when explicitly offered free 14 day returns. more Qubit case studies @BridgetRandolph
    • online-offline integration @BridgetRandolph
    • what NOT to do…
    • example: IKEA catalogue app
    • big trend recognise the value of every touchpoint/interaction along the customer journey @BridgetRandolph
    • last-click attribution is the devil.
    • Discover Explore Buy Engage
    • Buy
    • but…what about the actual conversion? @BridgetRandolph
    • 2 main areas - smarter checkout paths - online/offline integration @BridgetRandolph
    • smarter checkout paths @BridgetRandolph
    • Could it be the case that mobile is simply more of a research platform? Commenter on a blog post @BridgetRandolph
    • My cellphone isn't for buying, fb, amazon - it's just a phone (or gps) :) Commenter on a blog post @BridgetRandolph
    • WRONG. @BridgetRandolph
    • in the retail industry, mobile spend is expected to be by the end of 2013. @BridgetRandolph
    • smarter conversion paths for mobile. @BridgetRandolph
    • KISS. • IMG
    • Keep It Simple Stupid. @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: link the form fields to the correct keyboard Smashing Mag article about touch keyboards @BridgetRandolph
    • link the form fields to the correct keyboard for phone number fields: <input type="tel" /> for a numeric keyboard, use this: <input type="text" pattern=“d*" novalidate /> for any email fields, use this: <input type="email" /> to disable autocorrect: <input type="text" autocorrect="off" /> Cheat sheet from Baymard @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: only ask for information which is essential to complete the transaction @BridgetRandolph
    • only ask for essential information example: Amazon 1 Click
    • small steps: keep people logged in long-term @BridgetRandolph
    • thinking bigger: biometric tech @BridgetRandolph
    • example: Apple Store
    • small steps: don’t neglect microconversions @BridgetRandolph
    • don’t neglect online/offline integration @BridgetRandolph
    • online/offline integration example: PayPal
    • big trend make mobile checkout EASY. @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend in-store mobile payment can also add convenience to checkout. @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend microconversions matter too. @BridgetRandolph
    • Discover Explore Buy Engage
    • Engage
    • 3 main areas - apps - email marketing - social @BridgetRandolph
    • apps @BridgetRandolph
    • Apple Store: 900,000+ apps Google Play: 1,000,000+ apps Source @BridgetRandolph
    • 7 10% of iPhone apps earned app store revenue for iPhone Source @BridgetRandolph
    • are you you need one? @BridgetRandolph
    • benefit: it’s a walled garden. @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: saving passwords in the phone @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: ask yourself, does my app: 5 questions based on ‘For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads’, HBR Mar 2013 @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: add convenience? @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: offer unique value? @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: provide social value? @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: offer incentives? @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: entertain? @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself, does my app: if not, you shouldn’t build it. @BridgetRandolph
    • case study: Tesco Homeplus
    • their sales increased 130% in three months, and their number of registered users went up by Source 76% @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend creating a unique experience and meeting a specific user need @BridgetRandolph
    • email marketing @BridgetRandolph
    • of e-mails are opened on mobile devices. Source: US Consumer Device Preference Report (Q2 2013) @BridgetRandolph
    • email marketing IS mobile marketing. @BridgetRandolph
    • and who needs SMS promotions… @BridgetRandolph
    • …when you can send push notifications via email? @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: send emails your customers want to open. @BridgetRandolph
    • send emails your customers want to open remember this?
    • send emails your customers want to open example: Innocent Drinks
    • small steps: use personalisation and context @BridgetRandolph
    • use personalisation and context avg. open rate for ‘triggered’ emails is 4x higher than for email newsletters (45-55% vs 10%) Source @BridgetRandolph
    • use personalisation and context
    • small steps: use mobile-friendly email templates @BridgetRandolph
    • use mobile-friendly email templates • MailChimp • Campaign Monitor @BridgetRandolph
    • small steps: test your email campaigns with Litmus @BridgetRandolph
    • social @BridgetRandolph
    • social is not just a part of the discovery process. @BridgetRandolph
    • a great channel for maintaining customer loyalty. @BridgetRandolph
    • example: Red Bull Wings
    • http://wings.redbullusa.com/ @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend make current customers feel appreciated. @BridgetRandolph
    • big trend individually personalised, if possible. @BridgetRandolph
    • bonus example
    • merging online-offline worlds… @BridgetRandolph
    • …but more importantly, @BridgetRandolph
    • the takeaway of this presentation: @BridgetRandolph
    • extreme personalisation and context recognition @BridgetRandolph
    • BMW’s #MININotNormal campaign Source @BridgetRandolph
    • (individual) at the centre @BridgetRandolph
    • great use of personalisation and context @BridgetRandolph
    • online/offline integration @BridgetRandolph
    • loyalty to customers @BridgetRandolph
    • social reach @BridgetRandolph
    • 1,941 customers reached. 46,660 YT views just on this video. @BridgetRandolph
    • final takeaways
    • to ‘do mobile’ right: @BridgetRandolph
    • make it a core technology @BridgetRandolph
    • keep the at the centre @BridgetRandolph
    • ask yourself: @BridgetRandolph
    • How can I use mobile tech to anticipate and fulfill my users’ needs? @BridgetRandolph
    • Surely these are all just ‘marketing’ principles, though? @BridgetRandolph
    • true. @BridgetRandolph
    • mobile isn’t separate anymore. @BridgetRandolph
    • in some ways, it’s just another ‘browser’. @BridgetRandolph
    • it won’t be easy, but it will be @BridgetRandolph
    • so buckle up and enjoy the ride!
    • thanks. key takeaways • mobile’s not separate anymore • track the person not the device • serve the users’ needs first BRIDGET RANDOLPH @BridgetRandolph
    • Other references, sources, and image credits Customer Lifecycle concept: http://blogs.forrester.com/corinne_munchbach/13-01-22bye_bye_marketing_funnel_it_was_fun_while_it_lasted IKEA example: http://www.wired.com/design/2013/08/a-new-ikea-app-lets-you-place-3d-furniture-in-your-home/ Images: showrooming: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/63484-showrooming-is-not-a-threat-to-retailers-revenue-stats best buy: http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Best+Buy+Black+Friday+waErw9WzhYsl.jpg Devil: http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/1524579090_1369941782.jpg KISS: http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/filepicker/HTUUgGMnQ4CgAJoOKb0w_kiss.jpg Amazon 1 Click: http://www.wpcentral.com/sites/wpcentral.com/files/amazon.jpg Apple Store: http://cdn.itproportal.com/photos/iphone-5s-fingerprint-purchases_original.jpg PayPal: http://blog.frooition.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/paypalCheckout.jpg Tesco: http://www.addicted-to-retail.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Tesco-Homeplus-Subway-Virtual-Store-inSouth-Korea-1.jpg Personalised Email: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/63641-a-critical-look-at-some-of-today-s-most-relevant-emailmarketing-questions roller coaster: http://rctgo.com/assets/images/games/nolimits/screenshots/11.jpg