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Surveyi2i is a cloud based application which enables users derive actionable insights from their survey data

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  • Hi Drchiao - Appreciate your inputs on Surveyi2i. However i am little surprised by your comments on the company / tool without actually using the tool. Not sure about the basis of your comment.
    We are undoubtedly a Big Data and Analytics company. However we do not claim Surveyi2i to be a big data product anywhere. Survey data analysis mostly does not need big data technology and Surveyi2i is designed to be simple analytics application helping a business user to draw necessary insights from the data without being a data scientist or programmer. Having said that, we are very open to more constructive feedback and would love to learn more to further fine-tune the app. Happy to demo the actual purpose of the app and see if it solves your real needs.
    Prithvijit Roy
    CEO, BRIDGEi2i
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Surveyi2i Overview

  1. 1. © 2013 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Surveyi2i is a cloud based application which enables users derive actionable insights from their survey data Understand Experiences Discover Patterns Track . Compare . Improve Identify Drivers
  3. 3. The Industry Challenge 3 Survey dominates as a data source for research Essential Moderately important Relatively unimportant Strong demand for tools to perform powerful analysis Existing tools not meeting business expectations Survey Business needs • Solution that enables easier analysis of data instead of putting 1s and 2s in a chart • Visualization of complex relationships through fewer charts • Multiple delivery options for reports to meet needs of different audience
  4. 4. 4 No need for external agencies One stop for survey analysis and reporting In-memory processing for faster analysis Scales with your business needs Surveyi2i is a comprehensive and robust business software with simplicity of a consumer app  Quick results  Intuitive interface  Makes complex analysis simple  Do-it- yourself with minimal training  Saves time by automating reporting process  Multiple options for sharing reports and dashboards
  5. 5. Getting started is easy – just need a web browser 5
  6. 6. Multiple chart options to visualize and analyze data 6
  7. 7. Embedded predictive analytics to identify opportunities and understand sentiment – at the click of a button 7 Identify critical insights like • Key drivers of satisfaction • Strengths • Areas to improve Measure and compare sentiments of respondents across areas like • Business/product units • Age groups • Locations
  8. 8. One application to analyze both structured and unstructured responses Word CloudTheme Cloud
  9. 9. Banner tables for unlimited slice and dice of data 9
  10. 10. Integrate additional data sources to perform deeper analysis Create derived indices Enrich analysis by integrating survey data with addition sources • Social Media • Internal databases/data warehouse • Other external sources Merge with external data Assess quality of uploaded data
  11. 11. Share findings with stakeholders using interactive online dashboards or MS PowerPoint© 11 Share powerful insights with stakeholders across regions • Simple drag and drop feature to create interactive reports and dashboards – viewer only needs a browser • Or download and share as formatted MS PowerPoint slides
  12. 12. Easy and Deep Manageability 12 • Effective and flexible console for monitoring Surveyi2i applications and data • Easy to authorize users, remove users and deploy rules
  13. 13. Diverse business applications across multiple functions 13 Customer satisfaction Employee engagement Product/Concept testing
  14. 14. Deriving actionable insights from surveys is now Easy Affordable Collaborative
  15. 15. 15 Register for a Free trial - it is SIMPLE FREE TRIAL No credit card required REQUEST DEMO @Surveyi2i