Supply Chain Analytics for the modern enterprise


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Analytics has demonstrably helped transform supply chains in the modern enterprise. Across Procurement, Planning and Operations functions, organizations have benefited from leveraging analytics to optimize business processes and cultivate a data-driven decision making practice. At BRIDGEi2i, we help organizations get the best out of their data assets to address key supply chain challenges.

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  • Icons for Frameworks, Technology and Algorithms
  • Supply Chain Analytics for the modern enterprise

    1. 1. © 2015 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved Center for Supply Chain Excellence in the modern enterprise Arun Krishnamoorthy Director – Supply Chain and Pricing Practice
    2. 2. UNCERTAINTIES COMPLEXITIES Demand Short product lives and dynamic consumer behavior Supply Constant capacity pressure and long lead times Cost Lower-level material is getting more speculative Multi-Nodal Supply Chains Large # of nodes in the SC for custom components Geographical Location High geographical dependence and complex networks SKU Portfolio Large SKU portfolio to address demand The modern supply chain is riddled with complexities and uncertainties … … Predictive analytics can help Supply Chains be more efficient in dealing with these complexities & uncertainties The Supply Chain Challenge
    3. 3. … Analytics helps identify patterns in data 3 Organizations are capturing a lot of data How Predictive Analytics Works.. Market Data Macro- Economic Data CRM Data (Installed Base) Internal Sales Data …and data alone cannot provide the answers … Which helps managers make proactive decisions Data Augmentation Predictions & Projections Trends and patterns Simulation & Visualization Decisions with long-term consequences For e.g. supplier selection Decisions that help take advantage of the business environment For e.g. Executing forward-buys Decisions that must be made every day to “keep the plane flying” For e.g. factory build planning Strategic Tactical Operational
    4. 4. …BRIDGEi2i’s solution for Supply Chain Leadership… Sustain Center of Excellence with a combination of process, people and technology to operationalize data driven decisions and drive sustainable business value Simplify White Box Approach to simplify the process of generating and communicating insights Solve Proprietary Frameworks & Algorithms to understand business problems and develop optimal solutions The Center for Supply Chain Excellence Our Framework
    5. 5. 5 COMMODITY INTELLIGENCE DEMAND PLANNING QUALITY ANALYTICS FRIEGHT SPEND REDUCTION INVENTORY OPTIMIZATION EXCESS & OBSOLETE CONTROL S O U R C I N G & P R O C U R E M E N T C o E S U P P LY & D E M A N D P L A N N I N G C o E M A N U FA C T U R I N G O P E R AT I O N S C o E Understand your commodity landscape and stay in-the-know of factors that affect prices Develop better statistical demand forecasting models to match market dynamics Improve utilization/ yield and reduce failures by employing a predictive control process Analytical control of Freight and other non- material spend Continuous tracking & optimization of inventory to improve SC agility Control Excess & obsolete costs by bringing predictability into end-of-sale demand BRIDGEi2i has frameworks to establish The Center for Supply Chain Excellence within Client Functions INDIRECT PROCUREMENT PLAN vs. ACTUAL TRACKING DASHBOARDS ORDER FULFILLMENT Identify opportunities to reduce indirect spend through supply base optimization Track revenue, bookings and builds along with backlogs and inventory – Real-time Build an “analytical control tower” that alerts delayed orders & bottlenecks before time
    6. 6. Case Study : We worked on Demand Planning for A global Fortune 100 Technology Company for a period of 2+ years Improve Demand Forecast accuracy • Develop a process for demand forecasting in Demantra • Improve accuracy by 10% Developed a Plan Tracking dashboard in SAP BO – tracking revenue, bookings and builds real-time Leverage SFDC pipeline data to develop a new stream of forecast for demand Outlier detection methods developed in SAS betterment of main forecast stream Direct Bookings Demand Forecasting Improve Lead-time attainment for the SC org • By 10% • Improve availability in certain channels by 30% Solve Simplify Sustain Predictive Analytics to recommend the most trustworthy stream of forecasts to the Demand Planner New Product Introduction (NPI) forecasting methods developed in SAS for growing products Inventory Flexibility Models developed for better supply planning The Client Goal The CSCE Journey The Impact Year 1 Year 2 Automated in SAS – published to Demantra monthly – fully operational Simple Excel tools for Demand Planners. All visualization automated in Tableau 1 2 4 3 5 6 7
    7. 7. BRIDGEi2i aligns with client goals… hence making outcomes measurable 7 Identify Objectives – Frameworks to understand business challenges and identify develop business priorities Identify Stakeholders – Identify Stakeholders who may be affected by or have an effect on an effort. Bring in Alignment – Create consensus among the stakeholder Create Roadmap – Create an engagement plan based on the business priorities Understand & Align to Client Priorities The Center for Supply Chain Excellence (CSCE) Configuration Governance Mechanism Flexible resourcing - BRIDGEi2i ‘s extended team to drive effective outcomes The CSCE Steering Committee: Structured review mechanism with Champion, Key Stakeholders and BRIDGEi2i Leadership to align on key priorities & review overall progress Project Leadership– BRIDGEi2i Engagement Lead to work with key project leads to - Define projects, align with stakeholders, communicate and manage deliverables and provide visibility to outcome Identify Objectives Identify Stakeholders Bring Alignment Create roadmap Understand Client Priority Partner BRIDGEi2i Client Key Stakeholders Center for Supply Chain Excellence BRIDGEi2i Engagement Manager Leverage BRIDGEi2i broader team Algorithms TechnologyFrameworks Project Project OperationOperation Strategic Strategic Plan, reviews, metrics Oversight, Mitigation Strategy, relationship, ROI End-to-End user training and Process How we do it..