Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions Introduction


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An introduction to BRIDGEi2i - Analytics Solutions company focused on solving complex based problems based on data mining and advanced analytics on big data. Visit

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Bridgei2i Analytics Solutions Introduction

  1. 1. @ 2013 BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reservedBRIDGEi2i ANALYTICSSOLUTIONSPrithvijit RoyCEO &
  2. 2. About Us2To be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them achieveaccelerated outcomes by simplifying analytics and embedding itin their DNA.BRIDGEi2iis an Analytics Solutions company focused at helping you BRIDGEVISIONTransform and visualize big datainto meaningful business metricsINFORMATIONIdentify underlying patterns,understand behavior and predictoutcomeINSIGHTSOperationalize data drivendecisions to realize sustainablebusiness valueIMPACTDelivering Sustainable Business Value by Institutionalizing Data Driven Decisions
  3. 3. Information Insights Impact3What happened? When?How much?Why it happened?What will happen next?How to operationalize?How to sustain?Capture relevant dataIdentify key metricsDesign & generate reportsIdentify drivers & trendsUnderstand behaviorPredict outcomesBuild & implement strategiesEnterprise-wide adoptionMetrics & reportingDescriptive statisticsVisualizationUnderlying trendsPredictive modelsOptimizationReal time decisions toolsChange managementInstitutionalizationINFORMATION INSIGHTS IMPACTINPUTInternal and External Data,Structured and UnstructuredOUTCOMEAccelerated Growth, RiskMitigation, Cost ReductionBRIDGEi2i helps bridging the gap between Information, Insights and ImpactBRIDGEi2iDELIVERABLESCLIENT PROBLEMSADDRESSEDBRIDGEi2iCAPABILITIESPHASESACTIVITIES
  4. 4. Our Solution Offerings4• Targeted acquisition• Lifecycle value enhancement• Customer experience management• Enhance retentionCUSTOMERINTELLIGENCE• Market intelligence• Maximize return on marketing investment• Digital media effectivenessMARKETINGEFFECTIVENESS• Price setting• Discount optimization• Price realizationPRICEOPTIMIZATION• Increase leads & sales coverage• Increase Sales Conversion• Increase share of walletSALESEFFECTIVENESS• Customer risk management• Fraud detection• Portfolio risk assessmentRISKMANAGEMENT• Procurement spend optimization• Supply Chain planning• Human resource effectiveness• Customer service planningOPERATIONSPLANNINGSolutions across the key business functions
  5. 5. Our Approach5Understand Business ProblemConsulting Services• Construct Analytical framework forthe business problem• Understand focus areas andinterrelated processes• Identify key metrics forimprovement• Understand expected outcomeDesign ApproachAdvanced Analytics Services• To Segment, Predict & Optimize• Translate analysis into businessinsights• Prioritize business processimprovement opportunities basedon feasibility & impact• Plan and track impact &sustainability of changeConstruct Analytics SolutionsAugment and Manage DataData Services• Identification of required sources anddata gaps• Mapping of data to businessdefinition• Data-mart creationsTechnology Solutions• Data access, cleaning andaugmentation to improve accuracyEnhance Access to InsightsPortals designed to provide anytime andanywhere access to insightsIntegration with existing platforms toenable single pane of glass for insightsCollection of best in classFrameworks Expertise in leading Analytics toolsTraditional SourcesSocial MediaAnalytics Apps to enable self serviceanalytics for business managers• Survey analysis• Automated recommendation• Forecasting and scenario planningUnique approach to drive outcome focused solutions
  6. 6. Value Proposition6Delivering improved ability to predict changing business dynamics and enhanced agility todrive fast and informed actionable decisionsPan enterpriseinstitutionalization ofanalytics based decisionsto deliver sustainableimpactScalable analytics capability and modular technology assets enableidentification and execution of high impact analytics opportunitiesand operationalization of data driven decision makingSUSTAINCutting edge analytics and business domain expertize enable us tosolve complex and unstructured business problems and delivermeasurable business impactSolve unstructuredbusiness problems basedon data and analyticsSOLVEEasy to use and cost effective DIY apps to enable businessmanagers leverage advanced analytics to drive better and fasterbusiness decisionsSimplify the process ofderiving actionableinsightsSIMPLIFY
  7. 7. • Advanced analytics techniquescoupled with business domainexpertize• Proven experience in buildinglarge analytics capability anddeploying enterprise-widesolutions• Modular and customizableadvanced analytics algorithmsembedded enterprise tools• Cloud based, easy to use appsleveraging the power ofadvanced analyticsOur Value Enablers7Partnering with businesses to derive measurable and sustainable business impact based ondata and analytics leveraging our …CORECAPABILITIESTECHNOLOGYASSETS
  8. 8. Core Capabilities8Advanced analytics techniques coupled with business domain expertizePredict customer and employee needs and drive personalized action through study of historicalbehavioural information• Targeted customeracquisition• Cross-sell & retentionstrategy• Targeted hiring• Social media influence• Price setting• Account management riskmanagement• Sales forecasting, sizing &allocation• Optimize market mix• Discount planning• Procurement spendreduction• Portfolio Loss forecasting• Optimize Operational staffingIncrease efficiency and effectiveness of available resources based on optimal allocation and utilizationgiven the business constraintsResource Planning& OptimizationExamples of BusinessApplicationBehaviourModelling &PersonalizationExamples of BusinessApplicationClassify &SegmentIdentify DriversMineSentimentsPredict FutureNeeds &ReactionsForecast Basedon Past TrendsOptimizePerformance &UtilizationSimulate FutureScenariosWhat-if &Sensitivity
  9. 9. Technology Assets - Applications9Customer needsassessmentTargeted product offerOptimization of supportoperationsForecasting businessmetricsSurveyAnalyticsOne-Stop platform for crosstabulation, visualization, keydriver analysis, text mining andsentiment analytics from surveydataRecommendationEngineOnline and Offline product andaction recommendation enginebased on blend on behaviour ofboth “Own” as well asstatistically “Similar Users”CapacityPlanningSimulation of queue basedbusiness processes and capacityoptimization applicable forhospital staffing, transactionprocessing, retail & bankcountersForecastingEngineAutomated platform forforecasting time series withcorrelated internal & externalfactors with extensive “What-If”and driver analysisBig DataProcessingFrameworks and libraries for extraction, summarization, visualizationand data mining on Big Data from web, transaction systems , customerinteractionsData CollectionEngineAn extensive crawler to extract unstructured data from websites andsocial media and classifying them into risk groups based on supervisedlearningTargetedBusiness NeedTools toTransformBusiness InsightsTools for DataManagement andCollectionModular and customizable advanced analytics algorithms embedded enterprise tools
  10. 10. Engagement Model10Flexible engagement model based on business requirementsAnalyticsDIY AppsAnalytics ConsultingServicesManaged AnalyticsServicesEffective and implementable solutions to unstructured business problemshelping you achieve measureable business outcomeBuild a high calibre and scalable Analytics Centre of Excellence (COE) foran enterprise-wide identification and deployment of high impact analyticssolutionsEnabling business managers leverage power of advanced analyticsthrough easily available and affordable pre-packaged or custom apps inpremises or on cloud to drive data driven business decisions faster
  11. 11. Our Clients11Fortune 50 diversified technology companyFortune 100 B2B technology companyLeading provider of hybrid data protection solutionGlobal business communications solutionsGlobal semi-conductor company in wireless telecommunicationsFortune 500 European investment bankFortune 500, direct banking and payment services companyEuropean Student Loan ProviderTwo Leading provider of insurance services and asset management in USOne of India’s foremost consumer packaged goods companySupplier of high performance aerospace fasteners in USAOne of the largest global consulting companyLeading global business process outsourcing companyOne of the premier US universitiesUS based online education companyVideo encyclopaedia of high-impact documentaries
  12. 12. Leadership TeamPrithvijit RoyCEO15+ years of experience in building and leadinglarge scale Analytics Centers for HP and GE.Experience across Technology, Fin. Svcs., Retail andInsurance domainsMS in Quantitative Economics fromIndian Statistical InstituteAshish SharmaDirector, Consulting & Services13+ years in leading analytics practices acrossConsumer Finance, Insurance, Hospitality forGenpact (formerly GE)MS in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute(Economics & Finance specialization)Pritam Kanti PaulDirector, Product Development13+ years in leading development of cutting edgeanalytics application across marketing, pricing, risk,procurement , fraud and operations. Regarded as aninnovative thinker - have prestigious innovation andleadership awards and patents under his beltMS in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute(Gold Medalist)Leadership TeamBoard of AdvisorsGail GaluppoAdvisor, Marketing StrategyLed marketing functions for Western Union, Discover,Standard Chartered Bank & Sears helping drive customerrelationship strategy leveraging data and analyticsolutions to identify “order of magnitude” impact anddrive change.Prasanna DhoreAdvisor, Big Data SolutionsSVP, Chief Data Scientist for Equifax. Prior to whichguided Fortune 500 companies like HP, MellonFinancials to unprecedented revenue growth byuncovering opportunities, transforming andreinvigorating brands, and putting ideas into motion.Anand MeligeAdvisor, Technology SolutionsDeveloped and led Analytic Centre of Excellence inarea of Risk Management and Analytics for AmericanExpress, Citibank and GE. Founded Decidyn,company focused on developing Analytics products.12
  13. 13. Thank You