Call Handling: Making Training Positive


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The BridgeBox guide to call handling in a positive way. Too much call handling training can be focussed on the negative. You can use the BridgeBox Call Handling Scale of Excellence in your call scoring to encourage positive call handling behaviors within your team that drive positive results.

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Call Handling: Making Training Positive

  1. 1. The BridgeBox Call Handling Scale of Excellence with call Codifying CALL HANDING TRAINING: A POSITIVE APPROACH 11/09/13
  2. 2. TYPICAL CALL HANDLING TRAINING IS NEGATIVE IN ITS ORIENTATION Typical Call Handling Training Includes:  Listen carefully, confirm understanding  Handle Difficult callers  Manage Irate callers  No Negative words  Handle Problem situations  Know the Processes  Smile  Not on hold, minimum transfers  No Noise  No Distractions  Don’t hang up on people  Never interrupt  Respond flexibly to customer feelings
  3. 3. BRIDGEBOX OFFERS A POSITIVE APPROACH 1. Know or remember why each call is so important. 2. Understand your objectives for each call. This will drive positive self learning and rewarding behaviours and actions that will naturally evolve towards the desired goal. So keep your goals in mind before the picking up the call.
  4. 4. 1: WHY IS EACH CALL SO IMPORTANT?  Maximise the marketing return on investment  Maximise the sales return on investment  In fact we need to maximise the whole business return on investment  Protect and build your brand  Create the right first and last impression  Learn about bigger opportunities
  5. 5. 2: OBJECTIVES FOR EVERY CALL  Confirm the next step in a reservation  Log the callers contact details  Take a reservation  Resolve a customer service issue brilliantly  Answer a question fully, get a big thank you - Is there anything else I can do for you?  A positive outcome for the caller, you and your company.
  6. 6. IMPROVING KEY CALL HANDLING SKILLS WILL CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS ACHIEVING DESIRED CALL OUTCOMES  Building rapport quickly and easily  How to control a call  Effective communication skills needed to manage a call  A call structure for you and the caller  Using the right language to create and leave the right impression Each person will have their own unique way that fits their personality and style that allows them to achieve the desired call goal.
  7. 7. CALL CODIFYING WITH BRIDGEBOX Means you can quickly identify:  Training issues  Recruitment issues  Process issues  Product and service issues  Staff issues  Communications issues  Management issues Combining BridgeBox Call Recording, Call Codifying with BridgeBox Call Scoring creates the most powerful management and training tool available today.
  8. 8. SCORING CALLS ON A CONSISTENT SYSTEM ENABLES MORE EFFECTIVE ANALYSIS The BridgeBox Call Handling Scale of Excellence 5 Stars – Exceptional  Offered to go the extra mile, bringing a surprise or very welcome response from the caller. 4 Stars – Friendly  Built rapport, showed personal interest, developed the relationship. Promised to send further information via email or post. 3 Stars – Helpful  Offered engagement and support but didn’t close any distance to make it an enjoyable call. Took and used the caller’s name. Closed with an agreed closing statement, “Is there anything else I can do for you” or similar. 2 Stars – Courteous  …but not making an effort to engage. 1 Star- Unfriendly  Unfriendly (Short, closed answers, no engagement, difficult to attain information from)
  9. 9. RESULTS IN INCREASED PROFITABILITY With more:  First times sales  Opportunities to cross sell and up sell  Repeat enquiries  Repeat business  Referrals  Positive testimonials  Opportunities to gain feedback both negative and positive  Contacts in the marketing database  And a more rewarding and engaging experience for the caller and agent alike
  10. 10. TAKE A FREE 15 CALL TRIAL TODAY Get 15 Calls Analysed for FREE and receive a free sample bespoke report  No obligation to carry on, no tie-ins  Set-up takes minutes  See opportunities to improve your business today Call 01189 63 7480 Email: Visit: