Bright Talk "Why compliance and marketing end up enemies"


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Don’t let compliance and regulatory issues stop you from jumping on the social media bandwagon: According to many studies and surveys, compliance issues are the primary chains holding back the use of social media in the financial industry.

Given the monumental impact of social media, we've designed this talk to take you through marketing and compliance issues and show you the strategies that you can use in your business as a financial adviser and start attracting more clients today.

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  • Bright Talk "Why compliance and marketing end up enemies"

    1. 1. Why do Compliance & Marketing end up Big Enemies in Social Media? #FSMTLL
    2. 2. #FSMTLL
    3. 3. TRUST #FSMTLL
    4. 4. What is Social Media?Why is Soc Med important?Where to Start?How to be Compliant? #FSMTLL
    5. 5. What is Social Media?Wikipedia:Social Media is just transformingmedia monologues into socialmedia dialogues #FSMTLL
    6. 6. What is Social Media?Its the conversations and thecontent that matters. #FSMTLL
    7. 7. Why is Social Mediaimportant? #FSMTLL
    8. 8. Social Media Statistics55% of Twitter users are 35+65% of Facebook users are 35+79% of LinkedIn users are 35+63% of Pinterest users are 35+ #FSMTLL
    9. 9. Unique Monthly Visitors by Month 750,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors 250,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors 110,000,000 - Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors #FSMTLL
    10. 10. Google AnalyticsFinancial Social Media Websiteattracts on av. Monthly VisitorsTraffic: 3700Source: 1200 Social MediaAt $1 per Click Ad spend$1200 each month of Organic Traffic #FSMTLL
    11. 11. What is Social Media?Why is Soc Med important?Where to Start?How to be Compliant? #FSMTLL
    12. 12. #FSMTLL
    13. 13. Average household income£60,000 +Average household income£35,000 #FSMTLL
    14. 14. #FSMTLL
    15. 15. #FSMTLL
    16. 16. Great for: Driving Traffic Real Time News Following what’s happening Now Referrals Recommendations Connecting with Journalists #FSMTLL
    17. 17. #FSMTLL
    18. 18. 41% Business Ownerssay Twitter is Beneficialfor Business #FSMTLL
    19. 19. # financial-professionals-need-to-know-about-RT the-olympics-politics-and-twitter/MT for-social-financial-advisers/?? #FSMTLL
    20. 20. #FSMTLL
    21. 21. #FSMTLL
    22. 22. #FSMTLL
    23. 23. #FSMTLL
    24. 24. #FSMTLL
    25. 25. Women 35 – 54 Fastest GrowingIn the US, women account for 85% ofall consumer purchases including:91% of New Homes66% PCs92% Vacations80% Healthcare65% New Cars89% Bank Accounts93% Food #FSMTLL
    26. 26. #FSMTLL
    27. 27. Why is Soc Med important?On line, including social media has becomethe most influential source in helpingconsumers make purchasing decisions #FSMTLL
    28. 28. #FSMTLL
    29. 29. Why is Soc Med important?“We don’t have a choice on whether to dosocial media, the question is how well we doit. “- Eric Qualman #FSMTLL
    30. 30. Why is Soc Med important? Bring Traffic to your website For FSM that’s equivalent $1200/month and growing Develops Trust between new and existing clients Demonstrates Expertise Raises Profile Connects Brings People to New Events Brings New Clients #FSMTLL
    31. 31. Content is King #FSMTLL
    32. 32. Where to Start?Build your PipelineThen fill your Pipeline #FSMTLL
    34. 34. What’s your Goal?• Gain new clients• Maintain relationships with existing clients.• Customer service from Providers• Relationship with the media• Provide Customer Service for your clients #FSMTLL
    35. 35. How to be Compliant? #FSMTLL
    36. 36. How to be Compliant?Create a Social Media Policy #FSMTLL
    37. 37. Social Media PolicyOne:Address the purpose of yourSocial MediaDefine your goalsBe specific and relevant to firmCoincide with firms Compliance #FSMTLL
    38. 38. Social Media PolicyTwo:Is the ‘what’What is social media?What social media platforms isyour business a part of? #FSMTLL
    39. 39. Social Media PolicyThree:Establish guidelines for howemployees (who identifythemselves as an employee ofyour firm) should conduct andpresent themselves on theirpersonal pages. #FSMTLL
    40. 40. Social Media PolicyFour:Establish “best practices”• Images• Commenting• Posting• Controversial issues• Conflicts of Interest• Confidential Information #FSMTLL
    41. 41. Social Media PolicyFive:Be SimpleBe ShortBe Specific #FSMTLL
    42. 42. Social Media PolicySix:Decide who will be involvedTrain your staff #FSMTLL
    43. 43. Social Media PolicySeven:Include Protocols for CrisisSituations successful-social-media-policy-for-financial- advisors/ #FSMTLL
    44. 44. Pre Approved Content Monitored Content Records Kept archiving-the-financial-advisers-guide/ #FSMTLL
    45. 45. Static Content – Pre ApproveE.g.Linked In ProfileFB ProfileTwitter Background & BioBlog Posts #FSMTLL
    46. 46. HootsuiteHootSuite’s brand new new Enterprisesolution provides the mostcomprehensive social media pre-approval and archiving solution in theindustry. #FSMTLL
    47. 47.  Organise Your Social Business Map to your Existing Structure Arrange Teams Custom Team Permissions Provide the right level of Access Assign messages  Team Collaboration with Global Governance for Follow Up #FSMTLL
    48. 48. ArkoviBuilt in the cloud, Arkovi monitors andarchives incoming and outgoing socialmedia communications, including blogs,Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, websitesand more. #FSMTLL