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Best Practices in Online Learning
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Best Practices in Online Learning

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Online learning is quickly becoming the preferred route for construction professionals in discovering new management skills.

Online learning is quickly becoming the preferred route for construction professionals in discovering new management skills.

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  • 1. BEST PRACTICES IN ONLINE LEARNINGOnline learning is quickly becoming the preferred route for constructionprofessionals in discovering new management skills. Taught by industry expertswho know and understand the construction industry is equally important toreceive quality training. Without the need for employees to travel to a conferencecenter or classroom youll save valuable time in training your crew where everyou are.While motivated individuals are able to complete online coursework easily. Theydo not need the physical presence of classmates or even a teacher as they areself-driven individuals. Even if this doesn’t describe yourself you can still benefitfrom learning online if you follow a few tips. Youll also want to look for live onlineclasses to be able to interact with the teacher.One of the best practices in online learning is time management. This is importantas getting the work done is entirely up to you. It’s best to make a schedule tokeep yourself organized and on task. Even more importantly you’ll need to stick tothe plan. Without adhering to your schedule you’ll more likely procrastinate andend up stressing about finishing the coursework.Participation is another key element for successful learning. Normally discussionsin a classroom bring forth new ideas and questions from other students. It’s alittle different with an online learning environment. You’ll typically find adiscussion board where you can interact with other students and post questions.Join in on the conversations and participate.Exchanging your thoughts with your peers can be a wonderful learning experiencein itself. You’ll also usually be able to return to these forums after the class ends.This online record is a great way to review the different ideas as the classprogressed.Keep in mind that some online instructors will require you to meet certainparticipation criteria. Be sure to read your syllabus to know what you are
  • 2. expected to do over the course. If you have any questions get in touch with theinstructor, preferably before the start of the class.And lastly try to focus on your end goal. Ask yourself a couple of questions to helpyou think about what your desired result is.  What do you hope to accomplish after taking this course?  What new skills will you have?  How will that help you in your business?Keeping motivated on the end goal will help you stay focused and complete yourstudies. You’ll also be more likely to follow through if you tell your friends andfamily what you are doing. They can help hold you reliable so you are more likelyto finish the course. This is a great motivator if you are finding yourself distractedwith life.Hopefully these quick ideas will help you get a better education out of your nextonline course. Remember to plan time to complete the work and follow throughwith your schedule. Having a schedule won’t help if you don’t spend the timeallotted to do the work.Learn how to recognize if your child really has a learning disability. Every year thenumber of children diagnosed with learning disabilities skyrockets from theprevious year. Breaking Through Learning Disabilities.