3 Small Business Branding Tips


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Owning and operating your own business can be truly rewarding. It can easily turn into a lot of work and frustration without the proper marketing plan in place.

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3 Small Business Branding Tips

  1. 1. 3 SMALL BUSINESS BRANDING TIPSOwning and operating your own business can be truly rewarding. It can easily turninto a lot of work and frustration without the proper marketing plan in place. Thisincludes branding your business to help people remember your company. Thereare several best practices for Small Business branding. However, it generallycomes down to three important factors, including a logo, tagline and overallimage of your business. Together these things can create a powerful brandstrategy.Typically businesses already have a name, but if you are planning to start a newbusiness you need to come up with a company name that represents thatbusiness. It should be memorable to the public.SMALL BUSINESS BRANDING TIP #1: LOGOThe first step in creating a powerful brand is your logo. This is usually wherebusinesses begin when they create a marketing plan. Similar to your companyname you’ll want the logo to be memorable. It should help consumers and thepublic recognize your company.A logo is a graphical representation of your business. Be sure to keep it simple anduncluttered for the maximum effect. Many business owners hire a graphicdesigner to create their logo for them as they want a professional logo torepresent their company. This can easily become expensive so be sure to shoparound and look at examples of the designer’s work.Another option for having your logo designed is to “host a design contest”at 99designs.com. Instead of hiring one designer to create one look you will haveseveral professional designers competing for your business. Starting at $299 yougive direction to the designers. You only pay for the logo you want to use andkeep. This is a relatively inexpensive way to have a logo designed if you thinkabout the number of logo designs you’ll have to choose from.
  2. 2. SMALL BUSINESS BRANDING TIP #2: TAGLINEAfter your logo is designed you’ll want to create an unforgettable tagline.Typically taglines are shorter. This means keeping your tagline between 3 and 7words. You should use the tagline as a way to help customers remember yourbusiness and what they enjoy about your company.Here are some samples of famous taglines:  “I’m lovin it” – McDonald’s  “Every kiss begins with Kay” – Kay Jewelers  “Maybe she’s born with it…” – Maybelline  “It’s the cheesiest!” – Kraft Macaroni & Cheese  “Eat Fresh” – Subway  “Just Do It” – NikeSMALL BUSINESS BRANDING TIP #3: OVERALL IMAGEBusiness owners often forget or neglect the importance of the overall image yourbrand evokes. This is not enough. You need to properly manage your branding toensure it is seen in a positive way. You want people to think positive thoughtswhen they remember your business. This is why providing quality customerservice can be so important for businesses, especially smaller local businesses.Brand strategies are important for any business owner, but the small businessowner needs to remember they need a proper strategy too. A strong brand cantake time to be recognized, but once properly implemented it can greatly add toyour bottom line. Start with the three tips above to get a good start and continueto satisfy your customers. You’ll see your brand grow with word-of-mouthadvertising over the years.Even small businesses can create big business branding on a shoestring budget.Whether you are looking to promote your local business or dominate your industryonline, you can benefit from this helpful series of video tutorials.