How To Apply Eyeshadow


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How To Apply Eyeshadow

  1. 1. How To Apply EyeshadowWe are heading back to basics with the basis for How To Apply Eyeshadow! The secret is inyour brushes, knowing your eye shape and a little bit of technique! Here is the How To ApplyEyeshadow 101 and I hope to answer some of your eyeshadow questions. Please keep in mindthat it does slightly differ from ones own individual eye shape, nose and face, but this is a greatguide and overview to help you achieve your own eyeshadow makeup look!What Brushes Should I Be Using:Everyone should have about 4 basic brushes for applying eyeshadow. A Flat Tipped Brush forthe lid shade, a Crease Brush for the crease, a Blender Brush for blending and Tiny PencilBrush for defining your crease more to enhance depth to the eye.When using your brushes, use all sides and angles of the brushes to create different looks. Youcan, also, create different eyeshadow looks, when you apply your eyeshadow just using the tipof the brush and lightly feather the shadow where you want it placed. Or, using your creasebrush, instead of just swiping the color back and forth into the crease, try a swirling motion.Starting from the outer corner of the eye, use little circles moving up along and inside the creaseto create a more feathered, or fanned eyeshadow look. I prefer the Sigma Brushes ($9) and the MAC #217 Crease Brush ($22.50). 1/5
  2. 2. What Eye Shape Do I Have:There are three types of basic eye shapes: Monolids, Hooded Lids, Deep Set Eyes. Monolidsare very common amongst Asian ethnicity, as they dont have a prominant natural crease.Hooded Lids are those shapes that, typically, have a lot of space, or skin from eyebrow almostall the way down to the lash line. Most hooded eyes dont have a lot of lid space either. DeepSet Eyes typically have a lot of lid space that kind of sets back into their face. FOr example,take a look at the photo below. I have hooded eyes, and my lid space is very, very small. 2/5
  3. 3. Where Do I Place My Eyeshadow:When it comes to eyeshadow placement, it all depends on the persons individual eye shape,face shape and nose. This part of the process can be a little tricky. You are always safe with theoriginal “know how” which is light lid color, darker shade in the crease and a lighter shade justunder the eyebrow. Or you can do the opposite, too (if you dont have deep set eyes), which isdarker shade on the lid, ligher shade in the crease and even lighter shade under the eyebrow. This is the basics. To really do more with your technique, you will need to practice “correctivemakeup application.” This varies from one person to another, and just takes practice where youplace the eyeshadow colors and shades on the persons lids to create different illusion shapes tothe eye. 3/5
  4. 4. Technique Going From Darker On The Lid Feathering Up To Lighter. Great For Monolids orHooded Eyes!If you are wanting to create more depth to your eye, you will want to use at least 3 differenteyeshadow shades. Other people may prefer to use less colors thatn that, and that is just fine.There is no right or wrong in how many shades you use. Just know and understand that themore colors you use, will create that eye depth and will pop a little more.Here is a little diagram below that shows you where you can apply multiple eyeshadow colors tocreate the most depth eye makeup look. The more colors you use, the more depth the eye canbe created. It is more advanced, so just practice, practice! 4/5
  5. 5. Courtsey of Smashin Beauty I know it is ALOT of information on to how to apply eyeshadow, so start small and first make sure you have the right and basic eyeshadow brushes, and go from there! Remember, makeup is FUN and its takes practice and some fun experimentation and of course, watching my tutorials! BUY NOW: Sigma Shader ($9) (for lid) | Sigma Sigma Blender ($9) | Sigma Sigma Pencil Brush ($9) | Sigma MAC #217 Crease Brush ($22.50) | MAC Watch and Learn: Now, that you have watched this video for How To Apply Eyeshadow, you must go to the rest of my Celebrity Makeup Tutorial Section to get practicing with some fun celebrity inspired eyeshadow looks! 5/5Powered by TCPDF (