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My Brain Project



My Brian Project for Bibby's Psychology class.

My Brian Project for Bibby's Psychology class.

The size was too big for moodle and your email so here it is.



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My Brain Project My Brain Project Presentation Transcript

  • My Brain Project
    Brianna Kirkpatrick
    1st Block Psychology
  • Neurons
    I’m really at simple math problems like multiplication problems. I have to think fast in order to answer a question like 7x5= 35.
    A nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. Neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body FAST.
  • Sensory Cortex
    I like to YoYo. It’s one of my few hobbies but it does use my sensory cortex.
  • Visual Cortex/ Angular Gyrus
    I prefer to read books as well as japanese manga. Some of my favorites include the Inheritance cycle and Naruto.
    The visual cortex of the brain is that part of the celebral cortex responsible for processing VISUAL information. Located in the occipital lobe.
  • Wernicke’s Area
    I listen to a wide variety of music by my favorite groups are OFWGKTA (Odd
    Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) and Nirvana.
     Is one of the two parts of the two parts of the celebral cortex linked to speech.  It is involved in the understanding of written and spoken language.
  • Broca’s Area
    I like talking about my childhood with people. Not that I walk up to someone and just start blabbing about what happened on my 8th birthday but I like to hear about other people’s pasts.
    Has to do with Speech Production and language.
  • Thalamus
    I like to play video games, they take more than 1 sense to do. I have to pay attention and move my fingers as well as listen to the game. (Eyes, Ears, Touch)
    A small structure at the top of the brainstem that serves as a relay center for sensory information, pain, attention, and alertness.
  • Reticular Formation
    Sometimes, just to be mean, my little sister would pout cold water on me to wake me up. That really activated my reticular formation.
     A network of nerve cells in the brainstem that are involved in maintaining sleep or wakefulness. (Staying Alert or having to do with Arousal)
  • Medulla
    A healthy habit (that I will begin immediantly) that will improve my heart and lungs would be to drink a glass of water every morning.
    The lowest section of the brainstem (at the top end of the spinal cord); it controls automatic functions including heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, etc.
  • Pons
    Something that really relaxes me is a back massage. They make me go straight to sleep.
    The part of the brainstem that joins the hemispheres of the cerebellum and connects the cerebrum with the cerebellum. Deal primarily with respiration.
  • Hypothalamus
    Being in love with the Japanese culture I also love their food. My favorites being Ramen and Sushi.
    A region in the upper part of the brainstem that acts as a relay to the pituitary gland - it controls body temperature, circadian cycles, sleep, moods, hormonal body processes, hunger, and thirst.
  • Amygdala
    I’m afraid of spiders and snakes. They looks gross and really freak me out. Racists really get me heated.
    A part of the brain (and part of the limbic system) that is used in emotion.
  • Hippocampus
    A memory that really stuck out for me was when I was no more than 3 years old at this daycare with my sister. These kids were stealing lunch from me and making fun of me and my sister. I didn’t know what to do and it really stuck out for me because it made me realize that there are some people that are mean in the world for no reason.
    The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is involved in memory forming, organizing, and storing. Important for storing new memories.
  • Cerebellum
    Lately I’ve been playing a lot of paddle ball which I think has to do with my movement skills. I have to pay attention to the ball and try to keep the paddle as flat as possible while staying still.
    The part of the brain below the back of the cerebrum. It regulates balance, posture, movement, and muscle coordination.
  • Pituitary Gland
    6th grade year I like to think I grew a lot mentally. Learning new more complex subjects, learning how to be organized, and meeting different types of people then I was used to.
    A gland attached to the base of the brain that secretes hormones. “Master Gland”
  • Hormones
    Going to Scarowinds every year gives me some what of an Adrenaline Rush if getting the crap scared out of you counts.
    Is a chemical released by a cell or a gland in one part of the body that sends out messages that affect cells in other parts of the organism.
  • Plasticity
    I think I’m pretty good with computers. I know more than basic computer knowledge.
    2 things I want to get better at:
    Programming in JAVA
    I would like to know to get better at Photoshop.
    In a year or two my brain will probably look different because my I will probably be more Left Brain dominant because I prefer math and technical things.