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L2: Specialty retail digital q2 2011
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L2: Specialty retail digital q2 2011


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L2 Digital IQ Index®: Specialty Retail

L2 Digital IQ Index®: Specialty Retail

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. ® Specialty SCOTT GALLOWAY NYU Stern Retail A U G U S T 2 3 , 2 0 11 A Think Tank for DIGITAL INNOVATION© L2 2011
  • 2. Digital IQ Index ®: Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT US IN T R O D U C T I O NInfluenceDigital platforms continue to garner greater influence over commerce, on and offline.More than 97 percent of consumers report that social media affects at least some of their purchasing decisions.1Seventy-nine percent of smartphone owners use their devices while shopping, and 70 percent of consumers look atproduct reviews before making a purchase. c h a n g e i n 2 0 1 0 & 2 0 1 1 d i g i tal i q v s . Furthermore, Google reports that the average consumer is c h a n g e i n 2 0 0 9 & 2 0 1 0 F I S C A L R E V EN U E S discernibly influenced by 10.4 discrete pieces of information, (N=35) up from 5.3 sources just a year ago.2 The implications are significant as retailers confront an increasingly crowded, 40% and dynamic consideration set. Threat 20% To date, the digital strategy for most retailers has been selec- 2009-2010 Revenue Growth tion, convenience, and lower prices. This strategy favors scale, and one firm, Amazon, is a giant whose expansion has starved any retailer in its path. In the first quarter of 2011, Amazon grew three times faster than other retail e-commerce sites and nearly -40% -20% 0% 20% 40% five times the rate of overall retail. Constituting one-third of the U.S. e-commerce market, the digital native is a threat to retail- ers ranging from Wal-Mart to Williams-Sonoma.3 Amazonian -20% infrastructure investments, made possible by an exceptionally low cost of capital, bring new meaning to the term “disruptive.” Source: Corporate 10ks, -40% Annual Reports. 1. “In Hot Pursuit: What makes people want to follow a brand?,” Andy Wibbels, Get Satisfaction, June 29, 2011. 2. “ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Trust,,” Jim Lecinski, May 24, 2011. Change in Digital IQ 3. “ The Hidden Empire,“ Stéphane Distinguin, faberNovel, May 2011. (Percentile Rank) © L2 2011 2
  • 3. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USIN T R O D U C T I O NWhat to Do?Historically, specialty retailers have differentiated themselves from R e lat i o n s h i p b e t w e e n 2 0 1 1 d i g i tal i q & R O I Clow-cost peers by establishing an aspirational environment, edited (N=29)selection, and top-shelf service, all mixed with traditional mediaspend. The offline strategy is still the right one, but the tactics and 80%weapons have changed. Brands that are thriving are engaging inconversations directly with their customers on social media platforms,creating new and interesting ways to purchase online, and building 60%innovative mobile apps to augment the shopping experience.Change 40%In our second annual Digital IQ Index®: Specialty Retail, mobile andsocial platforms took on a new level of importance. As a result, none 20%of the companies ranked Genius in 2010 maintained their status. 2010 ROIC (%)The dynamic nature of the medium rewards risk-takers and pun-ishes complacency as evidenced by several brands ascending or 0%falling dramatically in this year’s study. 40 60 80 100 120 140 160Digital IQ = Shareholder Value -20%Our thesis is that shareholder value is inextricably linked to digitalcompetence. In the 2010 Study we speculated that Digital IQ “may bea forward-looking indicator of revenue growth.” Brands’ total reported -40%revenues in 2010 confirm our thesis. In addition, there is evidence ofa positive relationship between Digital IQ and return on invested capi-tal (ROIC). We hope this study continues to help managers prioritize -60%efforts and allocate capital to generate the greatest return. Pleasecontact me at with questions or comments. -80%Regards, 2011 Digital IQ Source: Corporate 10ks, Annual Reports.Scott GallowayFounder, L2 | Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern © L2 2011 3
  • 4. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USA B O U T T HE R A NKIN G S M E T H O D O LO G Y Site - 30%: C AT E G O R IE S Effectiveness of brand site. Functionality & Content - 75%: 140+ Genius • Technology Digital competence is a point of differen- • Navigation & Product/Site Search tiation for these retailers. Site content is • Social Media Integration searchable, shareable, and mobile-opti- • Customer Service & Store Locator (when applicable) mized. Social media efforts complement • Product Page wider digital strategy. Virtual storefront • Checkout seamlessly extends to mobile. • Account BRAND TRANSLATION - 25%: 110-139 Gifted • Aesthetics • Messaging & Visuals Brands are experimenting and innovating across site, mobile, and social platforms. Digital presence is consistent with brand Digital Marketing - 30%: image and larger marketing efforts. Marketing efforts, off-site brand presence, and visibility on search engines. • Search: Traffic, SEM, SEO, Web Authority 90-109 Average • Advertising & Innovation: Display, Retargeting, Recent Brand Initiatives, Presence on Tumblr • Blog & Other User-Generated Content: Mentions, Sentiment Digital presence is functional yet predict- • Email: Frequency, Content, Social Media Integration, Promotion able. Efforts are often siloed across platforms. Social Media - 20%: Brand presence, community size, content, and influence on major social media platforms. 70-89 Challenged • Facebook: Likes, Growth, Tabs & Applications, Responsiveness, Interaction Rate Inconsistent adoption of mobile and social • Twitter: Followers, Growth, Frequency, Online Voice media platforms. Site lacks inspiration. • YouTube: Views, Number of Uploads, Subscriber Growth, Viral Videos <70 Feeble Mobile - 20%: Investment does not match opportunity. Compatibility and marketing on smartphones and other mobile devices. • Mobile Site: Compatibility, Functionality, Transaction Capability • iOS Applications (both iPhone & iPad): Availability, Popularity, Functionality, iPad Differentiation • Other Platforms (Andriod, Blackberry): Availability, Popularity, Functionality • Innovation: SMS, Geolocal, Recent Brand Initiatives© L2 2011 4
  • 5. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I T A L IQ R A NKIN G Accessories Apparel Beauty Department E-tailer Flash Sale Home Watches & Skincare Store Furnishings & Jewelry Rank Retailer Category Digital IQ Class Description Strong social media and the “Magic of Macy’s” mobile site crowns the venerable department 1 MACYS Department Store 150 Genius store #1 2 VICTORIAS SECRET Apparel 145 Genius A Facebook community 14 million strong and growing Uber responsive Twitter account and robust mobile site stand out; site redesign embraced risk— 3 NORDSTROM Department Store 143 Genius and it paid off 4 SEPHORA Beauty & Skincare 136 Gifted Content-rich digital platform caters to beauty-loving customer base 4 URBAN OUTFITTERS Apparel 136 Gifted A slick and dynamic digital platform bolsters efforts of this hip retailer 6 THREADLESS.COM E-tailer 133 Gifted More than 1.6 million Twitter followers are base of new retail model Closet Confession: Email-gated sales and responsive customer service feed our fashion 7 BLUEFLY E-tailer 132 Gifted obsession 8 BLOOMINGDALES Department Store 131 Gifted Little (digital) brown bag delivers 8 GILT GROUPE Flash Sale 131 Gifted Gold standard in flash sales 8 NET-A-PORTER E-tailer 131 Gifted Interactive “live” map allows fashionistas to monitor peers’ shopping bags across the globe 8 POTTERY BARN Home Furnishings 131 Gifted Video-rich site brings home décor to life 12 NEIMAN MARCUS Department Store 130 Gifted Robust email marketing; fans rave over photo albums 13 SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Department Store 124 Gifted Rich product pages coupled with a newly active Twitter feed bolster IQ© L2 2011 5
  • 6. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I T A L IQ R A NKIN G Accessories Apparel Beauty Department E-tailer Flash Sale Home Watches & Skincare Store Furnishings & Jewelry Rank Retailer Category Digital IQ Class Description 14 IKEA Home Furnishings 123 Gifted More than 500,000 unique visitors monthly 14 RALPH LAUREN Apparel 123 Gifted Digital legacy is bolstered by brand’s 3.5 million + Facebook fans Strong customer service and store locators, but a comprehensive video experience would bring 16 CRATE & BARREL Home Furnishings 121 Gifted it all home 17 BROOKS BROTHERS Apparel 119 Gifted Rewards loyal followers with premium branded content 17 WILLIAMS-SONOMA Home Furnishings 119 Gifted Immersive site, growing mobile footprint, and active email marketing 19 ANTHROPOLOGIE Apparel 118 Gifted Craftily curated content is indigenous to this brand’s beautiful site 19 TIFFANY & CO. Watches & Jewelry 118 Gifted A jewel of a mobile app and smart digital cross promotion 21 RUE LA LA Flash Sale 117 Gifted Android app pays dividends 22 A|X ARMANI EXCHANGE Apparel 116 Gifted Branded content seamlessly integrated into social media provides an everyday getaway 22 BERGDORF GOODMAN Department Store 116 Gifted “Faces of 5F” was a hit, but needs to improve mobile 22 COACH Accessories 116 Gifted Meets standard on every platform, but needs to innovate to return to Genius class 25 BATH & BODY WORKS Beauty & Skincare 115 Gifted Two million Facebook fans, but dated site disappoints 25 DIESEL Apparel 115 Gifted Strong premium content, mobile site, and digital marketing© L2 2011 6
  • 7. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I T A L IQ R A NKIN G Accessories Apparel Beauty Department E-tailer Flash Sale Home Watches & Skincare Store Furnishings & Jewelry Rank Retailer Category Digital IQ Class Description 27 LOCCITANE Beauty & Skincare 112 Gifted Provençal charm should extend to mobile 28 BANANA REPUBLIC Apparel 108 Average Admirable foray into F-commerce 28 BARNEYS NEW YORK Department Store 108 Average The Window provides welcome glimpse into the world of Barneys 28 CHICOS Apparel 108 Average Solid effort, but still in search of a Twitter strategy 31 BEBE Apparel 106 Average VaVaVoom contest was sexy, confident, and cool 31 JUICY COUTURE Apparel 106 Average Static site brings the brand down 33 SHOPBOP E-tailer 104 Average We don’t <3 absence of a mobile experience 34 LULULEMON ATHLETICA Apparel 103 Average Hyperlocal social media strategy works; needs to bring the experience to mobile 34 WEST ELM Home Furnishings 103 Average “Simple products for modern living” and an outdated digital footprint 36 HAUTELOOK Flash Sale 102 Average Average 37 ANN TAYLOR Apparel 101 Average Three Tumblrs and photocentric Twitter handle create tailored social footprint 38 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Apparel 98 Average Twitter followers grew 55 percent in June alone 38 BLUE NILE E-tailer 98 Average Dated site for a child of the medium© L2 2011 7
  • 8. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I T A L IQ R A NKIN G Accessories Apparel Beauty Department E-tailer Flash Sale Home Watches & Skincare Store Furnishings & Jewelry Rank Retailer Category Digital IQ Class Description 38 J. CREW Apparel 98 Average A digital experience in need of a more colorful social media voice 41 ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Apparel 97 Average Cannot rely on models alone; Twitter reactivation would be fitting 41 LORD & TAYLOR Department Store 97 Average F-commerce is a positive first step for the nation’s oldest department store 43 CARTIER Watches & Jewelry 96 Average Good-looking, but faulty site mechanics WHITE HOUSE | 44 Apparel 95 Average Uninspired BLACK MARKET 45 IDEELI Flash Sale 94 Average Flash sale brand should have a mobile site 45 SWAROVSKI Watches & Jewelry 94 Average Social media properties shimmer, but site has lost its sparkle 47 LUSH Beauty & Skincare 92 Average Strong site, but limited mobile presence 47 SWATCH Watches & Jewelry 92 Average Multi-site e-commerce navigation lacks intuition 49 FRENCH CONNECTION Apparel 89 Challenged YouTube channel is trés formidable! 50 TALBOTS Apparel 87 Challenged Infrequent tweeting weakens IQ Facebook growth fueled by exclusive offers is a bright spot amid an otherwise unimpressive 51 RESTORATION HARDWARE Home Furnishings 85 Challenged showing 52 ZALES Watches & Jewelry 83 Challenged Enhancing mobile and YouTube offering would help© L2 2011 8
  • 9. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I T A L IQ R A NKIN G Accessories Apparel Beauty Department E-tailer Flash Sale Home Watches & Skincare Store Furnishings & Jewelry Rank Retailer Category Digital IQ Class Description The Poets Club hit a mark, but not enough to compensate for an otherwise static digital 52 RUGBY Apparel 83 Challenged experience 54 ONE KINGS LANE Flash Sale 82 Challenged Fixer-upper: Curated showcases could use more interactive material 55 THE BODY SHOP Beauty & Skincare 81 Challenged More vocal Twitter handle could provide a stronger voice for cause-marketing efforts 56 COLE HAAN Accessories 79 Challenged Sporadic tweeting and limited social sharing feel manufactured 56 GYMBOREE Apparel 79 Challenged Digital marketing efforts are childlike 58 ETHAN ALLEN Home Furnishings 76 Challenged Small but mighty Facebook page signals potential 58 TUMI Accessories 76 Challenged Mobile is a must-have 60 STUART WEITZMAN Accessories 73 Challenged Product videos won’t stop well-heeled clientele from moving to competitors’ sites 61 INTERMIX Department Store 72 Challenged Beyond Best Dressed…in the wrong direction 61 LUCKY BRAND Apparel 72 Challenged An unfortunate digital presence 63 CLUB MONACO Apparel 61 Feeble Still not e-commerce enabled 64 TOURNEAU Watches & Jewelry 43 Feeble Clock is ticking before getting completely left behind© L2 2011 9
  • 10. Digital IQ Index ®: Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT US KEY F IN D IN G S D I G I TA L IQ D I S T R IB U T I O N % of Brands per Digital IQ Class In the Company of Genius Only three brands , Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and Nordstrom , GENIUS Macy’s Digital IQ Victoria’s Secret achieved Genius status in this year’s Index. Genius brands bal- >140 Nordstrom 5% ance digital investments across platforms including strong mo- Sephora Brooks Brothers bile offerings, integrated social media, and robust e-commerce Urban Outfitters Williams- GIFTED Sonoma marketing tactics. These investments pay dividends, as Genius Anthropologie Bluefly brands demonstrate greater average time on site by users and Bloomingdales Tiffany & Co. increased repeat visitors. Gilt Groupe Rue La La NET-A-PORTER A|X Armani Digital IQ In this year’s Index, 70 percent of retailers fell within the Gifted Exchange 37% Pottery Barn Bergdorf 110-139 or Average categories. In contrast, in the 2010 Index seven Neiman Marcus Goodman Saks Fifth Coach brands notched Genius status, but less than half (49 percent) Avenue Bath & Body were categorized as Gifted or Average. As this shift indicates, IKEA Works sophisticated multi-platform presence has become more Ralph Lauren Diesel Banana Blue Nile Crate & Barrel L’Occitane Republic J. Crew commonplace, making it increasingly difficult for brands in the AVERAGE Barneys New Abercrombie & Specialty Retail sector to utilize digital as a point of competitive York Fitch Chico’s differentiation. Lord & Taylor bebe Cartier The only Feeble brands, Tourneau and Club Monaco, have yet Juicy Couture White House | Digital IQ to embrace e-commerce. 33% Shopbop Black Market 90-109 Lululemon ideeli Athletica Swarovski west elm LUSH A v e rag e T i m e o n s i t e & s i t e v i s i ts HauteLookOn average, Swatch p e r U S E R by D i g i tal IQ C lassusers spend Ann Taylormore time on, (N=64) 7 For All French The Body Shopand visit more Connection Cole Haan CHALLENGED Mankindfrequently, sites Digital IQ Class Avg. Time on Site Site Visits per User Talbot’s Gymboreewith higher (minutes) (visits) RestorationDigital IQs Ethan Allen Digital IQ GENIUS 6:54 9.1 Hardware Tumi 22% Zales 70-89 GIFTED 4:48 6.9 Stuart Rugby Weitzman One Kings Lane Intermix AVERAGE 4:36 6.5 Lucky Brand CHALLENGED 4.30 7.1 FEEBLE Digital IQ Club Monaco FEEBLE 2:30 3.5 <70 Tourneau 3% Source: Alexa. © L2 2011 10
  • 11. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S In the Company of Genius Macy’s: Responsive Twitter handle balances premium content, customer service, and QR marketing to attract followers Macy’s: Engaging and innovative Facebook tabs make the Macy’s page a social destination Macy’s: Apps enable crossplatform m-commerce while retaining brand consistency© L2 2011 11
  • 12. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S In the Company of Genius Well-Managed Digital Footprint: Interactive style sheets with curated e-commerce, slick premium content, videos, and Facebook sharing Victoria’s Secret: F-commerce opportunity creates a storefront visible to over 700 million Facebook Victoria’s Secret: iPad app provides the mobile portal for dynamic branded content© L2 2011 12
  • 13. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SThe Department Store Strikes Back A v e rag e D i g i tal IQ S cor e by C at e gor y 2010 vs. 2011The average Digital IQ of the Department Store categoryjumped 14 points from 2010, closely trailing that of digitally 170native E-tailers for the highest Digital IQ. Digital strides mirrorthe revitalization in the category as, for the first time in more Geniusthan a decade, Department Stores grew retail market share.4The Watches & Jewelry and Accessories categories continue 140to be the worst performers, averaging Digital IQs of 88 and86, respectively. However, both categories vastly improved as 2011 AVG. IQ Giftedbrands began making investments in social media. 2011 AVG. IQ 120 119 2010 AVG. IQ 2010 AVG. IQ 112 2011 AVG. IQ 110 2011 AVG. IQ 117 107 105 2011 AVG. IQ 2011 AVG. IQ 103 Average 2010 AVG. IQ 108 105 2010 AVG. IQ 2011 AVG. IQ 90 88 2010 AVG. IQ 2011 AVG. IQ 94 2010 AVG. IQ 96 86 91 Challenged 70 2010 AVG. IQ 69 2010 AVG. IQ Feeble 56 30 E-tailer Department Home Beauty Flash Sale Apparel Watches Accessories Store Furnishings & Skincare & Jewelry4. “Dowdy Department Stores Start Looking Cool Again,” Elizabeth Holmes and Ann Zimmerman, Wall Street Journal, August 4, 2011.© L2 2011 13
  • 14. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S T O P F i v e : G R E AT E S T YE A R - O V E R -YE A R G A IN O R LO S S 2010 vs. 2011 Digital IQ Percentile Rank L’Occitane A|X Armani Exchange CHALLENGED GIFTED -32% GENIUS GIFTED Concentrated investment in engaging social media programs and premium branded content push this brand to Gifted. +28% While still digitally-apt, returning to Genius will require a heightened focus on digital marketing efforts to push innovation. Gilt Groupe Coach AVERAGE GIFTED -33% GENIUS GIFTED Consistent incremental investments in mobile (across devices and platforms) and social media growth help Flash Sale giant differentiate itself. +24% Still strong, but air is thin in Genius class. Maintaining pace means falling behind. Bloomingdale’s J.Crew AVERAGE GIFTED -38% GIFTED AVERAGE Continued focus on delivering a unique mobile experience bolstered brand’s ranking. +22% Strong e-commerce retailer needs greater cross-channel innovation to return to Gifted. Chico’s LUSH CHALLENGED AVERAGE -40% AVERAGE AVERAGE Introduction of a mobile site and growth in Facebook community helped bring this retailer in line with its peers. +19% Still-genius e-commerce site isn’t enough to help brand retain rank on a balanced digital scorecard. Brooks Brothers The Body Shop AVERAGE GIFTED -55% GIFTED CHALLENGED Fighting across multiple fronts. Launches of mobile site, app, YouTube channel, Twitter handle, and blog catapult brand from Average to Gifted. +19% One of 2010’s social media leaders now posts average scores across platforms. Has yet to invest in mobile.© L2 2011 14
  • 15. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT US S I T E F E AT U R E A D O P T I O NKEY F IN D IN G S % of Sites With the Following Tools 2010 vs. 2011 (June 2011)Social Sites 52% 48%Adoption of social features such as product sharing, user 44%reviews, and live chat functionality has increased significantlysince 2010. Although most specialty retailers continue to evolve 37% Feature Adoption (%)their site experience, there is still a clear disparity between the 32% 31% 28%sites of brands classified as Genius and Gifted and those oflower IQ classes. Specifically, product videos, video shareability, 23%and Facebook Connect offer opportunities for differentiation.Sites that featured social sharing for products experienced 3.6 = 2011percent growth in site traffic, versus 0.3 percent for those that = 2010have yet to adopt this feature. 0% Product Tweet Product Like User Reviews Live Chat I M PA C T O F S I T E F E AT U R E A D O P T I O N “ Smart brands should be conducting research as to who are their most profitable customers. Hint: They’re Three-Month Growth for Sites With & Without the Following Features: not always the ones with the most Facebook friends (July 2011) or Twitter followers. Take a look at how social sharing is driving commerce. Almost all brands have social sharing on their websites 3.8% Site Traffic Growth (%) 3.6% to drive traffic and commerce, but very few, if any, know exactly how social sharing is leading to these conversions—and which customers = SITES WITH or visitors are driving the most conversion. ” = SITES WITHOUT —Michael Lazerow | CEO, Buddy Media 1.1% 0.3% 0% Source: Alexa. Social Sharing User Reviews© L2 2011 15
  • 16. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SEmail: Alive & KickingAlthough the time consumers spent on email in general W e e k ly Ema i l F r e q u e n c y by C at e gor ydeclined nine percent year-over-year,5 every category with the 2010 vs. 2011exceptions of Watches & Jewelry and Apparel increased itsfrequency of weekly emails, suggesting that the medium is stillone of the strongest call-to-action marketing tactics. As was the Flash Sale 8.0case last year, Flash Sales, Department Stores, and E-tailers 7.6register the highest email frequency, respectively, possibly as aresult of their high inventory turnover rates. = 2011 Department 5.3 Store = 2010 4.5 4.8 E-tailer 3.1 Home 3.1 Furnishings 2.1 2.2 Apparel 2.7 Beauty & 2.1 Skincare 1.7 0.9 Accessories 0.7 Watches & 0.7 Jewelry 1.0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 85. “Email Evolution: Web-based Email Shows Signs of Decline While Mobile Email Usage on the Rise,” comScore, January 20, 2011.© L2 2011 16
  • 17. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S R E F E R R A L & D E S T IN AT I O N S I T E S F O R S PE C I A LT Y R E TA I L S I T E S Upstream and Downstream Traffic to and from Facebook, Competitor, E-Commerce, & Sister SitesHere Comes Everyone (June 2011)Apart from search engines, Facebook is the leading source of Upstream Traffic Downstream Traffic To Brand Site From Brand Siteboth upstream and downstream traffic to and from nearly everyretailer’s site.6 In our study, Facebook accounted for a whop-ping 41 percent of upstream traffic to 100% 98% 95%Competitor and sister sites had a nearly identical share of = FACEBOOKupstream and downstream traffic. Third-party e-commerce sites = COMPETITOR SITEaccounted for a larger percentage of downstream traffic than = THIRD-PARTYupstream, suggesting that shoppers often find products on 80% E-COMMERCE SITEbrand sites and go elsewhere to compare prices. = SISTER SITE 60% 59% 58% 59% 50% 40% “ We are in the midst of a massive shift online from a search and intent-based world to a social, people- based world. The last three years were about the consumer side of social platforms, as we watched Facebook, Zynga 23% 23% and Twitter grow exponentially. The next three years will be about the 20% enterprise side of social, and how companies engage and grow their 14% businesses by tapping into these massive platforms. ” 11% —Michael Lazerow | CEO, Buddy Media 6% 7% 3% 4% 3% 2% 0% % of Brands % of Upstream Traffic % of Brands % of Downstream Traffic for whom the following to brand sites for whom the following from brand sites are a top eight source originating from the are a top eight source to the following of upstream traffic following sources of downstream traffic destinations© L2 2011 17
  • 18. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SSize vs. EngagementOur data indicates that Facebook interaction rates were nega- FA C EB O O K C ommu n i t y s i z e v s . e n gag e m e n t rat e stively correlated with the size of a brand’s Facebook page, Facebook ‘Likes,’ Excluding Brands With < 2000 Fanssuggesting that retailers have yet to identify how to maintain an (N=63; July 2011)engaged—and growing—Facebook community.Smaller pages typically attain higher interaction rates, but only FAMILIES TRIBESto a point. Among the 64 brands in this study, engagementdeclined sharply for those above a threshold of 50,000 fans.However, there appears to be an emerging benchmark amongmature Facebook pages, as on average 0.07 percent of the KEY:community responded to brand posts (by “liking”). No brand = BRANDS with the besT chance of BUILDING “TRIBES” ONwith more than 400,000 likes was able to maintain an interac- FACEBOOKtion rate above 0.16 percent. by Increasing Fan Base, Engagement, or BothA|X Armani Exchange and Tiffany & Co. are best positioned toreach the sweet-spot between scale and interaction. Tiffany & Co. A V Er A G E ‘ L IKE ’ i n t e ract i o n rat e By Fan Page Size A|X Armani Exchange (June-July 2011) Fan Page Size: LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT 50k–100k 0.07% Fan Page Size: Fan Page Size: 0.32% <20k 100k–500k 0.08% Fan Page Size: 500k–1MM 0.07% COHORTS CROWDS 0.26% Fan Page Size: Fan Page Size: 20k–50k SIZE OF COMMUNITY 1MM+ 0.07% Note: Horizontal axis (Size of Community) is graphed on a logarithmic scale.© L2 2011 18
  • 19. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SFacebook: Product-CentricExamination of retailers’ Facebook walls reveals that fans are A v e rag e ‘ L i k e s ’ : IN T E R A C T I O N R AT E BY P O S T T YPEmost receptive to product-related messaging. Brands’ Face- (July 2011)book posts that highlight and/or promote products garneredthe highest interaction rate among fans at 0.14 percent, com-pared to 0.09 percent for contests, 0.08 percent for sales, or0.06 percent for style commentary and advice. Product Hi gh l ig hts 0.14%While contests, giveaways and promotions are good tactics toacquire fans, they don’t appear to generate consistent engage-ment or stickiness on Facebook walls. CONTEST NOTI FICATION 0.09% P R & B R AND INF O 0.08% G e n era L C O M MENT 0.13% S TYL E TIP S & Eve nt 0.13% A DVI C E 0.06% S A LE O R P R O M O TI ON 0.08%© L2 2011 19
  • 20. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S to p 1 0 B R A N D S : FA C EB O O K L IK e s to p 1 0 FA S T E S T- gro w i n g fac e b oo k PA G E S (July 2011) (June-July 2011) 14,456,049 Victoria’s Ethan Allen 83% Secret Abercrombie 5,069,672 Zales 41% & Fitch Cole Haan Ralph Lauren 3,444,327 38% 7 For All 28% Coach 2,129,084 Mankind Bath & Body 2,056,996 Rue La La 22% Works One Kings Macy’s 1,956,104 Lane 21% Sephora 1,576,609 L’Occitane 21% bebe 1,430,262 Ann Taylor 18% 1,296,675 Bergdorf Swarovski 16% Goodman Juicy Williams- 1,142,014 16% Couture Sonoma 0 20% 40% 60% 80% on on on on 0 on illi illi illi illi illi m m m m m 1 2 3 4 5© L2 2011 20
  • 21. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S F - C omm e rc e S o p h i st i cat i o nF-Commerce: The Next, Next Thing % of Brands Employing the Following Tools on Facebook:In the 2010 Index we reported that Brooks Brothers, Victoria’s (July 2011)Secret, and Coach were experimenting with selling merchandisedirectly off their Facebook walls. The path to innovation is notalways linear: Brooks Brothers and Coach have since pulled Full F-Commercetheir F-commerce platforms, while Victoria’s Secret has limited 8% (Primarily Gift Cards)Facebook checkout to gift cards only.At the time of data collection, with the exception of Sephora F-Commerce,(which allows checkout on Facebook for both gift cards and 6% No Checkoutselected gift products) all other F-commerce offerings werelimited to gift cards. Bath & Body Works, Lord & Taylor, andThe Body Shop all boast gift card apps similar to that of Victo- FACEBOOK COMMERCE SOPHISTICATION Facebook Pageria’s Secret. Banana Republic, Barneys, Bluefly, and Thread- 13% As Interactive Product Catalogless provide an F-commerce experience that offers everythingbut checkout through the Facebook page. After data collec-tion ended, Gilt Groupe and 7 For All Mankind developed fullF-commerce storefronts, further demonstrating the dynamismwithin this space.Thirteen percent of brands are on the cusp of breaking intoF-commerce, offering heavily curated product catalogs with Product Links 59%live links to product pages on their e-commerce site. Fifty-ninepercent of brands have links to their e-commerce sites on theirwalls, photos, or tabs. Surprisingly, 14 percent of brands still lackan e-commerce redirect from their Facebook pages.Additionally, we found a relationship between a brand’s up-stream traffic from Facebook and the sophistication of itsF-commerce offering. 14% No Product Links© L2 2011 21
  • 22. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S I n n ovat i v e b ra n ds ar e e x t e n d i n g t h e i r stor e fro n ts to Fac e b oo k : “ Industry research shows that a majority of consumers today are not on Facebook to shop. It’s important for brands to think about bringing social to their online store (where 100% people are going to shop) in addition to bringing their online store to social (where only a small percentage are going implicitly to shop). ” —Michael Lazerow | CEO, Buddy Media F-Commerce, No Checkout A v G . % of U p str e am s i t e traff i c F-Commerce from Fac e b oo k % o f Tr a f f i c t o B r a n d S i t e s v i a F - C o m m e r c e (July 2011) Upstream to Brand Site Product Links 14% Full F-Commerce (Primarily Gift Cards) F-COMMERCE SOPHISTICATION 16% F-Commerce, No Checkout 15% Facebook Page As Interactive Product Catalogue 13% Product Links Facebook As Interactive 9% Product Catalog No Product Links© L2 2011 22
  • 23. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SFacebook: Overachievers & Underachievers O V E R A C HIE V E R S & U N D E R A C HIE V E R SComparing a brand’s number of Facebook “likes” to the Actual Facebook Fans vs. Predicted Facebook Fansnumber of global monthly organic searches for its brand name Based on Google Monthly Global Search Volume (Linear Regression)on Google (a proxy for brand equity online) provides a (July 2011)measure to identify brands that are Facebook overachieversand underachievers. Overachievers: 900%With more than 14 million “likes,” it is no surprise that Victo-ria’s Secret is the top overachiever within Facebook. Further 400% 386%evidence that “sex sells,” Abercrombie & Fitch is second. 350% 300% 261% 250% 234% 204% 200% 152% 150% 91% 100% 73% e K zma e r 58% wa 55% t W ard n s e er an H 50% o th sL ac n ro len eit tio on B ing elm Al ix u ra M ks ea m to n r i oo st ub ua er rn ha m s we On Re Int Tu To Br St Cl Et 0% er cr s Ra Fitc & en h ks be fan ra . icy esel e Co Ab Se ria’ ur ac cr et lph h bie o or ur be ut ph Co cto Di y& W La om Co Se Vi dy Bo Tif -50% Ju & th Ba -100% -94% -94% -95% -96% -97% -97% -98% -99% -100% -100% Underachievers:© L2 2011 23
  • 24. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S BE S T IN T WEE T: T O P 1 0 follo w e rs T o p 1 0 FA S T E S T- G R O WIN G T WI T T E R A C C O U N T S (July 2011) (June–July 2011) Saks Threadless 1,631,953 105% Fifth Avenue Urban 433,369 HauteLook 84% Outfitters Restoration Coach 276,671 67% Hardware Sephora 170,281 L’Occitane 58% NET-A- 7 For All 149,396 55% PORTER Mankind Victoria’s 139,950 Gilt Groupe 46% Secret 129,371 Bath & Body Nordstrom 32% Works Lululemon Athletica 88,689 Cartier 25% Gilt Groupe 88,235 Shopbop 25% Anthropologie 82,014 Brooks Brothers 23% 0 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 0 00 00 00 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 10 20 30 40 50© L2 2011 24
  • 25. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SYouTubeBrands’ YouTube videos generally received more views on T o p 1 0 Bra n ds : Y O U T U BEuser channels than on their official channels. For instance, the Brand Channels with the Most Upload Viewsmost-viewed Victoria’s Secret video has more than four mil- (July 6, 2011)lion views on user-generated channels, versus just 1.2 millionon the brand’s channel. Similarly, videos posted by users on Victoria’s Secret 25,087,447Abercrombie & Fitch, IKEA, HauteLook, 7 For All Mankind andMacy’s received more views on third-party channels. Diesel 7,322,877Michelle Phan, a prominent fashion and beauty vlogger onYouTube, produces product-centric videos that typically attract Cartier 3,546,001upwards of one million views, with her most-viewed videogarnering over 29 million views. The “How I Wear My Jeans!” Sephora 3,131,164video, which was posted on Phan’s YouTube channel promot-ing 7 For All Mankind jeans and, registeredmore than 1.5 million views. By contrast, the most-watched Tiffany & Co. 2,955,896video on 7’s YouTube channel attracted a mere 2,545 views. Bluefly 1,770,814The command and control culture of Specialty Retail has inhib-ited the sector’s ability to better leverage bloggers and celebrity Nordstrom 1,467,467vloggers. Embracing the fourth estate can drive more traffic toYouTube pages and scale content distribution. Pottery Barn 1,360,584 Ralph Lauren 1,165,055 Macy’s 1,139,322 on 0 on on on on on on on illi illi illi illi illi illi illi illi m m m m m m m m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8© L2 2011 25
  • 26. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S T O P 1 0 Youtu b e v i d e os across b ra n d e d & n o n - b ra n d e d c h a n n e ls Brand vs. Non-Brand Videos Click to view videos: (July 2011) VIDEO ON: Victoria’s Secret = BRAND CHANNEL Fashion Show 2008 Part 1: 4,219,933 = NON-BRAND CHANNEL Glamour Goddess No Shirts (111 Shirtless Men in 2,319,617 Abercrombie & Fitch) IKEA ad: Tidy up for your girlfriend 2,055,148 7 For All Mankind: How I Wear My Jeans! 1,592,475 with Michelle Phan HauteLook: How I Wear My Jeans! 1,592,475 with Michelle Phan Macys Thanksgiving parade RickRoll 1,495,973 Calibre de Cartier, Mechanics of passion 1,358,512 (short version) Paul sings Caruso at Bloomingdale’s, 1,316,654 19th Nov., 07 Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync Firework by 1,235,202 Katy Perry Diesel Spring Summer 2010 Catalogue to the tune 1,127,739 of a hundred lovers 0 on on on on on illi illi illi illi illi m m m m m 1 2 3 4 5© L2 2011 26
  • 27. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G SGoing Mobile M O BI L E S I T E F U N C T I O N A L I T Y % of Brands With and Without the Following Features:The most profound shift from the 2010 Index was the pace of (June-July 2011)mobile adoption across platforms. 12% 88% = WITHIn last year’s study, less than 30 percent of brands were = WITHOUToptimized for a mobile platform. This year 67 percent of brands M-Commerce Enabledsupport a mobile site, and nearly 45 percent have an iPhone 26% 74%app. Adoption of the iPad is nascent, but rapidly gainingmomentum, growing six-fold since 2010. Social SharingIn June, Forrester Research projected mobile commerce sales 56% 44%will double in 2011 to $6 billion and, with a compounded annual Customer Servicegrowth rate of 39 percent, will reach $31 billion by 2016.6Although 56 percent of retailers offer an m-commerce enabled 63% 37%mobile site, many have significant low-hanging fruit. Of those Mobile Site Searchwith moble sites, more than one-quarter do not offer social shar-ing, 56 percent do not provide customer service, and 63 percentdo not provide site search. M O BI L E A D O P T I O N R AT E S A C R O S S P L AT F O R M SA missed opportunity for retailers in mobile is Android adop- % of Brands on the Following Mobile Platformstion. Android users’ ad impression share surpassed that of (June-July 2011) ADOPTION IN: = 2011iOS mobile users in December 2010.7 In April, Nielsen report- = 2010ed that more consumers plan to buy a smartphone poweredby Android than any other OS.8 Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, and 39% 2011: 45%Macy’s were the only brands in the study to offer any type of 67%Android app. 6% 25% 28% 2010:6. “Forrester Research Mobile Commerce Forecast: 2011 to 2016,” Sucharita Mulpura et al, June 17, 2011.7. “For the First Time, Android Surpasses iOS Mobile Ad Impression Share,” Leena Rao, Seeking Alpha, January 13, 2011.8. “Nielsen: Consumer Desire For Android Grows, Unlike iOS And Blackberry,” Robin Wauters, Tech Crunch, April 26, 2011. MOBILE Site iPHONE iPAD© L2 2011 27
  • 28. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USKEY F IN D IN G S Rue La La is one of only three brands in the Index with an Android app Bluefly for iPad features the retailer’s aspirational content Victoria’s Secret extends its site’s Neiman Marcus offers on of the rich content to a most comprehensive mobile sites shareable mobile of any brand in the Index platform© L2 2011 28
  • 29. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USD I G I TA L P R O J E C T I O N S Today Tomorrow Yesterday L2’s road map for navigating the past, present, and future of specialty retail online Store + Site + Social Media + Mobile Store + Site + Social Media Channel Strategy Store + Site Tumblr & Geolocal Blogs Premium Content Site Mobile Wallet PayPal, BuyLater Payment Credit Card Large Third-Party Flash Sale Retailers E-Commerce Platforms Sales Partnerships Department Stores (e.g., Amazon) Video Chat / Crowdsourced Twitter & Live Chat Customer Service Customer Service Phone & Email Branded & Third-Party iOS Apps + Mobile Sites Cross-Platform Presence Mobile Presence SMS Marketing Fan/Follower Monetization Build Page & Fans Fan/Follower Acquisition (F-Commerce) Social Media Strategy Will Come Shoppable Product Videos Interactive Zoom, Angled (V-Commerce) Product Presentation Text & Static Photos Product Views© L2 2011 29
  • 30. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SMOBILE ELEVATES GILTGilt Groupe emerges as the clear mobile winner not only within theincreasingly crowded Flash Sale category, but across the entireSpecialty Retail Index. Ideeli and One Kings Lane do not havemobile-optimized sites. HauteLook has an iPhone app but noiPad app. Along with competitor Rue La La, Gilt is one of onlythree brands to offer an Android app (the third is Macy’s). A Gilt strength: Availability across mobile operating systems, including Blackberry© L2 2011 30
  • 31. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SGeoLocoAlthough Foursquare launched more than two years ago,specialty retail brands have been relatively slow to embrace theplatform. Only 15 of the 64 brands in the study have an official,branded Foursquare account, few of which are active. Twobrands, Shopbop and Threadless, do not have brick-and-mortarlocations, yet still manage to create a geolocal experience. Victoria’s Secret promotes hotspotsTiffany & Co. and Victoria’s Secret use their accounts to promote using Foursquaretips and hotspots, with the former utilizing Foursquare as part ofits extensive, cross-platform “What Makes Love True?” campaign.Macy’s has used Foursquare in conjunction with other socialmedia to augment several of its recent campaigns. In May, thedepartment store launched takeover ads publicizing its multi-city “Towers of Flowers” tours.9 When users “checked in” onFoursquare they received tips encouraging them to take pictures Tiffany & Co.’s cross-platformof their local events and share them on Twitter via city-specific “What Makes Lovehash tags (e.g., #MacysFlowerNYC and #MacysFlowerMIN). True?” campaignAt the end of the event, Macy’s gave out gift cards to a selectnumber of hashtag users.Some efforts still generate lackluster results. As part of itsongoing “Faces of Stupid” campaign, Diesel held a one-dayevent in April during which participants were given a free T-shirtfor checking into the brand’s flagship location in Manhattan.A mere 44 people checked in, leading many to conclude thatbrands could struggle with such one-off campaigns without moreaggressive pre-promotion.109. “Macy’s ‘Flower Show’ Blossoms on HopStop, Foursquare,” Christopher Heine, ClixkZ, March 30, 2011.10. “Why the Fashion Industry Loves Foursquare,” Macala Wright Lee, Mashable, May 11, 2010.© L2 2011 31
  • 32. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SLush, Verdant e-CommerceE-commerce can certainly be seamless, but seldom does it offeras comprehensive an experience as in-store shopping. Of all thebrands featured in this study, LUSH offered the most comprehen-sive online shopping experience. Each product page includestwo aspirational product descriptions (i.e., “Your swan songbefore bed”), a slide show of comparable products, “How to use”videos and instructions, in-depth ingredient analyses, shippingoptions, and one-click checkout. LUSH also provides two sets ofreviews: A featured (typically glowing) review and a more com-prehensive set of customer reviews with ratings. LUSH offers handy “How To Use” instructions to assist users even after purchase In-depth ingredient analysis© L2 2011 32
  • 33. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SA PURCHASE in every portNET-A-PORTER has taken location-based social offerings to thenext level: “NET-A-PORTER Live” is an interactive shopping mapthat reveals each purchase the E-tailer receives worldwide inreal time by placing a branded shopping bag and image (with alive link) of the merchandise over the purchaser’s location. Theinspiration for this feature, including its “Users Online” trafficmeter, came from the company’s London headquarters, whichhas been broadcasting real-time sales on oversized world-mapplasma screens for the past two years.11 NET-A-PORTER’s location-based interactive shopping map11. “With Net-a-Porter Live, know what’s hot, or not,” James Covert, New York Post, June 15, 2011.© L2 2011 33
  • 34. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SLuluLocalSeveral brands are endowing their individual retail locationswith grassroots influence by arming them with their own socialmedia accounts. One of the best, Lululemon blends consistentmessaging and brand with local relevance. The main Facebookaccount—which “likes” its individual store accounts—focuseson product-centric content, interspersed with general yoga andfitness advice. Each store’s Facebook page complements, ratherthan distracts from, the main account with posts centered onlocal events, classes, job listings and customer service. Location-specific Twitter handle and brand’s Facebook page each serve a unique, complementary function© L2 2011 34
  • 35. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U S bebe’s “VaVaVoom” photo contest drives consumers to brick- + and-mortar locationsContesting the WatersIn an attempt to rise above the Facebook contest noise, iconic upscale department store’s younger, morebebe partnered with InStyle magazine in May to host contemporary fifth-floor) campaign.13 Rather thanthe “VaVaVoom” photo contest. Hoping to with their own passively accepting entrants, the brand constructed ascooters, entrants submitted pictures of themselves in gated Facebook tab in which fans submitted photos,bebe apparel posing alongside a prop Vespa at brick- answered survey questions, and created a personaland-mortar retail locations.12 profile. Bergdorf’s registered double the average (6/7/2011) and when it ended (6/24/2011). The latest “like” interaction rate (0.12 percent vs. 0.06 percent) entries were featured on a live feed at the bottom ofIn June, Bergdorf’s partnered with Lucky Magazine with the announcement of the contest, and “like” the page, which transitioned to a spread introducingto crowd-source the brand’s Faces of 5F (i.e., the growth spiked considerably when the contest began the new faces of 5F after the contest’s conclusion. BERGDORF GOODMAN: Faces of 5F (Facebook ‘Likes’ per Day, June 2011) JUNE 7 2,000 Contest begins Bergdorf posts Lucky magazine 1,500 JUNE 14 JUNE 21 JUNE 24 Co-branded Brand reminds fans June JUNE 6 messaging of deadline submission 1,000 Bergdorf on wall period ends announces JUNE 2 contest Total “Likes”: JUNE 30 102,056 Total “Likes”: 500 116,272 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/ 6/12. “Contest Time: Make Us Say VaVaVoom & You Could Win a Vespa!,” Stylelust, May 11, 2011.13. “Bergdorf Goodman and Lucky Introduce Faces of 5F,” PRWeb, June 9, 2011.© L2 2011 35
  • 36. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SFans With BenefitsPlenty of brands offer incentives for Facebook “likes.” Cartierallows fans to view exclusive videos. Ann Taylor and Zalesprovide e-commerce discounts. Bloomingdale’s tempts fans witha $2,000 shopping spree. A|X Armani Exchange, HauteLook,Ideeli, L’Occitane and Victoria’s Secret lure fans with exoticvacation giveaways.Few, however, are as enticing as Rue La La’s “Vote For Style”tab, which empowered fans to crowdsource one of the brand’sboutiques in May. True to the nature of flash sales, the votinglasted only 48 hours, during which the brand encouraged itsmembers to vote through email newsletters, on Twitter, and bychanging its Facebook landing tab to the “Vote For Style” app.14The user-generated event was so popular that Rue La La offereda“ Just For Facebook Fans” sale in June and repeated “Vote ForStyle” in July. Rue La La’s “Vote for Style” campaign14. “Rue La La Crowdsources Flash Sale from Facebook Fan Favorites,” Crosby, PR Couture, May 13, 2011.© L2 2011 36
  • 37. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U S #BowTieFriday is a regular tag in the brand’s Twitter feed, celebrating its classic styleOf Blogs & GentlemenBrooks Brothers’ blog, “Of Rogues & Gentlemen,” hashad as many as 1.5 million visitors in a single day.15 “StyleCommandments” include demonstrating appropriate sleevelength, and the “Ask Brooks” section answers questions like“What are the pieces of jewelry a man should never wear?”The brand’s Twitter account, which launched in December,is similarly playful. Posts are in the brand’s voice: Formalyet approachable, exceedingly polite, and service-oriented.Common tweets include “Thanks for stopping by,” and “Ourpleasure, sir,” and address specific followers by name, as ifthey are visiting a brick-and-mortar location. Posts tend towarda combination of style suggestions, garment care tips, andone-on-one customer service. A page from the brand’s 1898 catalog demonstrates similar voice to that of Brooks Brothers’ Twitter handle15. “Social Media Case Study | Brooks Brothers | HZDG,” HZDG, n.d. Web, August 9, 2011. <>.© L2 2011 37
  • 38. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SEMBRACING CHANGE IKEA released 100 house cats into one of the brand’sIKEA has used YouTube to create focused marketing cam- retail locations. The videopaigns with an abundance of rich premium content. In 2010, has had over 1.5 million views on YouTube and hasthe brand released 365 distinct video advertisements—one for its own Facebook page,each day of the year—highlighting the store’s extensive prod- IKEA Cats.uct selection. IKEA’s most viewed YouTube videos are typicallymore entertaining than they are product-focused, most notablyits popular “IKEA Cats” and “Paul the Chair” videos.In addition to its video offerings, IKEA has created unique mobileand banner ads to demonstrate the breadth of its easy-to-as-semble product lines. The “Banner Yourself” display encouragesweb users to uncrate and self-assemble a banner advertisement,mimicking the assembly process for an IKEA product.After data collection, IKEA continued to innovate. In August,the brand released its 2012 iPhone catalogue app, which waspromoted via Apple’s iAds. IKEA’s “Banner Yourself” campaign allows users to assemble their own banner right out of the virtual box© L2 2011 38
  • 39. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SIf you ‘like’ it, scan it!With nearly one million Facebook “likes,” Diesel continues togrow and engage its fan base. The brand recently launched a QRcode campaign in Madrid, integrating social media at point-of-sale. Diesel shoppers use their mobile phones to scan productQR codes, whereupon they are redirected to a mobile-optimizedDiesel product pages allowing them to “like” individual productson Facebook. Diesel launches its QR campaign in Madrid stores© L2 2011 39
  • 40. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USF L A S H O F G ENI U SSephora’s EverywhereSephora’s commitment to innovation in mobile sets it apart inthe Beauty category. Sephora’s apps integrate the brand’s manymedia streams, including a Twitter feed, Facebook updates, twoblogs, and a YouTube channel.The apps feature continuously updated beauty news, advice, andproduct and trend information, as well as an interactive productcatalog and reviews. In addition, the brand’s new iPad app has aninnovative feature that transforms the device into a side-by-sidemirror and video player. The front-facing camera enables users tosee their own faces within the app while watching how-to videosfor applying makeup. Sephora’s iPad app includes a multimedia catalog and virtual mirror, among many other features© L2 2011 40
  • 41. Digital IQ Index ®:Specialty Retail Want to know more about your brand’s ranking? CONTACT USTEAM: L2SCOTT GALLOWAY FRED BROWN with a secondary in Near Eastern Language and Civilizations fromClinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern Brand Translation Expert, Last Exit Harvard University, where he served as an associate editor for theFounder, L2 Fred is managing director of Last Exit’s London office where Harvard International Review.Scott is the founder of L2, a think tank for digital innovation, he leads web, social media, mobile, SEO, and eDM projectsand Clinical Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of for clients including Belvedere, MediaCom, F&F, and numerous KATHERINE TAITBusiness where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. medical, aerospace and logistics brands. He began his career L2Scott is also the founder of Firebrand Partners, an operational ac- as an industrial designer, working on projects including the Katherine is a Summer Research Analyst at L2 who contributed totivist firm that has invested more than $1 billion in U.S. consumer Airbus A380, Panasonic cell phones, and Polaroid cameras. In the data collection, analysis and writing for this study. Before join-and media companies. In 1997, he founded Red Envelope, an 1999, aged 28, Fred launched award-winning new media agency ing L2, Katherine worked at the Boston Consulting Group and alsoInternet-based consumer gift retailer (2007 revenue, $100 million). Deepend’s first North American office in New York with fellow Last has professional experience as a teacher and editor. She has anIn 1992, Scott founded Prophet, a brand strategy consultancy Exit partner Nuri Djavit; together leading digital projects for clients M.A. in Economics from The New School for Social Research andthat employs more than 250 professionals in the United States, including FIT, Kenneth Cole, and Salomon Smith Barney. He has a B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Carleton College.Europe, and Asia. Scott was elected to the World Economic a First Class Honours Degree from London South Bank UniversityForum’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow,” which recognizes 100 and has served on the board of British Design Innovation. JESSICA BRAGAindividuals under age 40 “whose accomplishments have had L2impact on a global level.” R. DANIELLE BAILEY Jessica, a freelance art director, specializes in identity, iconog- L2 raphy, event graphics, and invitations. She began her careerScott has served on the boards of directors of Eddie Bauer, TheNew York Times Company, Gateway Computer, and UC Berke- Danielle began her career at The Home Depot, Inc., where she in fashion, designing textiles and prints at Elie Tahari’s designley’s Haas School of Business. led a variety of internal consulting engagements focused on sup- studio in New York City. She then focused on the Elie Tahari brand ply chain, merchandising, and in-store process improvement. She aesthetic and consistency in design across its many developingVERONIQUE VALCU went on to manage the implementation of award-winning mobile disciplines. She went on to become the art director of a small,L2 initiatives for several large media clients, including The New York prestigious design firm in Chelsea, where she focused on event Times Company, NBC Universal, Disney/ABC, Maxim magazine, graphics, digital and print collateral, and brand aesthetics forVeronique began her career in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Zagat. Danielle has a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the companies both large and small. Jessica has a B.F.A. in Graphic& Operations practice where she worked with some of the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern. Design and an A.A.S. in Illustration from Rochester Institute ofword’s largest retail, manufacturing, and pharma corporations. Technology.While there, she conducted extensive social media analyses of CHRISTINE PATTONconsumer-facing brands and contributed to the firm’s growing Creative Director, L2interest in the space. Post Deloitte, she moved to the Winterberry MICHAEL LAZEROWGroup where she performed strategic consulting for advertising Christine is a brand and marketing consultant with more than CEO, Buddy Mediaand marketing services companies. Veronique received her B.A. 15 years of experience creating brand identities and marketing Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded four suc-in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania. communications for aspirational and luxury brands. As creative cessful internet-based media companies. He has a passion for director of L2, she leads the translation of the L2 brand across creating, managing and growing companies from the ground up.MAUREEN MULLEN all touchpoints, with a particular focus on the visual packag- Michael’s first foray into entrepreneurship came with the foundingL2 ing of L2’s research.She began her career at Cosí, where she of University Wire, an Associated Press-like network of more than developed the brand and oversaw its evolution from conceptMaureen leads L2’s Research and Advisory Practice where she 700 student-run newspapers that is now owned by CBS Corp. through growth to 100 restaurants. Since then she has providedhelped developed the Digital IQ Index®. She has benchmarked Building on his growing experience in the online space, Michael creative direction for a wide array of clients, including the launchdigital marketing, e-commerce, and social media efforts of more next founded, which was purchased by Time Warner’s of Kidville and CosmoGIRL! magazine. Christine received a B.A.than 300 brands across Pharma, Auto, Luxury, Specialty Retail, Time Inc. division in January 2006. in Economics and Journalism from the University of ConnecticutBeauty, and the Public Sector. Maureen also has led digital strat- and an M.B.A from NYU Stern. Michael is currently the chairman and CEO of Buddy Media, Inc., aegy consulting engagements for a variety of Fortune 1000 clients. New York-based company whose Facebook management systemBefore joining L2, Maureen was with Triage Consulting Group and JON WEINBERG is used by global brands and agencies. Michael graduated fromled managed care payment review and payment benchmarking L2 Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. with a B.S. and M.S. inprojects for hospitals, including UCLA Medical Center, UCSF, Jon began his career as a strategist and copywriter at The Journalism in 1996. He is a regular contributor to Advertising Age,and HCA. Maureen has a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford Moderns, a boutique Manhattan-based branding consultancy, MediaPost, Fortune, and iMedia Connection, among other publica-University and an M.B.A. from NYU Stern. where he worked with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune tions, and frequently is called upon to speak at industry events 1000 corporations. While there, he managed digital strategy for including the Monaco Media Forum, the Consumer Electronics both the firm and its clients. Jon received an A.B. in Government Show, OMMA Global, Web 2.0 Expo, and iMedia Brand Summit.© L2 2011 41
  • 42. L2 is a think tank for digital innovation. UPCOMIN G 2011 EVENTSWe are a membership organization that brings together thought leadership 09. 09.11 L2 Clinic China NYCfrom academia and industry to drive digital marketing innovation. A full-day clinic devoted to raising brands’ Digital IQs in the world’s biggest—and soon-to-be most digitally savvy— consumer market.Re s earchDigital IQ Index®: The definitive benchmark for online competence, Digital IQ Index® reports score 11. 10.11 L2 Forum Innovation 2011 NYCbrands against peers on more than 350 quantitative and qualitative data points, diagnosing their Called the “TED for marketing,” L2’s third-annual Innovationdigital strengths and weaknesses. Forum will bring together the highest density of scholars, business leaders, startups, and marketing executives inEV EN T S North America.Forums: Big-picture thinking and game-changing innovations meet education and entertainment.The largest gatherings of prestige executives in North America. 11. 21.11 L2 Clinic The Social Graph PARIS300+ attendees Academics and industry professionals highlight theClinics: Executive education in a classroom setting with a balance of theory, tactics, and opportunities, challenges, and underpinnings of social mediacase studies. in the prestige industry in a one-day, intensive Clinic.60 –120 attendeesWorking Lunches: Members-only lunches led by digital thought leaders and academics.Topic immersion in a relaxed environment that encourages open discussion. UPCOMIN G 2011 Research12 – 24 attendees Prestige 100® Reports:MBA Mashups: Access and introduction to digital marketing talent from top MBA schools. China Digital IQ Index® Reports:co n su lt i ng BeautyAdvisory Services: L2 works with brands to garner greater return on investment in digital initiatives. Fashion & Leather GoodsAdvisory work includes Digital Roadmaps, Social Media Strategy, and Site Optimization engagements. Watches & JewelryMEM B ER S HIP GEN Y AFFLUENTS Reports:For membership info and inquiries: Prestige Brand Ranking
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