JWT10 trends for 2012 executive summary 11 12 05
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JWT10 trends for 2012 executive summary 11 12 05

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  • Excellent! Very wise intelligence-based summary that touches nearly every aspect of life.Obviously, trends don't just 'emerge' on 1 January or end on 31 December. I think trends are the slow and steady evolutionary changes that may become apparent in decades. Anyhow! it's a nice attempt to let everyone watch accordingly in the coming 12 months.
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  • @nando1301 Not so my friend, trend followers are participants in market share wars using tactical artillery such as brand extensions. Versus the forces of market creation do not have “roots decades ago, they evolve gradually”. Unseen by JWT, DOT, AT&T or most everyone else, new growth markets: Boom, PCs – Boom, iPod + iTunes – Boom, Geo-location Apps – like the cannons of Krupp destroying the forts of Belgium. doug molitor
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  • It's important to realize that trends do not appear out of thin air... they have their roots decades ago, they evolve gradually and are perceived by a few before they are recognized as 'trends' by many. Having said all that, JWT's list seems wiser than any other I've seen thus far.
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  • “We are doomed,” as the historian said, as many of the trends repeat themselves. Sounds quite similar to the late 60’s when I was with JWT in SF & NYC. Then our big brands were Ford, PanAm and Kodak. Alias: doug molitor
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  • Okay, thats not too bad. Broad based and global in outlook, I dont have a problem seeing any of these trends taking hold.
    I think environmental issues ( more than just eco-food ) are an obvious absentee from the list, but maybe others wont see that as a trend for a few more years ( until its way too late !! ) I might also have expected a comment on first world financial market instability.
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