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Articles that I have collected over the last year. Index divides the articles by topic. A lot of info, but worth a least the index. I hope it is as much use to you as it was to me. Cheers, BC

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Babelfish: Articles May2012 April2013 15-5-13

  1. 1. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 1ArticlesMay 2012 - April 2013Brian
  2. 2. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 2SummaryAnalytics Not All DMPs are Created Equal: What Every Smart Marketer Should Know 20Analytics Excerpted from Analytics: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, andThink by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth Cukier.31Analytics Interesting Ways Businesses Use Analytics to Improve Personalization 35Analytics The Ads That Know Too Much 49Analytics Increase Analytics Opportunities and Minimize Obstacles 53Analytics CMO COUNCIL FINDS Analytics CRITICAL TO CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CULTURES 53Analytics Analytics analysis allows businesses and governments to mine your personal details 57Analytics How Analytics and Analytics Are Transforming In-Store Experience for Retailers 63Analytics Data Is The Way To Go -- Except When Its Not 81Analytics Madison Avenue’s Odd Couple: Data And Creative Making Beautiful Ads Together 84Analytics Analytics, Big Ads, Big Results: Pulling Data Science into A Premium Exchange 86Analytics The Opportunity Cost of Targeting to Death: Part I of IV - Steve Bookbinder- Digital MediaTraining89Analytics Facebook to Partner With Acxiom, Epsilon to Match Store Purchases With User Profiles 121Analytics Analytics Wont Fix Bad Planning 134Analytics Analytics Goes to Washington -- And Spends Lots of Money 150Analytics Veteran Firm Acxiom Eyes Data-Hungry Advertiser Market 154Analytics Use Analytics to Engage Consumers, Not Just Monitor Digital Costs 155Analytics Analytics Is Enabling Marketers to Do More With Less 170Analytics Data is not always a substitute for strategy 174Analytics Big Brands on Analytics: Bigger Marketing Is Not Better 215Analytics Facebook Inks Deal With Acxiom, Epsilon, and Others to Show Ads Based On ShoppingHabits- Acxiom, Epsilon, Datalogix, BlueKai Announced As Partners253Analytics Facebook to Partner With Acxiom, Epsilon to Match Store Purchases With User ProfilesCan Facebook Ads Drive Offline Buying?258Analytics Big-Data Storytelling: The Agencys Role In Moneyball Era Of Marketing 291Analytics Rentrak Teams With dunnhumby, Revs Up 12% 293Analytics Who Will Win In Emerging Big-Data World? 304Analytics Unlocking marketings dark data: The Year of Analytics 309Analytics How Data and Micro-Targeting Won the 2012 Election for Obama 319Analytics The Dawn of Convergence Analytics 373Analytics BlueKai: Not Just a Data Warehouse Anymore Ad tech firm expands its offerings 396Analytics Gas Pump Videos Integrate Real-Time Ad Targeting 398Analytics Publicis, IBM Expand eCommerce Partnership 402Analytics The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Online Campaign Ratings and eGRPs 405Analytics Mental Models For UX, Search And Conversion 411Analytics 40% of Brands Using DMPs But Emphasize Internal Data 418Analytics Focus on Outcomes, Not Organization 421Analytics The Massive Scale Of Amazons Distribution Operations, Revealed Through StartlingImages436Analytics ComScore Debuts Cross-Platform Reporting System 441Analytics How Prediction Learning Curves Can Improve Digital Ad Effectiveness 442Analytics Email Marketing Is No Stranger to Analytics 447Analytics AudienceScience Rejiggers Business Model, Closes Ad Network Biz 457Analytics Adometry and LiveRamp Meld to Offer Offline-Online Data 475Analytics 10 comments on "Multitasking Media Impacts TVs Dominance". 485Analytics Some Sites Reserve Right To Share Personal Data 490Analytics The Analytics Fallacy And Why We Need To Collect Even Bigger Data 498Analytics Report Finds Data On Online Ad Viewability Is, Ironically, Less Viewable 516
  3. 3. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 3Analytics Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win 527Analytics Data Reveals Influence Of Enthusiast Communities On Purchases 543Analytics Data Key To Yahoo Japan, BrightTag Deal 544Analytics Multi-Channel Marketing Drives Custom Analytics Deployments 546Analytics Facebook Stole Your Fans - and Wants a Ransom to Get Them Back 547Analytics The 2nd Rule of Ad Exchanges 548Analytics Analytics Creates Jobs 562Analytics Analytics Will Transform Financial Industry, Warns TomorrowToday 562Analytics WPPs Spafax Teams With Nielsen To Develop Digital OOH Index, Calls It A Vital Next StepToward Exchange Model566Analytics The Remarkable Rise Of Retargeting 576Analytics Nielsen Chief: GroupM Pushing XCR As Cross-Platform Ratings Standard, Asserts Its A FaitAccompli578Analytics "CREATE EARLY WARNING SYSTEMS TO DETECT COMPETITIVE THREATS" 582Analytics Analytics Technology Drives Online Marketing With Offline Data 582Analytics Analytics and the Marketing Organization 583Analytics Twitter Partners With Nielsen for Brand Campaign Surveys 590Analytics The Disintermediation Of Everything 591Analytics Modeling Behavior To Target Smarter 592Analytics The Four Data Waves And How They Help Us Meet Marketing Goals 597Analytics The Knowledge Revolution Is Not About Analytics, Its About Well-Connected Little Data 599Analytics MasterCard Deal Gives Brands Peek Into Consumers Offline Spending 605Analytics Google Launches Remarketing in Search in Beta 606Analytics RTB Is Growing Up 607Analytics A Decade With The Database Of Intentions 608Analytics Heres The Exact Reason Apple No Longer Has Google-Based Maps On The iPhone 610Analytics IDG TechNetworks Builds Marketing Platform From Analytics 613Analytics Nielsen Cuts 500,000 U.S. TV Homes on Census, Web Viewing 614Analytics Is the Future of Digital Ad Buys in Cost-per-Engagement? 618Analytics Retargeting For Retailers 625Analytics Analyticss Management Revolution 633Analytics Media Buying: TV Shows Now Assigned Brand Value 641Analytics 4 Steps to ‘Close the Loop’ 647Analytics Criteo and Rocket Fuel Join Expanding Facebook Exchange 649Analytics Ad Firm Touts Results On Facebook Exchange 650Analytics Web Analytics Maturity: 3 Signs on the Road to Success 657Analytics Content Marketing Personas 658Analytics Multivariate Testing: Do We Need A Chief Measurement Officer? 661Analytics New Facebook, Twitter Ad Targeting Options Offer Opportunities & Challenges 664Analytics Failure to Beat Nielsen Led Google to Pull Plug on TV Ads 666Analytics Wolfram Alpha: The Facebook app that knows you better than you do 668Analytics RTB Ad Market Soars In Q1, Marketers Rush To Mobile, Avoid Social Inventory 668Analytics How Do You Measure Returns on Investment in Ad Tech? 676Analytics We Cant Be Obsessed With Clicks and Ignore More Nuanced Data 676Analytics In Search Of Analytics Through Mobile Apps 683Analytics AMD Exec: Data Explosion In Surround Computing 685Analytics Recommended Brand Videos Drive 4 To 6 Times Brand Lift 685Analytics Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making 690Analytics The Seduction of Data 691Analytics Marketers Struggle to Link Digital Data to ‘Analytics’ Picture 695Analytics Cookie Deletion and Upper-Funnel Targeting 696
  4. 4. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 4Analytics A Scientific Geniuss Definition of Insane Marketing 702Analytics Apple Is Talking To Cable Companies About A Deal That Could Change TV Forever 705Analytics Connect the Dots: Goals to Metrics to Compensation 708Analytics Whats the Big Deal With Analytics? 713Analytics Google+ Adds Custom URLs for Brands 714Analytics Marketers Obsession With Audience Data Could Teach Media a Thing or Two 714Analytics Facebook Moves Away From Dumb Broadcasting Tool to Marketing Database 715Analytics Page Post Targeting Will Require a Radical Re-Thinking of the Approach to Content 715Analytics Retargeting: 3 Ways to Avoid Frustrating Your Potential Customers 716Analytics How To Sensibly Measure The Impact Of Sports Marketing Activation 721Analytics Travel Research Trumps Bookings On Smartphones 722Analytics Web Ads Target Based On What You Watched On TV 727Analytics TiVo-Datalogix Partnership Lets Advertisers Target People Online Based on What TheyveWatched On Television727Analytics Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining 727Analytics The Art of the Infographic 729Analytics Accurately Evaluate the Performance of Your Marketing Efforts 733Analytics The Social Integration Is On (and Intelligence Follows) 734Analytics Bigger Video Player, Better Ad Performance 735Analytics Much is made of what the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple know about users. Truthis, Amazon may know more. And the massive retailer proves it every day.739Analytics Facebook to Launch Real-Time Bidding for Marketplace Ads 743Analytics Using Data to Drive Interactive Experiences 749Analytics How to Measure Social Media - and Show Results to the C-Suite 758Analytics The Data Olympics 761Analytics When in doubt, when your marketing isnt working, the answer is easy: go one circle in. 764Analytics Stop Letting Sales Get All the Credit! 774Analytics Connect Analytics With Customer Behavior to Improve Social, Email, and Web ROI 775Analytics TV Everywhere - A Broader Definition 776Analytics Congress Concerned About Hidden Dossiers By Data Brokers 777Analytics Consumer Data, but Not for Consumers 777Analytics Ad Industry Needs Fewer Impressions 779Analytics Nielsen Moves From Measuring Effects To Affecting Them: Wants To Change The WayBrands Advertise790Analytics CEOs Want More ROI, How About Look In The Mirror 792Analytics 73% of CEOs Think Marketers Lack Business Credibility: They Cant Prove They GenerateBusiness Growth792Analytics 80% of CEOs Do Not Really Trust Marketers (Except If They Are "ROI Marketers") 793Analytics 3 Tactics for Demographic Targeting on the Google Display Network 798Analytics The Interest Graph Vs. The Knowledge Graph 802Analytics The Must-Have Analytics Tools 805Analytics Digital Targeting Needs Discussion, Not Debacle 806Analytics Online Video CPG Campaign Boosts TV Buy By 10% 807Analytics Shopping for roi: cpg advertisers finding big return with video 807Analytics Video Ads Score With Large Player Environments 813Analytics Demystifying Attribution: What’s The Best Approach? 815Analytics Who Ate My Cookies? “Do Not Track” Legislation Will Hit Mid-Market Hardest 816Analytics How to Combine Personas With Automation and Get Closer to Customers 820Analytics Users Emerge As Distinct Category of Shoppers 821Analytics Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Tag Management Right Now 824Analytics CPG Shopper Based Analytics Delivers Nearly Triple Ad Investment 826Analytics How to measure ROI of online video 826
  5. 5. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 5Analytics EXelate Launches Custom Audience Modeling Tool For Long-Term Brand Affinity 830Analytics Adiant’s Premium-Only Network Adblade Launches Retargeting Feature 831Analytics Publicidade em tempo real começa a chegar ao Brasil 833Analytics Facebook To Roll Out Real-Time Exchange 835Analytics Analytics Means Big Opportunity 838Analytics Optimizing Retargeting for Lift Instead of Shift 841Analytics Add a Little Chaos to Your Data 842Analytics 10 Reasons Your Media Plan Needs to Include More Than Just Ad Networks 843Analytics DoubleClick Reaches For Total Online Advertising Funnel 846Analytics Too Much Data Means Too Much Data 850Analytics 4 Ways to Humanize a Retargeting Campaign 852Analytics Digital Marketing Attribution: Tapping the Data Disruption 852Analytics 6 Tips for Using Propensity Models to Improve Response and Revenue 853Analytics Where am I? › Home › Column › Marketing › Marketing Automation 854Analytics TV Everywhere: Almost Everywhere, But Not Yet For Consumers 857Analytics TV Everywhere Apps Score Better On iPads Vs. Multichannel Distributors 858Analytics EU Cookie Law Could Be the Death of Digital 859Analytics CPG Study: Online Ad Campaigns Using Purchaser Data Nearly Triples ROI 863Analytics Yahoo Builds Browsers For Mobile, Desktop, Connects Ad Targeting Cross-Platform 865Analytics 3 Ways to Know When You Are Data Obese 865Analytics The Marriage Between Customer Data, Media Planning, and Media Buying 866Analytics In Push Toward Viewable Ad Impressions, Industry Has New Tool To Measure Them 867Analytics MEC Debuts Analytics Tool To Optimize Media Sales 869Analytics Mobile Ad Nets Challenged On Delivery, Targeting 869Analytics Ten Principles Of Analytics 871Analytics Web Watchers Ditch Video Ads 873Analytics The 6 Biggest Potholes of Marketing Automation 874Analytics Toning Your Marketing Automation Core 875Analytics Will Facebook Ads Follow Users Around The Web? 882Analytics Online Video Inching Closer to TV Metrics & GRPs 883Analytics Marketers Still Baffled, Suspicious of Agency Trading Desks 885Analytics Analytics Requires Complex Analysis, But Dont Be Scared Off 886Analytics Too Much Data Means Too Much Data 888Analytics Funnel Automation: Customer Conversion at Warp Speed 891Analytics What Do We Really Mean When We Say We Will Not Track Online? 893Analytics Attribution: IgnitionOne Gives Marketers Another View 895Analytics Should All Ad Impressions on Mobile Devices Really Count as ‘Mobile?’ 897Analytics Attribution Defined: What Every Marketer Needs To Know Now 899Analytics TV Universe Continues To Contract, Nielsen Attributes Declines To Census, TechnologyToo900Analytics Why digital GRPs are inevitable 901Analytics Analytics Is Never Too Big When You Can Act On It 905Analytics Behavioral Segmentation: How to Make the Most of Your Data 906Analytics Dashboards, Infographics, and Visualizations - Best Practices 908Analytics Why clicks are the wrong metric 910Analytics Half of Online Video Viewers Say There Are Too Many Ads 920Analytics Time to Stop Talking About Scale And Start Targeting 921Analytics Online Ad Effectiveness Research: Immediate Effect Measurement 923Analytics Click-Through Rates May Matter Even Less Than We Already Thought 929Analytics Google Proposes New Metrics for Online Advertising 932Analytics GRPs to online advertising as well. 932
  6. 6. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 6Analytics Funnel Automation: Customer Conversion at Warp Speed 933Analytics Key To Web Advertisings Future: Comparability To TV Ads 935Analytics Googles Brand Initiatives Bring Offline Metrics To Online Ads 939Analytics Why “Do Not Track” Probably Won’t Kill The Online Ad Industry 940Analytics Adometry Incorporates Impact Of Print, TV, Weather And More Into Attribution Services 941Analytics More than 25% of Video Viewing is Off the TV; Ad Predictions for 2012 942Analytics TV Everywhere Brings Networks Huge Opportunity With No Ad Skipping 945Analytics AOL Uses Nielsen Ratings, Peels Ad Dollars From TV 945Analytics Can comScore Knock Nielsen off Its Perch? 946Brazil Classe C cresce mais no interior que nas capitais 18Brazil Pesquisa revela perfis dos brasileiros nas redes sociais 94Brazil What Brazilians Will Buy in 2013 116Brazil A comScore Lança o Relatório ‘2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus’ 118Brazil Brazil Now Among the Top 10 Online Video Markets in the World 133Brazil Pesquisa revela perfis dos brasileiros nas redes sociais 147Brazil comScore Releases ‘2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus’ Report 212Brazil Latin America’s Media Landscape 2015-2017 265Brazil Brazil: Confronting the Productivity Challenge 276Brazil Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the Adnews reveals his plans for Brazil 536Brazil The Top 10 Trends in Brazilian Marketing and Media 710Brazil Reaching Brazil’s Exploding Mobile Market 711Content Retail executive lays out the future of content curation. 24Content Content Marketing: Its Not About Shock, but Good Storytelling 68Content The 3 Cs of Content Marketing 92Content Solving the Content Creation Conundrum 104Content Investor Focus Shifts to Content and Context 105Content 5 Content Marketing Trends for 2013 You Havent Heard Yet 137Content Why Analytics Isnt the End-All for Content Marketing 178Content Content Curation On Pinterest: How Brands Can Track ROI With Pinfluencer 184Content How to Create Your Content Marketing Game Plan 192Content Brand gTLD Strategies: Evolution of TV and Internet Content Distribution 238Content Coke tops creativity charts 263Content ABC, NBC and IFC Push Boundaries of In-Show Brand Integration 294Content In the World of Branded Content, Original Always Wins 333Content Connecting With Customers While Managing Branded Content and Channels 339Content Is Content Marketing the Future? Lessons for the Digital Engagement Path 350Infrastructure Google Fiber’s Ripple Effect 18Infrastructure What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole Internet 22Mobile Coke Runs First All-Digital Effort, Focusing on Teens and Mobile Beverage giant debutsmulti-year initiative29Mobile BII REPORT: Why Mobile Video Is Set To Explode 45Mobile Men lead the way in mobile shopping 50Mobile Mobile Ad Networks Begin Taking a Back Seat to Publishers 52Mobile No Time to Waste: 6 Mobile Musts 69Mobile The M-Election: Mobility Enhances Donations And Citizen Scrutiny 93Mobile Mobile em 2013 122Mobile Brasil: País das redes sociais no celular 124Mobile Automakers embrace apps 183Mobile Brace Yourself, New Mobile Is Coming 191Mobile Mobile Payments Replacement for Small Change? 232Mobile Advanced Search: Women More Active In-Store Mobile Shoppers 250
  7. 7. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 7Mobile Who Will Win As Mobile Payments Go Mainstream? 263Mobile Mobile users cannot leave their phone alone for six minutes, check it 150 times a day 295Mobile Mobile Payments: The How vs. the Who 297Mobile Coca-Cola Sees Expansion In Mobile Future 340Mobile Your Guide to Surviving Life in the Appmosphere 347Mobile Is 2013 the Year of Mobile Video? 352Mobile Are Men The M-Commerce Sweet Spot? 353Mobile Facebook Upgrades Nearby Feature In Mobile 362Mobile BII REPORT: The State of Mobile Video 371Mobile Why Mobile Commerce Is Set To Explode 453Mobile Mobile device PawsyWalsy gets a big paws up from home alone dogs 512Mobile Mobile Shopping On Rise For Holidays 541Mobile BII REPORT: The Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Explained 560Mobile Big brands develop approach to mobile 572Mobile Bankers Chase Mobile In Latin America 627Mobile Brush Up On Your Smartphone Market 665Mobile Report: One-Third Of U.S. Moms Own Connected Devices, 97% Of iPad Moms ShoppedFrom Their Tablet Last Month682Mobile Most Common Place To Go Mobile: In Bed 724Mobile Facebook Says Its Mobile Problem Isnt a Problem 742Mobile Mobile Shopping Is Not Mobile Buying, And It Is Not Just About Being In-Store 878Mobile Mobile Video on Pace to Surpass Web Video in 2012 917Mobile Tablet Users Watch More TV, Viewing Drops On Laptops 946Optimisation Havas Media and DG Form Strategic Partnership for Digital and TV CampaignOptimization19Optimisation Despite Reservations, Programmatic Buying Gains Steam 34Optimisation Programmatic ad drive works for Ford 39Optimisation Starcom MediaVest, Twitter Reach Upfront TV Data Deal 41Optimisation Jeff Bezos Secrets to High Conversion Rates 41Optimisation Video on demand complements TV 51Optimisation Online Video: Too Popular for RTBs Own Good? 65Optimisation Online Video Targeting -- By Device And Audience -- On Rise 66Optimisation Cross-Platform Content Requires Cross-Platform Understanding 67Optimisation How To Handle Marketings New Video Challenge 82Optimisation Solving the Analytical Problem of Marketing Attribution 135Optimisation 4 Paths to Minimize Showrooming, Maximize Sales 138Optimisation Programatic Buying 140Optimisation Arbitron Begins Cross-Platform Work For ESPN 150Optimisation Six Ways To Understand Programmatic Markets 181Optimisation The war between programmatic buying and creativity 188Optimisation Brands build digital ad tools 207Optimisation Slow Economic Growth WIll Pressure Advertisers To Maximize ROI 267Optimisation Predictive analytics: The next big thing (and challenge) for b2b marketers 307Optimisation Real time bidding: Programming the ad-buying future 312Optimisation Execs Favor Brand-Specific Ratings, But C3 Remains 320Optimisation 10 Reasons Your Media Plan Needs to Include More Than Just Ad Networks 351Optimisation Facebook Readying Autoplay Video Ads 356Optimisation Facebook Prepares to Bring Video Ads to News Feed, Aims for TV Dollars 357Other Bolha imobiliária estourando? Onde? 51Other The 6 Keys To Being Awesome At Everything 55Other OMD Wins Experian Media Assignment 56
  8. 8. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 8Other Watchmaker Asks Appeals Court To Revive Case Against Amazon 75Other More Essentials of Marketing 83Other Ant Keogh’s DOs and DON’Ts 87Other Make Yourself an Expert 91Other Why Advertising Agencies Must Disrupt Themselves 95Other JetBlues Loyalty Lessons: Let Customers Decide 96Other Digital Video Ad Spend Up 18% So Far in 2012 100Other Study: Web Marketing More Than Twice Ad Spending Online 101Other Classic Jack: One Year Ahead of The Times and Ad Age 104Other 3 Ways to Get People to Change 113Other Latin America’s Media Landscape 2015-2017 126Other Google predicts seismic ad shift 130Other Google generated about $40bn in total ad revenue in 2012. 130Other 10 Due Diligence Tests: Ensuring you get the Right Job 132Other Havas Worldwide Launches Shared Owned & Earned Media Unit 140Other O acordo do Google com os meios impressos, saiu 1 novo caminho 142Other Kids addicted to fast food app 146Other Should CMOs Own Digital Strategy? Maybe Not 152Other Semantic Search in 2025 156Other Ibope terá novo sistema para medir publicidade na web 167Other Buzzkill: Coca-Cola Finds No Sales Lift from Online Chatter 168Other The ABCs Of Video Ad Management 172Other Pews State Of The News Media Report: Print Ads Down $1.5 Billion; Digital Up 3% 198Other Social News Site Extends Advertiser Campaigns to Other Homepages 202Other The worst mistakes you can make when you start a new job 204Other Morning rituals for men that will improve appearance 208Other Digital redesenha modelos de negócio 210Other SEO Friendly WordPress in 12 Steps 218Other Slam Dunk: Phizzle Adds Sizzle to Sports Marketing with Mobile, Social Campaigns 229Other Is This the Most Important Person in Advertising? 235Other The Future Of Advertising Will Be... 254Other Au Revoir, Business Travel 256Other Insider Facebook Marketing Secrets 257Other Nielsen Redefines Television, Will Include Internet-Only Connected Sets, Households 259Other Video Consumer Mapping Study 265Other How to Approach Social-Media Commerce 268Other BII REPORT: Why The "Second Screen" Industry Is Set To Explode 273Other 9 Subtle Traits Of The Most Talented Leaders 274Other You Attract More Barflies With Fun Than With Savings 287Other Video Viewing Rises, But Growth Rates Slow 288Other Ad Group Says No Reason To Oppose Nielsen-Arbitron Deal 292Other IPG Mediabrands CEO, Consultant Push Pay-For-Performance Model 299Other Why Every Pitch is a Digital Pitch 299Other Why Your Online Marketing Department Is All Screwed Up 301Other Management Is (Still) Not Leadership 305Other What Advertisers Really Pay For 318Other The Most Important Interview Question of All Time - Part 1 327Other The ANSWER to "The Most Important Interview Question of All Time" Part 2 328Other Job-seekers: How to Answer “The Most Important Interview Question of All Time” – Part3329Other What is Your Blue Ocean Career Strategy? 330
  9. 9. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 9Other Starting Out: 334Other Alcohol companies market to children on Facebook and internet 342Other Feliz 2020 343Other 5 Ways to Begin Designing Your Life in 2013 344Other 5 Mistakes I Continue To Make in My Marriage 345Other 7 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013 354Other Five Lessons from Four Years at Samasource 366Other P&G anuncia Pelé como novo embaixador 374Other Agency of the Year: Gold -- Digitas 379Other Rules I’ve Learned and Live by to Motivate People and Organizations 381Other My Rule #2 for Motivating People and Organizations 383Other Part I: Validate Your Business Model Start With a Business Model, Not a Business Plan 391Other Globo pode fechar o ano com pior média em SP 431Other What happens in your body when... 432Other Leadership 101: Throw People in Over Their Heads and See What Happens 434Other Magna Global Revises Ad Forecast, Dips To 3.1% Growth In 13 434Other ZO, GroupM Predict Ad Spend Hits $574B By 2015 436Other As It Nears the End, Lessons From 30 Rock 437Other To Bundle, or Not to Bundle: Mags Grapple With iPad Subs 440Other Small Agencies Crush Big Ones: Its Not Even Close 462Other Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Advertising Dollars 470Other Report: 51% of web site traffic is non-human and mostly malicious 479Other "We are facing the future," sees Florisbal 487Other Making The Most Of Your New Media Budget, Part 1 494Other Making The Most Of Your New Media Budget, Part 2 496Other Ford Promotes Random Acts Of Fusion Video Randomly 514Other How to be a master networker: golden rules of networking 533Other Executive burnout costing billions 538Other Glance at the 2011 Fortune Global 500 and you’ll quickly note the large representation ofChinese companies—61, to be exact.551Other Unilever seeks new way forward 571Other Two days at NuYu Total Health Retreat = ten life lessons 573Other 10 brilliant quotes from Warren Buffett - the worlds greatest investor 580Other How to survive the nine stages of marriage from wedded bliss to mid-life malaise 585Other ROCKWELL ARCHITECTS ON THE DIGITAL STORYTELLING THROUGH PHYSICAL SPACE 593Other Adaption: Key to Success for Future of Ad World 612Other Master these 11 habits to guarantee success 615Other Internet no Brasil cresceu 16% em um ano, revela Ibope 619Other Match Your Presentation to Your Audience 627Other Creative Agencies Tap Into Other Talents By Temporarily Swapping Staff 628Other Make the Job a Game 631Other How simple people become superstars and create great wealth 636Other CDO Abril Media, Manoel Lemos talks about monetization, convergence, and mobileintegration between paper and digital platforms638Other Say No to Extra Work 641Other Create a Vision that Motivates Your Team 642Other Fall Into Your Next Career Move 642Other The Agency-Client Relationship is Forever Changed 643Other Walter Graff from Bluesky Media 652Other Two questions behind every disagreement 653Other Five body language myths busted 660
  10. 10. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 10Other What Successful Night Owls Get Done Before Bed 674Other Pick One Project 674Other Combat Clutter 675Other Hit The “Idea” Bar 675Other Late Night Rendezvous 675Other A writer’s cheat sheet: 10 useful reminders 680Other Magazines Make Branded Content, So Why Dont They Act More Like Brands? 714Other The Ad Contrarian’s Reality Check 718Other Greatest Threat to the Ad Business 719Other Microsoft lança Outlook, novo serviço de e-mail 31 de julho de 2012 · 14h22 725Other Five Stories That Remind Us How Quickly Things Are Changing These Days 736Other Microsofts radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight 737Other Amazons recommendation secret 739Other A Glimpse Into The Future Of Online Advertising 741Other Takeaways From Forrester’s 2012 CMO Study 744Other The Two Most Important Things to Know From Its First Earnings Report 745Other AppNexus CEO to Potential Investors: We Dont Need Your Money 746Other COCA-COLA AIRS OLYMPICS TV SHOW IN OVER 30 COUNTRIES 750Other Justa mente 750Other The Perfect Storm 760Other 2012 Holiday Marketing Tips for Retailers 763Other How to Create Good Infographics Quickly & Cheaply 770Other Kellogg Debuts Loyalty Program with In-pack Codes 772Other Turbo-Charging Thought Leadership Efforts With Google Authorship Markup 773Other Random House TV launches to create shows based on books 780Other FREMANTLEMEDIA & RANDOM HOUSE FORM EXCLUSIVE TELEVISION PARTNERSHIP 780Other The Learning Enterprise 782Other 5 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies Are Booming (and 4 Reasons You Might Need One) 796Other Why Microsoft Is Going It Alone With Do-Not-Track 804Other Not That Special: The Hollywood Version 809Other What Do Patients Really Want? 810Other How to Create Marketing Videos on the Cheap 822Other Digital Agencies: Heres Your Wake-Up Call 823Other Whos The Chief Experience Officer? 827Other BBDO Creatives Dissect Breakthrough Spots 829Other Woe The Digital Sale: What Does Viewable Mean, Anyway? 829Other SAPIENTNITRO EXEC EXPLAINS HOW TO SPEAK TO THE DIGITAL CONSUMER [CANNES] 834Other Automation as the Key to Modern Agency Growth 839Other Microsoft Brings IE To Xbox; Integration Could Help Future Ad Targeting 846Other Reminder: Online Video Is The Afghanistan Of Media Industry 855Other Dishs Auto-Hop Ad Skipper Versus Networks 856Other Can TV Survive AutoHop? 857Other MPG CEO Maria Luisa Francoli Plaza on Crossing Cultural Barriers 861Other Starcom, Dish Battle Over Ad-Skipping AutoHop 870Other 6 Habits of Truly Memorable People 877Other Agencies Going After Accenture, Deloitte IT 879Other What Revision3s Sale Means for the Online Video Industry 887Other For Many, Web Videos Actual Value Trails Its Massive Hype 892Other What Facebooks Critics Dont Understand: Its a Platform, Not a Publisher 894Other Every Screen is a TV; Nielsen Says Gaming Consoles, Mobile Viewing Up 896Other MAGNAGLOBAL’s US Advertising Forecast: “US ad market still growing amidst economic 897
  11. 11. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 11fragility. Core media to grow by 2.2% in 2012”.Other Nielsen: Americans Love TV, Viewing Options Change 900Other Know When to Manage and When to Coach 903Other Five New Management Metrics You Need To Know Bruce UpbinForbes Staff 903Other Not All Inventory Was Created Equal 908Other Internet Advertising Is Still Dwarfed By TV 909Other Facebook - The Future of Branded Video Channels? 909Other The 10 Most Unexpected Media Placements Weve Seen 910Other Adlands New Era of Specialization 911Other Going Virtual: Technology Not Seen as Substitution for Touch 913Other Whos Behind the Agency Twitter Feed: McCann Erickson 913Other Why We Are (And Are Not) In A Startup Bubble 914Other If The Web Helps TV Advertising, What Will Help Online Video Ads? Better Programming 915Other Your Ad Agency Is A Contractor, Not A Partner 916Other The internet flexes its muscle 917Other News Items Reveal A Changing T/V Landscape 918Other Google AdWords Video Launches, Facebook Misses Q1 919Other Internet supera jornal e se torna segunda mídia em 2012, diz IAB 922Other Eliminate Media Fragmentation and Make Clients Happy 926Other Does the 80/20 Rule Still Apply to Web Advertising? 926Other $500 CPMs? The Power Of Advertising At Point Of Decision 927Other Americans Watch Billions Of Video Ads Monthly 931Other Andreessens Market Focus Pays Off For Instagram 936Other When leaders are scarce, employees look to peers 937Other The Demise Of The PC Could Be Slightly Exaggerated 938Other Adobe Releases Online Video Ad Monetization Report 941Planning A nova mídia digital é simples 21Planning Six Current and Six Rapidly Expanding Trends Marketers Should Focus On 26Planning Simple Ways to Achieve a Brainstorming Breakthrough 28Planning Agency briefs must improve 31Planning Andrew Keen: Globo foi estúpida e imprudente 40Planning Thanks to DVR and Streaming Services, Binge TV Viewers Abound 46Planning Maioria pula anúncios em vídeos online 48Planning Women Are Watching More TV, Video, Prefer Positive Ad Messages 57Planning How Coca-Cola found its creative groove 61Planning Convergence Analytics Delivers New Paradigm for Holistic Insights Into CustomerBehavior70Planning Survey: 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews 72Planning More + More Devices = More Multitasking 74Planning Shoppers In Buying Mode More Receptive To Online Ads 76Planning 15 Types of Email Marketing Tests You Should Be Doing 79Planning Report: Many TV Stations To Add Online Video To Advertising Mix 80Planning Using Visual Story Telling To Build Stronger Relationships With Consumers 86Planning Income, Education Levels Impact TV Viewing 88Planning Connected device usage diverges: 90Planning Psychological Priming And The Path To Purchase 91Planning How Google Views Predictive Models 97Planning Web Analytics Is Dead, Long Live Digital Intelligence 98Planning The Acute Heptagram of Impact 100Planning Starting an Unlikely Conversation: U by Kotex Wants People to Talk about "The V Word" 103Planning The five types of men: Which one are you? 107
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  17. 17. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 17Technology Local Search: The Dream 801Technology Algorithm Lets Wi-Fi-Connected Cars Share Data 802Technology Techno freaks juggle for control over apps 809
  18. 18. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 18Classe C cresce mais no interior que nas capitaisDados são destacados pelo novo estudo da NeoTVpor Andréa ValerioMeirelles: entender a nova classe média hoje é entender a classe A e B de amanhã‚O interior, a nova classe média e o mercado de TV por assinatura‛. Esse foi o tema da pesquisa apresentada por Renato Meirelles, sócio-diretor do Datapopular, durante a 11ª edição do Expo e Congresso NeoTV, que começou nesta terça-feira (23), em São Paulo. Segundo oexecutivo, o objetivo da pesquisa foi abordar, de forma mais aprofundada, as mudanças que vem acontecendo no país e mostrar quem são osverdadeiros protagonistas.Para Meirelles, entre os diferenciais do estudo está a constatação de que dois agentes foram responsáveis pela maioria das transformações.‚Um deles é a tão falada classe media e o outro é o consumidor do interior, que tem crescido mais do que do restante do pais‛. Ele destacouque, de acordo com o levantamento, essa parcela da população tem impulsionado todo o consumo, incluindo o de TV por assinatura.Outro dado importante da pesquisa, segundo o executivo, são as classes A e B, que também cresceram nos últimos anos, cerca de 7%, edevem crescer o dobro do volume nos próximos dez. Para ele, um ponto importante que precisa ser observado é que, nos próximos anos, osconsumidores das classes mais altas terão mais renda para consumir, mas o modo de pensar será o mesmo da C, já que são emergentes. ‚Porisso, entender a nova classe média hoje é entender a classe A e B de amanhã‛, ressaltou.Meirelles lembrou também a constatação do levantamento de que a classe média cresceu mais no interior do Brasil do que nas capitais. ‚Parase ter uma ideia, de cada dez brasileiros da classe media, seis são do interior‛. Outro ponto detectado pela pesquisa é que o crescimento darenda dos últimos anos permitiu a ampliação e a diversificação do consumo da classe média brasileira. Segundo o estudo, essa parcela dapopulação já representa 51% dos consumidores de internet e 45% dos assinantes de TV por assinatura.Google Fiber‘s Ripple EffectThe threat of superfast Google Fiber is causing other Internet providers to crank up their own offerings.By David Talbot on April 26, 2013Why It MattersThe United States is 16th in the world in broadband availability, speed, and price.As Google plans to expand its ultrafast Internet service from a fledging effort in Kansas City to Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah, evidence isemerging that the company has forced broadband competitors into offering dramatically better service.New data from Akamai, which delivers a hefty portion of all Web traffic, reveals a remarkable turn of events in Kansas. In the fourth quarter of2012, Kansas saw the largest jump in average Internet connection speeds of all U.S. states compared to the fourth quarter of 2011, with an 86percent surge (see ‚When Will the Rest of Us Get Google Fiber?‛). The next-highest increase was in Wyoming, at 51 percent.Google began installations in November in Kansas City, Kansas, offering one-gigabit Internet connections„nearly 100 times faster than the U.S.average„for $70 per month, or $120 with television service, a Nexus 7 tablet remote, two terabytes of DVR storage, plus another a terabyteof cloud storage. The rollout and TV service had been announced a few months before. ‚It could be the case that the other incumbent providerswere going, ‘Oh, crap, we stand to potentially lose subscribers to this deal with Google if we don’t provide competitive service,’ ‛ says DavidBelson, who authored Akamai’s state of the Internet report.There is no public data that gives a complete picture of the speed improvements or price reductions that Internet service providers in theKansas City area made in response to the beginning of the Google service, which delivers broadband over fiber-optic lines. But SusanCrawford, a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and former special assistant for technology policy in the Obamaadministration, says her research suggests that Google is indeed the driving force in the Kansas market.In December, Time Warner Cable increased speeds of some services in the Kansas City area, boosting its ‚turbo‛ service from 15 megabits persecond to 20 megabits per second and its fastest service from 50 to 100 megabits per second. ‚I see Time Warner Cable in and aroundKansas City acting like a bulldog with a bone,‛ says Crawford, author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry & Monopoly Power in theGilded Age. ‚They want to make sure they hang onto subscribers, not lose them.‛In general, there is plenty that the dominant Internet providers can do to provide better deals without much effort, she says. Cable companieslike Time Warner Cable and Comcast have the technical capacity to speed up service, and also plenty of room to lower prices, given theestimate from one analyst„Craig Moffet of the Wall Street firm Bernstein Research„that they typically make 97 percent profit margins onInternet services.
  19. 19. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 19The competition may be even hotter in the newer Google Fiber battlegrounds. After Google announced plans for Austin (see ‚Google FiberTakes on Texas‛), AT&T quickly announced it would match that effort with its own one-gigabit service, and Time Warner Cable sweetened itsInternet plans with free Wi-Fi in public areas to existing customers.Google has not disclosed how many customers it has in Kansas City, or what plans those customers bought. But Akamai was able to do someforensic work to see just how small Google’s service footprint was, and thus just how little it took to wake up the competition.According to Belson, in the fourth quarter of last year, Google had less than a tenth of a percent of the 800,000 Internet subscribers inKansas, or fewer than 800 customers. ‚Ultimately, we didn’t see enough unique IP addresses from [Google] that those speeds would haveunduly influenced the overall [speed] calculation,‛ Belson says.Even more remarkable, perhaps, was that Google Fiber customers were using far less than the available blazing speed. IP addresses associatedwith Google Fiber were seeing average connection speeds of twice the Kansas average of five megabits, and peak speeds of five timesgreater than the average of 25 megabits.Some of this might be explained by the fact that some Google Fiber customers took only a basic hookup with five-megabit service for a one-time $300 installation fee, and did not accept the fast service. But the larger reality is that, so far, ‚there is not a whole lot of stuff out theretoday that is really gigabit-capable,‛ Belson says.Nonetheless, gigabit speeds have proved to be quite capable of waking up a nation of Internet service monopolies and duopolies (see ‚A Taleof Two Genachowskis‛).Havas Media and DG Form Strategic Partnership for Digital and TVCampaign OptimizationWritten on Apr 26, 2013 Author AdotasWireNEW YORK (ADOTAS) ” Havas Media announced today that it has partnered with DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) to deliver the first integrated solutionfor online and TV campaign management. The global partnership brings together Havas Media’s digital and media expertise and DG’sMediaMind and VideoFusion technologies at the core of Havas Media worldwide operations.This step allows Havas Media to advance its strategy in becoming the leader in cross-media and content marketing globally. Havas Media willintegrate its specialized units such as Artemis (the group’s global data management network) with DG’s MediaMind Online products and DG’sVideoFusion TV solutions. The partnership between the two companies will remove obstacles that hinder the convergence of marketing acrossTV and Online. As both companies focus on client-side optimization, advertisers worldwide will now benefit from a unique value proposition ofintegrated media and technology across digital and TV.‚As part of our strategic efforts to promote agility between all our teams and disciplines at the core of our organisation, DG is a naturalpartner for us due to the openness and scale of their MediaMind and VideoFusion platforms as well as their continued commitment toinnovation,‛ said Stéphanie Marie, in charge of Digital Operations, Havas Media Global. ‚DG’s solutions and continued effort to bridge the gapbetween Online and TV allow us to present clients with a shared vision that meets consumer demand for more meaningful connections.‛With a recent re-alignment of its business under a simplified structure, Havas Media has placed its digital expertise and content marketing atthe core of its operations. Similarly, DG has recently united all of its solutions under the same master brand, creating the largest independentadvertising technology platform in the market, managing more than 10% of the world’s media spend.‚As the worlds of TV and online converge, marketers are seeking technology partners who can deliver cross-channel consumer engagementand analytics,‛ said Neil Nguyen, DG’s President and CEO. ‚DG is uniquely positioned to accelerate the convergence of advertising across anever increasing number of screens. We welcome the opportunity to provide Havas Media clients a multi-screen solution covering distribution,reporting and analytics for TV and Online.‛About Havas MediaHavas Media is the main media brand of Havas Media Group and operates in 126 countries.Our mission is to unite brands and people through meaningful connections and drive business success. We service clients through a portfolio ofspecialist teams that span media, strategy, international management, digital, mobile, social media, experiential, entertainment and sport. Oursimplified and integrated structure has allowed us to build one of the most integrated, agile and responsive global teams in the industry.Further information can be found at or follow us on Twitter @HavasMediaAbout DG
  20. 20. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 20DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) is the leading global multiscreen advertising management and distribution platform, fueling campaign management acrossTV, online, mobile and beyond. Through a combination of technology and services, DG empowers brands and advertisers to work faster,smarter and more competitively. Boasting the world’s largest hybrid satellite and internet network for broadcast video delivery, the company’sunparalleled campaign management encompasses multiscreen ad delivery, cross-channel research and analytics, and unified asset management.The DG product portfolio consists of two overarching product lines for online and video campaign management: MediaMind and VideoFusion.With New York as a center of operations, DG is a global company that connects over 14,000 advertisers and 7,400 agencies worldwide withtheir targeted audiences through an expansive network of over 50,000 media destinations across TV broadcast and digital advertising in 78countries, managing approximately ten percent of the world’s media assets.Not All DMPs are Created Equal: What Every Smart Marketer ShouldKnowWritten on Apr 26, 2013 Author Rob GattoADOTAS ” As the ad-tech ecosystem has evolved over the past two to three years, I hear a lot of major brands, agencies andnetworks/marketplaces asking about data management platforms (DMPs). Some have called the DMP ‚the gateway to the next step in theevolution of digital marketing‛ or the ‚layer of technology that will literally touch and enhance every part of your business.‛ I agree that DMPshave a long-lasting place in the industry versus being just a shiny new object, but to truly add as much value as possible, a DMP needs toincorporate:Data Management: The pipes for data collection, normalization, moving data around and preparation for analysis. This includes the ability to linkoffline data (CRM and other first-, second-, and third-party) and online data (impressions, clicks, conversions) to help marketers betterunderstand purchase intent, relevant messaging, and focus on targeting those ready to convert.Predictive Analytics: A way to truly drive insights out of the ‚big data‛ advertisers have collected in their DMP. They need to be able toanswer questions like:Is the data I have good or bad?How much data is there and which data should I care about?How does my data overlay on various inventory sources?How does my data intersect with campaigns?Are the ‚males‛ I am targeting also the ‚females‛?How much duplication do I have in my media buys?What do right prospects look like? How do I find more of them?Attribution Modeling. A way to truly keep score across the entire marketing funnel not just the last touch before a customer buys.Understanding how brand advertising in the upper portion of the funnel effects performance at the bottom portion of the funnel is essential inhelping determine who are your best partners both for brand and direct response advertising. The interplay between each is essential tovaluing the money spent.In my mind, when looking to choose a DMP vendor there are three things to consider:Technology Stack: Is the solution you are looking at a standalone solution? Is this all they do or is this an ‚add on‛ to what they do day in andday out? Was the solution built in such a way that it can scale with you and your business over time?Neutral Platform and Integration Layer: Can the solution assemble all your media and audience data to provide a pure cross-channel view ofyour entire media spend? Can the provider get access to and handle the implementation to ensure you are integrating all of your siloedsolutions and are capturing the right information from day one to take action?Predictive Analytics: Wouldn’t it be great to know what would happen ahead of time if you moved your media buy from one inventory providerto another or if you targeted one specific audience versus another? The ability to do ‚what if‛ analysis across your entire media budget is coreto reducing the inefficiencies that exist in all media plans. In order to find those inefficiencies and decide where to reinvest you need to beable to leverage first/second/third party data to ensure your audience and media are aligned.
  21. 21. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 21What many companies do not realize is the value in a DMP partner comes when the partner has the ability to get access to all their consumertouch points and enables them to see cross-channel/inventory provider and drive actionable insights from the data. If you only get insightsinto audiences bought from one specific data partner or only get analytics on your buys from one particular data/media partner you will not beable to deliver the holistic insights to reduce inefficiencies, increase reach, and drive new sales.The bottom line: It is the intelligence layer that goes with a DMP that will take marketers from just investing in digital media to leveraging digitalmedia to effectively drive brand awareness, retargeting efforts, website efficiency, and conversions. Any one feature set falls short withoutthe other two.A nova mídia digital é simplesCristiano Nobrega, sócio-fundador da TailTarget, analisa o atual momento do mercado digital e sua complexidadePor Cristiano NobregaSócio-fundador da TailTargetHá alguns dias ouvi a seguinte frase: "contratei uma TD que comprará mídia display por RTB, através de uma DSP conectada a todas asprincipais AdExs e vamos qualificar a compra da mídia através dos perfis de uma DMP que adotamos". Para um leigo, essa frase pode soarcomo algo indecifrável, contudo, essa é a nova realidade da nossa atividade e demonstra a exata dimensão de que o mercado de mídia digitaljá está repleto de siglas, aparentemente bastante complexas para todos nós.Então, como nos preparamos para participar desta nova realidade? A resposta é paradoxalmente simples e óbvia: entendendo quem são osprincipais agentes dessa nova cadeia de valor e decodificando seus significados de forma objetiva. Transformações como essa, pela qual amídia digital está passando, dependem da adoção sistemática das novas práticas e plataformas por parte dos agentes de mercado, sejamanunciantes, agências ou publishers. A meu ver a complexidade causada por essas novas siglas é muito maior do que deveria, o que contribuipara inibir que parte ainda significativa do mercado entenda e sinta-se mais confortável em fazer negócio nesse novo ambiente.Decifrando esse novo ecossistema, já é possível comprar no Brasil audiências online através de lances programados em tempo real com baseem diversas especificações que asseguram o melhor valor pago para se atingir o público-alvo correto. É a chamada prática de Real TimeBidding, ou RTB. Essas compras sistemáticas são feitas através de plataformas criadas para gerenciar esse tipo de demanda por mídia, aschamadas DemandSidePlatforms, ou DSPs. Elas são operadas por Trading Desks (TDs), empresas ou áreas especializadas nesse novo jeito decomprar mídia digital. Já as Ad Exchanges (AdExs) são plataformas intermediárias que disponibilizam a audiência dos websites para que essaforma de transação ocorra.E para que o público impactado numa campanha programada dessa maneira tenha o perfil desejado pelo anunciante, entra em cena um recursofundamental, a DMP (Data Management Platform). Esse tipo de plataforma processa incontáveis volumes de dados (big data) provenientes danavegação dos internautas e de suas interações online com a marca do anunciante, a fim de padronizar e qualificar o perfil da audiência. Issocria inteligência para o negócio e permite que o lance de compra oferecido encontre, não importa onde, um perfil de público inequivocamentedesejado sem dispersão, otimizando os investimentos publicitários.Portanto os pilares dessa nova forma de operar a mídia digital continuam sendo os mesmos de sempre: de um lado a audiência dos websitesou publishers (oferta), do outro os anunciantes e agências (demanda), passando pelos dados de qualificação da audiência (segmentação). Afinalo que muda na prática é a intensidade com que os dados e a tecnologia são aplicados para tornar a publicidade online muito mais dinâmica,precisa e, claro, simples.What Happened When One Man Pinged the Whole InternetA home science experiment that probed billions of Internet devices reveals that thousands of industrial and business systems offer remoteaccess to anyone.Call response: The approximate location of some of the 460 million responses to a survey of Internet devices carried out by an anonymoushacker.By Tom Simonite on April 26, 2013
  22. 22. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 22Why It MattersMany company’s IT systems have largely unknown and easily hackable backdoors.You probably haven’t heard of HD Moore, but up to a few weeks ago every Internet device in the world, perhaps including some in your ownhome, was contacted roughly three times a day by a stack of computers that sit overheating his spare room. ‚I have a lot of cooling equipmentto make sure my house doesn’t catch on fire,‛ says Moore, who leads research at computer security company Rapid7. In February last year hedecided to carry out a personal census of every device on the Internet as a hobby. ‚This is not my day job; it’s what I do for fun,‛ he says.Moore has now put that fun on hold. ‚[It] drew quite a lot of complaints, hate mail, and calls from law enforcement,‛ he says. But the datacollected has revealed some serious security problems, and exposed some vulnerable business and industrial systems of a kind used to controleverything from traffic lights to power infrastructure.Moore’s census involved regularly sending simple, automated messages to each one of the 3.7 billion IP addresses assigned to devicesconnected to the Internet around the world (Google, in contrast, collects information offered publicly by websites). Many of the two terabytes(2,000 gigabytes) worth of replies Moore received from 310 million IPs indicated that they came from devices vulnerable to well-known flaws,or configured in a way that could to let anyone take control of them.On Tuesday, Moore published results on a particularly troubling segment of those vulnerable devices: ones that appear to be used for businessand industrial systems. Over 114,000 of those control connections were logged as being on the Internet with known security flaws. Many couldbe accessed using default passwords and 13,000 offered direct access through a command prompt without a password at all.Those vulnerable accounts offer attackers significant opportunities, says Moore, including rebooting company servers and IT systems,accessing medical device logs and customer data, and even gaining access to industrial control systems at factories or power infrastructure.Moore’s latest findings were aided by a similar dataset published by an anonymous hacker last month, gathered by compromising 420,000pieces of network hardware.The connections Moore was looking for are known as serial servers, used to connect devices to the Internet that don’t have that functionalitybuilt in. ‚Serial servers act as glue between archaic systems and the networked world,‛ says Moore. ‚[They] are exposing many organizationsto attack.‛ Moore doesn’t know whether the flaws he has discovered are being exploited yet, but has released details on how companies canscan their systems for the problems he uncovered.Joel Young, chief technology officer of Digi International, manufacturer of many of the unsecured serial servers that Moore found, welcomedthe research, saying it had helped his company understand how people were using its products. ‚Some customers that buy and deploy ourproducts didn’t follow good security policy or practices,‛ says Young. ‚We have to do more proactive education for customers about security.‛Young says his company sells a cloud service that can give its products a private, secured connection away from the public Internet. However,he also said that Digi would continue to ship products with default passwords, because it made initial setup smoother, and that makescustomers more likely to set their own passwords. ‚I haven’t found a better way,‛ he says.
  23. 23. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 23Billy Rios, a security researcher who works on industrial control systems at security startup company Cylance, says Moore’s project providesvaluable numbers to quantify the scale of a problem that is well-known to experts like himself but underappreciated by companies at risk.Rios says that in his experience, systems used by more ‚critical‛ facilities such as energy infrastructure are just as likely to be vulnerable toattack as those used for jobs such as controlling doors in a small office. ‚They are using the same systems,‛ he says.Removing serial servers from the public Internet so that they are accessed through a private connection could prevent many of the easiestattacks, says Rios, but attackers could still use various techniques to steal the necessary credentials.The new work adds to other significant findings from Moore’s unusual hobby. Results he published in January showed that around 50 millionprinters, games consoles, routers, and networked storage drives are connected to the Internet and easily compromised due to known flaws in aprotocol called Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). This protocol allows computers to automatically find printers, but is also built into some securitydevices, broadband routers, and data storage systems, and could be putting valuable data at risk.Data collected by Moore’s survey has also helped Rapid7 colleagues identify how a piece of software called FinFisher was used by lawenforcement and intelligence agencies to spy on political activists. It also helped unmask the control structure for a long-running campaigncalled Red October that infiltrated many government systems in Europe.Moore believes the security industry is overlooking some rather serious, and basic, security problems by focusing mostly on the computersused by company employees. ‚It became obvious to me that we’ve got some much bigger issues,‛ says Moore. ‚There [are] some fundamentalproblems with how we use the Internet today.‛ He wants to get more people working to patch up the backdoors that are putting companies atrisk.However, Moore has no plans to probe the entire Internet again. Large power and Internet bills, and incidents such the Chinese government’sComputer Emergency Response Team asking U.S. authorities to stop Moore ‚hacking all their things‛ have convinced him it’s time to find anew hobby. However, with plenty of data left to analyze, there will likely be more to reveal about the true state of online security, says Moore:‚We’re sitting on mountains of new vulnerabilities.‛Retail executive lays out the future of content curation.Carrie Whitehead, Zappos on April 25, 2013.If you think about it, fashion may actually be THE industry that started the curation trend ” we just didn’t know it at the time. How could we?‚Curation‛ is a relatively new term, but it’s finding its way into other realms; you hear about content curation, music curation ” all meaning thatin some way, these industries are personalizing their offer according to your individual wants, needs and likes.Online retail has given us the ability to find almost anything we’d want to buy. In fact, offering a great selection has become the goal for manyonline retailers. The largest online retailer, has a vision to be the ‘Earth’s Biggest Selection.’ But is this vast selection toooverwhelming for shoppers? A search for ‘black dress’ in Clothing & Accessories on brings back 65,529 results! For consumers,this large number of choices can lead to confusion, exhaustion and dissatisfied purchases, or worse, no purchase at all.With new retailers, designers and online experiences launching daily, the need for easy discovery of relevant fashion is more important thanever. Shoppers are increasingly turning to experiences that offer a smaller set of tailored selections to help find the product that is just rightfor them according to their individual wants, needs and likes. A tailored experience is no longer just a desire for shoppers, it is an expectation.
  24. 24. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 24Frank & Oak Style recomendationsCurated retail is nothing new. Traditional brick and mortar stores have always relied on strategic merchandise presentation, attractive windowdisplays and helpful sales associates to grab their customer’s attention and help them discover new products. Although online stores may nothave the advantage of this physical and in-person appeal, they are using consumer data, advanced technologies and social media to take thecurated experience to the next level.Large retailers are looking at how they can offer a more tailored experience around their existing inventory. Zappos recently launched Glance, ashopping experience allowing users to discover the most exciting products from Zappos through curated collections. In addition to hand-pickedcollections, Glance allows users to heart products they love; ultimately allowing shoppers to discover products hearted by others with similartaste or by what is popular within the community.Retailers are also turning to a limited product mix to offer a more tailored experience. Niche retailers such as Warby Parker (retro-inspiredeyewear) and Frank & Oak (quality menswear) are providing a boutique experience with a price tag that’s accessible.Many websites focus on narrowed discovery by offering products chosen by celebrities, industry experts or the social community. Socialshopping site OpenSky taps celebrities and influencers to select the products they love. Fancy, a social photo site similar to Pinterest, putscuration in the hands of the community. Its goal is to connect users with similar tastes and allow them to purchase the things they like.
  25. 25. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 25All of the examples above help shoppers discover products that are more relevant to them. Additionally, because these experiences are handtailored ” in some cases by someone the shopper knows ” they are more likely to purchase the product or share with their friends.Although there will always be a need for the multi-category mass retail experience, curated online shopping is a huge trend that will continue tohelp consumers navigate the incredible selection to find what’s right for them. As online shopping behavior changes, retailers will continue tofind ways to provide easy-to-use, highly personalized experiences that offer customers what they want, where they want it. Combining anonline shopper’s history and preferences with human touch will lead to the perfect answer to the question, ‚What is right for me?‛Carrie Whitehead is the Product and UX Manager at Zappos Labs in San Francisco, where she spearheads new and innovative adventures inonline shopping.Six Current and Six Rapidly Expanding Trends Marketers Should FocusOnPosted on April 25, 2013Image(Originally delivered at the Publicis Investor Conference in London on April 23, 2013)It is clear to everyone today that six forces are driving the future. These are that the world is, and it will become morea) Digitalb) Networked and connectedc) Mobile
  26. 26. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 26d) Social ( we live in a people network age)e) Driven by emerging marketsf) People powered as tech democratizes everything and empowers peopleNow we are anticipating six key drivers of the future that build on the original six trends. And we are building our future strategy around thesesix new realities.1. The future is not just increasingly digital but it is integrating with analog (Digital Leakage)Mobile phones make place and people important. E commerce and regular commerce blend. Amazon has stores and Walmart goes digital.Alibaba in China is spans real world and digital world. People remain filled with analog feelings in a digital world. All this places a premium onthose who can combine TQ (Tech Q), IQ and EQ (Emotion Quotient). Brands and stories will matter greatly since in the end its about people and‚we tell each other stories in order to live‛ (Joan Didion) and ‚we choose with our hearts and use numbers to justify what we just did‛ (BlaisePascal).2 .The future is less about marketing and more about facilitating self marketingPeople use search and social, to learn and speak to each other about products and services. They self market using people’s networks likeFacebook, blogs, Twitter, Yelp and much more. Clients must ensure that their Brands are easily accessible, responsive and broadly distributedin this world. Are you facilitating self marketing. In a transparent world authenticity is what matters. How can brands remain relevant andauthentic?3. Advertising will be less about messages and more about content curation, creation and distribution, and increasingly about utilities andservices.Acts not just ads will be key. Brands increasingly will develop digital products and services such as Amex open forum and Nike Fuel Band.Mobility, Participation and API’s (Application Protocol Interfaces) will allow new ways to tell stories, engage and deliver value to consumers.Experiences will rule.4.The future of TV will be even more but powerful will be very different and come from the slime (IP TV) and be multi-glass.Look at Amazon, You Tube, Netflix, Twitter (and their global equivalents) for where TV is going. Look at the app ecosystem that consumersare getting used to on their phones and tablets as a new way to engage with TV’s. Look at the 13 to 18 year olds who watch more Internet TVthan broadcast TV to see future behaviors. A world of on demand, multi glass (screens, devices like Google Glass and new wearablecomputing) , and full seasons released at one time. Glass will not just be connected to each other and to IP networks but to many of ourdevices like cars!5. The future will be about more access and less ownershipConsumers increasingly want access to content (Spotify, Netflix etc.) or things (Zip car etc.) rather than just ownership. This will also be true inthe world of big data. It will be how to access and combine rather than own the right data in real time to help deliver services and predictcustomer behavior. Finally. marketers will want to be both accessible and look to partners who can provide them with access to globalpartnerships and opportunities key6.Marketing a huge growth categoryThis is a growth game and not a share game as empowered consumers call for empowered marketing. To grow in a networked worldcollaboration and friends rather than ‚frenemies‛ (you are or you are not pregnant…odd this ‚frenemy‛ thing)The future world will not only make marketing more effective but will make brand-building story telling more compelling and to prepare for thishuge growth we are aligning behind three pillars of a) Commerce+, where marketing is commerce and commerce is marketing, b) NextGeneration Story Telling which leverage mobility, participation and API’s and c) Content (Creation, distribution and measurement across glasswhich in some cases will be screens, in some cases will be glasses like Google Glass, and in some cases will be devices like new iWatches) .The future of marketing will be bright. Now all of us marketers have to be bright enough in learning, re-inventing and collaborating to remainrelevant and truly unleash this potential!Ideas and insights from our laboratory of strategy architects,identity shapers, design gurus, web mavens, content experts andsocial media wizards...we invite you to join our conversation.
  27. 27. Babelfish Articles May 2012 - April2013 v1 15-5-13 Page 27Simple Ways to Achieve a Brainstorming BreakthroughDesign, General | Adam Hansen | 04/23/13mmblog_brainstormAlthough brainstorming is an essential process, it’s not always an easy one. Snatching ultra-creative concepts out of thin air takes a uniqueapproach and mindset. At MM, we’re constantly kicking our brainstorming sessions into high gear to produce great work for our clients. We’dlove to share some of our favorite brainstorming techniques that will help you think outside of the box, while giving your productivity a rocket-like boost.Remember while brainstorming that there are no bad ideas. We repeat: there are no bad ideas. This is an old adage for good reason.Brainstorming should be used to get every last idea out of your brain and into the world„ all ideas should be welcomed and accepted,regardless of how wonky they may be. In a group, picking apart someone’s suggestions can quickly shut down creativity and stall the process.That’s not what brainstorming is all about.At MM we strive to create an open environment where no one is afraid to contribute and everyone is heard. Even if you think an idea is crazy,throw it out there. It often kickstarts someone else’s thought process or evolves into a viable concept later on.While brainstorming, surround yourself with items that will facilitate the process. A whiteboard is a great visual tool to collect all of your ideas,concepts, and drawings down in one place. It’s also an asset later when you start to pare down ideas an