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Century Flexible Packaging V5


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Century Flexible Packaging overview

Century Flexible Packaging overview

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  • 1. Century Flexible Packaging Packing and Protecting your Products
  • 2. Discussion Agenda
    • What we represent
      • Our beliefs
      • Our manufactures
      • Our difference
    • How we work
    • Our value proposition
    • Our products
      • Film technology
      • Resins/additives
      • Custom products
    • Our partnership… what we can do for you
  • 3. What We Represent Our Beliefs
    • Our experienced representatives deliver
      • The best product for your application
      • The right source for packaging needs
      • The highest quality materials that present and protect your product
    • We deliver personal attention
      • Delivering comprehensive flexible packaging industry knowledge
      • Incorporating new and emerging technology into product offerings
      • Researching industry and regulatory trends to fit your product needs
      • Providing custom, innovative and affordable flexible packaging solutions
    • We represent great manufacturers
      • All products are delivered to your specifications
      • Products are all tested and proven to be a top industry performer
      • Recommend the best materials, systems and processes to meet your specific packaging goals
  • 4. What We Represent Our Manufacturers
    • Our manufacturers are top industry performers, with strong reputations for reliability, and product innovation
    • Our relationship give you access to
      • Unparalleled customer service
      • Samples, tech details, etc…
  • 5. What We Represent Our Difference
    • Diverse market experience
      • Representing manufacturers’ for more than 25 years
      • Providing a staff with over 50 years of experience
      • Delivering quality products and services to food, general manufacturing, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical and more
    • Risk avoidance
      • Utilizing proven industry products
      • Customizing to your specific production needs
      • Not a “one size fits all” supplier
    • Cost savings
      • Flexible order sizes… order only what you need
      • Custom designed films increase productivity (machinability)
      • Right resin formulation to reduce product cost and meet your demanding requirements
  • 6. Our Market Process
    • Product and production process needs evaluation
    • Material and process research and plan design
    • Custom quoting process considers project specific needs
    • Single or multi-bid quotes
    • Upon costing approval an in plant audit
    • Materials provided for short run testing
    • Plant scheduling
    • Shelf life test
    • Ramp up to full production
    • Internal quality program
    • Consistent raw materials
    • On going technical support
    • Offer new innovative products
    • Rules of Engagement
    • Design service around your requirements
    Discussion Quality Check Support Process Integration Quote Trial Run
  • 7. Century Flexible Packaging Our Value Proposition
    • Excellence in quality, on-time delivery, customer service and converting.
  • 8. Our Products Overview
    • One stop shop for flexible packaging needs
    • Providing the best in flexible packaging solutions
      • Multi-layer films and coated films
      • Large selection of resins and additives to deliver proper protection for your products
      • Customer product solutions to give you many packaging options
    • Large inventory of options to deliver the highest quality materials to present and protect your products
  • 9. Our Products Film Technology
    • Choosing the right solution is easy as 1,2,3.
    • Select a film solution that fits your application
      • Multi-layer solutions Mono layer, 3 layer or 9 layer
      • Laminations, coated films and co-extrusions
    • Define what custom resins and additives your product needs
      • Level of protection, and strength/abuse resistance
      • Specific barriers that can be used to prevent penetration of contaminants
      • Modified atmosphere packaging to keep product fresh
    • Customize the finishing/machineability
      • COF
      • Seals
        • Hot tack
        • Superior seal strength
  • 10. Our Products Resins/Additives
    • Resins
    • LDPE
    • LLDPE
    • HDPE
    • Polyester
    • Polypropylene
    • OPP
    • EVOH
    • Nylon
    • Surlyn
    • Additives
    • Colors
    • Anti-static
    • Flame retardant
    • Ultra0violet inhibitor
    • Volatile corrosion inhibitor
    • Corona treatment
  • 11. Our Products Custom Products
    • Shrink pallet covers
    • PE shrink bundling
    • Box liners
    • VCI bags and film
    • FF&S machine film
    • Differential slip
    • Pre-opened “autobags” style bags
    • Tape seal
    • Reclosable bags (plain and printed)
    • Custom printed bags
    • Round bottom liners
    • Barrier films and bags
    • Lidding film
  • 12. Our Partnership
    • The right partner for you
      • Understands your needs
      • Delivers the right products, to your specification
      • Integrates into your business process and timeline
      • Supports your machinability/ in-plant requirements
    • The right customer (Call to action)
      • Values our commitment to customer service
      • Sees us as a valuable resource in the procurement and delivery of their film needs
      • Lets us manage their film supplier relationships so they don’t have to
    • Next steps
      • How can we best serve you?
  • 13. We are here for you
    • Century Flexible Packaging
    • 2586 Town Hill
    • Troy, MI 48084
    • Phone: 248-644-7383
    • Fax: 248-644-6648
    • Brian Barr [email_address]