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Wilson portfolio2013

  1. 1. Brian D. Wilson, PE, CMfgE, CSEPWilsonB@ASME.orgChaska, MN55318
  2. 2. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsOBJECTIVE• To locate a career position that utilizesmy program management skills,engineering training, andinterpersonal/communications abilities.Goal• Develop and launch systems andtechnologies that exceed customerexpectations and thrill the user. Providestaff challenging opportunities that arerewarding, enjoyable, and result in theirpersonal career growth
  3. 3. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsQUALIFICATIONS25+ years of product development and engineeringexperience spanning the entire product life cycle, withdeep medical instrumentation capabilities.• Overseen the design, development, verification and validation of projectsto ensure the timely completion of products at projected costs withinspecified performance parameters.• Advanced project (technical) and program (business) management skills• Multitasking prowess to handle multiple business priorities simultaneously andprioritize and complete work within stringent deadlines• Forecasted staffing requirements across functional units; developed resourcestrategies, allocated budgets, staff, tools, and specialized support neededfor cost-effective operations• Lead multifunctional project teams and managed scientific, engineering,technical and product development staff• Experience managing, coaching and developing a team and function• Demonstrated ability to lead an organization through large scale change• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to facilitateand engage cross-functional project teams• Establish and approve operational objectives and assignments, delegatingassignments to staff• Demonstrated excellence in engineering and product design• Multiple patents, publications, and classes. Design for six sigma greenbelttraining, twice awarded Beckman-Coulter Excellence in Innovation Award.
  4. 4. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEDUCATION• 1984 MSME StanfordUniversity. National ScienceFoundation Fellow• 1983 BSME Univ. ofSouthern California.Valedictorian College ofEngineering.
  5. 5. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment2007-Present Director Systems Engineering, Beckman-Coulter, Chaska, MN.2005-2007 Center Manager Platform Development, Beckman-Coulter, Chaska, MN2000-2004 Manager/Group Manager Hardware Engineering, Beckman Coulter, Ch1998-2000 Principal/Staff Mechanical Engineer, Beckman Coulter, Chaska MN1992-1997 Senior Mechanical Engineer/Manufacturing Engineer III, Beckman Cou1990-1992 Director, Technology Transfer Programs, Minnesota Project Innovation1988-1990 Manufacturing Engineer- Program Manager, Directorate of Manufacturi1984-1988 Mechanical Engineer, Deputy for Engineering, U.S. Air Force, Wright-P
  6. 6. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment2007-Present Director Systems Engineering, Beckman-Coulter,Chaska, MN.• Lead for Systems Engineering and the Hardware DevelopmentGroup to create a fully automated sample to answer moleculardiagnostic clinical laboratory instrument system. Platform coreteam lead, instrument team lead, systems engineering manager,and system architect for this new instrument which forms thefoundation of a new corporate product and technology line.Utilized concurrent development of reagents, hardware, softwareand manufacturing processes. Assembled/Hired new staff, hadnew facilities constructed, and instituted new procedures.Managed staff across multiple US geographies. Implemented alean product development process and created a first in thecorporation electronic drawing release/document control system.Personally accountable for breadboards and prototypes, systemrequirements development, characterization and verificationtesting. Because of the need for heavy cross geography andfunction communication, utilized multiple electronic collaborationtools and DFSS methodologies. Member of the site leadershipteam with a shared site general manager function.
  7. 7. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment2005-2007 Center Manager Platform Development, Beckman-Coulter, Chaska, MN.• Engineering (ME, EE) and Systems Engineering departmentmanager. Responsible for all hardware platform developmentactivities for the Immunodiagnostics Development Center($800MM/year) Staff of 40+. Achievement highlights includebeing the Project Manager and lead Systems Engineer for theDxI600 a mid-volume immunoassay instrument from conceptionthrough product validation and 510K. Responsible forimmunoassay activities on a new high volume clinicalchemistry/immuno analyzer combination instrument, (DxC880i),from concept through design control. Personally designed uniquehardware and developed systems engineering documentation.Responsible for on-going reliability improvements for our flagshiphigh volume analyzer reducing after sales cost of service by 46%.Implemented new project and labor tracking systems, electronictraining records and structures within my departments.Continuous quality improvements also yielded successful internaland external audits (including ISO, and FDA) with no findings.Member of the site’s mentoring core team, served as a formaland informal mentor.
  8. 8. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment2000-2004 Manager/Group Manager Hardware Engineering,Beckman Coulter , Chaska MN• Responsible for Mechanical Engineering, Hardware Reliability andmodel shop organizations. Launched a major new immunoassayplatform, the DxI800, on schedule. Milestones such as 510(k) andDesign Transfer completed on schedule. Participated on the product’searly response team and helped initial calendar year placements grow512% over target. Improved manufacturing processes reducing timein the instrument’s final final test process by 81%. Personallyresponsible for product consumables and led a major effort to replaceresins in our reagent packs and reaction vessels. Activities includedchemical compatibility and revalidation of all assays, mechanicalproperties, reliability testing, and moldability and mold qualification.Designed subsystems including an accessory cart and a pipettor tosupport laboratory automation. Successfully integrated many newhires into the workgroup, held milestone recognitions, establishedmeaningful development plans, and served as a communicationconduit to my staff.
  9. 9. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment1998-2000 Principal/Staff Mechanical Engineer at Beckman Coulter,Chaska MN• Project Manager and senior engineer for development of, andimprovements to, automated blood testing instruments. Activitiesinclude technical analysis, design, team building, budgeting,scheduling, and vendor interactions. Lead projects fromconceptualization through manufacturing implementation and fieldsupport. Supervised site model shop. Responsible for manysubsystems including their specification, FMEA, concept test,manufacturing process development, and release. For our Accessproduct I developed a new external fluids supply unit, sample cups,and vessel shuttle. In partnership with another engineer, developed arobotic interface to laboratory automation and insured it’s successfulimplementation at a customer site (AccessRT). Supported the initialdevelopment of the DxI800 with module responsibility for sample andreagent pipetting, pick and place devices, ventilation, shuttles, solidwaste, and wash towers. Worked with castings, cables, extrusions,molding, and machined parts. Implemented a new data managementsystem for use with our CAD system and established initial bestpractices including formats, start parts, procedures, andmanufacturing process sheets.
  10. 10. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment1992-1997 Senior Mechanical Engineer/Manufacturing Engineer III atBeckman Coulter/Sanofi Diagnostics, Chaska MN• Products successfully deployed include a suite of samplemanagement products including sample trays, sample containers,ultrasonic pipettor, a sample collection kit, a ceramic face valve, bar-code readers and sample holding adapters; improved mixing stations;a complete bulk fluids supply and waste module; filter housings;integrated filters; and mechanical assemblies for reliabilityimprovement. Initially held the position of Manufacturing Engineer IIIand was responsible for the successful transition from development toinitial production of a new automated immunoassay medicaldiagnostic instrument. Personally responsible for engineering supporton all mechanical, hydraulic, and vacuum systems following theirdesign validation. Design tools used include Pro-Engineer,Mechanica, AutoCad, MS-Project and other PC applications.Completed objectives include bringing manufacturability and supportissues forward in the development cycle, improving instrument partconfiguration control processes, capital tooling release and controlprocedures, and product documentation flow. Efforts improvedprocesses, increased yields, and assisted the company in achievingISO 9001 certification. Cost reduced products through identifyingtarget assemblies, design modifications, changing materials ormodifying production processes resulting in savings of 40% inunburdened part costs. Extensive experience with molding, castingand extrusions for cost reduction and product improvement.Supervised company model shop
  11. 11. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment1990-1992 Director, technology transfer Programs atMinnesota Project Innovation, Minnesota AdvancedManufacturing Technology Centers, Inc., Minneapolis,MN• Assisted companies with manufacturing modernization,new product development, and the introduction of newprocesses. Directed programs to assist areabusinesses in licensing federal technologies andleveraging resources. Created and hosted technicaltraining classes. reviewed client product designs, wroteand reviewed technical proposals. Identified clientneeds through surveys, interactions, and advisorycommittees. Established a client base of over 300companies and successfully assisted them in locating,obtaining, and implementing available federaltechnology and technical contracts. Upgraded officeautomation and served as the network administrator.
  12. 12. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment1988-1990 Manufacturing Engineer- Program Manager,Directorate of Manufacturing Technology, U.S. Air Force,Wright-Patterson AFB, OH; and Universal Technology Corp,Dayton OH.• Responsible for the identification, development and executionof the Air Forces advanced machining and machine toolprograms. Directed the development of a new machine toolcontrol system, sensor applications, flexible repair cell, andmanufacturing software projects. Identified needs, securedfunding, managed requests for proposals, selected sources,drafted and supervised various types of contracts (both forservices and capital equipment), technically directed andreviewed activities, supervised a staff of three. Utilized cross-functional teams to meet aggressive deadlines in a TQMenvironment. Accountable for the effective utilization of abudget totaling up to fifteen million dollars per year. Projectsimplemented ranged from incremental technologyimprovements to advanced integrated manufacturingsystems. Became the single focal point for all Air Forceadvanced machining R&D.
  13. 13. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsEmployment1984-1988 Mechanical EngineerDeputy for Engineering, U.S. Air Force,Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, Active duty Captain.• Lead support systems engineer for the Short Range AttackMissile II. Responsible for the support equipment engineeringefforts during the missiles development phase includingspecifying and evaluating mechanical devices, electrical testequipment, and human factors engineering.Senior engineer for munitions handling trailers used insupport of the B-52 and B-1 aircraft systems. Responsibilitiesincluded defining and conducting qualification testing(accelerated life, climatic, structural); producing test, analysis,and manufacturing documentation to achieve nuclearcertification; mechanism and fixture design; and managingengineering change activities. Coordinated requirements andsuggestions from using organizations into updated equipmentdesigns. Fielded qualified equipment in time to meet anaccelerated B-1 program schedule.Directed a corrosion control tiger team on the GroundLaunched Cruise Missile. Supervised a staff of five to correctcorrosion problems seen by users. .
  14. 14. HomeObjectiveQualificationsEducationEmploymentSkillsSKILLSTRAINING (Including…):• Professional: Building Trust, Power of Understanding,Inside Out Advantage, Symphony Performance, FastForward Leadership Development, Growth ThroughHigh Performance Workforce, The Effective Interview,Running Effective Meetings, UnderstandingOrganizational Dynamics, Leadership Journey, PositivePower and Influence, Systems and Strategic Thinking,Employment Law.• Technical: Design of Experiments, Risk Managementfor Medical Devices, Practical Plastics, SolidworksEssentials, SmarTeam, ProE/Pro-Process/Intralink,Statistics in Diagnostics, ISO9001:2000, Introduction toSix Sigma, Design for Six Sigma Green Belt training.Licensed Professional EngineerCertified Manufacturing EngineerCertified Systems Engineering ProfessionalFifteen publications including papers on machine toolcontrol, factory automation, job shop modernization androbotics. Eight patents issued, ten patents pending.