Mobile Augmented Reality Games 2012


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A practical look at the mobile augmented reality games space in 2012. Are we too early? What makes a viable mobile AR game experience today? Lessons learned...

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Mobile Augmented Reality Games 2012

  1. 1. Augmented Reality Gaming: 2012 Brian Selzer ARE2012
  2. 2. AR Gaming 2012: The GoodAR Gaming Not a FadThe World Itself Will Become The FinalGaming PlatformTrue Interaction, Deeper Engagement,Richer Context, Contextually Aware…People, Places & Things become part of thegaming experience around you, relevant toyour world.Marketing initiatives lead AR dev creativity…some success stories… brands becomingcontent channels
  3. 3. AR Gaming 2012: The Good
  4. 4. AR Gaming 2012: The GoodIndustry Growth NumerousOpportunitiesBig Companies Making InvestmentsFree AR SDK’s available to gamedevelopersMany Game Studios Now Dabbling withAR
  5. 5. AR Gaming 2012: The Good Good Mobile AR Games: Starting to Surfacing (show promise)Sony, Ricochet (Use of Environment) Ogmento, NBA: King Court (GPS/Sensors) Nintendo, Archery (Camera Angles)Sony, Street Fighter (Pre-SLAM) Nintendo, Face Raiders (Texture Grab) THQ, Falcon Gunner (Gyro/Sensors)
  6. 6. AR Gaming 2012: The BadIt’s Still Early for AR GamingToo Early?No breakaway hits yetBetter Reasons to Augment are FurtherOut (hardware/software) 1999-2009 2010-2014 2015-2025Mass-Market still needs hand holding tounderstandMeasure The Experience - OptimalEnvironment Required?
  7. 7. AR Gaming 2012: The Bad WE ARETrough of HEREDisillusionmentWow-Factor OverMarker Based AR = Barrier to 5-10 years to mainstreamEntrance for EntertainmentTech Savvy move quickly tonext big thingSolid , seamless, pain-freeperformance key.
  8. 8. AR Gaming 2012: The BadCurrent State of AR GamesStruggle to Find Market Mobile Gaming Snapshot Reviews on iTunes (as of May 6th) AR Games Paparazzi (NFT): 0 AR Invaders (Gyro): 88 AR Defender (Marker): 277 AR Soccer (Edge): 418 Falcon Gunner (Gyro): 1,175 ----- Standard Games Ski Safari: 5,690 Jetpack Joyride: 146,208 Fruit Ninja: 441,148 Temple Run: 1,114,198
  9. 9. AR Gaming 2012: The UglySoftware WoesOptimal Conditions RequiredUser-Experience Results Might Vary Detection Tracking (volume) Developer? Target acquisition Speed Target Occlusion Reacquisition Frame Rates Jitter Lighting / Reflections Angle Distance
  10. 10. AR Gaming 2012: The UglyHardware WoesMy Arm is Getting Tired!Smartphone is a stepping-stoneGlasses still years awayHardware not where it needs to befor AR gaming “mass adoption.”
  11. 11. AR Gaming 2012: The UglyGame Industry WoesPessimists, Realists, OptimistsSome Companies…. Avoiding due tocurrent AR experience levelMany Companies… Experimenting, butcautiously….Most Companies… Watching andWaiting.
  12. 12. AR Gaming 2012+: The Awesome!Evolutionary Leap - The jump fromvirtual games to AR games is akin tothe jump from 2D to 3D…Just Getting Started - Those in it forthe long haul will reap rewards, and beat forefront of growing industry...True Ubiquity - Become viable today;design with eye for the future……the world is your playground
  13. 13. Thank You!Brian / ogmento.comTwitter:BrianSe7en
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