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MFG slideshare summary pitch


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Summary pitch book for

Summary pitch book for

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Brian Lynchbrian@myfamgram.comConfidential. Not for DistributionChanging the Way Families Manage Social Media
  • 2. • Parents are using existing social mediaplatforms to share updates on their families.These sites are not designed for this.• Posting family updates clutter and dilute theparent’s internet brand• Existing platforms have confusingprivacy settings and a perceivedlack of control of information shared• A social media platform that allows parentsto manage their families online presencedoes not exist• 70% of Facebook users don’t trust the sitewith their personal informationWhose facebook profile is this? The parent’s or the child’s?The Problem*source: ZDNet May 2012
  • 3. • a safe, secure, social media networkdesigned for parents• Clean, simple layout for parents to digitally share and archiveupdates, photos, and videos• Each post can be tagged a “level” to share content only withthose who the parents approve, and who subscribe to thecontent. Encourages frequent use without “oversharing.”• Plug-ins with existing social media networks (facebook,google+, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, etc.) to help facilitate reach• Honest and straight-forward privacy settings that users control• Over-time site becomes digital “baby book” – a completearchive of the family’s growth and development• COPPA compliant• Free for usersThe Solution | For Users
  • 4. “Consumers going through major life events often don’tnotice, or care, that their shopping habits have shifted,but retailers notice, and they care quite a bit. At thoseunique moments… a precisely timed advertisement… canchange someone’s shopping patterns for years.And among life events, none are more important thanthe arrival of a baby... If companies can identifypregnant shoppers, they can earn millions.”- “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” 2/16/12 NY TimesFor advertisers, MyFamGram willdeliver qualified access not only tothe lucrative new parent segment,but the parent’s entire network ofrelatives and friends.Advertising access will beprovided through all developmentstages of the child. The holy grailfor mass retailers, merchandisers,and product marketers.MyFamGram Connects Advertisers to Parents and their NetworkConsumers are 71% more likely to make apurchase based on social media referrals15,100,000 consumers go to social mediachannels before making purchase decisionsFacebook is the #1 online channel forinfluencing the purchase of baby products74% of consumers rely on social networks toguide purchase decisionsSocial Media Influence
  • 5. MyFamGram is at the Confluence of Two Rich VerticalsSocial Parenting• 84% of marketers say socialmedia is important part of adspend• Specific user targeting(demographics, keywords)• Consumers expect to be ableto connect with brands online• $145 billion market valuationof top 10 social media brands(dominated by Facebook)• Niche social media still ininfancy• Moms spend 2x more time onsocial media than general pop.• Moms spend more time (5.6hrs)/day online than all othermedia sources combined• Receive influence on parentingfrom social media (53%) andparenting websites (53%)• Parenting: $2.1 trillion market• Social media use has increasedby 591% in last 4 yearsMFG providesadvertisers highlyfocused targeting ofconsumers and theirkey influencers.MFG connects userswith brands that canimprove theirparenting experience
  • 6. Ad Supported Model• Every page view will have 2 standard ads and “newsfeed” will havesponsored content. Average of 3 ads/page view• Ads initially hosted via Google ad network to build user metrics• Phase 2 will migrate to direct sales supplemented by Google content• “Freemium” solution for sponsored content. Free page set-up.Minimum ad-spend (target: $50,000 annual) to unlock premium page– no competitor ads, enable multi-media, unique coupons• Using established social media advertising placements at first• Premium ad opportunities for logout page, video content, photo content
  • 7. Delivering Highly Focused Advertising Reach• Advertisers will have access not only to parents, but also key influencers• In Phase 2, advertisers will be able to buy ads based on standard demographics(age, location, zip, previous behavior) and keywords (planning vacation, walking, etc)• Mobile platform (with advertising) phase 2 priority• Explore partnership with photo printing fulfillment service (e.g. snapfish)• Party/Registry hosting• Will also allow predictive ad buys and annual ad buys:• Tracks along standard development path• CPG companies can pre-buy ads before milestones, to get in front ofpurchasing decision (e.g. transitioning to solid food, walking, first day ofschool, etc.)
  • 8. High-Level Launch TimingJune July August September OctoberWireframe anddesign completedHandover todevelopmentteamSoft/beta launch.Goal of 500 coreusersAnalyze usermetrics. MakecriticaladjustmentsMass launch.Begin phase 2:mobile and build-out ad buysFacebook,pinterest, twitterreserved.Building coreaudiencePR campaignaround dangersof social mediafor familiesEngage mommy-bloggers topromote siteWill gauge needfor promotionbased onadoption rate ofsiteWill gauge needfor promotionbased onadoption rate ofsitePrelimconversationswith potentialadvertisersFinalize path tomarket for sellingads (direct,agency, auctionbased, etc.)Capture initialuser metrics.Invite betaadvertisers toset-up content.Begin building adspaces into mult-media contentPitch site tomedia buyingcompanies. Buildout team.DevelopmentPromotionBusiness
  • 9. Core Users Active Involve Passive Milestones Total40,000 200,000 800,000 2,00,000 3,040,000Core users: controlling party / adminActive involvement: Spouse / parents / core friends (5x every core)Passive: Checks into site once/week. Extended family/friends (20x core)Milestones: Visits once/month. (50x core user)Key Assumptions:• Growth model is aggressive, with core users doubling Q/Q (starting at 5,000) – but only 20% ofbabycenter• Assumes users stick with site and won’t abandon• Leveraging existing social media platforms will enable growth. If that gets cut off the model is at risk.• Technical backend must be able to maintain substantial growthEnd of 2014 User Adoption Assumptions
  • 10. Need for Angel Investment• Extend runway to cash flow positive• Recruit and retain key talent• International legal compliance as we movetowards globalizationIncrease user adoption Launch Mobile Platform Direct Ad Platform• Double users monthover month• Facebook ad buys• PR campaign• “mommy blogger”target• Users demand mobileinterface• Will allow foradditional ad opps andmore refined targeting• Increase user loyalty• Will increase CPMvalue by 10x• Provide uniquesolutions foradvertisers• Control own inventory• Fast growth to mitigatecompetitive risk• See appendix for more details
  • 11. Potential Strategic Partners• Instagram $1 billion (no rev. gen)• MFG would provide natural business extension• Wildfire (social media marketing) $450 mill.• Google+ is becoming niche social media site. Natural extension.• Yammer 1.2 billion. 2012, MSFT launched• MSFT (and Yahoo!) recognize missing on sig. rev. gen from social media• Acquired babycenter in 2001 and Maya’s Mom in 2007 (undisclosed)• Any large CPG company in baby space will be interested in MFG
  • 12. Brian Lynch, FounderBrian Lynch is a proven leader in high-tech business. He successfully ran sales for a$100 million subsidiary for a global conglomerate while launching has a B.S. in Advertising from Syracuse University. is his firststart-up enterprise. The venture was inspired by his son, Colin Lynch, and thesubsequent hijacking of his father’s (and mother’s) internet brand.Beth Laskoski, BusinessBeth Laskoski is an accomplished media and marketing professional specializing inthe parenting vertical market. She was the Group Marketing Director at TheParenting Group until June, 2013 and brings a deep understanding and knowledgeof target advertisers, competitors, and target market that willreach.Seth Miller, TechnologySeth Miller is a talented and multi-faceted technology officer with experience inlaunching websites and understands the back-end requirements for platformintegration. He’s hands-on and brings with him his wife, in a consultant/advisorcapacity, who has worked as a UX and PM on several successful start-upsCore Team
  • 13. Thank youBrian LynchC: (914)