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  • Overarched technology, The Slotted driver, a better shape in golf.
  • Brian: At 40,000 clubs this is only 0.1% of the total market
  • Move snag, dot, j&m to the top, “orange whip?”, etc.
  • Change to year 1 etc
  • 6/19 – add reference to Patents Pending where it best works - include other retailers (mentioned on STEP website)
  • Brian is sending bios by EOW – 5/24
  • Accessing JR market means the ability to gain & retain customers at the earliest possible time.
  • Investor Presentation

    1. 1. Investor Presentation 2013 STEP into Golf is training wheels for golf
    2. 2. Golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide.
    3. 3. There is no effective training system for junior golfers.
    4. 4. STEP into Golf is an effective USGA approved training driver for junior golfers.
    5. 5. WHAT IS STEP INTO GOLF • STEP into Golf is a golf equipment start-up specializing in golf drivers for children. • The “STEP into Golf” training system is so easy and simple even those with limited golf knowledge can teach their children how to hit any golf driver effectively. • The slotted driver is USGA conforming and is able to be “STEP aimed” in USGA competition play.
    6. 6. HOW STEP INTO GOLF WORKS • STEP into Golf’s patent- pending technical advantage is the placement of a slot at the back of the golf driver. • The slot in the driver allows the ‘teacher’ to position themselves behind the ball and in front of the ‘learner’, maintaining control of the golf driver and helping to put the learner into a proper address position.
    7. 7. THE PROBLEM • Children are not spatially aware, and proper address positioning is extremely important in building a strong golf swing. • There are very few effective golf training aids for children. • Existing golf training aids do not provide a platform for letting teachers help golf students learn correct address positioning. • A large market exists for children’s clubs, but options for training clubs are limited.
    8. 8. THE SOLUTION • Positioning the youth golfer into a great address position is easy with STEP into Golf. • STEP into Golf is a patent pending, effective platform for teaching children how to hit a golf driver. • STEP into Golf positions the ‘teacher’ behind the club and in front of the ‘learner’ providing the most effective platform for teaching children proper address position. • The Slotted Driver is a combination of a training aid and a USGA conforming playable golf driver.
    9. 9. MARKET • Golf has no borders, it is a wildly popular sport globally. • According to the National Golf Foundation, there are more than 40 million golfers in the U.S. alone. • More than 22% of the golf demographic are junior golfers aged 4-17, many of whom are first time golfers looking for training aids and tools.
    10. 10. Golf Training Aids COMPETITVE POSITIONING Value Effectiveness Golf Training Systems
    11. 11. COMPETITION • J&M Golf offers a series of low cost driving and swing trainers. • Tgolf Systems offers a telescoping trainer that allows golfers to focus on balance and versatility while swinging. • Orange Whip and the “Orange Peel” are a series of strength and fitness golf swing trainers. • AccuPutt is a laser guided putting trainer. • SNAG Golf is a first touch program that introduces junior golfers to elements of the game outside of the green. • DOT Technology offers a fully functional junior golf club and driver focused on proper grip and hand positioning. TRAINING EQUIPMENT
    12. 12. COMPETITION • PlayGolf America is a national training program that offers affordable golf instruction and equipment for both Junior and Adult golfers at participating locations around America. • Renegade Golf is a golf holistic training program focusing on posture and address positioning and on preparing a golfer mentally and physically for the advanced challenges of the game. • PureGolf is an online golf training system focusing on all aspects of the game, including physical and mental preparedness. TRAINING SYSTEMS
    15. 15. MOMENTUM = OPPORTUNITY STEP’s technology is fully developed, patented and proven, and has already sold more than 500 units. STEP into Golf has: •Established relationships with four 1st Tee chapters in the eastern United States. •Distribution to over 9 retail locations on the eastern seaboard. •Interest from Walmart to begin a test distribution. •A USGA approved driver.
    16. 16. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY STEP into Golf will secure distribution channels through: •Direct sales to golf retailers and pro shops. •An aggressive social media and advertising campaign. •The recruitment of independent golf reps worldwide for immediate distribution. •Continuing selective sampling of 1st Tee’s, Pro Shops, and various golf wholesales.
    17. 17. GROWTH PLAN YR 2. Introduction of female and performance driver, more than 5,000 units sold nationwide The STEP training system launches. YR 3. Used by more than 150 1st Tee chapters, more than 15,000 drivers sold and global distribution. YR 5 IPO/Acquisition Today Introduction of the STEP Set. Used by four 1st Tee chapters, More than 500 drivers sold.
    18. 18. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY TO DATE: $40k SERIES A $3M USE OF FUNDS: •Developed Training System. •Designed and Engineered slotted driver. •Acquired intellectual property rights. •Produced and distributed pre-sale samples. USE OF FUNDS: •Establish and fill supply chain. •Promote and grow brand, create partnerships, sign talent. •Design and build a new range of products. • Junior full set. • Female Driver and full set. •Build corporate infrastructure, staff, and systems.
    19. 19. EXIT STRATEGY STEP will consider exit in year five, when EBITDA is projected to be $10.9M. Equity value is projected to be seven times EBITDA or $76.4 million. STEP into Golf will pursue acquisition by the following: •An organization such as SNAG Golf or US Kids Golf which sells products and services aimed at young golfers. •A private equity firm seeking to add-on or rollup to add channel capability or to expand reach. •A sports equipment company looking to expand into golf with a new product line. •A large golf equipment company such as Callaway, Cobra or Ping seeking to acquire STEP’s patent-pending Over- Arched Slot technology.
    20. 20. LEADERSHIP Brian Selfridge, CEO/Founder- •Brian has more than 17 years experience in B2B sales with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Jeff Sheets, Design Lead- •Jeff Sheets has worked with more than 60 pro golfers and hall of fame members on their golf clubs. More than 25 years of expertise designing, fitting, and customizing golf clubs. Eric Venskytis, VP Engineering- •More than 19 years of engineering and design experience with Enser Corp., a world leader in project management and engineering solutions. Nick Aquilino, Patent Specialist- •Years of patent research and validation, including preparing and prosecuting patents in sports related products, equipment, and methods, particularly in the golf industry. Andrew Hsu & the Pro Saturn Foundry- •Andrew has worked for Pro Saturn since its inception as lead project manager. Pro Saturn has 20 years of experience in golf club manufacturing with companies such as Spalding, Wilson, The Sports Authority and more.
    21. 21. SUMMARY • Golf continues to grow in popularity around the world. • STEP into Golf is the first to market affordable training aid for junior golfers which teaches proper address position. • USGA approved and available in 9 retail locations; 500 units sold. • STEP into Golf has garnered high interest from 1st Tee chapters and major retailers including Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods.