You're Being Watched! Living in a Data-Intense World
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You're Being Watched! Living in a Data-Intense World



Slides from a spark given by Brian Inderwies at Ignite Boulder 14. (3/3/2011)

Slides from a spark given by Brian Inderwies at Ignite Boulder 14. (3/3/2011)



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You're Being Watched! Living in a Data-Intense World You're Being Watched! Living in a Data-Intense World Presentation Transcript

  • YOUʼRE BEING WATCHED! Living in a data-intense world. Brian Inderwies @inderwies
  • TODAY. People in Tokyo are sending 342 tweets a 38% of bloggers are posting brand or * minute. product reviews. A few are getting paid. 35,000,000 Facebook users are updating their status. Zyngaʼs CityVille has 20,356,593 users. thatʼs more people than live in the actual cities of NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and San Antonio combined.Source:
  • ARE WE PEOPLE? OR JUST DATA POINTS? ta ryEach of us is awash in a Involunvast ocean of data. llllllIn most moments of ourday, weʼre feedingdatabases with records. y Voluntar * These photos are creepy.
  • A DAY IN THE LIFE Whoʼs watching? loyalty cards home ISP bank IT admin/boss mobile provider cameras severitywake sleep home work home
  • A COMMUTE? OR A TRAIL? Electronic toll collection provides “habitual patterns of movement.” Lawyers use this to win divorce cases. * The toll plaza that Tony Soprano drove through records 90,000 *7 transactions a day. out of 12 states with ETC systems regularly provide data to courts.Source: Associated Press,
  • WHEN AT WORK... 45% of employers log telephone calls. Men are twice as likely as women to use “An acoustic noise the internet at generator will mask your conversation in work with “no case thereʼs a bug in specific the room.” objective.”Sources: American Management Association 2007 survey;; International Data Corporation (IDC) survey of managers,
  • WHAT IS THE BOSS DOING WITH THE DATA? Many of the same techniques that are used for finding the best customers are being harnessed to find “model employees.” * A SAS program measures retention based upon quantifying skills, profiles, studies, and * Intraoffice communication is parsed and quantified to model the friendships. factors leading to “winning ideas.”Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, 3/12/2009,
  • LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK The tools of our times leave breadcrumbs everywhere. A gold card, or a gold mine? * People like you and me have watched Charlie bite this kidʼs finger 280,966,462 times.Source: Mashable,
  • DO THE FEDS WANT TO FRIEND YOU? Social Media Monitoring Initiative * Safe! They were not found to be extracting more than publicly- available data (as of this investigation.) After whistle-blowing, Homeland Security performed investigations into its own use of social media monitoring.Source: Department of Homeland Security, “Social Media Monitoring Initiative” document,
  • A NEW SPACE RACE Marketing scientists are voraciously consuming all the data they possibly can to build the next great regression model. Classic depiction of the “new American consumer.” * or K-means cluster. * or naive Bayes model. * or neural network.Source: Unica, an IBM company, white paper: Marketing in The Fourth Dimension
  • You have two choices. Hide from it. Learn to live with it. Courtesy of flickr user QuietDangst Courtesy of broadbandmap.govLetʼs explore the options.
  • HIDING HASNʼT TRULY WORKED WELL Most of us discover quickly that we need to take advantage of the economic efficiencies of a data- rich society. * Even this guy was found for a $5,000 bounty.Source: Wired, September 2009
  • SURVIVAL STRATEGY #1: DONʼT BE STUPID Club-goers in Spain have voluntarily received RFID implants to facilitate ID and payment. * Donʼt sell out your privacy for the privileges of wearing a Speedo and leaving your wallet at home.Source:!/photos/40537/1
  • SURVIVAL STRATEGY #2: * No longer an exclusive resort for developing exotic credit- default swaps. BECOME A QUANT People need to be trained to handle big data in this brave new world. Huge opportunities exist today for the “numerati.” * Stats + Data Munging + Visualization = Sexy!Source:
  • SURVIVAL STRATEGY #3: GAME THE SYSTEM Every once in a while, throw the models a curve. * Download some Bieber. * Shop at Wal-Mart.*I can haz teh facebooks?My cat obtained 60 fans very shortlyafter the launch of his very own fan page.
  • BENEFIT #1: WEʼRE SMARTER AND EMPOWERED A different game than our parents played. We have more leverage in huge, life-altering situations than ever before. * Much to the chagrin of real estate professionals.Source:
  • BENEFIT #2: ITʼS A MORE INTERESTING PLACE * Information empowers the underdog. *Boulderʼs entrepreneurs are embracing this new reality. In a data-intense world, those who understand the power of information can alter the course of history. courtesy of Immersive LabsSources: Moneyball, Michael Lewis; Immersive Labs file photo
  • BENEFIT #3: WE LIVE IN A WORLD THAT PRESERVES HISTORY With the assistance of Google, survivors of Holocaust victims are able to research and connect with the legacy of their families.Source:
  • WEʼRE CONNECTING IN NEW AND UNBELIEVABLE WAYS.Source:!5713221/who-wouldve-thought-that-ten-million-facebook-friendships-could-be-so-beautiful