MailLift Pitch Deck - 2013 (before funding)


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MailLift Pitch Deck - 2013 (before funding)

  1. 1. “Send handwritten letters in the mail via an API call”“[MailLift] keeps high touch follow-up part of the sales process”
  2. 2. 1st Hack Crowdsourcing customer development & lead generationReceived suggestions/feedback from... Generated a contact list of:Mike Volpe, CMO @HubSpotJack Holt, CEO/Founder 2200+ interested peopleJesse Hertzberg, COO @Squarespace 49 very interested peopleAlex Willen, Developer Advocate @BoxSahil Parikh, Founder @Brightpod CRM Received:Nic Pantucci, YC Alum, Founder @Siasto ~30 opinionsKen Johnson, Cofounder Pages of suggestionsJimmy Wong, Business Analytics @LinkedIn A few suggested customers...before writing a single line of code! ...before writing a single line of code!
  3. 3. We learned that companies DO indeed handwrite letters. Dan Hesse, CEO @Sprint: “Our employees sit down with a list of customers, includes something about the customers like how long they have been with Sprint, and handwrite letters thanking the customers for doing business with Sprint.”ex. Stripe, Spiceworks, American Airlines send handwritten letters too.
  4. 4. Hand writing mail is not easy. postage cost stationary cost lack of immediacy training and guidelines hen-scratch penmanship manually scraping the CRM time and care required in preparation
  5. 5. But companies do it anyway... because it’s works!“I know it’s kind of old fashioned, butcustomers notice and appreciate that wetake time to write letters to them.““In e-mail age, still nothing like a handwrittenletter... Email can never replace theexcitement and thrill of receiving andopening a personal letter.”
  6. 6. We are building MailLift to automate the process. Like SendGrid did for triggered emails.
  7. 7. Just say when you want to send a letter. We do the rest.
  8. 8. Example uses:SupportX help tickets in Y period of timeCustomer spent over X minutes on a support callSalesSticky note(s) posted on a case studyPersonal invite to webinar (upgrade service)EventNew featuresBirthday
  9. 9. *Actual Handwritten Letter
  10. 10. *Actual Handwritten Letter
  11. 11. We make it too easy!
  12. 12. Still discovering the best pricing structure. Here is where we are: 100 letters/month = $8.50 each $350/month + $5/letter so... 500 letters/month = $5.70 each Each letter costs roughly $4 to produce
  13. 13. We can grow fast. 10 customers = full time cofounders = 30 customers = $10k month 250 customers = $1mm/y run rate
  14. 14. Here is how companies find us: Current PPC (10k searches/month for “Handwritten Letter”)AngelList (Where we found our top referee) Organic SEO & Content Marketing Future (integrations with) Help desks (ie., ZenDesk, Mail clients (ie., Aweber, Mailchimp) eCommerce platforms (ie., Shopify) CRMs (ie., Salesforce, Highrise)
  15. 15. 2nd HackPersonally delivering handwritten beta invites to businessesCost:100 handwritten letter = $150-$400 + founder hours
  16. 16. Comparison Other Handwriting Direct Mail MailLift Email Marketing Services Services As easy as Mad Libs Great for a single letter There are both There are both great and horrid great and horrid Interface in the works No brand / Not trusted products productsEase of Use Currently, we are doing Difficult for more Saturated Many are amazing manual integrations businesses to use Starting at $12 per letter Avg $10-$15 per letter ~$1.10 per letter ~ Nothing to start Cost Average of $7 a letter Many are branded (like $10-$100 / month As low as $5.18 a letter MailChimp) for added servicesIntegration Too easy! Built as an API NONE Very few Too easy! Touch High Touch High Touch Medium Touch Low Touch Emotion Lots / Personal Touch Lots / Personal Touch Some / Spam Little / Maybe Spam
  17. 17. Founders Brian Curliss and Daniel Jurek 2nd Startup togetherBrian: Daniel:First cash exit at age 23 Full Stack Developer
  18. 18. Long TermWe’d like to take what we learn building MailLiftand launch new high touch services later orexpand to new markets. Real Estate Professionals Medical Professionals PR Agencies Ad Agencies Dentistry etc.
  19. 19. We’d love you to join the journey. Find us on AngelList! “Send handwritten letters in the mail via an API call”