WebStorm configuration v2
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WebStorm configuration v2



Web storm configuration v2

Web storm configuration v2



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WebStorm configuration v2 WebStorm configuration v2 Presentation Transcript

  • WebStorm Configuration – Key Options
  • Configuring Your WebStorm Your new WebStorm is completely configurable to meet any needs relating to workflow and how you engage your audience. All available configuration options are accessible by clicking on the ”Setup” in the navigation bar of any WebStorm. Options deemed to be best practices are enabled by default. In this PowerPoint, we will focus on the primary configuration area to get your WebStorm ready for launch. This area is accessible from the Ideas tab in the setup menu. Options Covered: 1. Idea Options 2. Voting Options 3. Categories 4. Statuses 5. Submission Form
  • 1) Idea Options All available options pertaining to end user participation around ideas are accessible from the Ideas sub-tab • Options deemed best practices are enabled by default • Idea and comment submission can be disabled by unchecking the appropriate box and clicking the button at the bottom of the page. • Category and idea subscription options allow your users to be notified of any new content pertaining to a specific WebStorm category or submitted idea.
  • 1) Idea Options Other Idea Options • Idea editing: Choose if and how your users can edit their own ideas. The default method is a best practice. • Brightidea supports two varieties of anonymous idea submission. There is complete anonymity or pseudo,. Pseudo allows the administrator to see who the submitter is. • Enabling team submission allows idea collaborators to submit ideas with colleagues. An option to determine how point are earned is available.
  • 1) Voting Options Voting options give you flexibility in how users rate or support ideas. Voting can be disabled by unchecking the box next to ”Voting” Brightidea offers three voting methods: Simple, Restrictive and Chips • Simple voting is your standard thumb up/thumbs down voting • Restrictive allows a user (1) total vote per WebStorm • * Chips voting is configurable to allow a certain number chips to be allocated per user and then set how many of those chips can be placed on a given idea. • Chips can be returned as a reward to users who vote for ideas that move to specific statuses * An option is available for all three methods to require a reason for a promote or demote vote from your user. *
  • 3+4) Idea Statuses & Categories Statuses and categories are easily configured from their respective tabs. • (c) (a) Simply overtype existing categories or statuses to replace them. (b) • Delete(a) a category or status by clicking the corresponding delete button next to the item. (c) (a) • Add(b) new • Re-order(c) your statuses and categories by dragging them from the left side of each row into their new location. entries by typing into the blank field and then clicking the +Add button (b)
  • 5) Submission Form Your WebStorm submission form is completely customizable, allowing you to obtain the highest quality ideas possible from your audience. • Access to the submission form editor can be found by clicking the ”pencil & paper” icon from the Submission Form sub tab • The WebStorm submission form supports many types of questions, all of which can be marked as optional or required. • Supported question types: Multiple Choice Check Box Dropdown Date Short & Long Free Text Number
  • 5) Submission Form Customizing your submission form is simple and straightforward • Add a new question by clicking the Add Question button. Enter the question title and select the question type from the dropdown • Enter in your answer choices. To remove a choice click the remove button. To add additional choice click the Add Question Item button • Check required to force users to answer the question • When done editing the question click Done. • Finally, click the Save Form link at the top of the screen.
  • 5) Submission Form Editing your submission form: • To re-order questions click and drag the bar on the left hand side. • Click the Edit link to make adjustments to your question and its answers. Click Done when finished. • Click the Remove Question link to delete the question from your form. • When finished, be sure to click the Save Form button at the top Please Note - Adjustments to the submission form will impact already submitted ideas. launch. It is recommended to change the form only before