What’s the cure for inflammation?


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At http://cureforinflammation.com you will discover a natural super antioxidant that will help your body cure inflammation, even arthritis.

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What’s the cure for inflammation?

  1. 1. Is There a Natural Cure For Inflammation?
  2. 2. To understand what the cure for inflammation could be, it first requires understanding the causes of inflammation.
  3. 3. Inflammation is your body’s response to an attack against your body.
  4. 4. This attack triggers white blood cells to fight the infection causing the inflammation.
  5. 5. This is actually a healthy response. Without inflammation the infections and wounds would never be healed.
  6. 6. However this isn’t true of chronic inflammation which is at the root of most of the current health problems affecting adults today.
  7. 7. When inflammation is chronic this occurs even when there is no threat or attack.
  8. 8. Arthritis is an example of such a circumstance.
  9. 9. The most common indications of chronic inflammation are when sufferers notice redness and swelling of their joints.
  10. 10. Joint paint and stiffness is usually present.
  11. 11. Common symptoms of inflammation can include flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, fatigue and headaches.
  12. 12. There are many pharmaceuticals that will help reduce inflammation but the unfortunate by product are the side affects.
  13. 13. Pharmaceuticals are the second leading cause of death today. So what’s the alternative?
  14. 14. Is there a natural cure for inflammation? Can joint pain be eliminated?
  15. 15. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just eat right and avoid the drugs?
  16. 16. There are natural foods, drinks and herbal remedies that can reduce inflammation.
  17. 17. Foods that have a high antioxidant value are particularly affective.
  18. 18. Foods like dark, leafy vegetables, beets, berries act as an anti inflammatory.
  19. 19. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil also help to reduce inflammation.
  20. 20. One of the most affective foods that have been discovered to reduce inflammation significantly is beets.
  21. 21. Why Eat Beets?
  22. 22. Beets contain betalains which are a super antioxidant. According to Dr Phillip Narini, M.Sc, MD,FRCSC,FACS states that Betalains in
  23. 23. “ early preclinical trials have demonstrated a .. benefit of a positive effect on energy levels, blood sugar levels, and decreased pain from osteoarthritis and possible other forms of arthritis”
  24. 24. According to Dr Oz Beets should be a large part of your diet.
  25. 25. Can Inflammation be cured?
  26. 26. If giving your body the ability to reduce inflammation to the point where inflammation no longer has an affect on you is a Cure for Inflammation then yes, there could be.