Airtricity by twenty_twenty submission


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Innovation College Class Project & Presentation for Airtricity, Renewable Energy Company

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Airtricity by twenty_twenty submission

  1. 1. 2020 Innovation Rory Finegan Gerry Cassells Brian Andrews Maria Doyle Brid Considine Brendan Maguire
  2. 2. ◦ Eirtricity founded in 1997 by Eddie OConnor  Renamed Airtricity in 2002 • Sold in 2008 for over €2billion • Owned by Scottish & Southern Energy, SSE • Supplying Gas as well as Electricity since May 2010 • 300 staff, 375,000 Irish residential customers◦ Projects across Ireland, U.K., Europe and China • Mostly onshore and offshore wind farms but also hydro, marine, biomass and solar projects
  3. 3. ◦ To provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way◦ Large player committed to renewable energy generation, profits circa €2billion p.a., investment in renewable energy projects of approx. €1billion p.a.◦ Interested in buying the ESB and Bord Gais if Irish government will sell
  4. 4. Irish Electricity Market SizePeak Demand in Ireland is approx. 5,000MWRenewable Sources approx. 14%, mostly windDeregulation achieved during 2011Target is that 40% of electricity consumed in Ireland is from renewable sources by 2020
  5. 5. Consumer Market Share Source CER June 2010
  6. 6. Renewable Energy Sources◦ Wind Power, Onshore and Offshore Wind FarmsJune 2010 1,379 MW Wind capacity installed. Potentially 6,000 MW Capacity by 2020◦ Hydro PowerGov. incentives to build hydro power plants◦ Tidal and Wave PowerTargeted 500MW of ocean energy by 2020◦ Geothermal EnergyHeat stored in the ground◦ Solar EnergyTransform energy into heat with high insulation◦ Biomass,Wood, Animal Waste◦ Bio-fuelBiomass upgraded to provide bio-energy. Wood Pellets, Straw
  7. 7. Airtricity PESTLE AnalysisPolitical Technological Government target of 40% of  R&D activity electricity needs from renewable  Rate of change in alternative renewable energy by 2020 technologies Renewable energy sources part of  Energy management for consumers strategy to reduce Co2 emissions Security of supply, less reliance on oil EnvironmentalEconomic  Global warming Fully deregulated market may attract  Renewable technology seen as green new entrants into Supply market technology Cost of Renewable energies more expensive than conventional sources Cost of grid connections Legal  EU directives & legislationSociological  Commission for energy regulation Opposition in some areas to wind responsible for open market in turbines electricity Attitudes to green agenda
  8. 8. Pyramid of EU Influences Commission Energy Dept of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources Commission Environmental for Energy Lobbyist Regulation Organisations Suppliers: ESB, Peer Groups Airtricity, Bord (Environmental) Gais Families & Businesses
  9. 9. Market Segmentation
  10. 10. Point of View40 year old familyman, budgetconscious, lookingfor competitive dealsfrom householdutility suppliers.
  11. 11. David, 40 At least we can afford our househusband & fatherSpending time withMy kids Have to budget carefully Holidays in IrelandGood value for money
  12. 12. Our Innovation Approach for Airtricity Renewable Sources, huge potential for innovation in the energy generation part of the business, quite technical. Products, requirement for innovative sales and delivery strategies to compete for and retain customers in the deregulated market.
  13. 13. Airtricity Financial Customer Deposits Invested in Renewable Energy Interest set off against bills €20k invested = free electricity
  14. 14. Airtricity Green Joint initiative with National Lottery “The Green Card” Profits invested in Green Energy Projects and R&D Propel Ireland to become a world- leader in Green Energy
  15. 15. Airtricity Energy Management Managing Energy Requirements for large campus businesses IBM Dublin
  16. 16. Airtricity Geothermal Utilising peatlands through Ireland. Generate electricity on a large scale.
  17. 17. Airtricity 3rd World Allow 1% of bill to invest in renewable energy in lesser developed organisations. Output free of charge to users e.g. Hospitals, Schools
  18. 18. Airtricity Automotive Electric car rental in urban areas. Joint venture with an electric car manufacturer. Consolidate Airtricity’s image as the leading supplier of providing electricity by renewable energy sources.
  19. 19. Airtricity Renewables Generate electricity with use of wind turbines and solar power in the community. Partnerships with householders, businesses and community groups. Excess surplus sold onto National Grid through smart meters. Installation costs offset by the price of surplus electricity.
  20. 20. Focus Group Focus Groups Class participants involved in Focus Groups on Innovative Airtricity Products
  21. 21. Focus GroupAirtricity Financial Customer Deposits Invested in Renewable Energy Interest set off against bills €20k invested = free electricity
  22. 22. Airtricity Recommendations ◦ Airtricity Financial ◦ Airtricity 3rd World ◦ Airtricity Automotive
  23. 23. 2020 Innovation Rory Finegan Gerry Cassells Brian Andrews Thank You 30th March 2011