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Hp pwp13 trainingguide


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Horizon Physician Portal Training Guide For assistance please call the Help Desk at 561-955-4037Telephone support is available during normal business hours, to resolve access questions, establish, change or removephysician or staff users; and arrange training. After hours, technical support is available for resolving password issues andaccess problems only.Support is not provided on setting up or maintaining a connection to the Internet from your home or office.Your personal home computer is not supported. Any issues with your hardware or connectivity should be resolved by yourequipment vendor and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) prior to calling the hospital Help Desk.
  • 2. DisclaimerThe BRRH Physician Portal is a web portal designed to provide a single point of access to information, tools and services,specifically for the needs of physicians, clinical professionals and staff at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.BRRH Physician Portal is a private, secure network available only to authorized users. All users must register to receivea personal username and password, issued by Boca Raton Regional Hospital.You assume full responsibility for using the information on the portal, and you understand and agree that BRRH and itsaffiliates are not responsible or liable for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from its use by you or any user. While we tryto keep the information on BRRH Physician Portal as accurate as possible, we disclaim any warranty concerning itsaccuracy, timeliness, and completeness, and any other warranty, express or implied, including warranties ofmerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. BRRH also does not warrant that access to the portal will be error orvirus-free.By choosing to use BRRH Physician Portal you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer. We reserve theright to modify these terms and policies at any time.Unless otherwise noted, all documents accessed from this portal are viewed as a precious resource of BRRH and areCopyright, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, all rights reserved. Use of any data or other materials accessed from the portalwithout the permission of BRRH may result in action being taken against offenders. What will be covered in this training guide: How to Sign In to the Portal from within the BRRH network Page 3 How to Sign Into the Portal from outside the BRRH network Page 5 Clinical Navigation (how to move from patient to patient Page 7 What Services are available throughout the Portal Page 10 How to view / print results Page 11 How to view images - PACS Page 13 How to view another physicians Census / Coverage Page 18 How to personalize your Census Page 19 Summary View Page 22 How to add a patient to your Census (Physician Only) Page 23 How to Change My Password Page 24 Deficiency Worklist - Signing Your Records Page 25 How to Change Your PIN Page 27 How to adjust font size when printing results Page 28 How to Log Out from the Portal Page 29 Optimum Equipment Specifications Page 30
  • 3. How to Sign into the Portal from within the BRCH network. From the BRRH Intranet Home Pageselect Physicians/ Physician Portal:
  • 4. You will be presented with the Portal login screen: Enter your Username and Password If you do not have a valid username and password, please call the help desk at 4235 for assistance. Password Tips can be found on page 24Clinical view presented after login authentication:
  • 5. Physician view presented after authentication: You are now ready to view/print your patient’s records:How to Sign into the Portal from outside the BRRH network: From How to access the Secure Gateway Select the key image from the top of the page or Open a browser and enter the following URL:
  • 6. You will be presented with the login page as displayed below:Physician Access Authentication GroupSelect “1_Physician_Access” from the drop down box and log in using yourNetwork User ID (nUID).
  • 7. The following page will appear:Enter your Network User ID (nUID) in the USERNAME box and the associated password in thePASSWORD box as shown above. Click the Login buttonThe following page will appear: Select the Physician’s Portal link as shown above and click on it to open the application.
  • 8. You will be presented with the Portal login screen: Enter your Username and PasswordPhysician view presented after authentication:You are now ready to view/print your patient’s records:
  • 9. Clinical Navigation:To navigate from patient to patient through ought the Portal, click on the Clinical Navigation Button orthe Clinical Navigation Drop-Down box.The Clinical Navigation Button allows you to proceed to the next patient on your Census in roomorder. You can move forward to the next patient or back to the previous patient.The Clinical Navigation Drop-Down box will display all your current Census patients in a drop-downbox, where you can select any of your patients by name and room number.
  • 10. Clinical Results Display:After selecting a patient from the Clinical Navigation Button or the Clinical Navigation Drop-Down box,the Result Viewer will populate with the current (30days) clinical results. If you wish to see results thatare older than thirty days, enter the number of day’s back you wish to view into the Days Back boxand click Refresh or press Enter.To view an individual result, click on that item. If you wish to view multiple results, put a check in thecheck box at the beginning of the result table and select Show Selected Results. You may view ALLresults for this patient by clicking Show All Results.Results can be sorted to your liking. If you click on the title Item from the results table, the results willbe sorted alphabetically by Item Name. You can reverse the alpha sort by clicking on the triangle thatwill appear once you select a sort option. You may sort by RsltLvl (result Level), Collected Date, ItemName or Status.If you would like to view any transcribed medical records, they can be found by selecting theTranscription tab.
  • 11. Result Tags:All results have a result level tag (Icon) associated with it. These tags are labels that signify; by colorthat the user has viewed the result and that the result value is within a specific range. Icon Meaning New result that you have not yet viewed (green icon) New result that you have viewed STAT or Abnormal result that you have not yet viewed (yellow icon) STAT or Abnormal result that you have viewed Panic-status result that you have not yet viewed (red icon) Panic-status result that you have viewedPortal Navigation:
  • 12. From the Navigation link tabs, you may link to specific patient data throughout the portal. Tab Name ServicesCensus View all patients currently assigned to you. You may also view all patients assigned to your group or those that you are covering.Deficiency Edit and sign your dictated documents at this location.Clin Doc Clinical documentation such as Vitals and I&OClinical History View documented Clinical patient responsesDoc View Assessment data and Nurses NotesMeds Given Complete listing of all medications ordered for Inpatients. Page also contains links to drug search utilities with many features including patient handouts.ECG ECG strip and findings are presentedFacesheet Complete guarantor and insurance coverage for your patients listed on the current Census page.Medical Complete listing of all electronic Medical Records forRecords all Inpatients and Outpatients. All Medical Record information is not printable. Records are currently being scanned into the system at discharge.Results Complete listing of current results for your patients listed on the Census page. You may search for a result by a selected department. You will also find an image link to radiology images at this location.Summary Pick from a 24, 48 or 72 hour time frame and then chose which results you would like to view and in what order. This page also includes the Report Builder tool that generates a current Progress Note template.Transcription Listing of transcribed reports, which include, H&P, Op Notes, Consult Notes, ED Documentation and Discharge Summary.Orders Complete listing of current orders for your patients listed on the current Census page.Patient Locator Master Patient Index, searchable database of all BRRH patients’ results. The Station Census, which allows you, access to all current (In-House) patients. The BRRH Physician Directory, which includes current name, address, phone, fax and NPI numbers. This is also where you can change your coverage to put another physician’s patient on your Census and Walk Order Report.
  • 13. Printing Patient Results:Once any patient result is displayed, you can print that result by selecting the printer icon that islocated to the far right on the module title bar. Select the printer icon and an additional printer friendlywindow will be presented.Select print from within the printer friendly new window and the result will be sent to the local printer.This printout will be formatted to fit on the page with the patients name and number of pages labeledclearly.
  • 14. Viewing Results:Once you have selected your result, it is presented in the Result Viewer. You may print this result byclicking on the printer icon.From the Result Viewer you can return to your original listing of results for this patient by selecting theResults List link. If you would like to compare the last five test results for this test, click on theCheck 5 Across Tests link.Check 5 Across Tests will display the last five (if available) results with each component listed bycollection date and time. A graphic representation of each component is also presented.
  • 15. Physician Portal CM Results Viewer with available PACS Images Link An icon will appear in the Links column for all studies with archived digital images. From the Portal CM Results Viewer select the procedure ordered to view the Report detail. You may also select the Image icon associated with that result to view the image.Physician Portal CM Results Viewer Report detail with available PACS Images Link
  • 16. Once the selected report is displayed you will see the View Image link presented for the image that is associated with that report. Click the View Image link to display the image.The image will display in an alternate window. Click the Studies drop down to display additionalstudies for this patient. Click Return to exit from this study.
  • 17. To launch a higher resolution viewer (HRSD) select the Launch Imaging Tools link
  • 18. HRSD will begin setupSelect InstallSelect Next
  • 19. Once the install is complete you will be presented with the high resolution image that you selected.
  • 20. Coverage: To view another physicians CensusIf you would like to view the Census of another physician, you will need to select that physician fromthe Physician Directory and add yourself as Covering. The Physician Directory is located on thePatient Locate tab.
  • 21. From the Physician Directory, enter the physician name or number, whose census you would liketo view. Be sure to click on Staff or you will be searching for physicians both on staff and not on staff.Click Search. You will be presented with a listing of physicians with that name.Once the Physician Directory module has presented you with the physician who’s Census you wouldlike to access, check the box in the Support column. If another physician is already covering thatphysician it will be noted with a C. Multiple coverage is common.When you return to your Census, you will note that the physician that you chose to cover for has nowbeen added to your Census Type Drop-Down box. To view the covered physicians Census, select thecovered physicians name and click the Get Worklist button. The covering option will remain in yourCensus Type Drop-Down box until you remove the check that you added on the Physicians Directory.As a physician user of the Horizon Physicians Portal, you have the ability to customize your view. Youcan move the portal content as well as personalize your census view.
  • 22. To personalize your census selection, click the EDIT button on the Working Patient List module bar.Select the display format you wish to keep as a system default when your census is displayed. Youmay choose to view your census by Group, Covering, All Groups and Covering or for anyindividual on your listing.Make your selection and click Save. Your census will now display as you have selected.Personalize your Walk Order Report:To personalize your Walk Order Report or move any content on the Census page click the EDITbutton on the Working Patient List module. Once you save your changes, your census will retain thelook that you select. You may modify either your Walk Order Report or your Census at any time.
  • 23. The Personalize page is displayed:To modify which type of Census Report you wish to display on the Census tab, you may chose fromgroup, covering or group and covering.To modify which type of Walk Order Report for which patients are printed, make your selections fromthe drop down boxes and click the Save button.To move the display columns or change the names of any column on the Census page, simply selectthe title from the Displayed Fields listing and click the respective arrows to either move the item up ordown the page. You may also rename any column by typing in your desired preference in theDisplayed Name box once your column title is selected. If you change the column name to somethinglarge, you may push your Census display off the display page. Click the Save button to save yourchanges.If you wish to add or remove a column from your Census page, select the name that you wish to addor remove and click on the respective arrows. Removing an item from the Displayed Fields listing willmove it to the Available Fields listing. You can always modify your selection.
  • 24. Summary Viewer The Summary Viewer is presented after selecting the Summary tab from the Portal Navigation Tool Bar. Results are displayed for any procedures selected for the time selected.You can lock down your personal preferences by selecting the EDIT button of the Summary Viewer. Make your selections from the list provided. You can chose a time frame and which results you would like displayed for that time frame. You may also select which order those results display on the page.You should also note that the Report (CM Report) builder tool is also located on this page. Select theProgress Note link to build a Progress Note template for the patient that is selected.
  • 25. To remove a patient from your Working Patient Listing: Physicians OnlyClick on the check box that precedes the patient that you wish to remove from your listing. Once youput a check mark in the box, you will notice that the Remove button is now operational. Click theRemove button and your listing will display but the patient that you selected is now gone. If the patienthad been discharged, this is a permanent delete. If the patent is in a room, they can be found bysearching through the Station Census that is located on the Patient Locate tab.Adding a patient to your Working Patient Listing: Physicians OnlyYou can add a patient to your listing at any time. Simply locate your patient utilizing the StationCensus search on the Patient Locate tab, and put a check in the box under the Add column for thepatient you would like added. The patient will appear on your list from that point on, just like any otherpatient.
  • 26. Site Controls:From the Site Controls drop down you can, Add Content, Change your Password or Edit Preferences.Change Password:If you click on the Change Password link from the Site Controls drop down, the Password box isdisplayed. Once you enter your current password you will be presented with a new screen where youcan change your account information.Password Tips: Password must consist of only alphanumeric characters. Password must start with a letter. Minimum password length is three characters. Password may not be the same as your username. Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to be aware of the caps lock when entering a newpassword. You will be required to change your password every six months.Please call the Help Desk at 4235 if you need assistance.
  • 27. Deficiency Worklist – Signing Medical Records ElectronicallyFrom the Deficiency worklist, select which documents you would like to sign by putting a check in thebox associated with that document and select Process. If you would like to sign all the documents onyour worklist select Process All.You will be prompted to enter your PIN.
  • 28. After entering the PIN, the first document from the worklist will be presented. To sign the document,click the sigh document button. If the document consists of multiple pages, you will need to view eachpage before the sign document button will display a red box. Once the red box is present, you maysign the document. You can edit the document at any time prior to signing.
  • 29. Changing you PIN:To change your PIN on the Deficiency Worklist, select the EDIT button from the module.You will be presented with the Personalize Deficiency Worklist Module options. Enter your currentPIN, New PIN (twice) and select SAVE.
  • 30. How to adjust the font size of printed reports:Select View/ Test Size/ Size: From the browser toolbar. This will allow you to increase or decreasethe font size presented and printed.Print result by clicking on the printer icon, which is located at the top/right corner of each result.
  • 31. How to Log Out from the Portal:Clicking on the Log Out option will log you out of the Portal. This preventsothers from accessing records using your sign on. As a further precaution, youwill be automatically disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity on the system.The Suspend option will inactivate your login, temporarily. To reactivate, enteryour password.It is essential that when you are done that you click on “Logout”.This is a privacy issue mandated by both JCAHO and HIPAA.
  • 32. Optimum Equipment SpecificationsFor Physician OfficesBrowser technology impacts user performance Older browsers may introduce many seconds of delay New browsers have better support for printing Required Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and abovePC hardware can also impact performance Slower processors can severely impact perceived performance (seconds of delay) Recommend a 600Mhz Pentium or equivalent with Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000Printer requirements A laser-jet printer is required for formatted output printing (logos and graphics) Recommend an HP LaserJet 5i or betterInternet ISP connection type can impact performance Best performance provided via broadband (DSL, Cable)Internet Service Providers will offer widely varying performance Top tier ISPs like Bell South & Comcast offer better performance and support for end users Solution is not limited to single ISPFor those Doctor’s office’s participating in the Horizon Physician Portal, Boca RatonCommunity Hospital makes the following recommendations.SYSTEM BACKUPS:If you are not currently backing up your systems, we strongly urge you to do so. Backups should be aroutine function for any systemANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE: (Required)Internet connectivity is required in order to connect to Horizon Physician Portal. If you already havevirus protection software, such as Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus or Mcafee’s Virus Scan, be sure toperiodically get your updates from the vendor. This can be accomplished through the Internet. Theseproducts also have a setting to remind you to get your updates online. Boca Raton CommunityHospital for example updates three times a week.