The Power of Facebook
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The Power of Facebook



This presentation is meant to show how you can harness the power of Facebook for your small business, non-profit organization, or political campaign.

This presentation is meant to show how you can harness the power of Facebook for your small business, non-profit organization, or political campaign.



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The Power of Facebook The Power of Facebook Presentation Transcript

  • The Power of Facebook
  • Why Facebook?
    • Largest social network
      • 750M active users worldwide
        • 137M in the United States (out of ~300M)
          • 1.6M in Oklahoma (out of ~3.5M)
            • 487,480 within 25 miles of Edmond
    • Tons of demographic data available
    • Perceptions of popularity
  • Popularity
    • Average Facebook user has 130 friends
    • Average Facebook user is connected to 80 Events, Groups or Pages
    • Average Facebook user creates or shares 90 pieces of content per month
  • What can I do with Facebook?
    • Customer engagement
    • Reputation management
    • Brand awareness
    • Customer acquisition
    • Customer retention
    • Event promotion
    • Build relationships
    • Maintain communication
  • Before you begin, ask yourself...
    • Is my target audience on Facebook?
    • What incentives can I offer?
    • Can I add value?
    • What are my goals?
    • Do I have or can I create the necessary content?
    • Who will manage it?
  • What kind of presence should I create?
  • Profile
    • Limit of 5,000 friends
    • Limited insights
    • One “administrator”
    • No advertising opportunities
  • Group
    • Limited Insights
    • No advertising opportunities
    • Can be public or private
    • Users are limited to being members of 200 groups
  • Page
    • Public and searchable
    • You can assign multiple administrators
    • Anyone can become a “Fan”
    • Integration with Facebook Places
    • Highly targeted advertising opportunities
    • Integration with Facebook Deals
    • Custom landing tabs
    • In-depth insights
  • So what do I do with this Facebook page thingamajig?
  • Offline Promotion Reference your page EVERYWHERE !
  • To make promotion easier, go to as soon as you get your 25 th fan for a short URL.
  • A couple of style tips...
    • Create a compelling custom avatar
    • Landing tab should not be Wall or Info tabs, if possible
  • How to Get Those First Few Fans
    • Suggest your Page to all of your friends
    • E-mail the people in your address book
    • Issue a press release
  • Attracting Fans on Facebook
    • Post content that people will likely find value in
    • Encourage fans to invite their friends
    • Give people an incentive to come to your Facebook page
  • Keeping Fans Coming Back
    • Encourage feedback
    • Post a good mix of serious facts, funny happenings, upcoming events, and other media such as photos or video
    • Check the page often and communicate
    • Be human , don't spam
  • EdgeRank A x W x D
    • AFFINITY: Your level of interaction with a profile, group, or page on Facebook
    • WEIGHT: A weight that Facebook assigns to different types of interactions, such as comments, likes, messages, views, sharing, etc.
    • DECAY: The time factor. As time passes, this factor effectively lowers the overall rank of a piece of content.
  • Facebook Promotion Guidelines You CANNOT condition entry into a contest based on a user providing content directly to your Facebook page. You CANNOT administer a contest that entry is automatic upon becoming a fan of your Facebook page. You CANNOT notify winners through Facebook.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Demographics Galore!
    • Target almost anything in a user's profile
    • Ads can be shown only to people who meet certain criteria
    • Can also be used to get a general idea of the audience in your area for an offline campaign
  • CPC -vs- CPM
    • CPC (cost-per-click) is effective if your main target is people who need to take an online action such as visting your website or Facebook page
    • CPM (cost-per-thousand) is effective if your main desire is exposure to your target audience regardless of if they take a specific online action
  • Facebook Places
    • Facebook users can “check-in” to your establishment whether or not they are a fan
    • You can offer Facebook Deals to those who check-in
    • Check-ins are displayed to their friends, which helps increase awareness and perceived popularity
  • Facebook Page Management
    • Keep comments ENABLED
    • Monitor your page closely
    • Develop guidelines for responding to comments
    • Be HUMAN
    • Have fun
  • Managing Comments
  • Appropriate
    • Seems like a no-brainer, but ain't
    • Not all appropriate comments merit a response
    • Possibly provide more information to support a comment
  • Inaccurate
    • Misleading information
    • Should be dealt with swiftly
    • Usually don't merit deletion
    • No matter the accuracy level, you may want to lump the media into this group
  • Low Risk
    • Inflammatory or offensive comments
    • Merit immediate deletion, but no further action
  • High Risk
    • Violent comments
    • Allegations against your organization
    • Should be deleted swiftly
    • Most likely should offer a response to allegations via a press release since the rumors are obviously out there
  • Criticism
    • Generally appropriate
    • View it as an opportunity to address a problem
    • Your fans will appreciate it
    • Strengthens your relationship
    • Don't let it break down into personal attacks
  • Demonstration & Questions