Essential Seo Strategies To Promote Your Site

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Conversions don't happen by accident. You've got to be intentional. Search Engine Optimization can help you target the right audience. We will demonstrate these SEO techniques using Drupal, an …

Conversions don't happen by accident. You've got to be intentional. Search Engine Optimization can help you target the right audience. We will demonstrate these SEO techniques using Drupal, an award-winning CMS. Join us on November 4 to learn the fundamentals of SEO.

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  • 1. Essential SEO Strategies to Promote Your Site Copyright © 2009 YADA DROP LLC. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Brian
  • 3. What we’re talking about…
    • What is SEO?
    • Three Pillars of SEO
    • Forming the right Team
    • Targeting the right Audience
    • Capturing the right Metrics
    • Selecting the right Keywords
    • Creating the right Content
    • Applying the right Technical Tweaks
    • Soliciting the right Inbound Links
  • 4. What is SEO?
    • Strategically improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your web site from the search engines.
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7.  
  • 8. Three Pillars of SEO Compelling Content Keyword Visibility Targeted Audience
  • 9. Forming the Right Team
    • Sales/Marketing (Someone who knows the customer.)
    • Designer (Build effective landing pages.)
    • Technical (Embed keywords into HTML.)
    • SEO Professional (Expert knowledge, competitive analysis, industry contacts, and time-saving advice.)
    How many hats are you wearing?
  • 10. Targeting the Right Audience
    • Know your customer!
    • Identify the perfect customer.
      • What demographics?
      • What do your customers value the most?
      • How do they use the search engines?
    • Get inside of their head.
    Ready, fire, aim?
  • 11. Targeting the Right Audience
    • Market Research
      • Surveys
      • Focus Groups
      • Industry Reports
      • Talk to existing customers
    • SEO always begins with the customer.
    Ready, fire, aim?
  • 12. Capturing the Right Metrics
    • “ If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
    • Setup a baseline ASAP
    • Tools for your belt:
      • Google Analytics
      • Google PageRank™
    Movin’ on up?
  • 13. Choosing the Right Keywords
    • Choose key phrases that are audience-relevant. (Think like the customer, always!)
    • Stick with key phrases that are 2-4 words long.
      • Generic = Low quality leads.
      • Specific = High quality leads.
    What are your customers shopping for?
  • 14. Choosing the Right Keywords
    • Perfect Formula:
    • Audience-relevant key words,
    • That complement your page content,
    • Are specific enough to bring in high-quality leads,
    • Searched frequently enough to bring in a high volume, and
    • Underutilized by competitors to ensure a high ranking in the search results.
    What are your customers shopping for?
  • 15. Creating the Right Content
    • Authoritative content trumps all SEO strategies.
    • Search engines are in the business of delivering relevant, authoritative content.
    • Generally, people don’t like to waste their time reading crap.
    • People don’t share crap with friends, family, and coworkers.
    • Web site owners don’t want to create links to crap either.
    Is your content king?
  • 16. Creating the Right Content
    • Content doesn’t need to be encyclopedic. Just useful.
    • Engaging, compelling. Gets your visitor to do something.
      • Buy something.
      • Signup for a newsletter.
      • Call or email.
    • Break up your content into smaller chunks with headlines that can be easily skimmed.
    Is your content king?
  • 17. Applying the Right Technical Tweaks
    • Place your keywords in the following HTML tags:
      • <title> keywords </title>
      • <meta description=&quot; keywords &quot;>
      • <meta keywords=&quot; keywords &quot;>
      • <h1> keywords </h1> <h2> keywords </h2> <h3> keywords </h3> <h4> keywords </h4>
      • <b> keywords </b>
      • <i> keywords </i>
      • <img alt=&quot; keywords &quot;> <img title=&quot; keywords &quot;>
      • <a href=&quot;url&quot;> keywords </a>
    How’s your balancing act?
  • 18. Applying the Right Technical Tweaks
    • Use keywords in your page URLs, separated by dashes.
    • Repeat your keywords naturally in your text using a 3 to 5% keyword density.
    • There are well over 100 additional best-practices!
    How’s your balancing act?
  • 19. Soliciting the Right Inbound Links
    • Ideal Link Partners:
      • Relevant to your industry
      • Have a high PageRank™
    • Techniques:
      • Personal email to owner
      • Software automated
      • Link Exchange programs
      • Purchase links
    • Before you make any link requests… make your content link-worthy!
    How well do you handle rejection?
  • 20. When Things Go Wrong
    • You might have...
      • targeted the wrong audience.
      • selected the wrong keywords.
      • content that sucks.
    • Don’t give up! Keep tweaking until you get good results.
    • You might have accidentally implemented “Black Hat” SEO.
    • Hire a professional.
  • 21. Assignment
    • Form an SEO planning team
    • Start knowing your customer
    • Setup Google Analytics and Quantcast to capture metrics
    • Assignment Due Date:
    • Wed, December 2 nd @ 6pm
    Did the dog really eat your homework?
  • 22. Thank you :-)
    • My contact information
      • Email:
      • Phone: 614.321.YADA (9232)
      • Twitter: @Brian294
      • Facebook:
      • LinkedIn: