Comment tu t’appelles


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Comment tu t’appelles

  1. 1. How to introduce yourself in French And an introduction to “les verbs reflexifs”
  2. 2.  Introduce yourself in French to someone  Ask someone else’s name  Know whether or not to use tu or vous!  Identify a reflexive verb, and know what it is!  Correctly produce liaisons between words that end with vowels, and begin with consonants  Know how to Conjugate regular –er reflexive verbs in the imperatif (Present tense) ! Allez, viens!
  3. 3. Sing along with our adorable petit sourris- ami, Ratournet! Je m’appelle [Name]. Comment t’appelles tu? Ou Je m’appelle [Name] . Comment vous appellez – vous?
  4. 4.  French has two ways to say the word “you!”  Vous ( Formelle)  people you don’t know, your boss, teachers!  Tu (Informelle)  friends, people your own age, family!  English had this same system until the 12th century!
  5. 5.  C’est important noter que: Apeller is a verb that begins with un voyelle! [ A, E, I, O, U ]  When you have a pronoun that ends in s [Nous, Vous], the S sound becomes a Z sound next to a word that begins with a vowel, and that Z sound links them together!  This part of pronunciation is called “un liaison”, en français! The ~ mark here denotes where to make the liaison!  Comment vous~ appellez-vous?  Comment nous~appellons-nous?
  6. 6.  A reflexive verb [fr: verbe reflexif] is a verb that is used when the subject and direct object of a sentence are the same.  A reflexive verb uses a subject pronoun, and then an object pronoun [Subj. pronoun] + [Obj. Pronoun]+[Conjugated verb] Review: «Tu manges un pomme»  Direct Object  Subject  If your friend were an apple (which they’re probably not!) you could say «Tu te manges!»
  7. 7.  Singulier  Je me  Tu te  Il/Elle/On se  Pluriel  Nous nous  Vous vous  Ils/Elles se
  8. 8.  “Appeller” is just a simple -er verb at heart!  It has a stem, and an ending, like any other -er verb!  Let’s conjugate appeller, before we make it reflexive!  J’appelle  Tu appelles  Il/Elle/On appelle  Nous appellons  Vous appellez  Ils/elles appellent
  9. 9.  Madness? This is French Class!  Like in english, sometimes the French have vowels that they don’t say  When there is an unspoken vowel, we replace it with an apostrophe ( ‘ )  English: I can’t go out tonight!  (Cannot = can’t)  French Je m’appelle Jean  Wait a minute… wasn’t there an “e” there a second ago? Yes, there was! The ‘ mark always replaces the e on the object pronoun, not the Subject pronoun!
  10. 10.  Choose a pronoun!  Je me  Tu te  Il/elle/on se  Nous nous  Vous vous  Ils/elles se  Match it up!  appelle  appelles  Appelle  Appellons  Appellez  appellent
  11. 11. Thanks for tuning in!