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Evaluation question 2
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Evaluation question 2


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  • 1. By Daniel Brewster
  • 2.  We was set a main task which was to create a short film which would last the duration of five minutes.  Alongside this task it was our job to complete the individual ancillary task which was to create a film review and a poster to help promote our film.
  • 3.  The main objective of my ancillary task was to promote my film, get people interested in watching my film, this was harder than I first thought as my whole idea was to set out in making something that had never been done before, however by search around in my genre it was evident that every idea I was coming up with had already been done.  Another objective of my ancillary task was to mainly attract my target audience, as they are the ones who I have targeted and any subliminal messages within my film, directly correlate to that age group or type of person.  My main purpose was to attract my target audience from the little preview they could see on the A4 sheet of paper, whether it be my Film review or Poster, it needed to be creative and original in order to want people to watch it without seeing anything else but my poster or film review.
  • 4. Here I opted for a black and white look which contrasts with the main USP of the film, the black and white colours around the face foreshadow bad things to come alongside the name ‘Behind Closed Doors’ it creates an idea of mystery for the viewers to come and see what happens. The title is black on RED the red meaning love however also shows anger and greed, which is shown in our film as Mr Wicks is angry towards Lucy with the death of his wife and rapes her in order to satisfy himself. The facial expressions show lack of emotion and the dark tones are highlighted with the sadistic look given by Mr Wicks. As this picture is in colour it shows the contrast between the two characters and shows to the audience that there is something going to happen between these two characters. The picture is in colour which shows that he is the main character, the protagonist and his type of clothes (Vest) indicates that there may be some form of sexual content within this film.
  • 5. The overall colour scheme is red and black, these two basic colours contradict each other, as RED shows passion and love where as black shows lack of emotion and care, this was a good way to conform to the drama genre as it creates a believable world of people who are not really as they seem. ‘Not everything is what is seems’ This quote connotes to the audience that the two characters may be showing a persona which isn’t what they really are like, and when watching the film the audience will be able to find out what they’re really like, relating to a verisimilitude. The lamp shade shows that the main scene in the film will be located in a room, with the title ‘Behind Closed Doors’ it connotes that something will happen in that room which shouldn’t happen, creating a sense of unknown within the minds of the audience which would make them want to find out more.
  • 6. The font I used here is called ‘Coolvetica’ I used this font because it’s a simple font which has a massive effect, the font doesn’t give anything away in terms of what type of film it is, as appose to (see below) to this font which clearly indicates the film is of the western genre, this font I've opted for keeps the audience in question to what really is the genre? The font I used for the billings is called ‘Univers LT 39 Thin Ultra CN’ I used this font because I wanted to give my poster that authentic and realistic look to it, If the font wasn’t correct my target audience would have second thoughts on going to watch my film as it would have looked budget from the start, this builds the audiences expectations from the film and entices them to go watch it. Another reason why I used this font was because the font doesn’t mix up and of the letters and they don’t overlap each other and make it hard for the audience to read, it keeps it clear and simple for the reader to read and intake any information one wishes to take from the poster.
  • 7. Again I opted for the font ‘Coolvetica’ this font was brilliant in my Poster so I decided to use it again, the font clearly shows what you’re trying to explain to the audience, the text doesn’t overlap which creates a good image and is one which would be used in a professional film review magazine and or in a newspaper. This font also is good to use because even though it is small you still can see everything clearly and easily visible. I opted for this text because it is bold and eye catching, this was my intention to draw the readers attention and I believed it would be effective to use on my film review and I chose the black colour scheme on the white background, again with the bold text it really highlights and captures someone's attention quickly and the title ‘Behind Closed Doors’ doesn’t give the audience a lot of indication of what’s going to happen, this is why it will give them an added incentive to read on.
  • 8. With Lucy being classed as a vulnerable girl who is sexually attacked by her father, the image shows her in the exact emotion, the picture is really good because although you cannot see her face you can still gather the emotions from her, as the shadow in the background enhances the facial features to create this emotion My film is a drama which needs to have conventions which needs to show the emotional and relational development of realistic characters. The text of my film review creates an ideology of Mr Wicks which shows him as a sadistic character, from this the look on his face in the picture shows he’s not someone to get with, as the text unveils his plans the picture helps create the verisimilitude within the film. I had chosen to use this image for my film review because it really highlights everything which is needed in order to promote my film. The shadow in the background connotes a sense of unknown and the dark background behind Mr Wicks again shows darkness and indicates something back is going to happen. The hair across the eyes of Lucy bring a scary factor towards the film, her body posture, slanted away from Mr Wicks connotes that she is afraid of what is going to happen next.
  • 9. This image for Mr Wicks does conform to the drama genre, I decided only to use the upper body of Mr Wicks to show off his strong physique, with him showing such an angry emotion through his eyes he automatically becomes the villain in the film. I had used the brush tool within Photoshop and the level tones to create a darker face and a more lighter body, the ideology behind this was to show a little contrast within his character which is evidently shown within the film, as he is seen to be a normal everyday teacher however when he gets home he’s a sick and twisted individual who will do anything to satisfy his needs.
  • 10. Precious 2009 was the main influence on my poster as I wanted to recreate the same codes and conventions as Precious comes under the same genre – Drama (Tragedy). The use of the darkness in the face of both Precious and Lucy were to create the sense that they’re not loved, the light tones and colours of Precious and Mr Wicks really highlight the two with only the upper body used in both posters, I decided to locate the billings and the actors names in the same locations as I didn’t want to distract from the main picture and title of the film. The main difference of my poster compared to the poster of precious is that I have more going on in the background whereas Precious poster is more plain, I opted for this because now in 2013 it is more advanced and common in the modern day posters.
  • 11.  Throughout this production process my group wanted to create continuity and sustain it throughout the ancillary tasks, we did some research and saw film posters such as; Precious 2009 and sleeping with the enemy 1991 and the main colour which was used throughout these posters were black, although this is a commonly used colour throughout most posters no matter what the genre is, however the colour black connotes pain and suffering which is apparent throughout our film. The use of Red and Black in ‘Behind Closed Doors’ indicates that the juxtaposition of these two colours represents the tension between Mr Wicks and Lucy. In the poster I used Black and White and Colour to represent my characters giving them personalities with the roles they play within the film, however I decided to put a spin on things and use Mr Wicks with colour, who would normally be in the black and white, contrasting with Lucy who I opted to put in the black and white by decolourising her in order to move away from the typical stereotypes and conventions seen in a drama. For my film review I opted to go with the standard Black and white with hints of red, the ideology behind this was to create a normal film poster and have the red indentify love which contradicts the death and suffering of the black to try and give the audience that question before viewing the film, as to ask them ‘Is Mr Wicks really a bad person?’ this creates a relationship between both the audience and the characters before they watch the film, which makes it easier for us in the production side of things to help sway their opinion on the characters in the way we want them to.
  • 12.  I decided to go with a one page film review rather than a two page spread in order to keep it simple and easy to follow for the consumer. I went for a black, red and white colour scheme as they all counter each other to create a sense of unknown in the film. The white symbolises purity which is thrown out the window when Mr Wicks rapes Lucy, the black highlight greed and suffering which are apparent within the film and the red connotes the love and intent of the characters which is contradicted by the black. I went for this colour scheme in order to confuse the audience, when seeing this they may not be sure of what is going to go down until they start reading it, after coming up with a conclusion they would realise they would want to see what is really going on within the film and go and watch it.  The review gives the film a three out of five which means that the film will be a good watch, the text highlights that the film is only five minutes long, which clearly indicates to the audience that with it being three out of five it most definitely should be something that you should go to watch.  A convention which is unique to my film review is the talking point, a brief description of something to do with a character within the film to help create realism within the review, my talking point goes on to talk about the director and his plans to distribute this film on a larger scale, this alongside the ‘See this if you liked’ gives the readers an idea of what to expect in the film and if they liked those films then they should definitely go watch ‘Behind Closed Doors’.
  • 13.  Overall, I believe that the combination of both my ancillary tasks and my final product help to set up for a brilliant film, the ancillary tasks do the job they’re intended to by promoting the film, this creates a sense of acknowledgement for the audience by seeing what they’ve seen before and by doing so creating a more professional look towards the film. I thought that the colour scheme could help create a relationship between the actors and the audience and thus when going to watch the film it creates a verisimilitude which is necessary for a genre such as a drama (tragedy). I believe that this has made my work more effective and original showing continuity throughout the film.