It's Not a Bandwagon, It's a Tsunami: How Mobile Computing Changes Everything


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This is as much as I can remember of a presentation I gave at Boulder Public Library's "Learn and Play Day". I don't use notes, so I had to kind of reconstruct what I talked about.

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  • Hi everyone…. First I want to thank you for letting me join you today. I know a few of you personally, and I hope to get to know more of you as we continue to work together in Colorado’s Library community. My name is Matt Hamilton, I currently work for the libraries at the University of Colorado just up the hill. I have been in my current position in Outreach for three years since graduating with my bachelor’s from CU.  I was “non-traditional” student, before going back to school I worked as a sales manager and in restaurant management,. I also did some technical support and some Records Management in government and corporate settings. I am also finishing up my MLS through the Emporia SLIM program, I will done in May of next year. Since this upcoming spring is my final semester, I will be working with our Colorado State Library's Networking and Resource-Sharing director to contribute to the ongoing development of resource sharing initiatives in the state of Colorado. I’ve just been chosen by the Colorado Association of Libraries to take part in the first ever CAL Leadership Institute, which is a three-year program involving a year of professional development and then two years of service to the organization, so apart from the fact that we live and work in the some beautiful town– you should be seeing me as I try to work for the Colorado Library community as a whole– to keep libraries in the news, keep the legislation supportive of libraries in Colorado, and hopefully to get us some more Money! I’m afraid I have to leave at 2:30 today to pick up my daughter and shuttle her off to piano class….
  • It's Not a Bandwagon, It's a Tsunami: How Mobile Computing Changes Everything

    1. 4. Don’t get blown away!
    2. 14. Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation curve….
    3. 126. Thank You For Listening. Find Me Online As… “ The Brewin’ Librarian”