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DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)
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DATATRAK International, Inc. (DATA.PK)


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DATATRAK delivers end-to-end clinical trial solutions, powerful data management features and a seamless operational experience - all through the delivery method, DATATRAK ONE. Learn more at: …

DATATRAK delivers end-to-end clinical trial solutions, powerful data management features and a seamless operational experience - all through the delivery method, DATATRAK ONE. Learn more at:

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  • Transcript

    • 1. DATATRAK International, Inc.June 30, 2010<br />OneMedForum-New York<br />Laurence P. Birch<br />Chairman of the Board and CEO<br />
    • 2. Forward Looking Statements<br />This presentation contains &quot;forward-looking statements&quot; within the meaning of the “safe-harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the actual results of the Company to differ materially from the results expressed or implied by such statements, including the limited operating history on which the Company’s performance can be evaluated; the ability of the Company to continue to enhance its software products to meet customer and market needs, and other factors. Accordingly, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. The Company has no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking information contained in this presentation.<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 3. Corporate Overview<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 4. About our leadership…<br />Laurence Birch, CEO and Chairman<br />Executive experience in multiple companies including CEO, President and CFO and maintains a CPA certification<br />MBA Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University<br />Significant turnaround experience – Baxter Healthcare; EDS; Aksys, Ltd; NeoPharm, Inc. and DATATRAK International<br />Scaled both Healthcare and IT businesses – eg. Baxter Arthroscopy; EDS Y2K Practice<br />Chris Wilke, CTO<br />14 years industry experience<br />Co-developed business plan for eClinical market in 1995<br />Implemented early Internet-based registry, 20,000+ patients<br />Founding member of EMSw; acquired by ClickFind<br />Original product architect for eClinical<br />Bill Coates, VP Sales<br />30+ years business experience, 10+ years industry experience<br />Experience with eleven acquisitions, four as lead executive<br />Executive member of management team responsible for growing AMS from 45 to over 700 employees (sold for $345 million to Fiserv)<br />Jennifer Fox, CFO<br />CPA, M.S. Accounting<br />15+ years business experience; 10+ years industry experience<br />Big 4 public accounting experience – KPMG<br />Founding principal &amp; CFO of ClickFind – eClinical development team<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 5. DATATRAK International, Inc., A Sound Investment. And Let me Tell you Exactly Why…<br />DATATRAK is ready for regulatory challenges<br />DATATRAK has strong financial fundamentals<br />Superior product<br />Lowers technology AND trial costs<br />Superior customer service<br />Dedication and investment in our technology<br />Investment is customer and regulatory driven<br />Growing clinical trial complexity continues to challenge the ability of pharmaceutical<br /> and biotechnology companies to contain the ever-rising cost of developing new drugs.<br />Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development – May 5, 2010<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 6. eClinical Market<br />EDC Market Size [EDC and CDM] [William Blair, 03/18/2009]<br />2007 market opportunity was roughly $330 million<br />Expect it to increase to roughly $745 million in 2012<br />Growth rate is 15% per year through 2012<br />IRT Market Size [Randomization and Inventory Management]<br />Market valued at $250 million in 2008 [William Blair, 03/18/2009]<br />Growth around 15% a year [, 09/09/2008]<br />Safety Market Size [Coding and PMS] [William Blair, 03/18/2009]<br />Market opportunity is approximately $20 million as of 2008 <br />Expected to grow to roughly $70 million by 2012<br />CTMS Market Size [CTMS] [Frost and Sullivan;, 7/15/2008 ]<br />Generated revenues of $237.6 million in 2007 <br />Expected to grow at a rate of 14.5% per year until 2014<br />Core Lab Market Size [ECGs and Images]<br />Market valued at $100 million in 2008 [COResearch, 2008]<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 7. Growth Expectations<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br />DATATRAK ONE™ <br />Safety – Simplicity – Speed<br /><br />2012 = $1,865M<br />2008 = $937M<br />
    • 8. The Challenge<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 9. Two High Level Approaches<br />1. Information Silos &amp; IT Integration<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />Safety…<br />Coding<br />CTMS<br />IVR<br />EDC<br />
    • 10. Information Silos &amp; IT Integration Approach: <br /><ul><li>Integration to create a solution may provide short term gratification – upgrades are difficult and rare.
    • 11. Integration often leads to management of multiple vendor contracts.
    • 12. Integration typically leads to manual management of data, systems and user accounts.
    • 13. Validation of multiple vendors and systems will be required.</li></ul>Difficult to do<br />Process Reengineering<br />Contracts<br />System Mappings<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 14. Two High Level Approaches<br />1. Information Silos &amp; IT Integration<br />2. Unified Platform &amp; Organization<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />Safety…<br />Coding<br />CTMS<br />IVR<br />EDC<br />DATATRAK ONE™<br /><ul><li> One Database
    • 15. One Process
    • 16. One Platform
    • 17. One Unified Suite
    • 18. One Common Interface
    • 19. Import / Export Tools</li></li></ul><li>Unified Platform, Process &amp; Organization Approach<br /><ul><li>Unified solutions provide improved usability via one database and one interface.
    • 20. Unified solutions reduce the number of vendor contracts.
    • 21. Unified solutions can enable process improvements.
    • 22. Validation of single vendor is typically required.</li></ul>Process Reengineering Easier<br />System Mappings<br />Contract<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 23. Why Unified is Better<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 24. DATATRAK ONE™<br />Exceed Interoperability Needs<br />Implement Products in any Combination<br />Interoperate with Other Vendors of Choice<br />Leverage Standards<br />Construct a Scalable Platform<br />Provide Superior Performance<br />Deliver Solutions Online<br />Provide Best-of-breed Functionality<br />Create Trial Initiation-to-Submission Efficiencies<br />Ensure Ease of Use<br />Provide Configurable Role-Based Permissions<br />Create Single Vendor Efficiencies<br />Reduce the Number of Contracts<br />Simplify Design and Validation Efforts<br />Maintain Flexibility<br /><ul><li> One Database
    • 25. One User Interface
    • 26. One eClinical Suite</li></ul>DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 27. Benefits of DATATRAK ONE™<br />Safety:<br /><ul><li>Enhanced Visibility
    • 28. Real-Time Reporting &amp; Exporting
    • 29. Process Efficiency</li></ul>Simplicity:<br /><ul><li>Develop Cross-Study Standards through “eClinical Library”
    • 30. Predictable Cost Structure
    • 31. Unified User Experience</li></ul>Speed:<br /><ul><li>Faster Trial Start-up
    • 32. Faster Trial Close
    • 33. Data Availability in Real-Time</li></ul>Return on Investment<br /><ul><li> Lower technology costs
    • 34. Lower overall trial budgets </li></ul>DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 35. First Quarter Results2010 vs. 2009Unaudited<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br />DATATRAK ONE™ <br />Safety – Simplicity – Speed<br /><br />Q1 New Sales<br />$2,375,000<br />225% Increase<br />Industry Leading Margins<br />Profitability<br />3rd Qtr-Over-Qtr Increase<br />
    • 36. 2010 Updates<br />Q1 2010 Profitability<br /><ul><li>First time for DATATRAK to show profit in almost 5 years
    • 37. No debt, with exception of trade payables
    • 38. Gross Profit Margin = 82% (2010 Q1)</li></ul>Improved Backlog<br /><ul><li>Q4 2009 backlog increased 7% over Q3 (2nd consecutive quarter-over-quarter increase)
    • 39. Q1 2010 backlog of $10.673 million (3rd consecutive quarter-over-quarter increase)
    • 40. Current Backlog covers 73% of 2010 projected Expenses</li></ul>Strengthened Sales Pipeline<br /><ul><li>Q1 2010 New Sales of $2.375 million – 225% increase over 2009</li></ul>Rationalized Business Model<br /><ul><li>Ability to deliver services is enhanced and strengthened
    • 41. Costs aligned with revenue stream
    • 42. No debt</li></ul>Removal of Going Concern Qualification by Independent Auditors<br /><ul><li>12/31/2009 Financial Statements do not include a Going Concern Qualification</li></ul>Continued Improvement of DATATRAK ONE eclinical Platform<br /><ul><li>Restructured pricing and contracting practices to provide ‘flexibility’ in our models
    • 43. Enhanced import/export tools including CDISC SDTM, and Safety tools
    • 44. Enhanced data entry and cleaning tools
    • 45. Improved learning and knowledge delivery tools
    • 46. Added Advanced character management for Japanese market</li></ul>DATATRAK Confidential<br />DATATRAK ONE™ <br />Safety – Simplicity – Speed<br /><br />
    • 47. Competitive Environment<br />Acquisition of Phase Forward by Oracle highlights:<br />Emphasizes strategic importance of industry<br />Confirms growth potential of clinical trial space<br />Legitimizes the market demand for end-to-end solutions like DATATRAK ONE™<br />Market favoring Companies with end-to-end eClinical solutions<br />DATATRAK has provided this technology longer than any other market participant<br />Others are spending heavily in R&amp;D to go where we already are<br />DATATRAK is the only unified solution available in the market<br />As a pioneer of the space, DATATRAK is well positioned for continued growth due to our innovative approach to solving the market’s complexity, financial stability and comprehensive, mature platform.<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 48. Numerous Growth Opportunities<br />DATATRAK ONE is the best solution for upcoming changes in the clinical trials industry due to regulatory changes<br />DATATRAK ONE is the most developed eclinical platform available<br />Increased current eClinical customer relationships<br />Expanding eClinical Customer Base<br />Accelerate sales through CRO Channel<br />Cross-sell DATATRAK ONE products and services<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />DATATRAK ONE ™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed.<br />
    • 49. DATATRAK ONE™ Difference:<br />DATATRAK Worldwide<br />Mayfield Heights, Ohio<br />440-443-0082<br />Bryan, Texas<br />979.393.9020<br />Europe<br />Bonn, Germany<br />+49-2226-169-540<br /><br />Increasing Patient Safety<br />Increasing Process Efficiency in Clinical and Safety<br />Data Availability in real time<br />Cost Reduction in maintenance, validation, administration and training<br />Unified User Experience the eClinical platform, anywhere in the world<br />LOWER TRIAL COSTS<br />DATATRAK ONE™<br />Safety. Simplicity. Speed<br />DATATRAK Confidential<br /><br />